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The Beatles 1963 Signatures Revealed

Featured in our upcoming Music and Memorabilia auction, we have a rare and historical signed note card acquired from a Beatles concert at the Ritz Ballroom in Rhyl, Wales back in 1963.

The note card marked the prolific band’s return to Rhyl, where they had played a gig in the town a year previously. Rhyl was historically a seaside town and was a holiday resort which was popularised thanks to the opening of the train station in addition to the fairground at Marine Lake, which saw thousands of annual visitors. Under the name Ocean Beach, it relocated to 1954 to the West end of the promenade. 

Standing on the Ocean Beach fun fair site, facing towards the sea, the dance hall was created in 1955 and was given the name Ritz Ballroom. They had a residential orchestra which played there. 

The Beatles visited Wales in July 1963, and ended up performing in the Ritz Ballroom, where they performed for two consecutive nights on the Friday 19th and Saturday 20th July 1963. The Beatles played two concerts on each day that were, not very surprisingly, sold out in advance. 



After the first day of performing, the band stayed in the Westminster Hotel, where they were given the bridal suite. The hotel is located close to the Ocean beach promenade. 

The vendor was given a lift to the concert by their father and managed to obtain the autographs in person.  

John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr used the verso of a card from the Westminster Hotel for the signatures. 

Earlier that year, at the end of March, The Beatles had released their debut album Please Please Me. Most of this album was famously recorded in a single day at Abbey Road Studios. Popular songs of the time were Please Please Me and Love Me Do. 



The Ritz ballroom met a tragic end in 1968 due to a fire. The notecard serves as a significant keepsake, commemorating the vibrant and bustling ballroom that played a formative role in the Beatles' early career. 

This collection of Beatles signatures on the Westminster notecard will be up for auction in our Timed Music & Memorabilia auction on Thursday 5 April along with all sorts of interesting music collectibles.  


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