From our February Antiques Sale 2015

A large 18th century, lead glazed redware pottery, harvest-style jug with broad strap handle.

Made in Ewenny, Glamorgan by Edward Lancelot. Dated 1773.

Height: 25.5cm Width: 20.5 at its widest point, narrowing and then flaring to 10.5cm diameter at its lip.


Estimate: £800-£1,000

SOLD for £6,000

The wide, country-style body is richly decorated with sgraffito and impressed freehand dot work. The glazed surface is pitted in places with firing imperfections and present within the red clay are impurities of coarse white grit or mica. Slightly off centre below the lip is a large semi-circular cartouche with the initials ‘ET’ formed in dots, below and around this, incised motifs of foliage and seedpods emanate.

Flanking the cartouche are two plant forms with further seedpods or leaves with unusual flower heads in the form of stylised crosses. Circular patches of dot work are interspersed around the jug. The strap handle decorated with impressed dots and an incised zigzag along its length. The names ‘Even Thomas’ and ‘Edward Lancelot’ are inscribed in large letters flanking either side of the handle, beneath each name is a well-drawn dove. The date 1773 is decoratively inscribed below the name of Edward Lancelot.

Edward Lancelot or Launcelot (1754-1820) was from a family of potters active in the Ewenny and Swansea area. The Museum of Wales has two items in its collection attributed to Lancelot. A highly decorated jug of this style, inscribed with two names and a date, would indicate that it was commemorative of a betrothal or marriage but in this instance we conclude that Edward Lancelot was the maker of the jug and that it was made for or commissioned by, Even Thomas.

Provenance: From Bridgend, Glamorgan. Amongst the house and contents belonging to a prominent Bridgend family and inherited by the vendor’s family in the 1930s.