Buying at Auction



View the sale

Specialist sales are typically open to view online 12 days before they take place both on our website and at the We also have in-house viewings as displayed on the sale information page.


Not all household sale items are photographed but the catalogue is available online 4 days before each sale and some of our favourite lots are photographed on our facebook page.

How to buy

Buying items should be as hassle free as possible and that's why at Lay’s you have several options:


  1. In person: you can register to bid and choose between either a permanent or one off bidders number. Once you have registered you can bid in person on sale day and all your purchases will be registered to your unique bidders number. There is no additional charge if you bid in person.

  2. By telephone: you can register to bid by phone and then book a line in order to be able to bid live through one of our staff members who will be in the room. There is no additional charge for using a telephone line although, we may ask for a deposit if you are interested in items above £1,000.

  3. Commission bid: you can leave a bid with us in advance of the auction, you can either do this via our website by going into the auction before it is live or via telephone by calling our office. There is no additional fee for commission bids.

  4. Bid online: the best way to bid online is directly through our website. Simply set up an account with us and then each time you visit you will be remembered and can bid live online. There is a fee of 3% if you bid live online via our website. You can also bid live online via your account, although the fee for this service is slightly higher at 4.95%.

Collecting your items

If your bid is successful, you will need to pay via our website or in person, you will then be given a collection receipt which you'll take down to the saleroom and one of our porters will locate your item for you and you'll be asked to sign for your item/s.



If you are unable to collect your purchases in person, we have a recommended list of local and long-distance carriers below who will be able to quote and deliver your items following the sale.


01752 257224


Vans 4 Us
07792 204448


AR Newport
01736 741100



DWP Deliveries
07860 324648



Aardvark Art
01253 794673



Fine Art
01736 799298



South Hams Express
07502 041139