August 14th 2018 General Sale Results

  1          A yard of ale glass and a cut glass vase. £5.00   2          Serving dishes, plates etc. £5.00   3          A Wedgwood ‘Whitehall’ pattern coffee pot, a floral decorated teapot etc. £12.00   4          Novelty teapots and other china. £0.00   5          A collection of glassware. £5.00   6          A Waterford Crystal dish in its original box with other glass and a collection of china. £2.00   7          A Poole Pottery floral decorated vase and two other pieces. £2.00   8          Five graduated glass measures and one other piece. £5.00   9          White glaze part dinner service and two other pieces. £0.00   10         A resin table lamp moulded as a girl on a pillar, a pair of binoculars, a carved wood box etc. £2.00   11         A Victorian vase moulded as a sleigh mounted with figures and two other pieces. £2.00   12         A Bursley ware vase, other vases etc. £8.00   13         A set of six white glass lampshades. £10.00   14         A glass footed bowl containing two bunches of stone grapes etc. £8.00   15         A Bavarian Edelstein cream glaze, gold lustre decorated coffee service. £0.00   16         A tin containing coasters, china etc. £0.00   17         A Wood & Sons ‘Yuan’ pattern part dinner service. £1.00   18         A Tuscan China floral decorated part tea service and one other part service. £5.00   19         A pair of Hendra’s Hotel plated jugs together with a pair of ceramic model shoes and a pair of vases made as baskets. £2.00   20         A pair of continental coloured bisque model figures. £5.00   21         A floral decorated three piece tea service. £0.00   22         An extensive collection of Royal Worcester ‘Lavinia’ pattern tea, coffee and dinner ware. £50.00   23         Two pairs of Marigold carnival glass spill glasses and other glass. £2.00   24         A pair of Brannham style green glaze wrythen candlesticks, each height 29cm. £15.00   25         Two green glass Murano style model fish, other glass etc. £8.00   26         Four pieces of laboratory glass, a green metal lockable first aid tin, an ammunition box and a Prinz ‘Bellowscope’. £15.00   27         A set of three cottage garden decorated graduated jugs and three other pieces. £2.00   28         A reproduction Salter family scale No. 45 and two other pieces. £2.00   29         A set of six ‘The Gardener’s Assistant’ books by William Watson. £12.00   30         Dinnerware, a set of five Babycham saucers etc. £25.00   31         A cut glass lamp and two decanters. £10.00   32         A Chinese blue and white lidded jar, a floral encrusted lidded jar and three other pieces. £5.00   33         A Royal Doulton china headed doll in its original box. £2.00   34         A circular ceramic floral decorated tray in a pierced plated surround together with a cut glass vase and other glass. £2.00   35         A collection of miniature cups and saucers. £15.00   36         Three models moulded as clowns on suitcases, three collector’s plates, a musical ‘Little Brown Jug’ etc. £2.00   37         A collection of old bottles. £10.00   38         Two willow pattern meat plates and four others. £15.00   39         Three twin branch wall lights and five pink glass shades. £1.00   40         A Spode ‘Blue Room’ collection tea service in its original box. £25.00   41         A Victorian chamber pot, a Coalport ‘Indian Tree Coral’ pattern vase etc. £10.00   42         Two copper jelly moulds. £25.00   43         A copper pan with a turned wood handle, a plated egg cruet etc. £12.00   44         A pair of brass ejector candlesticks. £5.00   45         A floral decorated toilet jug, a jardiniere etc. £2.00   46         A meat plate and other plates. £0.00   47         A blue and white serving dish and other matching pieces. £2.00   48         Glassware. £5.00   49         A collection of blue and white china. £0.00   50         An iron door step cast as a horse’s head and horseshoe etc. £0.00   51         Jugs and other china. £5.00   52         A collection of willow pattern blue and white china. £8.00   53         A collection of ‘Eternal Beau’ pattern dinnerware. £1.00   54         A collection of pub jugs. £5.00   55         Jugs, vases etc. £2.00   56         A leather clad hip flask with a pewter cup and top together with a pair of horn model lions. £1.00   57         A green glaze three piece toilet set. £0.00   58         A chamber pot, a jardiniere and a tin of marbles. £2.00   59         Miscellaneous china including a Victorian jug and a Crowan jug moulded with ears of corn. £5.00   60         Three brass oil lamps, an aneroid barometer and a pair of celluloid pictures. £5.00   61         Horse brasses, other metalware and a small collection of china. £10.00   62         Two blue and white meat plates and a similar tea caddy. £2.00   63         A studio pottery lidded bowl and a similar jar. £8.00   64         An early 20th century ceramic clock case painted with an exotic bird, a Denby ‘Manor Green’ pattern teapot and two other pieces. £5.00   65         Various beer bottles including Sleeman & Co. Helston, other bottles and a fishing float. £28.00   66         A blue and white willow pattern charger, diameter 41.5cm. £5.00   67         A box of ceramic thimbles. £5.00   68         A box of ceramic thimbles. £5.00   69         A box of ceramic thimbles. £2.00   70         A set of twelve Coalport ‘Days of Christmas’ pin trays boxed in pairs together with an amber glass part dressing table set. £5.00   71         An eastern white metal coffee set, a small collection of glass etc. £2.00   72         A resin model elephant and a pewter tankard. £2.00   73         Torquay pottery cream jug and other china. £0.00   74         A large collection of commemorative mugs. £5.00   75         A collection of model cats. £10.00   76         A model of a temple lion and one other piece. £8.00   77         A Lomonosov model of a wild cat and an Italian style model cat. £12.00   78         A Sylvac model dog No.1416, a similar model of a sleeping cat No. 5299 and a Royal Doulton model cat. £12.00   79         Three Sylvac jugs, one moulded with a swan beside reeds, the other with flowers and acorns together with a similar reed moulded oval vase. £5.00   80         A Sylvac bowl No.1514 moulded as the base of a tree with rabbits about it, diameter 20cm together with a similar posy vase. £5.00   81         A 1930s pink glass footed bowl and two other pieces of coloured glass. £2.00   82         Seven pieces of coloured glass. £5.00   83         A set of five eastern bird decorated dishes, two ceramic trays and four other pieces. £8.00   84         A collection of resin models of figures in bathing costumes etc. £1.00   85         Six Carlton ware leaf moulded dishes. £10.00   86         Two pairs of cream fabric curtains. £5.00   87         A lady’s Laura Ashley herringbone coat, a BHS ‘Rain Wear Classics’ raincoat and a gentleman’s pink XXL jacket. £10.00   88         Two gentlemen’s grey pinstripe suits. £2.00   89         A pair of Warner interlined blue ground curtains patterned with flowers and exotic birds together with a matching double quilt and window seat cover.  Each curtain width 250cm x length 152cm approximately.  (Two bags) £0.00   90         A pair of cushions in red wool covers. £1.00   91         A lady’s simulated fur jacket. £8.00   92         A black and beige wool blanket. £1.00   93         A lady’s House of Bruar check coat and two Rohan women’s blue waterproof jackets. £32.00   94         A gentleman’s Lloyd dress shirt with cummerbund and bow tie in its original box. £2.00   95         A gentleman’s Burtons two piece brown check suit with a grey waistcoat, a Wall Street jacket and a pair of charcoal grey trousers. £10.00   96         A gentleman’s Gurteen Esq green tweed two piece suit with a plain green waistcoat. £15.00   97         A gentleman’s Bladen Original Supasax green tweed jacket with a pair of brown fabric trousers and an Irish worsted striped dark grey two piece suit. £28.00   98         Three gentlemen’s Burtons pinstripe suits. £10.00   99         A lady’s brown astrakan coat by Pelzmoden. £2.00   100       An embroidered brown suede waistcoat, a suede jacket, a brown poncho/coat and an outdoor waterproof jacket £2.00   101       Clothing including a Led Zeppelin hoodie and two fleeces. £12.00   102       A gentleman’s R.G.A Italian style brown suede jacket together with a gentleman’s George XXL jacket. £1.00   103       A lady’s Essence brown corduroy coat with a fur collar together with a Coast to Coast denim jacket. £2.00   104       A pair of Falla lady’s shoes, a green leather effect handbag and a black canvas bag. £0.00   105       A bag of ladies clothing. £1.00   106       A pair of heavy lined floral patterned curtains, each width 150cm x length 244cm approximately together with their tie back cords and hooks. £10.00   107       A lady’s fur coat. £2.00   108       A roll of green and white patterned fabric. £2.00   109       A box of ladies clothing. £0.00   110       A box of ladies clothing. £0.00   111       Two boxes of ladies shoes etc. £2.00   112       A gentleman’s Marks and Spencer’s brown wool two piece suit, two black jackets and a mess jacket. £5.00   113       A lady’s sheepskin jacket and a lady’s green two piece skirt suit. £5.00   114       A box of white cotton table linen including a white cloth, drawn thread, embroidered and crochet together with a muslin christening gown etc. £5.00   115       Ladies clothing (two boxes) £2.00   116       A gentleman’s suede jacket with a simulated fur lining. £0.00   117       A bag containing three gentlemen’s jackets and other clothing. £2.00   118       A black canvas holdall containing a one piece set of waterproof overalls and one other piece. £2.00   119       A bag of net curtains. £10.00   120       A Daphmond coney fur jacket and a fur shawl. £30.00   131       A cane picnic basket. £2.00   132       A Mossman aluminium clad cabin trunk. £12.00   133       An oil on canvas of Cadgwith. £2.00   134       A mirror in a gilt frame. £5.00   135       Three boxes of books including Churches and Monasteries. £15.00   136       Two boxes of books including gardening and sailing related. £2.00   137       Two boxes of books. £10.00   138       Two boxes of books. £5.00   139       Two boxes of 33rpm albums and 12″ singles. £32.00   140       A Tombleson’s ‘Panoramic Map of the Thames and Medway’ in a gilt frame, 117cm x 26.5cm. £38.00   141       A turned wood standard lamp. £5.00   142       A box of magic tricks, Haynes manuals etc. £2.00   143       Three boxes of books including a 19th century illustrated Bible. £10.00   144       Three boxes of books and a Western Master ll light meter in a leather case. £12.00   145       A box of books. £15.00   146       Four boxes of 78rpm records. £0.00   147       A box of 45rpm records. £10.00   148       A canvas clad dome top cabin trunk with wooden bands and metal mounts. £25.00   149       A canvas clad dome top cabin trunk with wooden bands and metal mounts. £25.00   150       An oak veneered coffer, width 94cm. £10.00   151       A tool chest, width 91cm. £12.00   152       A green canvas clad suitcase with leather mounts dated 1942. £2.00   153       An arched pine wardrobe cornice. £2.00   154       Two mirrors. £5.00   155       A rectangular mirror in a gilt leaf and berry moulded frame. £10.00   156       Two lengths of blue painted coat rail. £5.00   157       Two lengths of hardwood curtain rail. £1.00   157A     A 2006 Renault Master dci 120 long wheelbase 2.5 litre diesel panel van in blue with a grey cloth interior, mileage 127,000, MOT until 15th August 2018. £680.00   158       A Pride Colt four wheel battery driven motability metallic red scooter with charger. £160.00   159       A Rascal 312 metallic red electric wheelchair with charger. £100.00   160       A wrought iron stick stand. £5.00   161       A twin handle stoneware jar with lid. £8.00   162       A stainless steel pedal bin. £20.00   163       A chrome pedal bin. £25.00   164       A stainless steel single drainer sink with mixer tap. £2.00   165       A stainless steel single drainer sink with mixer tap. £5.00   166       Five sections of chrome shelving. £1.00   167       A ‘Dan Boy’ and other boating related pieces. £8.00   168       A pair of Hotline waterskis. £2.00   169       A Lisesling overboard rescue system together with a lifebelt etc. £10.00   170       A bag of canvas sails. £40.00   171       Two aluminium stepladders. £10.00   172       A box of glass fishing floats. £60.00   173       A galvanised anchor and a rope. £10.00   174       A child’s Hotrock bicycle. £10.00   175       A Wind surfboard with mast, sails and other related items. £5.00   176       A folding wheelchair. £25.00   177       A circular wrought iron six nozzle candle chandelier. £42.00   178       A ladies Dawes Mojave 18 speed mountain bike. £35.00   179       A gentleman’s Dawes Mojave 18 speed mountain bike. £80.00   180       An orange plastic buoy. £2.00   181       A portable gas fire with cylinder. £8.00   182       A portable gas fire with cylinder. £10.00   182A     A stair climber sack trolley. £2.00   182B     A gazebo frame. £1.00   182C     Four bags of coal and a galvanised coal scuttle. £20.00   182D    Two galvanised pails and contents. £5.00   182E     A drain spade, a fork and a scoop. £5.00   182F     A wooden step ladder. £5.00   182G    A Titan aluminium step ladder. £12.00   182H     A box of rope, a galvanised buoy etc. £10.00   182I      A Honda petrol driven rotavator. £50.00   182J     A Max Toy’s plastic cartie. £0.00   182K     A pair of car ramps. £5.00   182L     A folding sack trolley. £5.00   183       A blue plastic dog bed and a bag of related items. £2.00   184       A rectangular wrought iron garden table with a glass top table and set of six matching chairs. £90.00   185       An aluminium boat ladder. £0.00   186       An wood and iron sack trolley. £2.00   187       A plastic toolbox and a collection of terracotta edging tiles. £5.00   188       Two wooden crates. £5.00   189       Three galvanised pails. £2.00   190       A surveyor’s adjustable staff. £15.00   191       A set of three horse-jump horizontal poles. £10.00   192       An aluminium churn. £8.00   193       A red metal barbecue. £1.00   194       A Dawes Durango 21 speed mountain bike. £15.00   195       A galvanised trough, length 181cm. £62.00   196       A pair of folding garden chairs. £2.00   197       A gentleman’s Salisbury Village 18 speed mountain bike. £20.00   198       A ladies Raleigh Vixen 18 speed bicycle with handlebar basket. £50.00   199       A Champion self propelled, 46cm, petrol driven, rotary mower with grass box. £5.00   200       Two boxes of miscellaneous metalware etc. £2.00   201       A box of flower pots and flower pot saucers. £18.00   202       A pair of cast iron garden bench ends and a similar back panel. £15.00   203       A rectangular trailer on an iron jockey wheel frame, a length of frame including tow hitch, 195cm, size of trailer 61 x 187.5cm. £0.00   204       A collection of iron weights. £12.00   205       An aluminium preserving pan. £2.00   206       A brass paraffin lamp. £10.00   207       A collection of terracotta plant pots. £30.00   208       Eight flat irons. £15.00   209       A cable drum garden table, diameter 120cm. £2.00   210       A cable drum garden table, diameter 121cm. £10.00   211       A vintage wooden garden trolley, the spoked wheels with iron rims. £50.00   212       A plastic chest with three tiers of eleven drawers, width 90cm. £18.00   213       A plastic chest with three tiers of eleven drawers, width 90cm. £30.00   214       A pink plastic office swivel chair. £1.00   215       Flower pots etc. £2.00   216       Watering cans, flower pots etc. £8.00   217       A Victorian cast iron fire kerb, width 92cm. £2.00   218       A pair of cast iron bench supports. £20.00   219       A pair of cast iron bench supports. £20.00   220       A metal wheelbarrow. £15.00   220A     A dog cage. £5.00   220B     A large garden umbrella. £5.00   220C     A grey metal frame garden table with a glass top, 170cm x 105cm. £0.00   220D    A pair of toughened glass panels each 90cm x 210.5cm approximately. £2.00   220E     A child’s Triumph Princess bike with trail-gator attachment. £2.00   220F     A glass carboy containing plants. £10.00   220G    Six cast iron kettles. £35.00   220H     A cast iron yard pump. £65.00   220I      A trampette, diameter 91cm. £2.00   220J     A child’s vintage metal tricycle. £2.00   220K     A circular plastic bath stool on aluminium legs. £0.00   220L     A large piece of timber, 25cm x 13cm x 180cm approximately. £1.00   221       A cast iron Singer treadle sewing machine base. £32.00   222       Two boxes of tiles. £5.00   223       A garden kneeler. £0.00   224       A ceramic basin with taps and an anodised fire front. £1.00   225       A Belfast sink. £2.00   226       A two man cut cross saw. £5.00   227       Two 56lb weights. £35.00   228       A golf trolley. £1.00   229       An Urban folding bicycle together with a cycle helmet and panniers. £48.00   230       An Urban folding bicycle together with a cycle helmet and panniers. £52.00   231       A pine fire surround/mantel shelf, 137cm. £1.00   232       A bundle of fishing rods, one with an aluminium centre pin reel. £8.00   233       A collection of wine racks. £2.00   234       A white resin single drainer sink with mixer tap. £8.00   235       A Black and Decker bench mounted drill powered lathe and a tile cutter. £5.00   236       A bag of golf clubs and a golf trolley. £0.00   237       Two galvanised watering cans. £15.00   238       A galvanised milk crate. £2.00   239       An electric golf trolley, lacks charger. £1.00   240       An extending boat hook. £1.00   241       Four folding garden chairs. £1.00   242       A Proform Reflex step exercise machine. £1.00   243       A collection of golf clubs and a golf trolley. £0.00   244       A bundle of drain rods. £5.00   245       A pair of aluminium axle stands. £8.00   245A     A trailer board. £0.00   246       A green and white striped market stall cover. £8.00   247       A blue tarpaulin, 5 x 8m. £8.00   248       A box of rope. £15.00   249       A box of rope. £22.00   250       Two stoneware jars. £8.00   251       A collection of golf clubs in a Ping canvas bag together with four tennis rackets. £0.00   252       A large tent in two bags. £15.00   253       A large white canvas garden umbrella. £20.00   254       Five picture frames. £18.00   255       A box of books etc. £8.00   256       A box of 33rpm records. £0.00   257       A box of Magigram magazines, books etc. £10.00   258       A box of arts related books. £30.00   259       A black metal pricket candlestick. £0.00   260       Two small pine and metal wine racks, each to hold nine bottles. £1.00   261       A bag of Auto Glym car cleaning products. £30.00   262       A brass kettle, a Bates automatic numbering machine in its original box, a green canvas bag etc. £8.00   263       An EPNS four piece half fluted tea service. £8.00   264       A studio pottery table lamp cut with flowers and with its original ‘suede’ shade. £5.00   265       An early 20th century cabin trunk opening to reveal drawers to one side and hangers to the other. £40.00   266       A brass coal box, the lid embossed with a sailing ship. £5.00   267       A blue and white willow pattern cylindrical stick stand. £28.00   268       A large carved wood model of a seated hound, height 77cm. £32.00   269       A similar, smaller, carved wood model of a seated hound, height 51cm. £20.00   270       Two wooden boxes. £18.00   271       A pine box stencilled ‘James 4th Kent regiment’, width 71.5cm. £48.00   272       A pine blanket box, width 91.5cm. £50.00   273       A Victorian Devon dome top, canvas clad sea chest with wooden bands and metal mounts, width 84cm. £35.00   274       A brown canvas clad cabin trunk with bentwood bands. £18.00   275       A basket of golf balls. £10.00   276       A box of books about art. £10.00   277       A box of cookery books etc. £5.00   278       A box of 33rpm records. £2.00   279       A box of 33rpm records. £2.00   280       A box of 33rpm records. £2.00   281       A case of 33rpm records. £2.00   282       A basket containing folding trellis in its original pack, a picnic set etc. £2.00   283       A box of 33rpm records including boxed albums. £2.00   284       A bundle of Cornish books and booklets. £32.00   285       An alabaster and metal table lamp. £2.00   286       An aluminium Longlife two gallon stove top kettle. £20.00   287       A pair of stainless steel table lamps with shades, a pewter coffee pot and a coloured floral print. £5.00   288       A Roberts Revival portable radio. £20.00   289       A box of gardening and plant related books. £8.00   290       A box of bird related books. £2.00   291       A copy of David Sheperd ‘An Artist In Conservation’ and other wildlife books. £35.00   292       A bundle of 1940/50s Football Annual magazines together with other football and cricket related books. £8.00   293       Pewter tankards, a plated pierced sweet meat dish, a collection of china and glass etc. £5.00   294       W. Dendy Sadler, two 19th century etchings, one of a picnic on a river bank, the other a wedding, signed by the artist and the engravers Mongin and Muller. £8.00   295       Two suitcases of books. £12.00   296       A box of magic tricks and related books. £10.00   297       A box of Beano comics. £5.00   298       Two boxes of books, CDs etc. £10.00   299       Two boxes of books. £62.00   300       A box of books. £2.00   301       A box of miscellaneous items. £1.00   302       A box of soft toys etc. £1.00   303       Two boxes of books. £1.00   304       A box of magic related books etc. £5.00   305       A box of 4 x 4 spares. £5.00   306       A box of 4 x 4 spares. £2.00   307       Two boxes of tools, fittings etc. £2.00   308       A Digital Video Mixer etc. £2.00   309       A toaster and a paper shredder. £2.00   310       A Gaz camping stove. £5.00   311       A Black Spur electric polisher. £10.00   312       A Tilley Lamp. £15.00   313       A slow cooker, a blender, etc. £2.00   314       An Eastern crackle glaze table lamp with shade. £40.00   315       A brass Tilley lamp with a spare glass shade. £26.00   316       A Tilley X246B lamp in its original box. £18.00   317       A roll of Bockingford “Drawing and Watercolour Paper” approximately 1.5 x 8 meters. £15.00   318       A roll of “Weed Control Fabric”. £8.00   319       Various artist’s canvasses and mounts. £22.00   320       A pair of Fischer 1100 W electric radiators with radio controlled thermostats. £40.00   321       A pair of Fischer 1100 W electric radiators with radio controlled thermostats. £20.00   322       Miscellaneous including bathroom scales. £1.00   323       Two boxes of welding rods. £8.00   324       A black leather bag embossed with the British Rail logo, containing a related cap, ties and book. £15.00   325       A box of magic tricks. £8.00   326       A Singer hand sewing machine in an arched oak veneered case. £22.00   327       A box of Gaz camping lamps and stoves. £5.00   328       A Singer hand sewing machine in an oak veneered case. £5.00   329       A box of miscellaneous items. £5.00   330       Two oils on board, one a coastal scene signed J. Eddy, the other a woodland stream signed H.C. Cooksey and a mirror in a gilt frame. £2.00   331       Picture frames. £10.00   332       A Sanyo music centre made as a briefcase with two part speaker lid. £12.00   333       An oak standard lamp. £5.00   334       Two baskets. £2.00   335       A Black and Decker ‘Workmate Workbox’. £5.00   336       A pine wine box. £2.00   337       A brass table lamp made as a classical urn. £2.00   338       A rectangular lampshade. £1.00   339       A rechargeable lantern, a tin of pens and a biscuit tin made as a radio. £5.00   340       A Dualit aluminium three slice toaster. £22.00   341       A box of CDs. £5.00   342       A Lervia steam cleaner in its original box. £1.00   343       A Prinz slide projector in its original case. £8.00   344       A rechargeable lamp. £1.00   345       A BT cordless phone, a pizza cutter and a paper weight. £2.00   346       A green metal petrol can. £5.00   347       A grease gun and a Norbar torque wrench. £1.00   348       A Grundig Music Boy radio. £2.00   349       A box of cables. £2.00   350       An LG 42″ flatscreen television, lacks remote control together with a black glass three tier stand. £75.00   351       A 1970s Fidelity portable record player. £10.00   352       A mahogany box and one other box. £5.00   353       A collection of picture lights. £0.00   354       A Luxo adjustable floor standing lamp with a magnifying head standing on a five branch wheeled base. £8.00   355       A floor standing lamp with an adjustable head.   £2.00   356       Two bottles of algicide. £0.00   357       A Fern reciprocating saw. £2.00   358       An electric chainsaw. £12.00   359       A Performance petrol driven hedge cutter. £0.00   360       A Fender Frontman 212R guitar amplifier. £40.00   361       A Sew Land sewing machine in its original box. £2.00   362       A Grundig TK121 reel to reel tape recorder and a Ferguson stereo cassette deck. £2.00   363       An Advance QI Type Q Model 1 RF signal generator. £20.00   364       A Dyson upright vacuum cleaner in grey and white plastic. £25.00   365       A Powerbase Xtreme pressure washer in its original box. £25.00   366       A Kustom KLA 10 amplifier. £5.00   367       A Clarke Metalworker Model No. CDT 5DC pedestal drill. £28.00   368       A Philips 15″ flatscreen television and a Goodmans set top box, both lack remote controls. £0.00   369       A Cooke McArthur stereo microscope eyepiece, other microscope parts etc. £1.00   370       An external lamp and one other piece. £0.00   371       A Rapesco ‘Master Nailer’. £5.00   372       A Yamaha electric keyboard and stand, £14.00   373       A Qualcast 800w rotorvator in its original box. £40.00   374       A mahogany stained box. £12.00   375       A black metal tin trunk. £8.00   376       A Ryoby 40cm petrol driven chainsaw. £25.00   377       A McCulloch petrol driven chainsaw. £18.00   378       A Black and Decker electric strimmer. £8.00   379       A McCulloch petrol driven chainsaw. £15.00   380       A Gardena folding extending electric hedge trimmer. £20.00   381       A McCulloch petrol driven hedge trimmer. £10.00   382       A Robin petrol driver strimmer. £38.00   383       A Brabantia chrome bread bin. £1.00   384       A print of a string quarter after Reinhard. £0.00   385       A 19th century black and white print of children after Stoulman. £5.00   386       A coloured print of the Alderney lifeboat ‘At Hand’ after D.C. Bell. £1.00   387       A large framed photograph of a racing yacht ‘The Downwind Leg’ by Michael Kahn. £5.00   388       A tent mat. £5.00   389       A Eurohike double action pump in its original box. £2.00   390       A brass coal helmet. £5.00   391       Seven plated trophies and three pewter tankards. £72.00   392       A collection of CDs. £5.00   393       A large collection of film reels including Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin. £20.00   394       A chart of Land’s End to Falmouth. £12.00   395       A Clarke Woodworker 18″ scroll saw. £22.00   396       A Stuart Turner Ltd Monsoon 3 0 bar shower pump. £8.00   397       A box of 33rpm records, mostly 1980s. £5.00   398       Two boxes of books. £32.00   399       A box of toys. £2.00   400       A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1980s. £22.00   401       NO LOT. £0.00   402       An oak gibbet lantern lamp. £2.00   403       A box containing a volt meter and fixings. £2.00   404       A watercolour of a remote farm initialled A G B and four other pictures. £0.00   405       A folding stool. £5.00   406       A pine box, width 37cm. £18.00   407       A hardwood chest, width 47cm. £22.00   408       A collection of picture frames and a computer keyboard. £5.00   409       A CWS Federation Family Hand sewing machine painted with flowers. £2.00   410       A box of 33rpm records etc. £1.00   411       A box of kitchenware. £2.00   412       A box and a bowl of tools. £12.00   413       A canvas tool bag and contents. £12.00   414       A box of tools. £20.00   415       Two boxes of 4x4 spares. £12.00   416       A box of 4x4 spares. £2.00   417       A box of 4x4 spares. £12.00   418       A box of 4x4 spares including a tail light cluster. £2.00   419       A box of 4x4 spares including belts. £8.00   420       Two boxes of 4x4 spares. £2.00   421       An engineer’s fall front tool chest and contents. £38.00   422       A fax machine etc. £0.00   423       A box of power supplies etc. £38.00   424       A box of small electrical tools and a box of miscellaneous items. £10.00   425       Two boxes of books. £18.00   426       Two boxes of jigsaw puzzles, games etc. £2.00   427       Two boxes of miscellaneous items including VW hub caps. £10.00   428       An oil on canvas coastal scene signed Gartti Andrew, together with other pictures and a snooker scoreboard. £5.00   429       A Singer electric sewing machine in a crocodile skin effect case. £12.00   430       An Imari floral pattern lamp base on a hardwood stand. £5.00   431       A pair of resin African model figures, a candle made as a skull etc. £5.00   432       A small hardwood cabinet with an array of blue and white ceramic drawers, width 34.5cm. £28.00   433       Three plated jugs and three other pieces. £2.00   434       A pair of plated entree dishes etc. £2.00   435       A bag of Auto Glym car cleaning products. £15.00   436       A 19th century leather and card bound volume of ‘Museum of Animated Nature’ and two prints. £1.00   437       A box of die cast model vehicles. £12.00   438       An Eastern white metal box the lid cast with an eagle, a hip flask etc. £8.00   439       Two wooden jack planes. £2.00   440       A copper coal helmet. £5.00   441       A wooden model of Drake’s Golden Hind, a 16th century three masted ship. £5.00   442       A turned wood table lamp. £5.00   443       A ship’s bronze bell. £30.00   444       Two illuminated branches. £0.00   445       A Panasonic 32″ flat screen television with remote control. £45.00   446       A Panasonic 26″ Viera flat screen television with remote control. £28.00   447       A Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player with remote control. £15.00   448       A Trio AM/FM stereo tuner. £2.00   449       A Sony ‘Video Multi Colour Corrector’. £0.00   450       A Pioneer stereo amplifier. £40.00   451       A Panasonic Nicam stereo VCR lacks remote control, together with Ambiosonic unit and a control unit. £2.00   452       A set of thermo ceramic rollers etc. £2.00   453       A Tilly Twosome two ring camping stove. £10.00   454       A One Star belt drive turntable/CD recorder, with speakers and manual. £12.00   455       Two video cameras, a cine projector, a slide projector etc. £5.00   456       A Sony HDD recorder with remote control. £1.00   457       A Panasonic DVD recorder and a Phillips control unit. £5.00   458       A Bell and Howell Auto Transformer. £5.00   459       A Grundig portable CD player/cassette recorder/radio. £2.00   459A     A Ronson 66 hairdryer in its original box. £0.00   460       A box of boating accessories including new brass cleats etc. £38.00   461       A Sharp 13″ flat screen television and a Humax set top box, each with remote control. £1.00   462       A Spirit of St Louis radio alarm clock. £15.00   463       A Kenwood stainless steel microwave oven. £15.00   464       A pair of Monitor Audio 801148 speakers and a Celestion speaker. £48.00   465       A copper preserving pan. £15.00   466       A Sony minidisc deck etc. £15.00   467       An Ion ITTUSB turntable in its original box. £15.00   467A     A Beauty Skin blue light lamp. £2.00   468       A Sony Discrete 7 channel amplifier and DVD player etc. £5.00   469       A 12 volt cool box and a fan heater. £8.00   470       Slides, projector etc. £2.00   471       A Lec A+ fridge. £35.00   471A     A box of Tuborg pint glasses. £5.00   471B     A plastic tool box and contents. £5.00   472       A box of books. £10.00   473       Three boxes of books. £5.00   474       A video camera, a JVC digital camera, films, spools, a projector etc. £2.00   475       A box of handbags, other bags, ladies shoes etc. £2.00   475A     An Agora 32″ flatscreen television with remote control and stand. £30.00   475B     Two halogen heaters. £1.00   476       A box of books mostly about dogs etc. £5.00   477       A box of CDs. £20.00   478       A box of pre-recorded audio cassettes. £2.00   479       An Auditory Trainer etc. £2.00   480       A set of four 19th century small coloured engravings of 18th century scenes. £5.00   481       A photolithograph of Ford’s Hospital, Coventry,an engraving of a windmill after Rembrandt and three other pictures. £0.00   482       A mirror in a framed turned as bamboo and two other pieces. £10.00   483       Two boxes of films on DVD. £12.00   484       A box of 19th century prints, mostly London. £5.00   485       A pair of oval gilt picture frames, a circular convex mirror in a wrought metal frame, a Japanese fabric picture and two other pictures. £5.00   486       Two 19th century coloured prints of birds and six other pictures. £0.00   487       A watercolour of coastal lochs, signed Leslie, a coloured print of a VW camper ‘Gone Surfing’ and two other pictures. £1.00   488       A watercolour coastal scene with a lighthouse and sailing ships after Turner and three other pictures. £1.00   489       Two 19th century coloured prints of ‘Market Place’ and ‘Chapel in the Vicar’s Close Wells’. £0.00   490       A pair of coloured engravings each signed R Cresswell Boak, one of ‘Shore’s Bridge, Belfast’ the other ‘Bangor, County Down’ and four other prints. £2.00   491       Pictures and prints together with a copper panel embossed with a swan and cygnets. £0.00   492       A box of printers’ metal type. £22.00   493       Two Eastern gold thread panels, a ‘rock rose hand print’ of insects and a mirror. £2.00   494       A cane picnic basket with a fitted interior. £2.00   495       A case of 33rpm records. £2.00   496       A mirror in a mahogany effect frame. £5.00   497       An oak fire screen set with a wool panel worked with a half timbered building and garden. £0.00   498       An extensive collection of Denby pink flower decorated tea and dinnerware. £28.00   499       A collection of brass door handles and ceiling lamp hangers. £8.00   500       A 19th century leather bound family Bible. £12.00   501       A Churchill China blue and white historical buildings pattern tea service and matching pieces. £10.00   502       A set of reproduction commemorative mugs. £5.00   503       A collection of commemorative mugs including George V Silver Jubilee. £0.00   504       Three PG Tips monkeys in their original boxes. £2.00   505       A brass banded oval oak pail with a copper swing handle. £40.00   506       A brass kettle and other brass. £8.00   507       A copper kettle, an oil lamp and other metalware. £5.00   508       A wooden model of a frigate, length including bowsprit 68cm. £15.00   509       Two brass coal helmets. £8.00   510       A white metal shoe pin cushion and other metal ware. £0.00   511       A Murano style model fish and other glass. £8.00   512       Miscellaneous china including Chokin and Wedgwood. £2.00   513       A pair of pink glass vases, white enamelled with children in Mary Gregory style and other glass. £1.00   514       Seven German tankards. £1.00   515       A Bavarian floral decorated coffee service. £2.00   516       A St Ives Nicknames ‘The Hakes’ vase designed and made by J.M. Parkin 1993 and a Lancaster Dickens tankard. £28.00   517       Seven German stoneware tankards together with a similar pewter tankard and cups. £2.00   518       A pair of brass table lamps each standing on four legs in classical style. £55.00   519       A rose decorated three tier cake stand and two matching pieces. £2.00   520       A rosewood box, a ‘Manometer’ in a hardwood box, a telephone bell box etc. £15.00   521       A vintage wood wool filled teddy bear in a small brown leather case, a black metal cash tin and a print of the Schooner Vagrant. £15.00   522       A box of flatware. £5.00   523       A pair of Waterford crystal stemmed glasses in their original box and a pair of similar Royal Doulton tumblers. £10.00   524       A 1930s cased manicure set. £2.00   525       A collection of T. H. Victor unframed coloured prints and three albums of stamps. £1.00   526       A Panasonic video camera in a green canvas bag. £8.00   527       Two plated entree dishes. £2.00   528       A Sunderland style lustre jug, transfer printed with a mariner’s compass, a novelty teapot etc. £5.00   529       A pair of clear glass fishing floats, a small collection of horse brasses and two pub jugs. £8.00   530       A carved wood model dodo, other models etc. £2.00   531       A T.G. Green and Co. blue and white Cornish ware storage jar (green shield mark). £15.00   531A     A circular cane basket and similar willow basket. £2.00   532       A pine stool and a table lamp. £5.00   533       A collection of pub jugs and a bowl. £5.00   534       Mugs, postcards etc. £8.00   535       A box of sewing machine parts. £2.00   536       A Yashica SX-D 35mm camera in a black leather ERC, a pair of Regent 10x50 binoculars and two other pieces. £5.00   537       A leather bound copy of Bunyan’s Choice Works, dated 1867. £1.00   538       A small collection of sheet music including ‘Hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line’, ‘Nursie Nursie’ and ‘The Old Postman passes me by’ together with an album of records etc. £0.00   539       Ten Spode Blue Room collection plates and a set of four similar plates. £12.00   540       A set of eight Wedgwood ‘Great Racing Clippers’ series blue and white collector’s plates and one other plate. £40.00   541       A mortar, two pestles and a pair of spirit lamps. £20.00   542       A brass oil lamp with a white glass shade. £12.00   543       Two graduated copper lustre jugs, a Sylvac model rabbit etc. £2.00   544       Two copper wash dollies. £0.00   545       A tapering octagonal ebonised table lamp with shade. £1.00   546       An eastern jardiniere decorated to the interior with fish, to the exterior with European figures and two other pieces. £25.00   547       An African bronze figure, two similar carved wood figures and two other pieces. £12.00   548       A pair of chrome candlesticks and a trophy. £2.00   549       An Escalado game in its original box. £10.00   550       A box of cased flatware. £30.00   551       NO LOT £0.00   552       A set of Winston Churchill’s ‘ A History of English speaking peoples’ in seven volumes together with an index. £1.00   553       A Victorian blue and white bidet liner decorated with exotic birds and foliage. £25.00   554       A black plastic model of the Sanderson figure, a plated egg cruet and five custard cups. £2.00   555       A black rexine Gladstone bag and contents. £8.00   556       A set of brass crocodile cast nut crackers, an eastern carved wood wall mask and four other pieces. £8.00   557       A set of glass place mats. £1.00   558       A copper box with brass mounts engraved with knights together with a Queen Mary toffee tin and two other pieces. £12.00   559       Two oak biscuit barrels with plated mounts and one other piece. £2.00   560       An oval framed metal hat box. £8.00   561       A brass jardiniere. £15.00   562       A resin model of a hunter and his dog. £0.00   563       Two black ceramic candle stands and four other pieces. £2.00   564       Stemmed glasses and other glass. £2.00   565       A box of cased flatware. £22.00   566       An eastern brass box, a money box cast as a car etc. £5.00   567       A box of 45rpm records. £1.00   568       A fashion bag with brass ‘D’ mounts together with a Mackintosh collection photograph frame, a glass paperweight cut with a dollar sign etc. £8.00   569       A cased set of carving chisels, a bread knife etc. £8.00   570       A Flying Scotsman resin timepiece with a quartz movement in its original box. £25.00   571       Two security lights. £2.00   572       A pair of white metal model cockerels and two other pieces. £10.00   573       Four pewter plates with touch marks. £20.00   574       An Aller Vale mottoware puzzle jug and a Spode ‘Italian’ pattern jug. £8.00   575       A grey turned serpentine table lamp. £10.00   576       A turned red serpentine table lamp and a pewter tankard. £18.00   577       A Staffordshire model spaniel. £5.00   578       A wooden model of a 16th century three masted ship. £5.00   579       A brass hearth jack and a pestle and mortar. £18.00   580       A brass model anchor, other brass and a small collection of cased flatware. £20.00   581       A plated engraved cream jug and three other pieces. £0.00   582       A floral decorated toilet jug and bowl and two other matching pieces. £5.00   583       A Royal Crown Derby ‘Old Imari’ pattern plate, diameter 21.5cm, a Portmeirion ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern dish, other china etc. £8.00   584       A coffee machine etc. £1.00   585       An Italian crucifix, three candlesticks etc. £2.00   586       Blue and white china, a plaster plaque moulded with a riverside building and two other pieces. £0.00   587       A collection of model buildings by Kenthouse, Pavement and others, some with their original tins and boxes. £2.00   588       A box of souvenir teaspoons etc. £2.00   589       A mahogany drawer. £2.00   590       An aneroid barometer and a thermometer on a carved walnut mount. £10.00   591       A double photograph frame and other brass etc. £8.00   592       A box of magician’s tricks. £15.00   593       A box of kitchen ware etc. £0.00   594       Two boxes of law books. £2.00   595       A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1980s. £8.00   596       An Orfeo Multi tone piano accordion in a fitted case. £22.00   597       A box of CDs. £2.00   598       A box of children’s books. £2.00   599       A collection in five boxes of laboratory glass including glass bottles and test tubes. £38.00   600       Three carved wood panels. £2.00 601       An oil on board of a continental village, a watercolour of a Mediterranean stone staircase together with a collection of prints and frames. £0.00   602       A pair of Marigold carnival glass dishes and a small collection of china. £0.00   603       A box containing turned wood and cast metal coat hooks etc. £60.00   604       Books, a Scoop game, a Wedgwood box etc. £1.00   605       Two brass shell cases dated 1942 and 1943 together with three candlesticks and other metal ware. £10.00   606       A bundle of railway related books. £10.00   607       Three copies of Wisdens Anthology. £0.00   608       A Victorian walnut veneered small writing slope by Parkin & Gotto London. £18.00   609       A Beatles Anthology, a copy of ‘According to the Rolling Stones’ and one other book. £2.00   610       Brass and other metalware. £15.00   611       Two copper kettles, a similar oil lamp and one other piece. £10.00   612       An Aladdin brass oil lamp. £12.00   613       An Aladdin brass oil lamp with a red glass shade. £10.00   614       A brass tea kettle on a spirit burner stand, a bronze kettle stand and a small collection of weights. £12.00   615       A box iron, two flat irons and a trivet. £5.00   616       Two cased three piece carving sets by Thomas Turner Sheffield. £28.00   617       A box of artist’s materials etc. £10.00   618       A magician’s conjuring trick in a black rexine case with detachable legs. £22.00   619       A box of artist’s materials including drawing pads. £22.00   620       LOT WITHDRAWN A box of books. £0.00   621       Four board games including Totopoly and a magic set. £12.00   622       An oil on board of a Napoleonic battle signed R.J. Mansfield 1972. £5.00   623       A box of books. £1.00   624       An Ambassador cine camera, a Rowney oil painting set and two tins. £0.00   625       A tray of books. £1.00   626       Two boxes of books. £2.00   627       A box of 1950s football magazines, 1980s comics etc. £1.00   628       A print of St Michaels Mount and two other prints. £0.00   629       An oil on board of Porthcurno by Cyril Shapton. £8.00   630       Pictures and prints. £2.00   631       An oil on board coastal scene signed Barnard together with a coloured print of an 18th century interior. £8.00   632       A Chinese oil on board of two monkeys grooming, to one side characters in red and black, 75cm x 53.5cm. £2.00   633       Two coloured prints of St Michaels Mount one after T.H. Victor, the other Nigel Hallard and a framed map of Cornwall. £1.00   634       A military gas mask in a green canvas bag. £20.00   635       A Beswick vase with flower moulded decoration, a similar H.J Wood ‘Indian Trees’ jardiniere and one other piece. £1.00   636       A Murano style coloured glass basket with a hoop handle and other coloured glass. £8.00   637       A blue glaze coffee service, a Westcliff studio pottery jardiniere etc. £0.00   638       A white glaze meat plate moulded as a turkey, a bird decorated toilet jug and two other pieces. £0.00   639       A blue and white cheese dish and cover and other china. £0.00   640       A reproduction Staffordshire figure and other models. £0.00   641       A pair of Masons ‘Paynsley’ pattern jars and other china. £0.00   642       A pair of glass ejector candlesticks, a blow lamp and a small collection of horse brasses. £12.00   643       Five small timepieces. £8.00   644       A Howay Anny-35 camera in a leather effect ERC, a box camera and three others. £5.00   645       An eastern two piece brass and hardwood carving set and one other piece. £2.00   646       Various boxes including birdseye maple. £18.00   647       Three brass boxes etc. £8.00   648       Two Chinese earthenware figures, other models etc. £2.00   649       Various boxes and tins etc. £5.00   650       A ceramic jug moulded as an orange and other china. £5.00   651       A brass jug, a similar box, a Kashmir photo frame etc. £8.00   652       A burr walnut veneered sewing box and a carved wood box. £10.00   653       A bird decorated chamber pot and three other pieces. £0.00   654       Miscellaneous including a majolica bowl. £0.00   655       A pair of turned wood candlesticks, a wooden fishing reel etc. £2.00   656       A leather clad jewellery box, other boxes, a tape measure, a tankard etc. £1.00   657       Various plastic construction kits including Airfix etc. £22.00   658       A pair of vintage brown leather clad ‘Superior’ field glasses and a Quarz cine camera. £1.00   659       A pair of WWll R.E.L/Canada 1944 6x30 binoculars in a military canvas case. £25.00   660       A bundle of children’s annuals. £0.00   661       Candlesticks and other brass etc. £10.00   662       A model of the Star Wars Obi Wan Jedi star fighter. £8.00   663       A collection of boxed and cased flatware. £20.00   664       Three French ‘Colette’ novels and two other similar novels. £28.00   665       A bag containing brass door handles etc. £5.00   666       A small brass balance, cased and a collection of maps. £0.00   667       A small letter balance, a giant model thimble etc. £38.00   668       Paperweights, old bottles, a match striker etc. £8.00   669       A 1930s Yacht lamp with crinothene sails. £15.00   670       Three baskets. £2.00   671       A Century Saver with three plastic tubes containing 20p pieces and other coins. £12.00   672       A large eastern vase decorated with exotic birds and foliage, height 77cm. £1.00   673       A pair of chrome table lamps each hung with lustres. £2.00   674       A Salter No.60 kitchen balance with a brass pan and a collection of iron weights. £10.00   675       A pair of Belvedere 8x30 binoculars. £1.00   676       Two clocks under domes and a metamec quartz timepiece. £0.00   677       An Eveready Sky Queen portable radio and a transistor radios. £2.00   678       A box containing a floral decorated plate, one other plate and two prints. £0.00   679       A brown bakelite book trough. £2.00   680       A collection of 45rpm records on a chrome stand. £2.00   681       A 1930s mantel clock in a walnut veneered case. £1.00   682       An Aladdin white glass oil lamp shade in its original box. £5.00   683       A 1930s mantel timepiece. £5.00   684       A glass double ended scent bottle, other scent bottles etc. £12.00   685       A collection of mostly novelty bottles. £1.00   686       Two Aynsley resin model pigs and a similar model by Border Fine Arts.   £2.00   687       A bundle of children’s annuals. £0.00   688       A mottled brown glaze coffee service. £1.00   689       Stemmed glasses and a small collection of teaware. £5.00   690       Miscellaneous including china, a Brownie camera and African letter knives. £0.00   691       Three African carved wood figures, a horn model and a small collection of flatware. £0.00   692       Miscellaneous china including eastern soup bowls and spoons. £8.00   693       A collection of blue and white china including a George Jones ‘Abbey’ pattern Shredded Wheat dish and a similar crescent ware ‘Dragon’ gravy boat etc. £20.00   694       An almost complete set of twelve Elkington and Co. plated, engraved fish knives and forks with mother of pearl handles in a burr walnut veneered canteen, lacks one knife. £15.00   695       A pair of Lieberman & Gortz 7x50 binoculars. £1.00   696       A dentist’s hardwood cabinet with a hinged lid above six graduated drawers, width 33.5cm. £55.00   697       A 19th century circular engraved brass box, diameter 11cm. £5.00   698       A floral net shawl and a soft toy Minnie Mouse. £5.00   699       A Past Times art nouveau style carved metal small mantel timepiece and six other small timepieces. £10.00   700       A collection of miniature quartz timepieces. £10.00   701       A bag of die cast metal Dungeons and Dragons figures. £2.00   702       A bronzed mirrored glass box, a Kashmir box and one other piece. £12.00   703       A large Rabone Chesterman 30mm tape measure and a Yale padlock. £10.00   704       Two vintage bottles with their original paper labels, a Boots green glass circular bottle moulded with the wording ‘Boots the chemist and perfumers’ and three other pieces. £8.00   705       A collection of 19th century glass paperweights each reverse set with a souvenir print including an early steamship, Windsor castle and Alexandra palace. £15.00   706       A bundle of books including Oliver Goldsmith’s ‘The Hermit’ illustrated by Walter Shirlaw 1886 and ‘The Testament of Beauty’ by Robert Bridges, poet laureate 1929. £2.00   707       Two Gurkha related books, a copy of ‘Colloquial Nepali’, a copy of ‘The Indian Military Law 1937’ and two northwest frontier maps. £110.00   708       A 19th century limited edition copy of Sheridan’s ‘School for Scandal’ and ‘The Rivals’ together with a copy of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ illustrated by Sir James Lincon. £2.00   709       A Victorian photograph album, an album of Victorian scraps and a copy of ‘The Burlington Art Miniatures’. £8.00   710       An early 20th century 8 day travel alarm clock in a crocodile skin case. £20.00   711       A set of seven 19th century Elkington and Co. engraved plated fish knives and forks with ivory handles and one other matching fork. £5.00   712       A box of magicians card tricks etc. £5.00   713       A box of 78rpm records including Gregorian chants. £0.00   714       A box of CDs. £1.00   715       An oil on board of a winter stream and two £1 banknotes by O’Brien & Hollom framed as one. £0.00   716       A box of Cornish books. £1.00   717       A box of picture frames. £0.00   718       A bundle of violin backs and three frames. £2.00   719       A collection of exotic butterflies in a glazed case etc. £5.00   720       A watercolour of flowers by Vivian Morris and two other pictures. £2.00   721       An oil on board, a head of a girl and three other pictures. £5.00   722       A watercolour of birds and foliage 45cm x 30cm, together with one other work by the same hand, 30cm x 23cm and a coloured print of birds after Thorburn. £10.00   723       A 19th century coloured print of Penzance and two other local prints. £2.00   724       An oil on canvas of boats in a cove, signed Prichard. £20.00   725       A pastel ‘Silver Birch’ by Doris Iredale and an oil on board of flower pickers. £0.00   726       A John Miller signed limited edition coloured print ‘Morning Tide’ and one other similar print of a view to Mounts Bay. £0.00   727       Two oils on board, one of a country lane signed Ray Barry, the other palm trees signed Isobel Davies. £5.00   728       A turned wood table lamp and an electric fan. £5.00   729       A pair of gentleman’s Henri Lloyd size 9 ‘Extreme Deck Boots’. £30.00   730       A Mamiya C33 twin lens reflex camera kit including lenses, instruction book etc in an aluminium case. £180.00   731       A pair of blue and white ginger jars, a pub jug etc. £5.00   732       A White Friars square decanter with stopper and other glass. £2.00   733       A maple box, a plated Danish four nozzle candelabrum etc. £1.00   734       A bag of horse brasses and a bag of fish knives and forks. £2.00   735       A cast brass model of a fox, a pair of tailors shears etc. £15.00   736       A Pentax MG 35mm camera and related lenses etc in a fitted aluminium case. £22.00   737       A vintage Pyrene brass fire extinguisher, a copper colander and one other piece. £12.00   738       Two wooden jack planes. £1.00   739       A wooden model yacht and two other pieces. £18.00   740       A wooden two way pulley block. £22.00   741       A bundle of books about motorcycles and machinery. £8.00   742       An album of photographs of St. Hillary etc. £8.00   743       A wooden carving of a grotesque and a laboratory jar. £40.00   744       An Edwardian mantel clock in an arched inlaid mahogany case. £5.00   745       A large carved wood head, height 38cm. £25.00   746       A brass clock under glass dome on a cast gold painted base. £30.00   747       Three foyer film posters including Wallace and Gromit, The Curse of the Were Rabbit. £2.00   748       A bundle of commemorative books and newspapers. £0.00   749       A Royal Grafton floral decorated part tea service. £1.00   750       A cased set of six plated engraved fish knives and forks with Ivorine handles in an oak canteen together with a part set of fish knives and forks. £1.00   751       An oak canteen with a pair of panelled doors opening onto five drawers containing a part suite of cutlery and other flat ware, width 50.5cm. £60.00   752       A case trolley. £2.00   753       An artists folding easel. £2.00   754       An artists folding easel. £8.00   755       An artists studio easel. £8.00   756       An artists folding easel. £2.00   757       A tabletop easel. £10.00   758       A pair of reversal prints on glass of river scenes in gilt frames. £12.00   759       A small Hokada acoustic guitar. £10.00   760       A Mins Music model No. 801 acoustic guitar. £1.00   761       A Hohner model MC-05 acoustic guitar. £5.00   762       A KC 333 acoustic guitar. £0.00   763       A child’s Palma acoustic guitar. £8.00   764       A cats fabric bed. £1.00   765       Two photographs one of a tropical beach the other beach huts each in a broad blue wash frame. £5.00   766       A pair of circular cane stands. £15.00   767       Two graduated blue canvas suitcases and one other case. £1.00   768       A Revelation green canvas shoulder bag. £1.00   769       Two suitcases and a holdall. £1.00   770       A photographic print on canvas of Notre Dame Cathedral marked LLB. £5.00   770A     A blue metal four drawer filing cabinet. £25.00   770B     A large soft toy white tiger. £5.00   771       A rectangular mirror in a grey painted frame. £12.00   772       An arched mirror in a walnut frame. £15.00   773       A jigsaw puzzle “Puzzlekaddy”. £1.00   774       A framed Ordnance survey map “Lands End”, 94 x 125.5cm. £60.00   775       A rectangular mahogany overmantel, height including frame 151cm, width 89cm. £140.00   776       A folding card table. £0.00   777       A Herald model HL34 acoustic guitar. £0.00   778       A Viva model GV504 acoustic guitar. £10.00   779       Two boxed sets of low voltage ceiling lamps. £1.00   780       Magicians tricks. £2.00   781       A painted wood coat rack carved as a fish. £15.00   782       A wooden pond yacht with an archer logo and the wording “Racing Yacht Ridlington”, length of hull 60.5cm. £18.00   783       A black metal deed box. £5.00   784       A Royal Doulton “Puro” water filter No. 1. £22.00   785       A turned wood table lamp. £1.00   786       A hardwood brass banded plant tub standing on four bentwood legs. £35.00   787       A painted bentwood hat stand. £18.00   788       A circular cane basket. £10.00   789       A fibreboard desk top of chest of four drawers. £1.00   790       A box of 33 and 45rpm records. £0.00   791       A box of 33rpm records. £15.00   792       A box of 33rpm records including The Beatles 1967-1970 and Revolver, The Who – My Generation and Yard Birds – Five Live. £60.00   793       A Gelert Eiger 3 tent. £8.00   794       A Royal Doulton “Gloucester Old Spot” model pig and five other model pigs. £35.00   795       An Arden Sculptures resin model of a Little Owl. £2.00   796       A Sandringham resin model of an owl and mouse. £2.00   797       A Lladro Priviledge model of a unicorn with its original box. £65.00   798       A cut glass decanter with a four pinch waist and silver mount. £12.00   799       Two Lladro model figures, one a boy with a fishing bag, the other a girl with flowers. £15.00   800       Six glass paperweights including Caithness and a resin paperweight. £25.00   801       A Bing & Grondal model of a seagull eating a fish. £1.00   802       Two Nao models one of a girl in a nightdress with a teddy bear, the other a girl holding a dove. £15.00   803       Two Lladro models one of a girl holding a piglet, the other a matte model of a kneeling girl holding her shawl about her. £10.00   804       A Chinese celadon studio pottery jar and cover, decorated with a flowerhead and leaves to the cover above a plain baluster body, indistinct mark, height 10cm. £0.00   805       A Royal Dutch model of a trout. £2.00   806       A Lovett brown stoneware jug slip decorated with a hunting scene beneath crossed whips and horseshoes and three other pieces. £2.00   806A     A 1930’s Clarice Cliff style chamber stick and a similar small footed bowl. £0.00   806B     An A.D plaque moulded as the profile head of a stylish girl and five other pieces. £2.00   807       A John Beswick collection model of a red stag, full height 22cm. £28.00   808       Two sets of ebony and bone dominoes in hardwood boxes and one other piece. £12.00   809       A Rollei Flanke & Heidecke folding leather binocular focusing hood to fit a Rolleicord camera. £20.00   810       A novelty half moon shape tea kettle decorated with white leaves on a black ground and with a bird moulded finial together with a Studio Pottery jug. £0.00   811       A clear and opaque glass decanter silver lustre decorated with swans and reeds together with a plated engraved footed sweet meat dish. £5.00   812       A tobacco pipe the bowl carved with the head of Phillippe Petain together with a brass 2.5cm single draw telescope in a hardwood box. £2.00   813       A Studio Pottery jug the orange ground painted with orange squares signed to the base C Warrior together with a similar plate. £2.00   814       A stoneware bottle and other bottles. £0.00   815       Five African carvings. £2.00   816       An Agilux vintage 35mm camera in a brown leather ERC and an Ilford camera. £5.00   816A     EXTRA LOT TO CATALOGUE A Ensign Selfix 820 with Weston light meter. £20.00   817       A mantel timepiece, a rosewood box containing essential oils and two other pieces. £2.00   818       Two contemporary perspex table lamps. £2.00   819       A chrome gong on an oak stand. £12.00   820       A Halina Paulette 35mm camera, a Voigtlander folding camera etc. £1.00   820A     Two rectangular mirrors, one in a pine frame, the other a hardwood frame. £1.00   821       Two Kodak Brownie 127 cameras, a similar Brownie Cresta camera and a Komica Slll 35mm camera. £15.00   822       A Canon Eos 350D digital camera, a similar 500 camera and related items etc. £42.00   823       An Ideal 35mm camera, a Zenit EN 35mm camera in a black leather ERC etc. £8.00   824       A JVC compact VHS video camera and related items in a black canvas case. £2.00   825       A pair of Tamron 70-300mm tele macro lenses, a Canon 8-200mm lens etc. £40.00   826       A box containing binoculars etc. £2.00   827       A suite of eastern bronze flatware in a hardwood canteen. £10.00   828       A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1980s. £0.00   829       A stoneware ginger beer bottle retailed by J. Tucker & Son St Ives, height including stopper 20cm. £18.00   830       A John Tucker & Sons St Ives Pure Table Waters soda syphon, damage. £10.00   831       A 1950s Wells Brimtoy Cinderalla and Prince Charming clockwork dancing couple toy. £10.00   832       A box of cigarette cards. £5.00   833       A signed limited edition (No. 101 of 1000) copy of Durbar by Mortimer Menpas published by Adam and Charles Black, October 1903. £40.00   834       ‘The Aran Islands’ by J.M.Synge, a large paper limited editon, being number 59 of 150, signed by the author and illustrator Jack. B. Yates, 1907. £55.00   835       A Sony tablet with charger. £8.00   836       A small silver half fluted pepper pot, London 1899 by Horace Woodward and Co. Ltd, height 8.5cm together with a collection of plated spoons. £20.00   837       A box of hat pins and costume jewellery. £8.00   838       A Philips ‘Portable Speaker System’. £1.00   839       A pair of early 20th century German leather clad 8x27 binoculars No.115031. £5.00   840       A pair of Chinon 7-15x25 zoom binoculars. £2.00   841       An 18th/19th century German Block Zenn angel mark pewter plate and one other continental pewter dish dated 1894.   £10.00   842       A box of pre-decimal copper coins. £0.00   843       A Victorian white ceramic toilet ‘Pull’ with chain. £20.00   844       An early 20th century Elliott Bros. London, steam engine indicator No.575 B in its original fitted hardwood box. £30.00   845       An album of cigarette cards. £5.00   846       A set of three chrome three branch light fittings with faceted glass shades. £5.00   847       A pendant chrome and perspex ball, five branch light fitting. £0.00   848       A large green glass fishing float in a rope holder, diameter 15″ approximately. £40.00   849       A pendant hexagonal brass hall lantern. £2.00   850       A pendant white metal, five branch light fitting. £0.00   851       A pendant grey metal, five branch light fitting with opaque glass shades. £2.00   852       An oak wall clock. £12.00   853       A box of 33rpm records including Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Iron Maiden, Skid Row and The Scorpions. £55.00   854       A box of 12″ singles including Atom Seed, Marillion, Anthrax and Madonna. £2.00   855       A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1960s. £150.00   855A     A copy of The Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ double EP. £20.00   855B     Three Pink Floyd albums “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Relics” and “Delicate Sound of Thunder”. £15.00   855C     Six Yes Albums including “Tales from Topographic Oceans and Relayer” £2.00   856       A box of 45rpm records, mostly 1960s. £30.00   857       Two 33rpm albums, Donovan’s ‘Fairy Tale’ and Joan Baez’s ‘Joan’. £10.00   858       Four 33rpm albums, ‘Love, Devotion and Surrender’ by Carlos Santana, ‘Modern Times’ by Al Stewart, ‘Procol Harem Live’ and Lauden Wainwright lll ‘Album ll’. £0.00   859       One copy of the Beatles ‘1967-1970’ and a copy of The Who/Hendrix ‘Backtrack 3’ album on Track records. £15.00   860       A collection of nickel silver souvenir medallions, a Churchill crown etc. £10.00   861       An album of coins, mostly pre-decimal British. £18.00   862       Two WWll service medals, the Defence Medal and a 1939/45 medal. £5.00   863       A collection of mostly pre-decimal British coins including some pre 1947 silver together with a small collection of bank notes including £1 and ten shilling. £18.00   864       A tin of coins including a George lV token, a similar gambling token and six half crowns. £2.00   865       A turned serpentine lighthouse, height 12cm. £8.00   866       A Yard.O.Led silver propelling pencil in its original box. £20.00   867       A Parker stainless steel fountain pen in a presentation box, a similar pen and pencil set and one other pen, together with an Avon wristwatch on a green resin strap. £10.00   868       A Scheafer maroon resin fountain pen with a 14ct gold nib and a matching propelling pencil. £20.00   869       A box of wristwatches including an Avia Olympic 15 jewel and a Roma Datomatic. £2.00   870       A Russian papier mache black lacquer box, painted with a figure before onion dome buildings and a sailing ship, signed Xtaopaoa together with a similar smaller box. £20.00   871       A watch back adjustable removal key in a fitted box. £2.00   872       A ladies continental silver coloured metal key wind pocket watch, other watches etc. £8.00   873       A box of coins etc. £2.00   874       A 1950s D.R.G.M German Gama tin plate clockwork toy tank. £12.00   875       An eastern oval black lacquer papier mache figure decorated snuff box containing mother of pearl buttons etc. £5.00   876       A pair of small French opera glasses in a leather case by A. Hanriot, Paris. £5.00   877       A mahogany and brass 4.2cm “Day or Night” single draw telescope by Blackford Minories, London. £35.00   878       A bag of cigarette cards. £5.00   879       A tin of Victorian and other stamps. £2.00   880       A police truncheon mounted with a Devon and Cornwall Constabulary badge. £8.00   881       A 1950’s Wells Brimtoy clockwork Cinderella dancing toy. £8.00   882       A Victorian 1844 penny, three 20th century commemorative medallions and a 1937 handkerchief. £2.00   883       A tin of miscellaneous items including a pocket knife and a London Fire Brigade badge. £2.00   884       A petrol table lighter made as a camera on a tripod marked to the base “Made in Occupied Japan”. £2.00   885       A jack-in-the box and a ceramic half doll. £12.00   886       A bag of costume jewellery etc. £1.00   887       A box of pre decimal copper coins. £1.00   888       A green leather jewellery box and contents. £2.00   889       Miscellaneous including a pair of octoglasses. £2.00   890       An eastern glass white metal clad scent bottle with a cabouchon stopper and a similar smaller red glaze bottle. £2.00   890A     A bronze slave manilla from the schooner Duoro sunk 1843 in a presentation box. £2.00   890B     Ladies wristwatches, a Polish cast brass medallion etc. £1.00   890C     A tin of penknives, a sheath knife etc. £18.00   890D    Two early 20th century Grecon dolls, one of a boy, the other a man with a hat and one other doll. £15.00   890E     A set of seven brass weights. £8.00   890F     A set of six brass weights. £8.00   890G    Three button hooks with filled silver handles etc. £5.00   890H     Commemorative crowns and other coins. £5.00   890I      A pair of vine cast grape scissors, a pair of twist scissors, two plated bottle pourers and three cast metal mining figures. £18.00   890J     Two Chinese coloured scent bottles, one red, the other blue. £2.00   890K     Two Eastern coloured glass scent bottles, one decorated with flowers, the other fish. £2.00   890L     Two Chinese glass scent bottles, one internally painted with love birds, the other a girl playing a stringed instrument together with an agate glass bottle. £8.00   890M    An early Victorian Minton Hollins & Co. framed 24.5cm tile painted with the head of a horse, framed.   £12.00   890N     A German walnut band ware box containing pens, watches, coins etc. £18.00   890O    A tin containing a boar tusk, an Eastern white metal necklace, a Taj Mahal souvenir etc. £28.00   890P     A Victorian rosewood veneered sewing box containing small brass scales, a silver back comb etc. £10.00   890Q    A walnut veneered sewing box containing an Armstrong Siddeley Owners Club bumper badge, a German Blackforest carving etc. £12.00   890R     A cased “1976 Coinage of Guyana Six Coin Proof Set” and a set of five 1977 commemorative medallions. £2.00   890S     A folder of banknotes including ten shillings and £1. £12.00   890T     Two albums of stamps and a collection of first day covers. £15.00   891       A vintage AA badge and a similar RAC badge. £2.00   892       Coins including silver threepenny pieces and pre decimal cooper. £8.00   893       An Aerograph airbrush in its original fitted case. £5.00   894       A collection of magic wands. £10.00   895       A weighted hardwood walking stick with a silver coloured metal mount and a magic wand. £2.00   896       A Peavey black rexine covered hard guitar case. £1.00   897       Three watch parts and cutlery pictures of a camel, a wading bird and a fish by Burgess, St. Ives. £5.00   898       Jim Rogers an oil on board of waving figures before a ploughing scene “Hi Dad”, 28 x 44.5cm. £18.00   899       An Art Nouveau oval coloured leaded glass panel, width 57cm. £0.00   900       An iron clamp. £2.00   900A     Two walking sticks with antler handles and silver coloured metal mounts and one other similar stick. £12.00   901       A cast aluminium sign for “The ABC Garage”. £15.00   902       An oval mirror in a carved wood frame. £5.00   903       A wall clock in a mahogany effect case. £1.00   904       A split cane three section fishing rod and various other cane sections. £18.00   905       Posters including Radiohead and a world map. £1.00   906       An ebonised walking stick with a silver coloured metal mount. £2.00   907       Two walking sticks and two canes, one with a silver coloured metal mount. £2.00   908       A Duncan Fearnley Extra Cover English willow 11cm cricket bat. £2.00   909       A green canvas camping stool. £1.00   910       A mirror in a gilt frame. £2.00   911       An American Simplex Time Recorder Co. circular quartz wall clock in a metal case, diameter 42cm. £5.00   912       Spaj Atkinson an oil on board a still life flowers in a vase, 48 x 58.5cm, gilt frame. £35.00   913       H. K Japson two watercolours, coastal scenes each 21 x 34cm. £8.00   914       Marjorie Mort a pencil sketch of boats at low tide, 25 x 30.5cm. £1.00   915       A print on fabric of a stylish 17th century gentleman. £1.00   916       An eastern feather and watercolour picture on black card of exotic birds, 36cm x 16cm, gilt frame. £15.00   917       J. H. Sollis coastal watercolour dated 1932, 14.5cm x 24.5cm. £0.00   918       A still life ‘Flowers in a glass vase’ by Lyn Aldridge, 40cm x 31.5cm. £1.00   919       An oil on board of flowers by Lyn Aldridge, 59cm x 59.5cm. £0.00   920       A Victorian black and white print of a mother and son embracing at a school gate, after Fred Morgan. £2.00   921       A coloured print ‘School is out’ after Elizabeth Forbes and one other print. £0.00   922       Prints including historical Winchester. £0.00   923       An oil on board coastal scene and three other pictures. £8.00   924       Two coloured prints one ‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’ after Elizabeth Forbes, the other ‘Young Ballerinas’ after Degas. £8.00   925       June Hicks, two signed coloured etchings, one of ‘Cove Boats’, the other ‘Cornish Stile Zennor Church’ and a pencil sketch ‘Winnifred’s Cottage’. £12.00   926       A watercolour scene signed Frank Drew and two other prints, one of a Penzance fishing boat, the other a seagull. £12.00   927       An oil on card ‘Landscape near Ladydowns’ by Peter Perry and two other pictures. £25.00   928       A Rolleiflex SL 35 camera with a Zeiss Planar, 8/50 lens in a black leather ERC. £20.00   929       A Zeiss Ikon Movikon 8 cine camera in a brown leather ERC. £5.00   930       Two box cameras, a digital camera, a cine camera etc. £2.00   931       An Ensign Selfix 420 folding camera with a brown leather case. £15.00   932       A George lll inlaid mahogany tea caddy, a.f, a continental marquetry walnut box,  a birdseye maple box and a child’s three piece mother of pearl cutlery set. £18.00   933       A Laura Wellings sailor boy doll and two china dolls. £5.00   934       A Japanese part tea service decorated with figures before a river. £1.00   935       A Japanese box, marquetry inlaid with a view to Mount Fuji together with two small four panel screens, one painted with figures and landscapes, the other with landscapes and birds and one other piece. £20.00   936       A part tea service. £5.00   937       A Laura Wellings black girl doll cushion cover. £2.00   938       A pair of Tasco 10x40 binoculars in a black canvas case.   £8.00   939       A pair of Falcon Zoom 6-18x zoom binoculars. £2.00   940       A pair of Prinz 8x30 binoculars and a small pair of Hanoptik 7x18 binoculars. £2.00   941       A faceted green glass vase painted to one side with flowers and two other pieces of coloured glass. £18.00   942       A Slovakian blue glass vase, two paperweights and three other pieces. £8.00   942A     An electric fire bell on a wooden mount. £5.00   943       A J & E Meakin ‘Classic White’ pattern coffee pot and jug. £0.00   944       A Coalport Ladies of Fashion ‘Young Love’ figurine, an opalescent blue glass model swan, a horn model bird etc. £18.00   945       An Autumn Harvest fruit painted tea/dinner service and a pair of matching twin handle vases. £15.00   945A     A bag of plated ware and an Eastern circular lacquered lidded box decorated with figures. £10.00   946       A collection of Lledo die cast model vehicles in their original boxes. £5.00   947       A Hornby GWR 00 gauge railway locomotive, a coach in GWR livery etc. £28.00   948       An indoor weather system station. £2.00   949       A box of laboratory glass etc. £5.00   950       A box of test tubes, other glass, a pestle and mortar etc. £8.00   951       A circular pendant brass light fitting hung with swags and with a coloured glass flower basket shade. £18.00   952       A wooden scale model of the HMS Bethia Corvette 1784 2.100 scale built by C Purchase 1970, full length including bow sprit 40cm in a glazed hardwood case, width 49cm, height 41.5cm, depth 19cm. £120.00   953       A wooden scale model of the 1870 Barque Fire Fly by the model Shipwrights, London, full length including bow sprit 60cm in a perspex case, width 68.5cm, height 48.5cm, depth 26cm. £70.00   954       A Kodak Retinette 35mm camera in a brown leather ERC, an Ilford Sportsman camera, a folding camera and other. £5.00   955       A Praktica TL 3 35mm camera and a similar Zenit ET camera. £12.00   956       A Hohner Frisco Special brass trumpet. £12.00   957       A Chinese carved wood figure, an Indian inlaid box and three other pieces. £5.00   958       A Victorian leather bound photograph album with brass catches etc. £2.00   959       A pair of gilt metal wall light fittings each with a cut glass shade and three plates. £30.00   960       Four boxed sets of die cast model vehicles. £10.00   961       Four boxed sets of Lledo and other die cast model vehicles. £12.00   962       Four boxed sets of Day’s Gone and other model vehicles. £12.00   963       Four boxed sets of Day’s Gone and other die cast model vehicles. £10.00   964       A small collection of china, a Picture Show annual etc. £0.00   964A     A pair of brass open spiral twist candlesticks. £8.00   965       An engraved plated circular tray, diameter 35.5cm. £2.00   966       Three blue glass storage jars, other glass, a Jardiniere with floral moulded decoration etc. £12.00   967       An engraved plated sweet meat basket with a swing handle, an Elkington gravy boat and other plate etc. £5.00   968       A cut glass bowl and other glass. £8.00   969       A heavy cut glass decanter, an art glass vase and two other pieces. £0.00   970       A Wedgwood Blue Jasper Ware box and one other piece. £0.00   971       A Royal Albert “Braemar” pattern part coffee service and a part tea service. £8.00   972       A Kyrobak electric back therapy machine. £2.00   973       An Arcoroc punch bowl set in its original box. £0.00   974       A J & G Meakin “Alpine” pattern part dinner service. £0.00   975       Teapots, other tea ware etc. £10.00   976       Three wildlife prints on copper, a religious text in a Gothic frame and two other pictures. £5.00   977       A Poole Pottery model otter and other models. £8.00   978       A turned stone table lamp and other stone. £0.00   979       A Newhall 1930’s Nirvana shape jug painted with gold and orange bands together with two German tankards etc. £0.00   980       A rose decorated toilet jug, various plates etc. £2.00   981       A small dome top chest with iron mounts and a 1930’s blue glass part dressing table set. £0.00   982       A Wedgwood 1981 commemorative plate and other china and glass. £2.00   983       A Stanley Bailey No. 6 smoothing plane and other tools. £20.00   984       A box of military magazines including Medal and The Armourer. £2.00   985       A box of miscellaneous items. £0.00   986       An illuminated adjustable magnifying lamp lacks base, a Philips DVD recorder lacks remote control and two other pieces. £2.00   987       A box of CD’s. £2.00   988       A box of CD’s. £5.00   989       A box of CD’s. £2.00   990       A collection of Victorian Staffordshire and other china. £15.00   991       Miscellaneous china including a Studio Pottery jug. £2.00   992       A box of CD’s. £2.00   993       A box of CD’s. £5.00   994       A Mappin & Webb three nozzle candelabrum, a plated bowl standing on three ball feet and an aneroid barometer. £8.00   995       A suite of King’s pattern flat ware and an oval plated dish. £28.00   996       A four place setting of Robert Welch knives, forks and spoons and a matching tablespoon. £18.00   997       Four 1930’s mantel timepieces and an electric mantel timepiece. £10.00   998       A brass oil lamp with a hardwood wall hanging mount. £5.00   999       A Pal Jr. 35mm camera in a brown leather ERC and with its original box and two other cameras. £5.00   1000     A Minolta 404 SI camera with a zoom lens and a Chinon camera. £8.00   1001     A folding cribbage board containing cards and spinners together with Pye 1960s transistor radio in a cream and green plastic case. £2.00   1002     A Short’s brass and hardwood gas leak indicator gauge showing the percentage gas in air with its original leather case together with a Smith RPM gauge. £30.00   1003     A plated floral engraved coffee pot and two other pieces. £1.00   1004     A Kodak No. 2 folding autographic camera and a Kodak Brownie 8mm cine camera. £8.00   1005     A copper stove top kettle with an acorn finial. £15.00   1006     Three black plastic seed trays and a green metal strong box, lacks key. £2.00   1007     A collection of plated ware including a circular tray. £5.00   1008     An EPBM three piece tea service, a pair of spill vases and a cased set of apostle spoons. £5.00   1009     An EX.W.D. brown canvas “First Aid Pouch P.A.D” and contents. £10.00   1010     A Kershaw Eight-20 Penguin folding camera, a Kodak autosnap camera, a large lightbulb and a part toilet set. £5.00   1011     A Regency cut glass jug and a similar oval dish.     £8.00   1012     A Wedgwood white Jasper ware plant pot. £0.00   1013     An Edwardian brass mirror set fire screen. £2.00   1013A   An aluminium cooking pot with an iron swing handle. £15.00   1014     Two violins a.f. £5.00   1015     Two violins a.f. £8.00   1016     Three violins a.f. and various parts. £20.00   1017     NO LOT £0.00   1018     Thirteen violins bows. £28.00   1019     A mandolin. £25.00   1020     A cello in a grey plastic Paxman case. £160.00   1021     A cello. £85.00   1022     A cello and a black canvas soft case. £150.00   1023     A Romanian Reghin cello in a black fabric case. £180.00   1024     A small cello body in a Superior black canvas bag. £1.00   1025     Six Beningfield’s art books. £0.00   1026     A shell picture of a peacock, two pastels, one a landscape the other a still life fruit and four other pictures. £0.00   1027     A box of costume and other dolls. £2.00   1028     A set of Avery white enamel shop fan scales to weight 1lb by ¼oz. increments, the price per pound indicated in shillings and pence. £30.00   1029     A box of iron weights. £1.00   1030     A Hamilton wall clock in a walnut veneered case. £2.00   1031     An oak wall clock. £2.00   1032     An oil on board of a fishing boat at low tide in Fowey harbour, signed S. Burben, 54cm x 74.5cm. £15.00   1033     Brass ware etc. £8.00   1034     Cut glass vase and other glass. £0.00   1035     A bag of flatware and other plate etc. £15.00   1036     A carved wood Koran stand, a vine carved box etc. £8.00   1037     A 1950s plaster plaque moulded as a black girl with a child and water jar, together with three other similar plaques. £25.00   1038     A pair of pewter chamber sticks, a similar plate with touch marks and one other piece. £8.00   1039     Two pairs of Eastern nutcrackers, an Eastern hardwood plaque inlaid with birds and two other pieces. £1.00   1040     A 1930s walnut cigarette box with a band of coromandel inlay, together with two Indian carved wood boxes. £2.00   1041     A carved hard wood extending book trough, a folding boot jack and four other pieces. £8.00   1042     A Japanese lacquered jewellery box with a cantilever lid. £5.00   1043     A black Anglepoise table lamp by Herbert Terry. £30.00   1044     A Japanese red lacquer box gold decorated with a bird and flowers together with an inlaid music box. £12.00   1045     An Anglepoise cream enamel adjustable table lamp by Herbert Kerry & Sons. £38.00   1046     An Anglepoise black enamel adjustable table lamp by Herbert Kerry & Sons. £32.00   1047     Four African carved wood figures. £2.00   1048     A pair of African hardwood elephant carved bookends and three horn model birds. £5.00   1049     A Balinese carved wood head of a man. £5.00   1050     An African hardwood carved wood head of a girl. £10.00   1051     A pair of hard wood carvings of dancers. £2.00   1052     A pine box, width 45.5cm. £2.00   1053     Three Wade model longships, a similar green glaze vase moulded with a mermaid to either end and two flounder pin trays. £10.00   1054     An Avon green glass fish moulded bottle, a similar rhinoceros bottle, a Dartington glass lily paperweight, two coloured glass eye baths etc. £5.00   1055     Six Wade starfish dishes. £2.00   1056     Six Wade starfish dishes. £2.00   1057     Six Wade starfish dishes. £8.00   1058     Five Wade starfish dishes. £1.00   1059     Five Wade starfish dishes. £1.00   1060     Four Wade fish moulded pin trays. £10.00   1061     A collection of Oriental china. £12.00   1062     A brass box the lid cast with figures, a plated shell moulded butter dish dated 1917 etc. £10.00   1063     Miscellaneous china and glass. £5.00   1064     An iron balance with brass pans and a cane basket. £5.00   1065     A watercolour of a seated nude and a pastel of a nude by Rose Heales. £5.00   1066     An oil on board of still life fruit in a bowl signed Petra Elkan. £28.00   1067     A reproduction map of Cornwall, three photographs of old Cornwall and further pictures. £1.00   1068     A large mirror in a gilt frame, size including frame 125 x 132cm. £2.00   1069     A gilt triple mirror. £2.00   1070     A watercolour of a milkmaid at work initialled G. R, 22.5 x 14cm, in a gilt frame. £0.00   1071     A French coloured print of anthropomorphic dogs queuing for a tree. £5.00   1072     A set of four Wade Natwest pigs including Sir Nathaniel. £20.00   1073     A set of four Lignum Vitae Penshurst bowling woods by Taylor Rolph & Co Ltd. £25.00   1074     A copy of Mrs Beeton’s Household Management 1901, a 1947 Princess Elizabeth / Philip Mountbatten commemorative booklet, a collection of postcards etc. £10.00   1075     A collection of 78rpm records including Pat Boon, Eddy Cochren and Frankie Laine together with a Kodak folding Brownie 6-Six-20 folding camera in its original box. £5.00   1076     A resin table lamp with a coloured leaded shade, one other lamp and a digital clock. £32.00   1077     A scrap metal sculpture of a mounted knight. £1.00   1078     Two part tea services. £2.00   1079     A Murray & Co, Glasgow lidded stoneware jar and one other jar. £2.00   1080     A Ewenny Pottery boat shape footed bowl and two other pieces of Studio Pottery. £2.00   1081     An adjustable table lamp and one other lamp. £2.00   1082     A 1930s style fruit bowl, a Studio Pottery vase, a brass toasting fork, a drawing set, cutlery etc. £10.00   1083     A box containing white glass ball shades, ceiling lamps etc together with a box of miscellaneous items. £2.00   1084     Two coloured prints of seashells and two other pieces. £10.00   1085     A coloured print of a thatched cottage and five other pictures. £0.00   1086     A watercolour of figures by a river signed Jessie Thomas 47 the backing board printed Ministry of Food National Dried Milk together with a coloured print a coastal scene after Vernon Ward. £0.00   1087     Posters including Royal Photographic Society Exhibitions. £5.00   1088     An extensive collection of Torquay Pottery kingfisher pattern souvenirs. £18.00   1089     A copper oil lamp supported by a metal figure cast as a 16th century dandy on a stepped square base, full height 48cm. £10.00   1090     A pine box containing a surgeon’s amputation saw, a brass inkwell and a collection of plate. £48.00   1091     A Chinese carved hardwood tray, two octagonal trays and four other pieces. £10.00   1092     A Victorian meat plate, a Shelley jelly mould and a claret jug. £2.00   1093     A Bourdon pressure gauge printed Henry Nettle, Camborne together with a bulkhead timepiece and two other pieces. £18.00   1094     A pair of carved wood and leather clogs and a pair of Middle Eastern gold thread embroidered slippers. £2.00   1095     A Jaeger speedometer and a dashboard mounted compass. £8.00   1096     A Goss kettle stand, a Noritake plate painted with a river scene etc. £0.00   1097     An Oriental wall hanging with a yellow cover lifting to reveal a painting of deities framed by gold fabric flowers on a blue ground, 99 x 60cm. £10.00   1098     Two oils on boards portraits of children. £10.00   1098A   A Noritake Keltcraft “Pursuit” pattern part tea / dinner service. £10.00   1098B   Native carvings etc. £0.00   1098C   Six African carvings. £0.00   1098D   A footed wooden bowl, a carved wood box and other wood ware. £5.00   1098E   A bag of flat ware and other plate. £1.00   1098F   A boxed set of laboratory weights. £1.00   1098G   A bag of Wade Whimsies. £2.00   1098J   A bag of lead soldiers and other metal toys. £5.00   1098K   A jewellery box containing Eastern resin models, a bakelite tobacco box etc. £10.00   1098L   A Japanese bird decorated vase, a Sylvac bowl moulded as a tree stump with rabbits and pixies about it. £2.00   1098M  A carved wood printing block, photograph frames etc. £15.00   1098N   A floral “Tapestry” holdall, a Victorian red velvet handbag with a plated catch dated 1879 etc. £2.00   1098P   A box of 33rpm and 45rpm records. £260.00   1098Q   A box of artists materials. £10.00   1098R   A box of miscellaneous items including a reproduction stick telephone. £0.00   1098S   A 1930’s Arcadian Ware “Arabian” vase painted with oranges and a similar taller vase painted with orange leaves above black and yellow leaves, height 32cm. £8.00   1098T   A piano doll and other models. £0.00   1098U   A Wedgwood blue glass stemmed tea light stand and two other pieces. £2.00   1098V   A Shelley 1930 biscuit barrel with a plated mount, lacks lid and five other pieces. £1.00   1099     NO LOT £0.00   1100     NO LOT £0.00   1101     A pine wall hanging rack of two open shelves, width 39cm. £10.00   1102     An Edwardian walnut wall hanging cabinet with open shelves above a pair of panelled doors flanked by fret cut sides, width 60cm. £10.00   1103     An early 20th century stripped satin walnut wardrobe with a panelled door beside a cupboard door over three drawers and one long drawer, width 129cm. £190.00   1104     An Edwardian stripped satin walnut wardrobe with a single mirrored door, width 92.5cm. £40.00   1105     A 1930s walnut veneered small double wardrobe, width 95cm. £45.00   1106     A Willis & Gambier mahogany double wardrobe with panelled doors, width 109cm. £75.00   1107     A Willis & Gambier dressing table with three drawers above two smaller drawers, about a kneehole on square section legs, width 126cm. £20.00   1108     A Willis & Gambier mahogany sideboard with three shallow drawers about an array of drawers, width 160cm. £150.00   1109     A Willis & Gambier mahogany dressing table triple mirror. £18.00   1109A   A pair of Willis & Gambier bedside chests each with three drawers. £60.00   1110     A Willis & Gambier mahogany 6′ sleigh bedstead. £140.00   1111     A stripped panelled pine door, 69cm x 191.5cm. £12.00   1112     A stripped panelled pine door, 76.5cm x 191.5cm. £1.00   1113     A mahogany towel rail. £10.00   1114     A turned wood towel rail. £8.00   1115     A pair of small early 20th century bedroom chairs each with a single turned back and sisal seat. £10.00   1116     A Pierre Vandel coffee table with a glass top on square section legs, 105.5cm x 54.5cm. £1.00   1117     An octagonal hardwood effect extending dining table with a fold out leaf, size extended 181cm x 146cm. £0.00   1118     A Victorian walnut salon armchair upholstered in green fabric. £5.00   1119     A ladderback rocking armchair with a seagrass seat. £5.00   1120     A Victorian hall chair with an arched Gothic back on turned legs. £15.00   1121     A modern office swivel chair upholstered in grey fabric. £1.00   1122     A Victorian pine bedside cupboard with a panelled door, width 38.5cm. £28.00   1123     A Balans Variable bentwood posture seat. £20.00   1124     A modern office black leather swivel chair. £2.00   1125     A stick back Windsor rocking chair on turned supports. £10.00   1126     A pair of cream leather high back dining chairs on square section tapering legs. £28.00   1127     A chrome four tier stand with glass shelves. £5.00   1128     A large corner desk. £0.00   1129     A bur walnut veneered small chest of three cock beaded drawers on cabriole legs, width 45cm. £5.00   1130     An oak two tier drop leaf trolley. £5.00   1131     A pine rack of three open shelves, width 58cm. £8.00   1132     An office swivel chair with a brown leather back and seat on a wooden frame and base with turned wood wheels. £32.00   1133     A Norwegian Hag posture stool. £2.00   1134     A circular stool on turned legs. £8.00   1135     A pair of square light oak stools on bowed legs. £28.00   1136     A modern office swivel chair upholstered in pink fabric. £5.00   1137     A stickback Windsor rocking chair on turned supports. £32.00   1138     A Victorian ebonised salon armchair, upholstered in floral patterned fabric on turned and fluted legs. £8.00   1139     A square dressing stool upholstered in striped green and white fabric on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. £8.00   1140     A 1950/60s metal framed armchair with a padded back, seat and arms. NB this does not comply with the fire regulations and is being sold for its decorative value only. £5.00   1141     A rack of four green painted pine floor standing open shelves, width 75cm. £2.00   1142     A mahogany veneered cocktail cabinet with a pair of cockbeaded doors opening onto shelves and a mirror above a mirrored slide, a pair of drawers and a further cupboard, on bracket feet, width 71.5cm, height 153cm. £2.00   1143     A small Victorian mahogany chiffonier with one long drawer above a pair of panelled doors, width 103.5cm. £1.00   1144     An open oak bookcase, width 76.5cm. £1.00   1145     A carved oak court cupboard, width 122cm. £1.00   1146     A white painted narrow chest of seven drawers, width 53cm. £55.00   1147     An Edwardian walnut triple wardrobe with a mirrored door flanked by carved panelled doors, width 196cm. £2.00   1148     An oak bookcase with a scroll carved frieze above open shelves, width 91.5cm. £15.00   1149     A 1950s kitchen table with a yellow formica top, 90x60cm. £2.00   1150     A hardwood corner stand on square section tapering legs joined by a low shelf. £5.00   1151     A pine wall hanging corner cabinet with a panelled door opening onto shaped shelves, width 64.5cm. £35.00   1152     An elm turned spindle back chair with a seagrass seat on turned legs. £25.00   1153     A cane tub chair. £15.00   1154     A cane armchair. £20.00   1155     A pine 5′ bedstead. £45.00   1156     A pine 4’6″ bedstead. £5.00   1157     A burr walnut veneered 4’6″ headboard. £2.00   1158     A mahogany 3′ bedstead with divan base and Layezee spring interior mattress. £2.00   1159     A pine bunk bed. £5.00   1160     A Victorian white painted metal and brass 4’6″ bedstead with drop in side irons and Chameleon spring interior mattress. £75.00   1161     A 19th century 3′ tubular metal bedstead with angle iron frame. £10.00   1162     A single Zed bed. £28.00   1163     A stripped pine dresser, the open rack with three shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 119cm, height 218cm. £25.00   1164     An Edwardian walnut bookcase with a pair of glazed doors opening onto adjustable shelves above a pair of drawers and a pair of doors with floral carved panels, width 121cm, height 208cm. £5.00   1165     LOT WITHDRAWN An oak dresser, the rack with three open shelves above glazed cupboards, the base with a pair of drawers flanked by panelled doors on cabriole legs, width 143.5cm. £0.00   1166     A glazed hardwood bureau / bookcase, the upper part with a pair of doors opening onto adjustable shelves, the base with a slope front above two short and two long drawers, width 86.5cm, height 176cm. £2.00   1167     A pine floor standing open bookcase, width 65.5cm, height 183.5cm. £45.00   1168     An M&S ‘Padstow’ extending dining table with a light oak top on a grey base, size extended 85cm x 215cm. £0.00   1169     A set of four M&S ‘Padstow’ chairs each with a light oak seat on a grey frame, each with a red cushion. £100.00   1170     A M&S ‘Padstow’ light oak and grey dresser, the upper part with open shelves, the base with three drawers above three panelled doors, width 157.5cm, height 196cm. £250.00   1171     A Victorian walnut balloon back dining chair. £2.00   1172     An Edwardian low walnut salon chair. £8.00   1173     A child’s stick back chair. £5.00   1174     An Edwardian walnut dining chair with a padded seat on turned legs. £2.00   1175     A child’s stick back stool. £1.00   1176     A child’s chair with a horizontal splat. £5.00   1177     A pair of early 20th century dining chairs each with a curved stick back and circular seat on turned legs. £5.00   1178     An Edwardian inlaid mahogany bedroom chair. £5.00   1179     A bedroom chair with a cane seat. £5.00   1180     A bedroom chair with a sisal seat. £2.00   1181     A set of four reproduction Chippendale style dining chairs each with a fret cut splat, drop in seat and on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. £22.00   1182     A set of four 19th century lath back kitchen chairs on turned legs. £75.00   1183     A set of four hardwood effect dining chairs each with a drop in seat and one square section tapering legs. £2.00   1184     An Edwardian mahogany carving chair on square section tapering legs and a matching dining chair. £2.00   1185     A 1950/60s dark Ercol Windsor stick back low open arm chair. £42.00   1186     An oval oak gate leg table on barley twist supports. £25.00   1186A   EXTRA LOT TO CATALOGUE An Eastern folding side table inlaid with brass floral stringing. £95.00   1187     A Victorian extending mahogany dining table on turned and fluted legs with three graduated leaves, size with leaves inserted 127.5 x 267cm. £40.00   1188     A substantial pitch pine dining table on X legs, 100 x 193cm. £85.00   1189     A 1950/60s Ercol dark elm stickback Windsor rocking chair. £70.00   1190     A 1950/60s Ercol Windsor stickback two seat sofa. £60.00   1191     A set of our black metal dining chairs each with a yellow dralon back and seat. £2.00   1192     An Edwardian ebonised dining chair with a padded seat on square section tapering legs with spade feet. £5.00   1193     A pair of modern ebonised dining each with a padded back and seat. £0.00   1194     A Victorian walnut balloon back dining chair on turned legs. £2.00   1195     A ladder back chair with a sisal seat and one other similar chair. £2.00   1196     A marble effect octagonal dining table on a matching pedestal. £1.00   1197     A buttoned black leather three seat sofa and a three seat wing sofa and a matching armchair. £5.00   1198     A buttoned black leather wing armchair on moulded legs. £5.00   1199     A Victorian mahogany spoon back salon chair upholstered in pink fabric on turned legs. £5.00   1200     A light oak stool with a sisal seat. £1.00   1201     An pine stool with a sisal seat on square sectioned legs. £0.00   1202     A 1950s style circular dressing stool with a faux fur seat. £5.00   1203     An octagonal stool on three bobbin turned legs. £15.00   1204     A stool with a pine seat on a walnut base. £8.00   1205     A piano stool with a box seat on square section tapering legs. £8.00   1206     A hardwood stool. £10.00   1207     An oval hardwood stool upholstered in beige fabric on sabre legs. £8.00   1208     An oak stool with a floral woolwork seat. £5.00   1209     A walnut stool with a floral cut seat on cabriole legs. £2.00   1210     A North African red and natural leather pouffe. £8.00   1211     A brown leather armchair. £2.00   1212     A two seat sofa upholstered in beige floral patterned fabric. £0.00   1213     A set of six brown leather high back dining chairs on square section tapering legs. £130.00   1214     A white leather spring operated reclining armchair. £2.00   1215     A electrically operated beige leather reclining armchair. £35.00   1216     A pair of 1930’s wing armchairs upholstered in terracotta herringbone patterned fabric. £35.00   1217     An Edwardian high back armchair upholstered in buttoned blue fabric on turned legs together with a similar chair upholstered in floral patterned fabric. £70.00   1218     A Safavieh easy chair upholstered in buttoned grey fabric. £40.00   1219     A 1950’s style black and natural cane armchair. £15.00   1220     A pair of 1930s armchairs with bentwood arms upholstered in floral patterned fabric on turned legs together with a pair of footstools upholstered in matching fabric. £15.00   1221     A stickback rocking chair on turned supports. £15.00   1222     A brown leather revolving reclining armchair on a circular wooden stand and a matching footstool. £5.00   1222A   An office armchair in blue upholstery. £5.00   1223     An Eastern grey ground hand knotted rug patterned with a geometric design within a broad patterned border, 66 x 133cm approximately. £2.00   1224     An Indian white ground runner rug patterned with stylised flowers within a patterned border, 76 x 145cm approximately. £2.00   1225     A Middle Eastern red ground carpet runner patterned with a geometric design within a broad patterned border, 105 x 190cm approximately. £30.00   1226     A Chinese white ground carpet cut with a central floral medallion within a floral blue border, 94 x 182cm approximately. £20.00   1227     A yellow ground flat weave carpet patterned with a coloured square and exotic animals within a patterned blue border, 130 x 173cm approximately. £20.00   1228     A kilim patterned with coloured lines within a lilac border. £1.00   1229     A pine coffee table on square section legs. £22.00   1230     A mahogany effect table on turned legs. £0.00   1231     An occasional table. £0.00   1232     A small pine cupboard with a single door, width 61cm. £35.00   1233     A mahogany occasional table on square section legs joined by a low shelf. £0.00   1234     A small oak chest of three cock beaded drawers, width 58.5cm. £25.00   1235     A hardwood bedside table with a single drawer above a shelf. £2.00   1236     A grey painted metal computer desk. £0.00   1237     A pine open bookcase, width 66cm. £38.00   1238     A pine chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, width 86cm. £100.00   1239     A nest of three tables on cabriole legs. £2.00   1240     A pine chest with a three quarter gallery above three long drawers, width 98.5cm. £60.00   1241     A pine open bookcase, width 127.5cm. £5.00   1242     A pine open bookcase, width 66cm. £32.00   1243     An Edwardian pine chest of two long drawers, width 98cm. £5.00   1244     A mahogany open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 85cm. £10.00   1245     An Edwardian washstand with a white marble top above one long drawer and a central cupboard flanked by open shelves, width 99cm. £5.00   1246     A small rectangular oak gate leg table. £2.00   1247     A G-plan style hardwood coffee table with a tile set top, 111 x 52cm. £2.00   1248     A pine dining table with a substantial top on turned legs, 90.5 x 170.5cm. £10.00   1249     A painted octagonal three tier occasional table. £0.00   1250     A Victorian half round washstand with a white marble top on a walnut veneered console base with a carved cabriole leg. £1.00   1251     A black ash effect sideboard with five drawers flanked by cupboards, width 150.5cm. £1.00   1252     A wood effect quarter round four tier wotnot and three wine tables. £2.00   1253     A hardwood effect dressing table with a knee hole flanked by two tiers of two drawers, width 145cm. £5.00   1254     A square mahogany plant stand on cabriole legs. £8.00   1255     A bookcase with sliding glass doors, width 92cm. £2.00   1256     An oval mahogany effect twin pedestal extending dining table. £1.00   1257     A walnut veneered console table on cabriole legs. £1.00   1258     A stripped satin walnut side table with one long drawer on turned tapering legs, width 92cm. £20.00   1259     A small burr walnut veneered bow front chest of four cockbeaded drawers on cabriole legs, width 47cm. £35.00   1260     A mahogany side table with a cockbeaded drawer, width 71cm. £15.00   1261     A small open oak bookcase, width 33cm. £10.00   1262     A hardwood open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 78cm. £12.00   1263     A hardwood open bookcase with a central sliding shelf, width 56cm. £2.00   1264     A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and three long drawers width 96.5cm. £50.00   1265     A hardwood double section open bookcase with two sets of adjustable shelves, width 128cm. £10.00   1266     A 1930s walnut veneered display cabinet with a pair of lancet glazed doors on cabriole legs, width 91cm. £0.00   1267     An oval walnut occasional table on square section legs joined by a low shelf. £10.00   1268     A 1930s walnut veneered dressing table with a central bowed door flanked by two tiers of two drawers on cabriole legs, width 117.5 cm. £0.00   1269     A modern pine dresser, the open rack with two shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of doors, width 91cm, height 180cm. £55.00   1269A   A hardwood rack of four open shelves, width 76.5cm. £5.00   1270     A modern pine chest of four long drawers, width 79cm. £38.00   1271     A 1930s walnut veneered chest of five long drawers, width 85cm. £20.00   1272     An Eastern circular carved hardwood occasional table. £2.00   1273     A small pine effect chest of two drawers, width 43cm. £5.00   1274     A Victorian mahogany veneered chiffonier, the raised back with a shelf, the base with one long drawer above a pair of panelled doors, width 107cm. £5.00   1275     A light wood effect bow front floor standing rack of four open shelves, width 97cm. £10.00   1276     A pine sideboard with six narrow panelled doors opening onto shelves, width 188cm, height 99cm, depth 40cm. £400.00   1277     An oval oak gateleg table on moulded legs. £8.00   1278     A modem light oak extending dining table with a fold out leaf on substantial square section legs, size extended 80x160cm. £90.00   1279     A Victorian walnut toilet mirror. £2.00   1280     A George lll toilet mirror on a base with two drawers. £15.00   1281     A modern pine occasional table. £0.00   1282     An Old Charm style long oak stool, with an arcaded apron on turned legs. £2.00   1283     A mahogany veneered oval extending pedestal dining table with folding support legs, 210x120cm approximately. £0.00   1284     A mahogany veneered reproduction Regency D-end twin pedestal extending dining table, length with single leaf inserted 214cm, width 110cm.  £0.00   1285     An oval walnut veneered wine table. £5.00   1286     A circular wine table. £5.00   1287     A circular mahogany stained plant stand. £10.00   1288     A hardwood circular two tier stand. £0.00   1289     A 1930s walnut veneered display cabinet with a pair of lancet gazed doors on cabriole legs, width 116cm. £0.00   1290     A 1930s walnut veneered bow front display cabinet with a pair of lancet glazed doors on ball and claw feet, width 88.5cm. £2.00   1291     A Victorian mahogany veneered toilet mirror. £5.00   1292     A small rectangular pine table on black painted legs, 46.5 x 91.5cm. £35.00   1293     An oak two tier occasional table, the top carved with shields and acanthus leaves, 59.5 x 61cm. £30.00