Turquoise Treasures

Spotlighting a selection of antique gems

In our upcoming Antiques & Interiors auction, taking place on Thursday 25 April, we have some fantastic lots, including a selection of turquoise treasures.

A Minton Majolica punch bowl 

Minton Majolica

Among the assortment of turquoise antiques, we have two magnificently decorative Minton Majolica items, a punch bowl and jardiniere. ‘Majolica’ refers to the vivid colour of the low-fired earthenware, which was commercially introduced by the Minton Company in 1851.  

The prestigious English firm Minton & Co. was undoubtedly the leading manufacturer of fine ceramics in Europe during the Victorian era. Minton introduced the lead glazes of green and brown that were first developed in the 18th century. In combination with a formidable array of sculptures, Minton created astonishing sculptural forms that catered to the emerging middle-class market.

A Minton Majolica jardiniere 

The resulting pottery signifies scientific and social advances of this influential era. Victorians were intrigued by classical stories of antiquity, whimsical and exotic creatures and specimens of Natural History. The Majolica pieces combine artistic inspiration from Roman and ancient Egyptian sculpture, Renaissance, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau and Staffordshire sculpture and pottery.  

The love for majolica and its presence as an aesthetic movement of pottery eventually spread. Due to the innovations of the industrial revolution, majolica began to be mass-produced and became a worldwide phenomenon. The majolica pottery was manufactured in hundreds of factories across Europe, the United States, and Australia. 

We have two brilliant examples in our Antiques & Interiors auction; A Minton Majolica punch bowl and A Minton Majolica jardiniere.

A 4ft 9" pond yacht by W E Phillips St Mary's Isles of Scilly 


Isles of Scilly model pond yachts 

Also included in the sale is a selection of pond yachts which were built and made at St Mary’s Isles of Scilly. Situated as a solitary island off Penzance, Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly boast a rich maritime heritage steeped in boat building and sailing traditions. These fine model yachts have painted turquoise blue hulls and sizable sales. They serve as exceptional decorative pieces, with their striking streamlined shapes and vibrant pops of colour. 

Three graduating painted wood power boat models 

A dazzling mineral collection 

Lastly, we have a large collection of mineral specimens included in the sale. Notably, this large lapis lazuli, which on closer inspection contains stunning gold speckle inclusions. Additional specimens featured include free-form Labradorite, fossilized Kambaba Jasper, a sizable blue calcite, and many other varieties from the collection. The Antiques & Interiors auction offers something to captivate every mineral enthusiast. 

A free standing, polished, free form lapis lazuli specimen


These turquoise antiques will be sold in our Antiques & Interiors auction on Thursday 2 & Friday 3 May.  


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