Penwith Welcomes Refugees - Charity Art Auction

Date: Wed, 8th Sep 2021 19:30


We are Penwith Welcomes Refugees, a small group of friends and acquaintances working together as a Community Sponsorship group in West Penwith, raising money to re-settle a family affected by the refugee crisis in the Middle East. Community sponsorship is a government-led program which resettles vulnerable refugees from war torn countries and welcomes them into our communities throughout the UK, enabling them to rebuild their lives. We are raising £9000 as a minimum target to help us ensure their arrival is as smooth and welcoming as possible. Donations received past the £9000 benchmark will help us support the family for a longer period of time, post settlement. The money will be used for many things such as securing a property for the family to live in, English lessons, buying clothing and school uniforms and other costs incurred during the resettlement process. We will provide ongoing support and encouragement to the family, both financially and through befriending, so that they can access employment, education, healthcare and other community services. Our goal is to ensure that the family lives secure, independent and empowering lives in the UK.


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