Selling with David Lay auctions is very simple.  We specialise in Fine Art and Antiques, but we also have auctions of Collectors’ items such as medals, coins, postcards, toys and books, and have a monthly sale of household items throughout the year.  We are happy to arrange a home appointment if you have a collection of antiques you’re looking to sell, and frequently conduct house clearances with the assistance of local carriers such as Crago Removals.  Have a look at our ‘How it Works’ page for step by step instructions.

You’re welcome to set sensible reserves on your lots after receiving a valuation, below which they will not sell, and we’ll send you a catalogue a week before the sale.  Our commission for Antiques and Fine Art sales is 10% (12% after VAT), and for Books & Collectors and The General & Household sales is 15% (18% after VAT).  Click on the links below to find our more about our specialist sales.


Antiques Sale


Fine Art Sale


Collectors' Sale


General Household Sale