The inspiration behind the beautiful work of Lizzie Black


The inspiration behind the beautiful work of Lizzie Black


 Mousehole artist, Lizzie Black, is a wonderful still life and landscape painter. We were lucky enough to discuss with her the inspiration behind her work and future plans and projects she will be adventuring on after lockdown. 





Lizzie started painting when she was 12 years old, her parents moved to Cornwall in 1976 and set up the Mounts Bay Arts Centre. Her father, Bernard Evans, was well known for painting the fishing port of Newlyn in West Cornwall and a teacher at Newlyn Art School. Lizzie would accompany her father and join in, where he imparted his knowledge onto Lizzie from a young age. 


"My Dad was a great teacher and taught me how to draw and use oil paint using traditional methods". 

- Lizzie Black 


Lizzie studied at Falmouth Art School and then later went to Bower Ashton School of Art in Bristol, to gain a Degree in Fine Art Painting.  During this time she also went to Aix en Provence in France to study at the Beaux Artes. Her work is inspired from impressionist and contemporary artists such as Fred Cummings, Haidee Jo Summers and Ken Howard.


Lizzie BLACK
Sunny Morning, Mousehole

"It is amazing living in an artistic community such as Penwith".

-Lizzie Black


Living in Penwith has also been a great source of inspiration for Lizzie, not just being able to learn from other artists, but the landscape and weather that surrounds her too. Her work beautifully portrays the harbour scenes of her home village in Mousehole. Lizzie was even able to persuade the harbour committee to move the boats for her, "The harbour committee were very kind last year and rearranged the boats for me after hearing me complaining about the arrangement. I was very amused and pleased by this!". Lizzie's love and closeness to the people and location of Mousehole is one that radiates through her work. 

Lizzie particularly loves to paint in Plein air. She enjoys painting in her immediate surroundings, where she finds inspiration, such as Mousehole harbour or her home garden. Her garden studies came about by accident during lockdown. She said "I was painting indoors and as the weather was so fantastic so I just gathered up all my pieces on the windowsill and carried them outside. I have continued painting them since then. I love the joyful colours and summer feel".  Lizzie's garden still life's transfix the viewer into a small but magical moment in time. She captures the way the light and reflections bounce off water and glass beautifully, giving so much movement and life to her paintings. Generating a sense of peace within her work, as the viewer you are transported to that location and you become captivated on that one spot she has painted. 

 "I become completely absorbed in painting the reflected light in the glass or the colour in the shadows".

Lizzie Black 


Lizzie BLACK
Cream Tea in August


 Over the winter Lizzie has been working on some interiors that have been inspired by the work of Vuillard. Lizzie says "They are really fun to paint and I have little cameo appearances from members of the family. This is something I want to develop and I am planning some painting excursions to people’s homes once the lockdown is over to paint some interior commissions". Her interior work will be showing at the Summerhouse Gallery in Marazion this Month. 


Lizzie BLACK
Mousehole Morning


We are delighted to have four beautiful paintings of Lizzies in our Cornish Art and Fine art Sale on the 13th and 14th of May. You can view them and the whole sale on our online catalogue. This Sale is also available to view in person by appointment only. The appointment slots run from 9am to 5pm Monday to Wednesday this week before the sale on Thursday. To book go to our website or contact our office. 






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