Millionaire Hoarders


Millionaire Hoarders

Join our art expert Caroline Lay in Channel 4's new series

Millionaire Hoarders, a new show airing on Channel 4, featuring our Art Expert Caroline Lay.




Caroline Lay and Ronnie Archie-Morgan



Tonight ushers in the beginning of a new Channel 4 series, featuring our very own Cornish Art & Fine Art specialist, Caroline Lay. Millionaire Hoarders, which kicks off at 8pm this evening (Fri 4th August), follows antique specialists who explore fascinating British homes in search of life-changing treasures that could fetch substantial sums. Extraordinary owners with vast collections could find items valuable in today's climate of art buyers. Could a hidden gem be waiting to be discovered? And if so, will they be willing to part with it?


“Everyone dreams of finding hidden treasure that could potentially change their lives. Our team of experts have an extraordinary wealth of experience and offer up the exciting opportunity to make that a reality."

Anna Miralis, Senior Editor for Channel 4 Factual


Caroline Lay Auctioning Harold Knight


In the ever-evolving world of art auctions, where masterpieces and cultural treasures find new homes, our passionate and experienced specialists are ever on the look out with a keen eye for remarkable pieces. Founded in 1978 by David Lay, Lay's Auctioneers have had the pleasure of valuing and conducting auctions for decades. The work of many esteemed artists have come under our saleroom hammer, works that have not only adorned the walls of galleries but have also left an enduring mark in the history of art.

In anticipation of watching Millionaire Hoarders, we reminisce on previously sold lots by renowned local artists...


Stanhope Forbes


Stanhope Alexander Forbes’ (1857—1947) magnificent 7-foot canvas entitled 'Soldiers and Sailors’. The Newlyners, therein, are portrayed delighting in the performance of a lively band. This work reflects Forbes's fascination with the colour and spectacle of local social gatherings. Not without difficulty, he painted much of the outline on location “en plein air”. This masterful depiction of history commanded an impressive £155,000 in February 2022.


Harold Knight


In August 2022, a notable work by Harold Knight (1874—1961) impressed in our Cornish Art & Fine Art auction. Knight was an accomplished portraitist and his rendition of fellow artist Robert M. Hughes is striking. In this, Hughes is life-sized and gazes outward, with pint in hand as his character so palpable it extends out of the frame. Caroline's gavel sounded to applause as this work sold for a staggering £46,000 and it is currently on display as part of the wonderful exhibition, 'Lamorna Colony Pioneers' at Penlee House in Penzance, which is running from 3 May – 30 Sep 2023


Laura Knight - Ella Naper


Furthermore, Harold’s esteemed wife, Dame Laura Knight (1877—1970) painted the captivating Study of Ella Naper. This sensuous painting may have paved the way to liberating these middle-class women from the restrictive shackles placed upon their sex. After all this was also the age of the Suffragette movement. With that historical context in mind, we can shed new light on an unseen and integral part of their story where the two experienced immense freedom, confidence and personal liberation in their close friendship. This captivating work fetched £105,000.


Cornish Art & Fine Art Specialist Sale August 2023


As Millionaire Hoarders debuts, we are excited to see what artworks appear, just as we are always delighted by the many delights that journey through our auction house with each specialist sale. Perhaps more of our favourite and esteemed artists will appear on the show, and with that in mind, we look forward to our very next two-day Cornish Art & Fine Art auction on Thu 24th & Fri 25th August (click here to set a reminder for when our catalogue goes live) at our Penzance saleroom. Our full catalogue will include Sir Terry Frost, Breon O'Casey, Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham, Fred Yates, Roger Hilton, Dame Laura Knight, Henry Scott Tuke, Robert Morton Hughes and many more.




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