A record sale for Lays


A record sale for Lays


 On the 8th of April our star lot the rare 3.16ct pink diamond ring, set a record as one of the most valuable rings to be sold at David Lays.





On the 8th of April we had a fantastic Jewellery Sale with some wonderful results. A tasteful yet opulent 1920s French 18ct white gold bracelet set with diamonds and emeralds selling for £4000. A Gentleman's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer I wristwatch selling for £4700 and George II English silver straight-tapered armorial tankard by John Fossey, selling for £2200.  

The most impressive sale went to our star lot, a rare and valuable 3.16ct pink diamond ring, with emerald cut stone set in platinum within a border of wonderful bright diamonds, which sold for £29,000. The principal stone had been heat treated in order to intensify its pinkness. A pink diamond in its natural state of this intense vivid pink and of this size would have been worth around 3 million pounds! 

However, it still set a record as one of the most valuable rings to be sold at David Lays and possibly among the one of the highest valued rings to be sold at auction in Cornwall.  



Pink diamonds have increased exponentially in recent years, driven by collector demand and increasingly limited supply. They gain their highly desirable colour as a result of a rare, naturally occurring slippage of the crystal lattice in the stone while it is forming deep within the Earth’s crust.  


The ring had an interesting provenance, it came from a picture dealer whose father specialised in jewellery. He kept up his own interest in jewels over the years and discovered this striking pink diamond for sale in Israel. He purchased the pink stone and added the white diamond border, creating this beautiful ring.  


Our next Jewellery Sale will be on the 17th of June 2021, we have seen an increase in sales across all of our auctions and as the price of gold and silver is on the rise, it is a great time to sell.  


Contact our office today to talk to our team about getting your jewellery into the next sale. 






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