Discovering Gwen Whicker

Falmouth's Beloved Artist and Her Silverwork

 Featured in our Timed Silver auction, is a collection of jewellery and silverware, designed by the multi-skilled artist Gwen Whicker from Falmouth, Cornwall. 

Receiving little recognition in her lifetime, Gwen Whicker is now known as a dedicated and prolific artist, who was very versatile and produced paintings, drawings, etchings, and sculpture. She also worked as an illustrator. 

A set of five silver teaspoons by Gwen Whicker

Gwen studied at Bristol’s Municipal School of Art. Alongside art, she also took an interest in working with silver, mainly jewellery and cutlery, which she continued to make throughout her life and sold in Bristol and Falmouth shops. After art school, Gwen gained a teaching qualification and returned to Bristol Art School as a teacher. She met her husband, Fred, in an evening class. Gwen and John moved to Falmouth after the Second World War with Fred. Both Gwen and Fred were well known in Falmouth and St Ives. 


A silver bookmark applied with a lizard by Gwen Whicker

Gwen and Fred’s work was overlooked at the time, as still life and seascapes did not align with the new modernist approach to art. Despite this, Gwen Whicker continued painting and crafting, as well as the jewellery and cutlery making. Historically, much of her silver work has been untraceable since the majority of it was sent to Fred’s sister in Canada after his death, proving the importance of this collection in the Timed Silver sale. 


A silver condiment spoon by Gwen Whicker

Our Timed Silver auction, which includes the Gwen Whicker collection, continues until Sunday 23 June, at 4pm. 


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