June 19th 2018 General Sale Results

1 A continental ceramic clock case moulded with cherubs and flowers, a similar lamp base and three other pieces. £0.00

2 A Crown Staffordshire model of a girl picking flowers by T Bailey a.f. and three other pieces.£1.00

3 A glass part dressing table set, two ceramic photograph frames etc.£0.00

4 A pair of Chinese models of resting children etc.£0.00

5 A blue and vegetable dish, a floral decorated teapot etc.£10.00

6 Two cake plates and other glass.£0.00

7 A Cona coffee maker, a floral decorated coffee pot and two other pieces.£12.00

8 Tumblers and other glass etc.£5.00

9 A Lladro model of a girl, other similar models etc.£5.00

10 Two pairs of glass candlesticks, a Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern vase and a Jasperware bowl.£5.00

11 A Royal Doulton “Tapestry” pattern coffee service.£1.00

12 A Royal Worcester “Royal Garden” pattern coffee service.£20.00

13 A blue and white coffee pot, an earthen ware teapot and three other pieces.£5.00

14 Glassware etc.£0.00

15 A plated four section cruet with glass bottles, two similar toast rack’s and a pair of glass open salt’s with a silver mount’s.£18.00

16 An oak biscuit barrel with plated mounts, other plate etc.£2.00

17 Six model figures.£8.00

18 A Royal Worcester floral decorated coffee pot, a Limoge gilt key decorated teapot and a Wedgwood teapot.£8.00

19 A Royal Crown Derby “Derby Posies” pattern small jug and matching pin tray together with a pair of Royal Worcester egg coddlers and three other pieces.£15.00

20 Teaware, a Spode sauce boat, a reproduction dagger etc.£2.00

21 A pair of glass pails, a Victorian cheese dish and cover etc.£5.00

22 Eastern blue and white tea ware and other tea ware.£12.00

23 A 1930’s amber glass star shape lampshade and other glass.£20.00

24 Models, a stoneware ink bottle, a set six Victorian plates etc.£15.00

25 A gilt plaque of Charles Dickens, two pairs of brass vases, other metal ware etc.£22.00

26 A Swiss eight day ‘Floating Balance’ timepiece, a table lighter etc.£18.00

27 Miscellaneous tea ware etc.£0.00

28 An early 20th century continental vase moulded as figures on a sleigh, a footed bowl, an Eton plate etc.£0.00

29 A cut glass decanter and other glass.£0.00

30 A blue and white Jasper ware Stilton dish a.f. an alabaster bookend etc.£10.00

31 An Eastern figure decorated part tea service and other similar pieces.£0.00

32 A set of five green stemmed glasses, a black glaze lamp base and a part tea service.£32.00

33 A set of three floral decorated graduated jugs and two other jugs.£2.00

34 Two commemorative glass plates and other glass.£0.00

35 Cake plates and other glass together with a green glaze Jardiniere etc.£0.00

36 A collection of amber glass.£8.00

37 Four ceramic piggy banks etc.£8.00

38 A quartz mantel timepiece, a novelty teapot and other china.£0.00

39 A Russian model of a girl playing a zither, three model cats and three other pieces.£2.00

40 A red glass decanter and other glass.£0.00

41 A collection of models.£0.00

42 Two ceramic candlesticks, a novelty teapot and other china.£2.00

43 A Victorian Staffordshire sardine dish and stand, an Imari bowl and other china.£0.00

44 Glassware.£10.00

45 Three chamber pots etc.£0.00

46 A Hornsea “Contrast” pattern part tea service.£2.00

47 An extensive collection of Fosters Pottery tea and dinner ware.£5.00

48 Fish knives and forks, a collection of Midwinter soup bowls and saucers etc.£1.00

49 A blue and white toilet bowl transfer printed with a classical building together with a Delft style bottle.£5.00

50 A Maling oval iridescent vine decorated dish, a Victorian floral decorated vase made as a classical urn signed to the base Katie Louise 1890 and two other pieces.£5.00

51 An Oriental Ivory floral decorated part dinner service including two serving dishes.£1.00

52 A set of six Royal Doulton blue and white plates each decorated with figures in a garden other matching pieces, three Spode Italian plates, a Chinese bottle vase etc.£10.00

53 Miscellaneous china including a meat plate, a set of four mugs and a small collection of Worcester “Evesham” china.£0.00

54 Glassware and two Keeling & Co floral decorated graduated jugs.£2.00

55 A Victorian blue and white chamber pot and a Dartington style circular glass stand.£0.00

56 A cheese dish and cover, a Studio Pottery lidded dish etc.£2.00

57 Two copper trays, a box of “Minibrix”, a white glass oil lamp etc.£5.00

58 A collection of mugs other china and a glass sweet jar.£2.00

59 Miscellaneous china.£0.00

60 A set of six 1950 / 60’s tumblers, a cocktail shaker and other glass.£15.00

61 A Carlton Ware circular posy dish etc.£8.00

62 A Chinese white metal pipe to one side engraved with figures to the other characters, two oval brass troughs etc.£5.00

63 A Crown Ducal green glaze tea service each piece with a black fleck border.£2.00

64 A Doulton stoneware jug with sprigged on decoration, a similar larger jug and one other piece.£2.00

65 Two jugs one advertising Waymans fresh milk the other Wills Goldflake cigarettes etc.£30.00

66 A collection of stemmed glasses.£18.00

67 A 1930’s floral painted jug, a Torquay Pottery Motto Ware jug and other china together with a brass candelabrum. £0.00

68 A cut glass jug and other glass.£1.00

69 Miscellaneous tea ware.£0.00

70 Stemmed glasses and other glass.£1.00

71 Storage jars, dinner ware etc.£2.00

72 A pair of Japanese baluster shape figure decorated lidded jars.£15.00

73 Two iridescent vases etc.£12.00

74 Commemorative mugs, a “Greek Border” teapot and matching hot water jug etc.£1.00

75 A Royal Kendal floral decorated part tea service and matching cake plates together with other tea ware etc.£15.00

76 Five model clowns.£10.00

77 Seven Marutomoware Ware conserve jars.£15.00

78 Cut glasses, other glass and a collection of resin paperweights. £12.00

79 A pair of late 19th / early 20th century green floral transfer print serving dishes and other matching pieces.£2.00

80 A Bretby orange glaze vase, two Toby jugs, other models etc.£15.00

81 A T G Green part dinner service including serving dishes and a sauce tureen stand.£20.00

82 A Gray’s Pottery silver lustre leaf and flower decorated part coffee service, other china and a small collection of glassware.£5.00

83 A collection of empty Wade Bells Scotch Whiskey bottles and other bottles.£0.00

84 Advertising glasses and other glass.£10.00

85 A collection of “Eternal Beau” pattern tea and dinner ware.£1.00

86 An extensive collection of Royal Osborne “Caprice” pattern tea and coffee ware.£5.00

87 A copper lustre vase, a Prinknash blue glaze jug and other china.£5.00

88 A Booths yellow and gold decorated part dinner service together with a vase and a jug.£0.00

89 A bag of cushions.£5.00

90 A bag of bedding.£2.00

91 A bag of lined curtains.£0.00

92 A bag of bedding.£2.00

93 A bag of crochet throwovers.£5.00

94 A bag of bedding.£8.00

95 A bag of towels.£5.00

96 A John Lewis bed throwover. £2.00

97 A Dorma bed throwover.£25.00

98 A bag of cushions.£2.00

99 Two bags of bedding.£5.00

100 Two bags of bedding.£18.00

101 A French throwover, cushions etc.£2.00

102 A bag of curtains.£2.00

103 A bag of bedding.£2.00

104 A bag of miscellaneous.£2.00

105 A bag of cushions.£2.00

106 A bag of curtains.£0.00

107 A bag of cushions.£5.00

108 A king size throwover.£15.00

109 A tan leather bean bag cover.£10.00

110 A box containing brand new bedding.£40.00

111 A box of wool. £15.00

112 A box containing sewing items; zips, fabric, books etc. £10.00

113 A box of fashion bags. £0.00

114 A box of fashion bags. £2.00

115 A box of children’s footware.£5.00

116 A box of gentlemen’s shirts. £5.00

117 A bag of lounger and chair cushions.£10.00

118 A box of vintage table linen. £15.00

119 A box of vintage table linen. £28.00

120 A box of remnants.£15.00

121 A suitcase containing belts, buckles etc. £10.00

122 A small box of fabric.£1.00

123 A two metre length of Liberty ‘Breton’ cotton.£12.00

124 A pair of steel toe cap rigger boots. £2.00

125 A pair of Shelly’s black steel toe cap boots. £20.00

126 A pair of ‘The Original’ black Dr Marten’s Limited Edition boots. £25.00

127 A pair of ‘The Original’ Oxblood Dr Marten’s shoes. £10.00

128 A bag of bedding. £10.00

128A A gentleman’s Skopes check jacket.£8.00

128B A gentleman’s Marks and Spencer charcoal colour pinstripe suit.£0.00

128C A gentleman’s Taylor and Wright slate colour pinstripe suit.£2.00

128D A gentleman’s Taylor and Wright midnight blue colour pinstripe suit.£0.00

128E A gentleman’s Taylor and Wright Vegas gold colour suit.£2.00

128F Vintage summer dresses by Seata, London.£5.00

128G Vintage dresses by JAF Couture. £5.00

128H A lady’s vintage suit with matching skirt and a black cocktail dress by Saeta, London and one other vintage dress. £15.00

128I Two vintage black fishtail maxi skirts.£0.00

128J A selection of ladies’ vintage tops, blouses, shirts etc. £15.00

128K Two vintage evening dresses. £2.00

128L A selection of vintage summer dresses. £55.00

128M A lady’s vintage matching two piece suit.£5.00

128N A lady’s vintage matching two piece suit. £10.00

128O Ladies’ vintage skirts, Mushroom and Biba. £8.00

128P A vintage jacket, Chas-H-Fox Ltd, High Holborn. £12.00

128Q A vintage gold ballgown with sequins.£2.00

128R A vintage pressed leather gladstone bag with brass fittings.£12.00

128S A vintage mink fur stole, vintage hats etc.£18.00

128T A box of vintage miscellaneous items, hats, scarves, gloves etc. £28.00

128U A box of vintage miscellaneous fur stoles etc. £18.00

128V A beach shell.£0.00

128W A Lonsdale exercise mat. £1.00

128X A Eurohike Adventurer 200 ‘Two Seat Mummy Bag.’ £0.00

129 A box of sports bags to include Gola, Puma, Adidas etc. £35.00

130 A box of Lonsdale sports bags. £10.00

130A A box of miscellaneous sports bags. £10.00

130B A box of miscellaneous travel bags. £15.00

130C A box of fashion bags to include Fat Face, Diesel etc. £5.00

130D A box of brand new sportsware.£2.00

130E A box of brand new Champion Athletic apparel. £2.00

130F A box of brand new Fruit of the Loom hoodies. £2.00

130G A box of brand new Mitre sweatshirts. £5.00

130H A box of gentlemen’s clothing to include Saltrock, Fat Face etc. £5.00

130I A gentleman’s Milan black leather hooded jacket.£2.00

130J A lady’s black leather jacket.£5.00

130K A vintage brown leather flying jacket.£22.00

130L A lady’s sheepskin jacket.£5.00

130M A lady’s lambskin jacket. £5.00

130N A lady’s double breasted coat with fur trim to collar. £0.00

130O A lady’s Coney fur coat.£5.00

130P A lady’s pony hide coat.£0.00

130Q A selection of ladies’ fur coats. £2.00

130R A good quality lady’s mink jacket, Hickleys, Southampton and Winchester.£0.00

130S A gentleman’s Moby diving suit.£10.00

130T A pair of Ron Thompson waders.£8.00

130U A gentleman’s brand new Henley and Knight wool and cashmere blend overcoat.£10.00

130V A gentleman’s brand new Henley and Knight top coat. £2.00

130W A gentleman’s brand new Aldon beige jacket with corduroy collar along with a fleece. £0.00

130X A brand new gentleman’s wax jacket.£20.00

130Y A brand new gentleman’s Regatta jacket.£10.00

130Z A gentleman’s Taylor and Wright dogtooth jacket.£2.00

151 Two black and white prints of female nudes each signed Smart.£5.00

152 Four boxes of books.£5.00

153 A box of 33rpm records.£8.00

154 A box of 33rpm records.£2.00

155 A box of books.£2.00

156 A box of books.£2.00

157 A collection of prints etc.£2.00

158 A box of books.£2.00

159 Two boxes of books, toys etc.£2.00

160 A box of ephemera etc and a box of magazines.£8.00

161 A box of 33rpm records.£2.00

162 A box of tools etc.£2.00

163 A box of books.£25.00

164 A box of kitchen ware.£0.00

165 Three substantial pine Louvre doors and a small pair of panelled folding doors.£30.00

166 A pair of turned and fluted newel post bases each height 42cm.£0.00

167 A cabin trunk.£20.00

168 A box of flatware.£8.00

169 A basket of flatware.£15.00

170 A collection of cased flatware.£28.00

171 Six Alexander Kent hardback novels.£0.00

172 A collection of 31 Denys Val Baker hardback books in three bundles.£32.00

173 A Georgian style arched mirror in a mahogany frame.£10.00

174 A square mirror in a driftwood frame.£38.00

175 A Matchroom one piece snooker cue.£1.00

176 A two part beach casting fishing rod.£20.00

177 A fibre glass two part beach fishing rod.£5.00

178 A painted casement window with two opening panels, height 120cm, width 119cm.£1.00

179 A painted double glazed casement window, height 90cm, width 63cm.£28.00

180 A folding bentwood chair.£0.00

181 Two boxes of tent poles other camping equipment etc.£10.00

182 An Adidas exercise bike.£2.00

183 Five hardwood office drawers.£1.00

184 A red painted coal scuttle.£12.00

A trolley jack.£0.00

186 A bag of tent poles.£1.00

187 Various hoses.£0.00

188 Two fire fronts.£2.00

189 Three galvanised mop pails.£2.00

190 A folding fire guard.£0.00

191 A large bell tent (mouldy).£25.00

192 A large stoneware flagon underglaze impressed “Robert Scott 175 High Street, Edinburgh”.£15.00

193 A triangular concrete planter and a terracotta pot.£8.00

194 A pair of bank security windows.£5.00

195 A planished copper fire canopy, height 89cm.£1.00

196 A bundle of tools etc.£5.00

197 Three axes and a spade.£15.00

198 A “Whisper” electric five speed bicycle with charger etc.£130.00

199 An aluminium two section extending ladder.£18.00

200 An aluminium two section extending ladder.£40.00

201 An aluminium step ladder.£2.00

202 A box of kitchenware etc.£1.00

203 A pine church pew, width 260cm.£5.00

204 A pine church pew, width 299cm.£5.00

205 A pair of pine church pews, disassembled.£2.00

206 A galvanised trunk.£2.00

207 A Land Rover plastic spare wheel cover.£1.00

208 A ladder stand off.£2.00

209 A copper coal scuttle and one other piece.£12.00

210 An oval cast iron cooking pot with lid and iron swing handle.£25.00

211 An oval cast iron cooking pot with lid and iron swing handle.£35.00

212 An oval cast iron cooking pot with lid and iron swing handle.£30.00

213 A cast iron kettle with a brass lid.£12.00

214 A cast iron kettle with lid.£22.00

215 A cast iron kettle with a copper lid.£18.00

216 A white enamel toilet pail.£8.00

217 A pair of white painted plant troughs.£8.00

218 A pine box stenciled ‘Harrods Ltd’.£15.00

219 A pair of National filing cabinets each with a shallow drawer above a file drawer.

220 A bronzed resin statue of Hebe, height 82cm.£30.00

221 Two white marble effect resin garden ornaments, one made as an embracing couple, the other a seahorse. a.f.£25.00

222 Two white glaze jardinieres on stands.£8.00

223 A Team Rossi bodyboard.£20.00

224 Two bodyboards in an Animal black canvas case.£30.00

225 A grey tubular metal folding stool.£0.00

226 Twenty cream plastic Eurocrates.£55.00

227 A Clima aluminum stepladder. £5.00

227A An Arum lily and one other plant.£25.00

228 A folding wheelchair.£0.00

229 A Seagull outboard motor.£0.00

230 A set of four aluminium stacking garden chairs with cushions.£22.00

231 Two fibreglass surfboards.£30.00

232 A Hozelock hose on reel.£10.00

233 A Spear and Jackson stainless steel spade.£1.00

234 Three boxes of rope twist garden edging tiles.£10.00

235 An aluminium stepladder.£5.00

236 Three cast iron vintage car wheels each with three bolt holes and each diameter 51.5cm.£25.00

237 A set of four art nouveau style circular ceramic plant pots and a square resin planter.£5.00

238 An iron balance with a stainless steel pan.£2.00

239 A collection of boat fenders and buoys.£20.00

240 A pair of diver’s air tanks.£1.00

241 A pair of diver’s air tanks.£1.00

242 A pair of diver’s air tanks.£1.00

243 A diver’s air tank.£1.00

244 A diver’s air tank.£1.00

245 A galvanised watering can and two other pieces.£18.00

246 A child’s vintage tricycle.£0.00

247 An earthenware planter with a glazed interior, height 32cm.£20.00

248 Six aluminium buoys.£45.00

249 A uPVC double glazed window, 119.5cm x 65cm together with one other double glazed panel.£0.00

250 A late 19th/early 20th century slate fire surround/mantel shelf, disassembled.£0.00

251 A resin model sow and two similar piglets.£115.00

252 A New Wave double ended paddle and two other pieces.£2.00

253 Two resin model hens.£70.00

254 A basket of terracotta plant pots.£1.00

255 A basket of terracotta plant pots.£10.00

256 A basket of terracotta plant pots.£10.00

257 An iron sack trolley.£5.00

258 A jerrycan.£1.00

259 A pair of pipe benders.£2.00

260 A roll of barbed wire.£2.00

261 A box of tools and a vintage oil can.£5.00

262 A box containing five iron weights.£10.00

263 An iron foot scraper.£30.00

264 A carpenter’s tool box and contents.£2.00

265 A 12v fridge.£2.00

266 Seven aluminum buoys.£55.00

267 A tray of miscellaneous items.£0.00

268 An iron anchor and chain.£18.00

269 A rectangular trailer on an iron jockey wheel frame, length of frame including tow hitch 195cm, size of trailer 61cm x 187.5cm.£25.00

270 Three packs and various loose marbled tiles.£2.00

271 A circular planter and a resin tapering square planter.£10.00

272 A Boots bed slipper and three other pieces.£0.00

273 A large wooden rabbit hutch, width 168cm.£1.00

274 A wooden chicken run/garden store with a pair of hinged doors, width 152cm.£1.00

275 An arched galvanised poly tunnel frame approximately 12′ x 30′.£45.00

276 A wire cage.£0.00

277 A cross country exercise machine.£1.00

278 Four wall hanging feed baskets.£0.00

279 A garden table with a white marble top on a cast iron treadle sewing machine base.£12.00

280 A garden table with a white marble top on a cast iron treadle sewing machine base.£5.00

281 A box of nylon rope.£1.00

282 Two galvanised wire cages.£2.00

283 A grey metal caravan step.£5.00

284 A pair of white marble corbals.£8.00

285 A garden urn in classical style.£15.00

286 A cast iron treadle sewing machine base.£20.00

287 A fibre glass 320cm sailing dinghy with aluminium mast and sails.£120.00

288 An electric air compressor trolley.£0.00

289 An Einhell petrol driven rotary mower with grass box.£55.00

290 A pair of wrought wire garden tepees. £22.00

291 Two circular wrought iron stands and one other piece.£0.00

292 A cast iron fire front, three oil lamps etc.£12.00

293 A slatted wood garden bench with iron ends, width 125.5cm.£2.00

294 A folding work bench.£2.00

295 A Gardeco ‘Medium Clay Chimenea’ in its original box.£8.00

296 A box of tools etc.£10.00

297 A Chariot bicycle trailer and a child’s Dawes bicycle.£2.00

298 A concrete garden table with a circular top on a quatre foil pedestal, diameter 114.5cm.£35.00

298A A granite staddle stone.£95.00

298B A granite staddle stone.£140.00

298C A D shape granite trough approximately 64cm x 63cm.£110.00

298D A wrought and cast iron fire basket.£15.00

298E A box of miscellaneous china etc.£1.00

298F Kitchen glass etc.£1.00

298G A box of miscellaneous china, glass etc.£1.00

298H A plastic garden store, width 112cm.£5.00

A 2003 Mercedes Benz Vito 108 CDI van in red with a fabric interior, recorded mileage 104,000.
No MOT. Number plate WU03 YZH.£0.00

298J A box of miscellaneous china.£0.00

298K A box of miscellaneous china and a brass plaque.£0.00

298L Two boxes of china and glass etc.£0.00

298M A box of glassware.£0.00

298N Six boxes of miscellaneous china and glass etc.£0.00

298O Two boxes of china, glass etc.£0.00

298P A box of china and kitchenware etc.£1.00

298Q A box of kitchenware.£1.00

298R A metal ‘Turn Left’ sign and a plastic ‘Danger Keep Out’ sign.£2.00

298S A box containing white glaze catering tea and dinner ware.£0.00

298T Three boxes of miscellaneous including glass, china etc.£0.00

299 Two plastic danns.£10.00

299A A box of life jackets.£5.00

300 A pair of boat fenders.£2.00

301 An inkwell lobster pot.£2.00

302 A parlour lobster pot.£0.00

303 Various rolls of garden netting.£5.00

304 A plastic dustbin containing plant pots etc.£1.00

305 Two fire guards.£0.00

306 A pair of UPVC double glazed windows each 95cm x 70.5cm.£1.00

306A A galvanised trough, length 181cm.£45.00

307 A modern marble fire surround, width 94cm, together with a matching grate, width 122.5cm.£2.00

308 Two cast iron garden bench supports.£2.00

309 A bundle of bird feeders.£2.00

310 A box of nylon rope.£2.00

311 A parlour lobster pot and marker buoy. £10.00

312 A large collection of horse blankets, saddle rests, harnesses and other riding paraphernalia.£1.00

313 Two car dog guards.£0.00

314 Two 1930s style cream and green enamel saucepans and three other pieces.£8.00

315 A large aluminium saucepan and other kitchen ware.£5.00

316 Change to catalogue.
A shower tray.£2.00

317 A pine clothes horse.£1.00

318 A fibreglass surfboard.£8.00

319 A foam learning board.£45.00

320 A green glaze jardiniere on stand.£2.00

A wall hanging plant pot holder. (No pots in this lot).£22.00

322 Two galvanized watering cans and a garden frame.£22.00

A hazel wigwam, a bean support frame and netting and a bundle of spiral metal tomato supports.£12.00

Two winged hoes, a pack of one hundred and eleven plastic plant pots and a roll of green netting. £8.00

324 A box of terracotta plant pots.£10.00

325 An aluminium laddder.£25.00

326 A two section extending ladder with wooden sides and aluminium rungs.£12.00

327 An aluminium step ladder.£5.00

328 A Belgray ‘Jobezer.’£8.00

329 An aluminium step ladder.£5.00

330 An aluminium two section extending ladder. £20.00

331 Two wind surf boards.£0.00

332 A strimmer with battery and charger.£2.00

333 A pair of circular green glaze planters, each diameter 50cm.£90.00

334 A child’s Hotrock 5 speed bicycle.£12.00

335 A Chariot type bike trailer.£1.00

336 An oval white ceramic basin with taps.£2.00

337 A box of tools.£5.00

338 A metal tool trolley with sliding shelves.£20.00

339 A pair of cast iron garden table supports.£10.00

340 Four jerry cans.£8.00

341 A box containing a brass Valor stove, a blow lamp etc.£5.00

342 A twin burner paraffin heater.£2.00

343 A bath mixer tap, a basin mixer tap and related pieces.£5.00

344 A galvanized watering can, a large aluminium preserving can etc.£22.00

345 Two boxes of large white ceramic dinner plates, each diameter 32cm.£2.00

346 An aluminium step ladder and a red enamel ladder.£8.00

347 A white plastic snow shovel, a flue pipe and one other piece.£10.00

348 A jerry can.£5.00

349 NO LOT.£0.00

350 A wooden step ladder.£12.00

350A A pair of axle stands, a gas stove and one other piece.£5.00

350B A nylon tow rope etc.£0.00

350C A Focus Timbercare sprayer.£2.00

350D A box of fixings, drawers, rope, a ceiling spotlight fitting etc.£10.00

350E Car cleaning materials etc.£8.00

350F Two bundles of drainrods.£2.00

350G A long pruner etc.£2.00

350H A pair of loppers, a plastic garden rake etc.£1.00

350I Two pink plastic and chrome dress rails. £0.00

350J A plastic and grey metal bath seat.£0.00

350K A Titan aluminium step ladder.£1.00

350L A B&Q aluminium step ladder.£8.00

350M An aluminium step ladder.£8.00

350N A double section of Dexion type shelving, width 162 cm.£18.00

350O A section of Dexion type shelving, width 81 cm.£18.00

350P A box of gardening tools, a pine box etc. £10.00

350Q A box of rowlocks, horse shoes, other metalware etc.£8.00

350R An aluminium bird feeder, a stoneware jar, tools etc.£5.00

350S A Flymo Venturer rotary mower with grass box and cable, together with a similar strimmer.£15.00

350T A Qualcast electric rotary mower with grass box.£18.00

350U Three large square textured terracotta planters and contents.£90.00

350V A rectangular pine planter.£10.00

350W A small vintage red tubular metal and yellow pedal cart.£32.00

350X A box of turned wood furniture spindles etc.£1.00

350Y An arched wrought iron gate, width excluding hinges 89cm.£30.00

350Z A Black and Decker Workmate.£35.00

351 A folding wrought metal magazine rack.£0.00

352 Five tiers of chrome shelving.£1.00

353 An architects drawing board on a folding metal stand.£0.00

354 A folding card table. £5.00

355 A folding card table. £1.00

356 A large Persian gouache on fabric of a courtly scene with a mogul seated on a throne surrounded by courtiers within a floral margin, gilt frame, 82cm x 170cm. £40.00

357 A painted bentwood hat stand.£18.00

358 An iron fire resisting safe by the Empire Safe Company, Birmingham.£25.00

358A An LB 2600 petrol generator.£95.00

359 A hardwood three fold screen with lattice panels.£18.00

360 A blue and white toilet jug and bowl.£5.00

361 An Apollo Contour folding six speed bicycle with helmet and pump.£70.00

361A A cane picnic basket.£0.00

361B A Gestetner type duplicating machine in an oak case.£2.00

361C An Edwardian carved walnut coal box with a brass handle.£10.00

361D A Nordictrack 6000 cross country ski exercise machine.£8.00

362 A studio pottery wine jar.£2.00

363 A carved walnut book trough and contents.£5.00

364 A black plaster sculpture of an embracing couple.£28.00

365 A wooden plaque carved with St George and the dragon.£22.00

366 A Victorian red leather bound family Bible dated 1866.£2.00

367 Three studio pottery bowls, a similar small footed stand and a vase.£0.00

368 Three pieces of plated ware and one other piece.£0.00

369 A box of resin Smurf and other toys.£0.00

370 Clive Lennard, two watercolours of seated nudes each with a certificate to the back and each 29.5cm x 20.5cm.£15.00

371 A set of three black and white prints of female nudes pencil drawings after Smart.£18.00

372 A pastel of a reclining female nude initialed O.C. 08.£10.00

373 Two pastels of reclining nudes each initialed O.C. 07.£15.00

374 Two watercolours of female nudes, each signed Adair.£15.00

375 An oil on board of a female nude signed Silver.£15.00

376 Two sepia watercolours of female nudes each signed Adair.£20.00

377 An oil on board of a female nude signed Silver and a watercolour of a female nude beside a cello signed Artchi.£20.00

378 John Hinchliffe, a pastel ‘Nude Sitting On A Sofa’, 31.5cm x 23.5cm.£10.00

379 Two watercolours of female nudes, one signed Silver, the other Stewart.£5.00

380 A pencil drawing of two female nudes greeting each other, by Mary Ann Evans.£12.00

381 A sepia watercolour of an exercising female nude, signed Adair.£10.00

382 A set of four black and white limited edition prints after Mary Ann Evans.£10.00

383 A burr walnut veneered writing slope with mother of pearl inlay, a.f. and three other boxes.£2.00

384 Various vintage tins etc.£2.00

385 An oak and glass magazine rack to each side fret cut and painted with mountain scenes.£0.00

386 An eight string small banjo in a black rexine covered case.£40.00

387 A blue composition cabin trunk. £1.00

388 A vintage green canvas clad suitcase with leather mounts.£1.00

389 A pigskin covered expanding suitcase.£0.00

390 A stone carving and a stylised figure, height 34cm.£40.00

391 An eastern carved hardwood magazine rack.£20.00

392 A mahogany stained box.£22.00

393 A large mahogany effect display case with bowed sides standing on a rectangular base, height including base 100cm, width 99cm, depth 33.5cm.£2.00

394 Three Victorian photographs in gilt frames etc.£2.00

395 A Hamilton bottle on a wooden stand, a crystal geode etc.£25.00

396 Three champagne flutes and other glass.£1.00

397 An early 20th century Dartmoor guide including the river Dart together with two ‘Pot Lid’ collectors guides.£1.00

398 A boxed set of carpet bowls.£8.00

399 A Victorian green leather bound family photograph album with a brass catch together with three opera glasses cases etc.£12.00

400 Five leather bound volumes of ‘The Ancient History’ by M. Rollin dated 1828.£1.00

401 Three leather bound volumes of ‘A Complete System Of Universal History’ by the Rev. E.W. Whitaker 1821 and a copy of ‘Napoleon’ dated 1841.£1.00

402 A 19th century brown leather top hat case a.f.£1.00

403 A collection of 19th century and other prints.£2.00

404 A cased set of fish knives and forks, other plate, twelve brass candlesticks and a small collection of glasses.£5.00

405 A Victorian floral transfer print decorated part tea service, one other similar tea service and one other similar part tea service.£10.00

406 A French Maelzes metronome, a box camera etc.£8.00

407 A wooden carving of a lizard, a foot measure etc.£8.00

408 A pair of Burmese gilt decorated black lacquer troughs and three matching pieces together with a Japanese lamp base and a Cloisonne vase.£22.00

409 Mrs Beetons Book of Household Management, New Edition dated 1906.£12.00

410 A Victorian blue and white four piece toilet set.£8.00

411 Mark Twain, two first edition books ‘The American Claimant’ 1892 and ‘More Tramps Abroad’ 1897.£8.00

412 A copy of ‘Paris And Its Story’ by Thomas Okaey, illustrated by Katherine Kimball and O.F.M. Ward, handcut pages, limited edition, number 27 of 50 dated 1904.£15.00

413 A 1930s copy of ‘The Art and Craft of Hairdressing’ and a copy of ‘The Drawing Room Scrapbook’ 1833.£20.00

414 A Kodak Autographic No. A-166 bellows camera in its original cardboard box.£5.00

415 Four volumes of ‘The Tomlinson’s Encyclopedia of Useful Arts’ 1853 together with a copy of ‘Lunar and Horary Table for New and Concise Methods to Ascertain Longitude’ dated 1852. £1.00

416 A pair of carved wood model boots etc.£12.00

417 A Japanese gold lustre circular lidded box containing three trays, two turned wood boxes etc.£2.00

418 A 1920/30s bronzed metal model of a seated Peirrot playing a lute on a red and black marble base, height including base 13.5cm, together with a cast brass model knight.£45.00

419 An oil on board of a female nude wearing a large hat initialed T.R. together with a similar watercolour initialed A.J.£8.00

420 Two boxes of books.£5.00

421 Three boxes of books.£2.00

422 Two boxes of books.£2.00

423 Two boxes of books.£5.00

424 Two boxes of books.£2.00

425 Three boxes of books.£1.00

426 Two boxes of books.£1.00

427 A box of books.£1.00

428 A box of mainly Victorian books.£2.00

429 Two boxes of books including 19th century.£1.00

430 Two boxes of collector’s plates.£5.00

430A Two boxes of books.

431 A box of glass jars etc.£0.00

432 A Brother AX-100 electronic typewriter.£0.00

433 Five six spool fishing reels including Fladen 150 and Mitchell 283.£10.00

434 Blue and white plates, a west German floral decorated vase, other china, glass etc.£0.00

435 Miscellaneous including a folding camera and a Singer sewing machine button hole attachment. £2.00

436 A folding camera, a 1930s electric wall clock etc.£8.00

437 Two red glaze plant pots, a small collection of china etc.£2.00

438 A rectangular art and crafts vase moulded with an abstract design and other glass.£8.00

439 A Lynx 7.2v cordless drill kit in a fitted case.£2.00

440 A bundle of fishing rods.£30.00

441 A folding table top easel.£5.00

442 An IKEA ‘Beryll’ four lamp spot light system in its original box.£1.00

443 A large Montague Dawson signed coloured print of a sailing ship ‘In Full Sail’.£20.00

444 An IKEA four lamp fitting in its original box.£0.00

445 A fan heater made as a solid fuel stove.£1.00

446 A cane picnic basket with a fitted interior.£2.00

447 A Beaver London trouser press.£0.00

448 A collection of ceramic model butterflies in a display case, a set of eastern reproduction cups in a display case and a thimble display board.£8.00

449 A dehumidifier. £1.00

450 Elizabeth Parr, two watercolours of country bridges.£35.00

451 A large coloured print of a winter landscape and two other pieces.£2.00

452 A grey metal wall mounted menu display board.£15.00

453 An artist’s box/easel.£5.00

454 A folding wooden wine rack. £0.00

455 An oil on canvas a scantily clad girl and a pastel of a female nude initialed O.C.£15.00

456 A set of eight plated candlesticks, a candelabrum, two aluminium tankards etc. £20.00

457 Three Pioneer stereo separates, a cassette deck, a tuner and a receiver.£15.00

458 A Technics stereo tuner and a Sony ST-5055L stereo tuner.£12.00

459 A large ceramic lamp base painted with fruit and leaves.£12.00

460 A Fern electric scroll saw.£40.00

461 Miscellaneous.£10.00

462 A resin model dog, vases etc.£2.00

463 Model figures and a quartz timepiece.£10.00

464 A table lamp the base mounted with a Capodimonte model of a stylish girl together with a silvered model of a dancer.£5.00

465 A Panasonic stereo CD system with speakers.£10.00

466 A large pair of KEF Concerto in teak cases each height 71.5cm. £85.00

467 A Vax Rapide upright ‘hard floor washer’.£0.00

468 A Hoover Dust Manager upright vacuum cleaner.£0.00

469 A Kenwood Multipro compact blender in its original box.£10.00

470 A pair of marble finials, a stoneware hot water bottle and one other piece.£0.00

471 An aneroid barometer etc.£1.00

472 A Sony mini CD system with speakers.£10.00

473 Miscellaneous teaware.£0.00

474 Coloured and other glass.£10.00

475 A Tremar Pottery spherical lidded box, a part of mosaic pattern plates etc.£1.00

476 A white enamel gas two ring camping stove.£12.00

477 An Epsom Stylus ‘Photo 1400’ computer printer.£2.00

478 A Thorens stainless steel and teak record deck.£55.00

479 A Sony portable CD/stereo radio.£10.00

480 A box of tools and a set of kitchen knives.£10.00

481 A box of 4x4 spare parts.£22.00

482 A box of 4x4 spare parts.£8.00

483 A box of 4x4 spare parts.£8.00

484 A box of 4x4 spare parts.£8.00

485 A box of 4x4 spare parts.£5.00

486 A box of 4x4 spare parts.£5.00

487 An Acoustic Solutions electronic keyboard.£10.00

488 A George Foreman grill in its original box.£10.00

489 Three watercolours of female nudes.£85.00

490 A watercolour of a female nude signed Smart.£10.00

491 A watercolour of a reclining female nude signed Adair.£8.00

492 A Moulinex car vacuum cleaner.£1.00

493 A Quad 405 stereo monitor amplifier with its original packaging.£90.00

494 Webbing straps.£1.00

495 An electric photograph frame with remote control.£2.00

496 A white enamel metal letters box with key.£8.00

497 A Solarvox ‘Three Way Pressure Chamber Loudspeaker TK 40 9’ in a teak case.£0.00

498 A dehumidifier.£10.00

499 A Technika 31″ flat screen television with remote control.£22.00

500 A Flymo electric garden vac.£1.00

500A A red painted metal workbench with a raised back above a worktop, drawer and low shelf, width 115 cm.£30.00

500B A rack of red metal Dexion type shelving, width 81 cm.£18.00

501 A Challenge electric hedge trimmer.£8.00

502 A Silverline petrol driven strimmer.£55.00

503 A petrol driven hedge trimmer.£0.00

504 A Ryobi petrol driven hedge trimmer.£25.00

505 A McCulloch Tivoli 63 petrol driven hedge trimmer.£1.00

506 A Kawasaki 750 petrol driven hedge trimmer.£10.00

507 An Alko petrol driven chain saw. £10.00

508 A McCulloch Virginia petrol driven hedge trimmer.£15.00

509 A Goodmans ‘Boogie Box’.£2.00

510 A Philips ‘Original Home Solaria’.£1.00

511 An electric chainsaw.£8.00

512 A Black and Decker corded drill on a similar stand and four other electric tools.£25.00

513 A Telequipment Timebase Type TD 51 oscilloscope.£8.00

514 A large iron balance with a brass pan and iron weights together with a brass balance.£10.00

515 A pair of Dixon and Sons pewter twin handle loving cups and five other pieces.£5.00

516 Rosenthal collector’s plates, part dinner service etc.£10.00

517 Kitchen glass and a collection of china.£0.00


519 A Viking two ton trolley jack in its original box.

520 An oil on canvas of a girl dressing, initialed J. B. 59.5cm x 48.5cm.£10.00

521 A watercolour of a tattooed female nude signed Adair.£15.00

522 A chain door curtain.£2.00

523 A Westfalia electric long reach chainsaw.£15.00

524 A Graco travel cot.£1.00

525 A box of 4x4 light covers and other spares.£8.00

526 A pair of 4x4 light covers and one other piece.£2.00

527 A box of car cleaning materials.£5.00

528 A Karcher pressure washer in its original box.£22.00

529 An archery case and a vintage green canvas clad suitcase with leather mounts.£2.00

530 A Wickes garden vac/blower with harness and strap.£0.00

531 A Black and Decker electric garden blower/vac.£2.00

532 A Victorian oil on canvas of sheep and a hen before a landscape together with similar oil on canvas of a rowing boat in a cove.£30.00

533 A Victorian watercolour of figures by an overgrown monastery ruin and other pictures.£12.00

533A An oil on canvas, ‘View To A Lake’ signed K. Billinger together with other pictures and frames.£5.00

534 A Bosch stainless steel four ring gas hob.£12.00

535 A convector heater.£1.00

536 Two boxes of collector’s plates.£5.00

537 A Sanyo Briefcase reel-to-reel tape recorder, the lid with a pair of speakers.£1.00

538 A box of CB and other radio equipment.£170.00

539 A Hoover Vortex cylinder vacuum cleaner.£2.00

540 A box of miscellaneous items including exterior lamps.£10.00

541 A box of radio equipment, cables etc.£18.00

542 Two boxes of tools etc.£15.00

543 A Performance cordless hammer drill kit in a fitted plastic case.£8.00

544 A box containing a vintage foot pump etc.£1.00

545 A box of tools.£15.00

546 Three metal tool boxes and contents.£20.00

547 A box of tool including a cordless drill etc.£15.00

548 A box of books.£0.00

549 A box of 4x4 spares.£22.00

550 Simon W. A. Atack, an oil on canvas of three Lancaster bombers ‘Crossing The Coast’, 60.5cm x 90.5cm.£22.00

551 Mary Briggs, an oil on canvas ‘Porth Navas Helford River’ 50cm x 100cm.£45.00

552 A Sony stereo reel-to-reel tape recorder, the two part lid with speakers.£2.00

553 Two outline watercolours of female nudes each signed Young and one other similar picture.£5.00

554 Two watercolours of female nudes.£10.00

555 An oil on canvas of a pretty girl, initialed J.W. 59cm x 48.5cm.£22.00

556 An LG 32″ flat screen television with remote control.£50.00

557 A slide projector together with a collection of slides etc.£2.00

558 A wall light in its original box.£0.00

559 An adjustable magnifying table lamp.£10.00

560 A Ferguson DAB radio.£8.00

561 A cast brass wall light bracket.£5.00

562 A Tronic electric fan.£2.00

563 A Rollco STM583 starting motor in its original box together with a piston ring compressor.£1.00

564 An electric ‘Compound Mitre Saw’.£8.00

565 A Baby Burco stainless steel boiler.£0.00

566 A Lec A+ larder fridge.£12.00

567 A Beko A+++ automatic washing machine.£85.00

568 A Creda Simplicity 1000 automatic washing machine.£5.00

569 An Oregon petrol driven chain saw.£10.00

570 A Quad F.M. tuner manufactured (1955 – 1962) together with various cables.£12.00

571 A Miranda tripod in its original box.£2.00

572 A 1920s chrome and black metal two bar electric fire, N.B. this fire does not comply with the regulations and is sold for its decorative value only.£0.00

573 A flat screen computer monitor.£0.00

574 A Roadstar LCD 2.6″ television and an Eveready Motormate torch.£2.00

575 An Alba portable CD player/radio.£2.00

576 A pair of Welltech cordless headphones, an infrared lamp etc.£1.00

577 A Braun blender and three other pieces.£0.00

578 A Black and Decker electric sander in a fitted plastic case.£8.00

579 A pair of Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 8000 Active aluminium/black floor standing tower speakers.£140.00

580 Two Goblin teasmades.£2.00

581 A Grundig Stenorette SL portable reel to reel tape recorder with microphone.£8.00

582 A Technics stereo integrated amplifier SU-Z1.£25.00

583 A Steepletone Airband radio and two other pieces.£2.00

584 An adjustable table lamp.£5.00

585 Three stereo cassette decks by Technics, Teac and JVC.£1.00

586 A Dualit cream enamel and chrome four slice toaster.£2.00

587 A Technics F.G. Servo stereo record deck SL-23.£15.00

588 A Tilley Twosome double burner LP gas stove, together with a pair of Kenwood car speakers and one other piece.£5.00

589 An extension lead, a site lamp etc.£8.00

590 A Black and Decker corded drill, a plumber’s kit in a fitted case and an orbital sander.£22.00

591 A case set of plumber’s type bending tools.£1.00

592 Two Garrard model GDT3 display turntables, one cream enamel, the other black. £2.00

593 An Olympia vintage portable typewriter, af. £1.00

594 A Pioneer Quartz-Direct Drive PL-640 stereo turntable.£15.00

595 A basket of car cleaning materials and a battery charger.£5.00

596 A Dual self-drive CS 505-3 stereo turntable.£25.00

597 An Ion USB cassette deck.£1.00

598 A Quad 33 control amplifier in its original box with mains cable.£50.00

598A A Quad 33-303 1960s amplifier in its original box and with its original instruction book.£65.00

598B A Gramdeck pre amplifier control unit in its original box with oval brass label together with a similar ‘tape deck attachment’.£25.00

598C A pair of Bang & Olufsen Beovox S25 speakers.£5.00

598D A pair of Bang & Olufsen Type:M3-5 OHM speakers in teak cases.£8.00

598E A Yamaha electronic keyboard with stand.£50.00

598F A slow cooker and one other piece.£1.00

598G A Sony VCR with remote control.£5.00

598H A Wirex Ltd wire recorder.£20.00

598I A portable gas stove in a fitted plastic case together with cylinders.£5.00

598J A Sony mini CD system with remote control and speakers.£12.00

598K A Kenwood Smoothie Junior and a Silvercrest blender.£2.00

598L A set of EKS bathroom scales.£2.00

598M A Philips ice cream maker and three other pieces.£2.00

598N An Ondial turntable music centre with speakers and remote control.£2.00

598O A socket set and a plastic toolbox and contents.£15.00

598P An HP computer printer and related items.£0.00

598Q An Hinari ‘One Pot health cooker’ in its original box.£1.00

598R A Power Devil pressure washer in its original box.£8.00

598S A Westfalia angle grinder etc.£8.00

598T A box of fixings etc.£12.00

598U A cased set of Koch Messer kitchen knives etc and a Carlton jug kettle.£12.00

598V A cased soldering gun and related items.£8.00

598W A Woolworths ‘Travel Cooler’ in its original box.£2.00

599 A Workshop orbital sander, a Sony speaker etc.£2.00

600 A box of wooden cupboard knobs and a set of scales.£1.00

601 An Akai stereo cassette deck.£0.00

602 A Kinzo bandsaw.£8.00

603 A Tilley type red enamel lamp.£8.00

604 A pair of Videoton Saphiri hi-fi speakers in teak cages.£2.00

605 An Aiwa 5 CD stereo system with record deck and 220ml woofer three way speakers.£28.00

606 A Silvercrest steam iron on stand.£1.00

607 A Prime guitar amplifier together with a Marshall miniature amp.£8.00

608 A JSH guitar amplifier.£20.00

609 An Aldis slide projector and an Academy 8mm cine editor.£2.00

610 An XP-225 Wi-Fi computer printer, together with a collection of spare inks.£0.00

611 A Dust Devil hand vacuum cleaner and two other pieces.£1.00

612 An Adana printing machine.£2.00

613 A JVC compact VHS video camera and related items in their original box. £2.00

614 A Sharp microwave oven.£1.00

615 A Performance electric compound mitre saw.£12.00

616 A Decca 1960s teak ‘radiogram’ with a pair of tambour shutters opening onto the radio and record deck.£22.00

617 A Beko A Class tall larder fridge.£2.00

618 A Beko A+ Class tall upright freezer.£2.00

619 A cereal dispenser in its original box. £2.00

620 An Andrew James power juicer.£1.00

621 A Safewell electronic safe in its original packaging.£12.00

622 A Sharp microwave oven.£2.00

623 An electronic safe in its original packaging. £12.00

624 An electronic safe in its original packaging. £15.00

625 A box of 4 X 4 spares.£2.00

626 A McCulloch Virginia petrol driven hedge trimmer. £10.00

627 A Ferm SZT-250 circular saw table.£2.00

628 A late 19th early 20th century hand sewing machine. £0.00

629 A McCulloch 438 petrol driven chainsaw.£0.00

630 An Electrolux fridge.£2.00

631 A Bosch tumble dryer. £2.00

632 T. Rushton, two watercolours one of three fashionable ladies, the other girls in skimpy outfits.£28.00

633 A Qualcast electric rotary mower with grass box.£15.00

634 AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE. A Singer 222K electric sewing machine and related items in a fitted black rexine case.£280.00

635 A wine cooler.£0.00

636 A Victorian Pears chromolithographic print of children playing on a gate ‘Happy as a King.’£2.00

637 A signed Limited Edition coloured Formula One print of ‘Nigel Mansell OBE – World Champion’ after Alan Fearnley.£2.00

638 A Parry stainless steel deep fat fryer. £15.00

639 Picasso and other prints together with a painting on bark.£2.00

640 A collection of Pictorial Knowledge books.£0.00

641 A box of books.£2.00

642 An oil on board coastal scene initalled A.N. and other pictures.£10.00

643 A large oil on canvas of a female nude by Dawn Sucath and a photograph of a female nude.£18.00

644 Two Eastern circular brass trays, an oval copper tray and a circular plated tray.£8.00

645 Three boxes of ‘Practical Car’ magazines.£0.00

646 A box of miscellaneous items including an oil lamp.£0.00

647 An oil on canvas of a female nude wearing a mask, a similar watercolour signed Adair and a print.£22.00

648 A box of books.£2.00

649 A collection of The Waverley novels.£0.00

650 A box of thimbles and related items.£0.00

651 A box of 19th century and later books including Charles Kingsley’s ‘The Water Babies’ illustrated by Katharine Cameron.£25.00

652 Three oils on boards, Cornish scenes, signed Geoff and two other pictures.£0.00

653 A coloured print ‘A White Horse’ after John Constable together with an oil on board copy of The Hay Wain and a coloured print of a ploughman.£0.00

654 Two coloured prints after Matisse and Klee and one other print.£0.00

655 A hologram of The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.£0.00

656 Two coloured Newlyn school prints.£2.00

657 An eastern print on fabric of a mythological scene.£0.00

658 An arched mirror with bevelled glass in a painted frame.£18.00

659 A watercolour of a female nude signed Clive Lennard and two other similar pictures.£12.00

660 Two framed photographs of tall ships.£0.00

661 A black and white Boer war period photograph of mounted British troops parading.£2.00

662 A coloured signed limited edition print of Cornwall, other prints, a mirror and frames.£5.00

663 A set of five graduated bellied pewter measures from quart to half gill.£8.00

664 A set of three bellied pewter measures from gill to quarter gill by Harry Mason Ltd Birmingham.£5.00

665 An Eastenders novelty teapot in its original box and two glass ornaments.£12.00

666 Treen and other woodware.£0.00

667 A Dartington glass carafe and three other pieces.£2.00

668 An eastern baluster shape vase with leaf scratched decoration.£5.00

669 Two stoneware jars, a set of six blue and white dishes and one other piece.£5.00

670 A walnut veneered writing slope, two tins, an oak biscuit barrel and a 1930s green plastic butter dish.£5.00

671 An art nouveau oval brass tray, a pair of brass candlesticks etc.£2.00

672 A boxed set of Beatrix Potter books with their original packaging.£18.00

673 Six bottles of mulled wine and a large bottle of Babycham.£2.00

674 A box of stamps.£8.00

675 Two T. G. Green blue and white coffee and sugar storage jars etc.£8.00

676 A set of Salter Ex W.D. 1981 scales model 250 to weigh 22lb by 1oz increment.£2.00

677 A pair of brass open spiral twist candlesticks.£10.00

678 A 19th century pewter tapering circular planter with a broad rim and a brass trivet. £20.00

679 A Victorian cut glass oil lamp now as a table lamp.£25.00

680 An eastern shaped oval lamp base transfer printed with an eastern landscape, matching shade.£2.00

681 A Japanese figure decorated vase, a pink glass jug and one other piece.£1.00

682 A drinks dispenser made as a banded oak barrel on a shaped stand.£12.00

683 Two studio pottery goblets each with a Cornish coat of arms, a marigold carnival glass dish etc.£0.00

684 A cleaver, a butchers knife and a reproduction sword.£2.00

685 A brass plant sprayer, an eastern circular dish on a hardwood stand etc.£2.00

686 A 1930s bentwood standard ashtray.£22.00

687 A collection of die cast model vehicles.£18.00

688 A brass twist table lamp.£0.00

689 An iron doorstop cast as a lion rampant.£42.00

690 A box of flatware, three Royal Worcester egg coddlers etc.£38.00

691 A floral gilt decorated part tea/dinner service.£1.00

692 Mineral specimens etc.£1.00

693 Various plates.£0.00

694 Clocks, barometers etc.£8.00

695 An art nouveau spelter model of a girl on a turned wood stand.£20.00

696 A serpentine candlestick and three other pieces.£18.00

697 A carved coconut on an ebony mount carved with three elephants and three other model elephants.£2.00

698 Two cast metal models of horses standing four square, a glass dome etc. £5.00

699 A turned wood candlestick and four model birds.£0.00

700 A chess set, microscope slides etc.£2.00

701 A Star pond yacht and a wooden model of a Viking long ship.£20.00

702 Five mantel timepieces and a brass paraffin stove.£10.00

703 Miscellaneous including a clockwork model car, a pair of aluminium field glasses and a military water bottle.£2.00

704 A ship in a bottle, stemmed glasses etc.£1.00

705 A brown hide shoulder bag.£0.00

706 A foot pump in its original box.£5.00

707 An eastern bamboo decorated part tea service and a 1930s Crown Devon cream glaze part coffee service.£5.00

708 A Victorian Wedgwood blue and white plate transfer printed with river scenes, other plates, models etc.£12.00

709 A Bols musical ballerina bottle, other glass etc.£1.00

710 A Royal Doulton ‘Frost Pine’ pattern part dinner service.£1.00

711 Three cast iron Aga roasting dishes in red, blue and black enamel together with a pair of computer speakers and one other piece.£20.00

712 A blue glass water jug, a table lamp and four other pieces.£8.00

713 An Aga cast iron blue enamel lidded roasted dish and a similar stainless steel dish.£10.00

714 A set of four Aga stainless steel graduated saucepans, a similar colander etc.£22.00

715 A stone carving of three dancing figures.£2.00

716 An extensive collection of Copeland Spode ‘Spode’s Byron’ pattern tea and dinnerware.£25.00

717 An extensive collection of Denby ‘Seville’ pattern tea and dinnerware.£15.00

718 A suite of plated bead border flatware and a set of knives with ivorine handles.£45.00

719 A tray of flatware.£50.00

720 A Danbury Mint Cotswold village by Jane Hart in its original box.£8.00

721 A large collection of Picquot ware aluminium teaware together with two standard ashtrays.£38.00

722 A pair of floral decorated table lamps with matching shades.£20.00

723 A continental twin handle vase.£2.00

724 A pair of Super Zenith 20 x 50 binoculars and a pair of Boots Pacer 10 x 50 binoculars.£8.00

725 A brass blow lamp, a collection of iron weights and other metal ware.£8.00

726 A plated sugar helmet, a brass thermometer etc.£2.00

727 A pewter dish with touch marks, other pewter etc.£5.00

728 A Honiton Pottery jug floral scratched with a band of decoration and two other Honiton jugs.£20.00

729 A pair of plated chamber sticks etc.£1.00

730 A pair of bookends each carved with an eastern scholar.£1.00

731 A kukri.£5.00

732 A box of miscellaneous items including a leather jewellery box and a Meerschaum pipe.£8.00

733 Two Stamp Magazine printing plates.£0.00

734 A Keswick Staybrite planished rectangular tray.£5.00

735 A part suite of flatware in a 1930s oak canteen.£30.00

736 Model figures, a Coalport miniature loving cup etc.£12.00

737 A small oil on board, view to a lake, signed Vinson, two Victorian tiles and one other piece.£10.00

738 A pair of carved oak corbals.£18.00

739 A box of mineral specimens etc.£2.00

740 A Clare Instrument Company Megohmmeter Z118 in a black leather case.£8.00

741 Two brass blow lamps, a wick oil lamp and other metal ware.£8.00

742 A display of artificial flowers in a cane and wrought metal vase.£0.00

743 A Hontion Pottery floral painted vase and a Torquay pottery style jug.£28.00

744 A model of a Musketeer and three other models.£2.00

745 A rectangular mirror in a gilt frame.£2.00

745A An Ironstone toilet jug and bowl in Staffordshire style.£20.00

745B A copper kettle, a 1930s amber glass flower spreader and vase etc.£25.00

745C A brass oil lamp with a white glass shade.£5.00

745D An Edison Gem cylinder phonograph with winder, lacks horn.£80.00

745E A large studio pottery lidded jar.£15.00

745F A Victorian brass oil lamp with a white glass leaf moulded fount.£15.00

745G A student’s brass height adjustable oil lamp with a white glass shade.£35.00

745H A TUV drill stand.£0.00

745I A copy of ‘The Universal Family Bible’ in two leather bound volumes, dated 1776 and a red plush covered case.£5.00

745J A pendant brass two branch light fitting and other similar pieces.£1.00

745K Glassware.£2.00

745L Two part dinner services etc.£0.00

745M Miscellaneous china including Royal Worcester ‘Evesham’ pattern, a plated dish etc.£2.00

745N A set of four brass door catchers.£30.00

745P Models, other china and glass etc.£0.00

745Q A pair of cast metal oil lamp sconces.£25.00

745R A chrome floor standing ashtray.£8.00

745S A wooden pond yacht.£18.00

745T A ‘brass’ table lamp with a coloured leaded shade and a candelabrum.£2.00

746 Four boxes of books.£2.00

747 A box of toys etc.£2.00

748 A box of games etc.£2.00

749 A butane gas heater in its original box.£0.00

750 A box of books.£2.00

751 A box of camouflage clothing etc.£1.00

752 A small box of books.£1.00

753 Eight boxes of books.£2.00

754 A money box made as a VW camper van etc.£8.00

755 Three Victorian oval graduated plates, other plates etc.£30.00

756 An extensive collection of Johnson Brothers ‘Indian Tree’ pattern tea, dinner and coffee ware.£1.00

757 Miscellaneous.£1.00

758 A tagine and four other pieces.£1.00

759 Two Portmeirion ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern jugs.£25.00

760 Glassware including Babycham saucers, and eastern resin model figure etc.£15.00

761 Stemmed glasses and other glass.£8.00

762 A Kleeneze chrome hook on organiser.£0.00

763 Two boxes of vintage toys and games etc.£2.00

764 A box of books.£2.00

765 A box of books.£2.00

766 A 1920s woven fibre picnic case with a hinged lid and fall front opening on to a fitted interior.£2.00

767 A box of books including 19th century and later books.£2.00

768 An oil on board of a landscape and other pictures, prints and frames.£0.00

769 Three late 19th/early 20th century photograph frames and a 19th century coloured print ‘After Work’.£5.00

770 An oak wall clock.£5.00

771 Two 19th century ink drawings, one of farm animals the other a spaniel and other pictures.£10.00

772 A five piece pan set in its original box.£2.00

773 A chess game with shot glass pieces.£0.00

774 A box of books.£2.00

775 A box of vintage clothing patterns.£8.00

776 A non stick roasting pan in its original box.£5.00

777 A watercolour of a female nude, signed Adair and two other similar pictures.£20.00

778 A pair of watercolours of female nudes signed Adair.£20.00

779 Three watercolours of female nudes signed Adair.£25.00

780 A pastel of a reclining female nude initialed O.C., one other similar picture and a watercolour.£8.00

781 Four watercolours of nudes signed C. Ruskin.£40.00

782 Six reproduction signs including ‘RMS Titanic’ and ‘Swift’s Borax Soap’.£12.00

783 A set of four coloured prints of animals.£5.00

784 A watercolour of a female nude and three other similar pictures.£38.00

785 Five pictures of female nudes.£38.00

786 A pair of prints of life classes signed Claxton, a watercolour of a female nude signed Adair and one other similar picture.£20.00

787 A set of six coloured Impressionist prints in pine frames.£0.00

788 An oil on canvas of a female nude initialed O.C.07 and one other similar picture.£22.00

789 An oil on board of a girl undressing signed Silver and a similar signed limited edition print.£25.00

790 An oil on canvas of a nude model in an artist’s studio signed Charlotte Markey and five similar pictures. £22.00

791 A watercolour of a tattooed nude and one other similar picture.£32.00

792 An early 20th century ‘Allenburys’ Feeder half size baby bottle in its original cardboard box.£5.00

793 A carved wood model of an elephant rolling a log, an Eastern brass gong, a similar copper bowl and a collection of books.£30.00

794 A boxed set of bows and ebony dominoes.£2.00

795 Two graduated copper saucepans with brass handles and one other piece. £2.00

796 Two cut out painted wooden figures of a man and woman in 18th century costume.£50.00

797 An Eastern white glass lidded jar printed with a figure in a garden, a table lamp etc.£0.00

798 A mantle timepiece etc.£1.00

799 Two cut glass decanters and two handkerchief vases.£0.00

800 A sarcophagus shape box, the lid with a frog finial, together with a novelty bottle opener.£8.00

801 A box of die cast toy vehicles.£5.00

801A A box of 19th century photographs.£40.00

801B An aneroid barometer by Short & Mason London on an oval hardwood mount.£1.00

802 Two boxed sets of Bayko, a tin of marbles and two other pieces.£10.00

803 Miscellaneous including coins and a camera.£0.00

804 Two part tea services and other china.£0.00

805 Three brass candle sconces and various loose lustres etc.£8.00

806 A Poole Pottery Broadstone ‘Vortex’ pattern plate, a similar Aegean pattern leaf shaped plate and a floral decorated jar. £2.00

807 A bundle of Victorian leather bound photograph albums.£2.00

808 A bundle of sheet music.£0.00

809 A 19th century copy of John Leech’s ‘Pictures of Life and Character, From the Collection of Mr Punch.’£0.00

810 A bundle of jigsaw puzzles.£1.00

811 Two copper oil lamps, one converted to electricity, together with a pair of oval carved wood panels.£8.00

812 Two Marazion Pottery vases and six other pieces.£8.00

813 A Victorian floral decorated cheese dish and cover etc.£0.00

814 A Whitefriar’s pink glass vase and a similar green glass vase.£2.00

815 An Eastern carving of a man wearing a sarong.£2.00

816 Twelve Baileys miniatures and glasses in their original boxes.£18.00

817 A West German orange glaze vase and four other pieces.£10.00

818 An Eastern brass vase, a pewter coffee pot and other metal ware.£10.00

819 An Eastern copper jug with two spouts etc.£5.00

820 An Eastern lazy Susan with butterfly decorated dishes on an ebonised stand and a Dutch Regina rectangular dish.£0.00

821 A shaving mirror on a white painted metal stand and an Eastern carved wood staff.£2.00

822 A Victorian folding ebonised extended book trough, the ends decorated with brass and mother of pearl.£5.00

823 A brass preserving pan with an iron swing handle.£8.00

824 A circular waste paper bin printed with a Japanese scene.£1.00

825 A floral decorated toilet bowl.£1.00

826 A collection of blue and white souvenir ware.£30.00

827 A 1930s green glass part dressing table set, a similar blue glass set etc.£2.00

828 A bag of dolls.£2.00

829 Boxes etc.£8.00

830 An oval plate, a blue and white plate, a part dressing table set etc.£2.00

831 A collection of postcards in a hardwood box.£8.00

832 A suite of King’s pattern flatware in an oak canteen.£35.00

833 Miscellaneous.£0.00

834 A stoneware ginger beer bottle retailed by Havard & Morgan Nantyglo, other china, a collection of metal ware etc.£10.00

835 A box of die cast model vehicles in their original boxes.£12.00

836 A white enamel flour bin.£2.00

837 A naturalistic resin table lamp with a coloured leaded shade.£35.00

838 An Eastern style blossom decorated table lamp with shade and a matching smaller lamp.£0.00

839 A late 18th century teacup, a blue and white ginger jar and two other pieces.£2.00

840 A brass ‘Sealyhams’ cast companion set.£10.00

841 A Victorian green glass oil lamp.£8.00

842 A copper coal helmet.£15.00

843 An oak box.£10.00

844 A 1930s floral decorated jug, a stoneware salt pot, a studio pottery jug with floral scratched decoration impressed, af, and two other pieces.£2.00

845 A Victorian ebonised ink stand, a bronzed resin model frog etc.£2.00

846 A part suite of Fiddle pattern cutlery in an oak canteen.£25.00

847 Miscellaneous and metalware etc.£1.00

848 A Swedish ‘Desi Phillippe’ travel backgammon set in its original box.£1.00

849 A floral decorated lidded jar, other china etc.£0.00

850 An oval copper twin handle pan with lid.£18.00

851 An oval twin handle pan with lid.£18.00

852 A model of a sailing ship, a plated ladle with a turned handle and a collection of thimbles.£10.00

853 A box of egg cups.£1.00

854 A set of six Portmeirion ‘Pomona’ pattern bowls, a pair of similar ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern bowls, a plated open salt, a watch case etc.£35.00

855 A collection of studio pottery including Dartington and Peter Hardy, St Buryan.£25.00

856 A small writing slope, a pair of shoe stretchers and other woodware etc.£2.00

857 An Eastern blue and white lidded jar, an oval plate etc.£2.00

858 Miscellaneous including an electric mantle timepiece.£2.00

859 A large red enamel domed pendant light fitting.£20.00

860 Two West German vases.£2.00

861 A rectangular dish decorated in South American style, a small collection of Poole Pottery Treacle Glaze tea and dinnerware etc.£0.00

862 A 1930s circular bowl, other china etc.£0.00

863 Two Celtic Pottery storage jars and two other pieces.£2.00

864 A set of three square glass storage jars and other glass.£1.00

865 A 1930s chrome companion set.£20.00

866 Two composition miner’s helmets, one brown, the other white, each with its head torch and battery pack.£20.00

867 A set of four French Durand stemmed glasses in their original presentation box.£15.00

868 A bottle of Champagne De Venoge and a pair of Champagne flutes in a presentation box.£15.00

869 A tray of brass, other metalware etc.£5.00

870 Glassware including a blue vaseline jug and eye baths.£2.00

871 A Tuscan china part coffee service, each piece enamelled with a bird on a branch.£5.00

872 Brass and other metal ware.£5.00

873 A 1930s green glaze teapot and a glass vase.£0.00

873A A brass balance on a mahogany stand, together with a set of small brass weights, together with a slate and iron companion set.£2.00

874 A Victorian mantle clock in a black slate and marble temple case. £35.00

875 An Italian Brunel Preziosi d’autore 1972 ‘999%’ weighted silvered resin plaque moulded with the face of Christ in the manner of the Turin shroud.£10.00

876 A copy of the Rubiyat of Omar Khayyan by Edward Fitzgerald illustrated by Robert Stewart Sherriffs and an 18th century leather bound copy of The Spectator, London 1720.£2.00

877 A copy of ‘Iolanthe and Other Operas’ by W.S. Gilbert, illustrated by W. Russell Flint, published by G. Bell & Sons, Ltd, 1910 and a 19th century copy of Payne’s ‘Universal Pictorial World.’£0.00

878 A Latin copy of the ‘Pharmacopoeia Medicorum’, Londinensis, 1746.£8.00

879 An 18th century leather bound book ‘The History of the Pleas of the Crown’ by Sir Matthew Hale, 1736 together with two leather and card first editions Vols l & ll of ‘Master Humphrey’s Clock’ by Charles Dickens, 1841.

880 Two Victorian photograph albums, a late 19th/early 20th century stamp photo album, other photographs etc.£10.00

881 A bundle of American comics including DC Batman.£5.00

882 A box of plated flatware and other plate.£2.00

883 Two boxes of costume jewellery.£12.00

884 A Fielding and Co. ceramic cigarette box advertising Balkan Sobranie Cigarettes together with a cigarette jar etc.£22.00

885 A bag of plated ware including a ladle.£30.00

886 Two framed photographs of Elvis Presley, a Rolls Royce advertising mirror and one other mirror.£0.00

887 An oil on canvas of a river scene, two framed maps and two other pictures.£0.00

888 Two watercolour line painting of nudes each signed Young and one other picture.£5.00

889 Four pastels of sleeping and reclining nudes, each initialed O.C.£40.00

890 A box of books and magazines.£0.00

891 A collection of baking trays.£2.00

892 A box of dolls including composition.£2.00

893 Three boxes of books.£0.00

894 A rectangular mirror in a white painted frame.£0.00

895 A circular convex mirror in a gilt frame.£0.00

896 A collection of 19th century prints etc.£10.00

897 Four copies of ‘The National History of England’ and other books.£0.00

898 An early 20th century Singer gilt decorated hand sewing machine in an arched walnut veneered case.£20.00

899 A small oil on board of a lake scene, other pictures and frames.£2.00

900 A box containing model tyre ashtrays, a Waddingtons Buccaneer game etc. £10.00

901 A box of stamp collecting related magazines.£0.00

902 A box of red glaze mugs.£0.00

903 A box of sheet music and a quartz time piece.

904 An eastern silk panel worked with exotic birds, other pictures, frames etc.£0.00

905 A box of books.£0.00

906 A plastic toolbox and contents.£1.00

907 A box of mostly Cornish related books.£30.00

908 Two oils on board, one of a lake scene, the other a bridge over a stream each signed F. Leaver and other pictures.£0.00

909 A camera tripod.£0.00

910 Two watercolours of female nudes each signed Adair and one other picture.£2.00

911 Two mirrors.£1.00

912 Pictures and prints.£0.00

913 A watercolour of iris’s and a collection of prints.£0.00

914 Two watercolours, one a coastal scene signed Penrose, the other a farmhouse by K.M. Barneby.£0.00

915 An artist’s folio case and contents.£0.00

916 Two boxes of books.£30.00

917 A set of four Henselite bowling woods in a fitted blue canvas case.£22.00

918 Three boxes of collector’s plates etc.£5.00

919 A set of twelve Cries of London prints.£1.00

920 A watercolour of a female nude signed Adair and two other similar pictures.£5.00

921 An oil on board of a girl in a bikini signed J. Murray and five other pictures.£2.00

921A An oil on canvas, a girl by a window and three other works.£30.00

922 A lot of vintage motoring related tins including Esso Oil, a Castrol Motor Oil bottle and other tins etc.£18.00

923 Two boxes of books.£20.00

924 A Holt fixings cabinet in its original box.£8.00

924A A pair of turned wood candlesticks and a serpentine barrel.£5.00

925 Glassware and a black metal stand.£0.00

926 A German stoneware jug and one other German jug.£0.00

927 A pair of cut glass decanters each with a plated label together with one other similar decanter with a silver ‘Madeira’ label.£40.00

928 A pair of plated candlesticks, a pair of similar wine bottle stands each with a leaf and berry cast border etc.£30.00

929 A wire egg basket wrought as a hen.£2.00

930 Six bottles of wine.£0.00

931 A Lladro model of a swan and two other models.£18.00

932 An African carved ebony model of a warrior and a continental carving of an old lady.£15.00

933 Two carved wood ducks, one by Norman Wood Coventy, other woodware etc.£1.00

934 A carving of two leaping dolphins.£8.00

935 A copper kettle and other copper and brass etc.£20.00

936 A George Jones ‘Abbey’ pattern jug and other china and glass.£1.00

937 A Lamorna pottery part tea service, an Alan Brugh conserve jar etc.£15.00

938 A coloured print of the Minster, York after Geoff Downie.£0.00

939 An ‘Indian Tree’ pattern teapot, a cheese dish and cover with floral moulded decoration etc.£15.00

940 An earthenware pot containing wooden kitchen utensils.£0.00

941 A bundle of 18th and 19th century books including leather bound.£0.00

942 A Victorian floral decorated cheese dish and cover, a Copeland china butter dish etc.£0.00

943 Princess Diana and other commemorative ware.£0.00

944 Commemorative ware and other china and glass.£10.00

945 A Tremaen pottery flattened oval lamp base each side moulded with an abstract design, height 29cm.£12.00

946 Two 19th century music books, one ‘Le Papillion’ by Strauss 1863/64, the other ‘Ballads and Songs’ by T. Williams, Mozart, John Parry, Thomas Bayly and others.£2.00

947 A Marx Toys Sound-O-Power toy military rifle in its original box.£10.00

948 A Pelham Puppets ‘Caesar the Dog’ puppet circa 1953-1956.£30.00

949 A Griffin & George scientific instrument makers strobe wheel and a possibly related light projector No 54666.£18.00

950 A gilt triple mirror.£0.00

951 A bundle of mostly 18th century books.£2.00

952 Two table lamps made as classical columns.£10.00

953 Miscellaneous china, an oil lamp etc.£1.00

954 A large white glaze lamp base made as a classical urn, with a silk shade together with two Wedgwood commemorative plates in their original boxes. £2.00

955 A collection of die cast model vehicles and a tin plate model of an American car.£20.00

956 A collection of souvenir spoons etc.£1.00

957 Plated ware.£5.00

958 A Royal Doulton tankard painted with mounted knights in a landscape together with a Crown Devon ‘Yorkshire Man’s Advice’ mug and five other pieces.£30.00

959 Two trays of flatware.£2.00

960 Two boxes of photographs, paperwork etc.£2.00

961 A box of china and glass etc.£2.00

962 A bundle of mostly 19th century books.£2.00

963 A Yahtzee game and a collection of card games.£5.00

964 A box of placemats etc.£1.00

965 A set of seven 18th century leather bound copies of ‘History of England’ by T. Smollett dated 1760.£30.00

966 A box of flatware etc.£2.00

967 A suite of Bestecke Solingen cutlery including serving spoons in a fitted black rexine case with combination locks.£30.00

968 A brown rexine covered doctor’s type case, the lid opening onto drawers.£2.00

969 A turned wood vase, a Crown Devon vase etc.£0.00

969A Two Lladro models of girls and three other pieces.£50.00

970 A Tremaen Pottery flattened oval lamp base impressed to both sides with an abstract design.£10.00

971 Miscellaneous including wood ware.£0.00

972 A 1920s green glass part dressing table set, a red cased glass vase etc.£1.00

973 A carved wood model of a seated cat, painted to both sides with flowers, together with a cat carved triptych.£15.00

973A An early 20th century brass firescreen set with a star cut mirrored panel and one other screen.£5.00

974 A turned wood lidded jar and three other pieces.£10.00

975 A floral decorated vase, a marigold carnival glass spill vase etc.£2.00

976 A chrome wall mounted gimble light and two other pieces.£20.00

977 A blue and white toilet jug, a table lamp, a Robert’s radio and a leather writing case.£12.00

978 A blue glass and bronzed metal ewer.£2.00

979 A circular bowl made as if mounted with a turreted building, together with a copper jug.£2.00

980 A revolving flame effect lamp etc.

981 Coloured and other glass.£2.00

982 A small cane picnic basket.£0.00

983 A chrome magazine rack.£1.00

984 A pine toolbox, width 60cm. £12.00

985 Glassware including blue vaseline and cut glass.£30.00

986 Two graduated oval white glaze serving dishes with flower and leaf moulded decoration etc.£0.00

987 A Majolica lidded jar, other china, a plated two section stand etc.£2.00

988 A Czechoslovakian bluebird decorated part tea service.£5.00

989 Kitchen glass, a coffee maker etc.£2.00

990 A box of photographic equipment, 1950s photographs, a set of laboratory weights in a brown bakelite case etc.£12.00

991 Miscellaneous china and glass.£1.00

992 Plated ware.£10.00

993 Three pieces of Celtic Pottery and other china.£12.00

994 Two Beswick model flying ducks and other models.£50.00

995 Blue and white and other china.£1.00

996 A Caithness glass paperweight and other glass.£8.00

997 Decanters and other glass, together with ceramic part dressing table set etc.£10.00

998 A vintage snakeskin handbag.£8.00

999 A 1930s mantle clock in a walnut veneered case, an African carved wood figure etc.£12.00

1000 Two hairdressing practice heads.£10.00

1001 A suite of cutlery in an oak canteen.£8.00

1002 A carved stone bust of an African lady.£2.00

1003 Glassware including a decanter and a jug decorated in Mary Gregory style.£5.00

1004 Miscellaneous teaware,a pair of continental oil jugs etc.£2.00

1005 A collection in seven boxes of mainly Motorcycle Magazines, 1930s-1980s.£35.00

1006 A box of books and a box of DVDs.£2.00

1007 Two boxes of books.£10.00

1008 Two soft toys etc.£0.00

1009 An Eastern stone model tree and a display of artificial flowers.£0.00

1010 A pair of gilt metal bookends cast as American Indians.£40.00

1011 Glassware.£0.00

1012 A pair of early 20th century figure decorated twin handle vases.£0.00

1013 Decanters, other glass and a collection of china.£8.00

1014 A Mamod stationary steam engine and a toy robot.£20.00

1015 A gilt metal model horse and other metal ware.£18.00

1016 A stoneware ginger beer bottle by D.W. Newman, Yarmouth and other china.£2.00

1017 A pair of P.T. & E.W. field telephones. £8.00

1018 A resin copy of a classical Greek head and four other pieces.£15.00

1019 Miscellaneous including a snakeskin handbag.£0.00

1020 A vintage table football game, 69.5cm x 144cm.£0.00

1021 A child’s violin with a 28.5cm two part back in a fitted case.£5.00

1022 Glassware etc.£0.00

1023 A Denby ‘Chevron’ pattern coffee pot and a 1970s Ironstone ‘Tango’ pattern part coffee service.£5.00

1024 A Hobbies cast and wrought metal treadle operated fret saw.£18.00

1025 A Chorister hand wind gramophone case, together with a collection of 78rpm records in a briefcase.£8.00

1026 An HMV oak table top hand wind gramophone with a No.5A pick up, together with a collection of records.£12.00

1027 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a wood effect frame.£0.00

1028 A pair of hardwood trays and two plastic trays.£10.00

1029 A white painted standard lamp with shade.£0.00

1029A A Stocko cast iron screw action press.£2.00

1030 A black painted tin trunk.£2.00

1031 A hardwood effect cantilever sewing box.£1.00

1032 A cuckoo clock.£2.00

1033 A brass letterbox, a pair of nickel field glasses etc.£0.00

1034 A toy pull along Tortoise, a similar dog etc. £1.00

1035 A Celtic Pottery table lamp and other china, glass etc.£1.00

1035A A pair of Hammersley ‘Osborne’ pattern oval dishes and six other pieces. £0.00

1036 A Bush handbag radio etc.£10.00

1037 A Coalport ivy decorated part tea service and other china and glass.£12.00

1038 A box of miscellaneous items.£1.00

1039 A box of books.£1.00

1040 A box of books.£1.00

1041 An oil on board of the King Harry ferry and other pictures.£0.00

1042 A marquetry panel worked with an Italian river scene, an oil on canvas of a rough sea and other pictures.£0.00

1043 Six various watercolours. £5.00

1044 Nine tupilwood picture frames.£20.00

1045 A three-fold screen with fabric panels.£2.00

1046 A perspex sign advertising the Penzance to St Ives Scenic Railway and a metal sign for the Travel Centre. £12.00

1047 A hardwood wall mounted book/magazine display rack with two tiers of perspex fronted shelves, width 188cm.£0.00

1048 A watercolour of a continental village, a photograph of a yacht, a similar coloured print and other pictures.£0.00

1049 A pair of rectangular oils on board of stags before landscapes.£12.00

1050 A small corner rack of folding shelves.£0.00

1051 A pastel of Kenidjack valley, St Just by Plebby Law and a watercolour of yachts on a lake.£0.00

1052 An oil on canvas of a riverside cottage.£0.00

1053 A set of three prints of artist’s studios and two other pictures.£10.00

1054 Three prints of female nudes.£8.00

1055 Two line watercolours of dancers.£1.00

1056 An oil on canvas, the head of an African girl with head dress and beads, signed Adair.£12.00

1057 A watercolour of a female nude, initialed O.C. and two similar pictures.£5.00

1058 A watercolour of a scantily clad woman and a similar print.£8.00

1059 An oil on board of buildings beyond tress.

1060 An oil on board, the head of a girl signed Silver, a pastel of a dancing nude and one other picture.£10.00

1061 An artist’s folding easel and two table top easels.£2.00

1062 An artist’s folding easel.£1.00

1063 A lancet shaped mirror in a similar hardwood frame.£0.00

1064 An ‘I Love Playboy’ folding stool.£2.00

1065 A brown leather cabin trunk with bentwood bands.£30.00

1066 A small corner rack of open shelves with mirror backs.£0.00

1067 A composition cabin trunk.£2.00

1068 A vintage brown leather cabin trunk.£8.00

1069 A vintage suitcase and a briefcase with combination locks.£2.00

1070 A brown leather suitcase and a composition case.£2.00

1071 A mirror in a mahogany frame.£0.00

1072 An oval mirror in a wood effect frame.£0.00

1073 An octagonal mirror with bevelled glass in a brass clad frame.£2.00

1074 An octagonal mirror with bevelled glass.£0.00

1075 A watercolour of a female nude and a similar picture.£15.00

1076 A gouache ‘Cappuccino’ by Margaret Euleston and three other pictures. £5.00

1077 A rectangular mirror in a hardwood effect frame and an oval mirror and a circular eastern brass tray.£1.00

1078 A large oil on board of Mullion Cove signed J.C.Beal, an oil on canvas of a girl in a garden signed Franca and two other pictures.£8.00

1079 A watercolour of a nude signed T. Rusaleona, a similar pastel initialed O.C. and one other painting.£20.00

1080 Two watercolours of female nudes signed Adair.£30.00

1081 An oil on board of bikini clad girls on a beach signed Silver, a watercolour of a female nude signed Adair and two other pictures..£25.00

1082 A watercolour of a female nude initialed O.C. and one other similar picture.£40.00

1083 Two pastels of female nudes, one signed Silver the other initialed O.C.£18.00

1084 An oil on board of a female nude signed Silver and two other similar pictures.£60.00

1085 Three framed photographs of female nudes.£8.00

1086 An oil on board of a female nude and a similar oil on canvas signed R. Soan.£15.00

1087 A watercolour of a Cornish mine engine house and three other pictures.£2.00

1088 A Singer treadle sewing machine on a walnut and iron table and a Wilson hand sewing machine.£0.00

1089 A gilt triple mirror.£0.00

1090 Three folding luggage stands.£0.00

1091 A box of Wade Whimsies and other models together with books and a quartz wall clock.£25.00

1092 An eastern framed silk worked with an eagle on a branch, two other similar pictures and one other piece.

1093 A box of 18th century and later books.£35.00

1094 A Milwaukee rucksack.£1.00

1095 Three mantel clocks a.f. etc£2.00

1096 A box of kitchenware etc.£1.00

1097 A box of books etc.£2.00

1098 A box of miscellaneous items including battery operated toy machine gun and a collection of 45rpm records.£5.00

1099 A box of books.£35.00

1100 Two boxes of books and pictures.£0.00

1101 A Sirram picnic case containing tools.£2.00

1102 A box of books.£1.00

1103 A large collection of 45rpm records.£60.00

1104 A box of CDs.£15.00

1105 A box of books.£1.00

1106 A box of Codds and other bottles.£5.00

1106A A standard lampshade.£0.00

1107 Pictures and camera tripod.£0.00

1108 A box of 33rpm records including Abba, Eric Clapton and Marvin Gaye.£150.00

1109 A collection in two boxes of mostly boxed classical albums.£0.00

1110 An oil on canvas of three fisherman and other pictures.£5.00

1111 A box of sewing materials.£5.00

1112 A box of artist’s materials.£5.00

1113 A collection of films on DVD including the Star Wars trilogy.£10.00

1114 A German small Puratone piano accordion.£2.00

1115 A collection of blue glass.£8.00

1116 An oak leaf embossed magazine rack.£5.00

1117 A pale yellow glass bowl with a polished pontil and an oval plated tray with a pierced gallery.£2.00

1118 A T. J. Mackintosh model of an American Indian and a pair of similar bookends.£25.00

1119 A brass plant sprayer.£5.00

1120 A 1930s walnut veneered standard lamp a.f.£0.00

1121 A carved and fluted wood standard lamp with shade.£2.00

1122 An ice bucket made as an eastern koro.£2.00

1123 Die cast model vehicles in their original boxes, three static model railway locomotives and a related DVD.£32.00

1124 A table lamp on a base mounted with a banded keg together with a reproduction flintlock pistol and two other pieces.£2.00

1125 A bundle of mostly Cornish books.£2.00

1126 A Countrylane Cornwall Pottery bowl, an Aynsley ‘Cottage Garden’ pattern vase etc.

1127 A collection of blue glass, other glass etc.£2.00

1128 A brass desk lamp with a green glass shade together with a marbled lamp bowl and a ceiling light fitting.£40.00

1129 A pair of pendant amber glass spherical lampshade.£2.00

1130 A White Friars green glass vase, various bowls etc.£2.00

1131 Two resin railway related models.£8.00

1132 A clock under dome, a pair of shoe stretchers etc.£8.00

1133 A quartz wall timepiece in a brass porthole mount.£8.00

1134 A box of flatware, placemats, a pair of owl moulded vases etc.£1.00

1135 An Italian model of an old lady on a bench, other models etc.£5.00

1136 A set of four Quimper fruit bowls, a part dinner service decorated with an abstract design etc.£1.00

1137 A box of flatware and kitchen utensils.£1.00

1138 A box of Goss and other crested ware.£2.00

1139 A BP Energol advertising clipboard and a pair of photograph frames.£2.00

1140 A vintage brass rim lock. £5.00

1141 A pair of green floral cloisonne vases.£15.00

1142 An oil on canvas of an 18th century gentleman, a reproduction miners lamp made as a table lamp etc.£5.00

1143 A box of miscellaneous items including a fan with bone sticks, a celluloid bag catch and cigarette holders together with a plated toast rack, tankard and sugar tongs. £5.00

1144 A box of Victorian and later photographs.£0.00

1145 A late 19th/early 20th century blue and white part dinner service including two serving dishes, stands and meat plates, each piece transfer printed with buildings and animals.£75.00

1146 Miscellaneous including a brass letters rack and two hand mirrors.£2.00

1147 An eastern carved box with a brass lock, a hardwood box with brass stubs and mounts and two other boxes.£5.00

1148 A pair of Regent 8x30 binoculars.£4.00

1149 A poker work writing box with a fall front opening onto three shelves, width 25.5cm.£18.00

1150 An eastern brass verdigris effect table lamp with a band of raised decoration, with shade.£0.00

1151 An eastern brass verdigris effect table lamp with a band of raised decoration, with shade.

1152 A large mantel clock in a walnut veneered case.£0.00

1153 Miscellaneous including a Roberts radio and a small collection of china including a match striker.£2.00

1154 A Ferodo brake testing meter manufactured by Tapley and Co together with a spirit level and a vintage date stamp.£20.00

1155 A Salter 1930s household scale No.33, a small Green Kat telescope and a collection of brass and other metalware. £5.00

1156 A copper planter together with a collection of old magazines including Exchange Mart 1941 and commemorative.£1.00

1157 A Midwinter fashion shape ‘Zambesi’ pattern serving dish and plate.£28.00

1158 An ‘oyster’ shell lampshade and a hall lantern.£0.00

1159 A West German green glaze vase with bands of textured orange decoration, a grass flower basket and a glass vase made as basket.£2.00

1160 A Victorian mahogany veneered writing slope/sewing box, width 30.5cm together with one other writing slope a.f.£25.00

1161 A painted box.£2.00

1162 An aluminium case.£0.00

1163 A cane basket containing canvas bags.£2.00

1164 A Beswick style large flying duck plaque.£90.00

1165 A set of three graduated painted metal flying birds.£18.00

1166 A Royal Doulton model ‘The Old Balloon Seller’ HN1315, height 19cm.£32.00

1167 A Royal Doulton model ‘The Balloon Man’ HN1954.£32.00

1168 A Geobels Hummel model of a boy playing an accordion, two Mabel Lucie Atwell model figures and one other.£18.00

1169 A Maltese Mtarfa square blue glass vase.£5.00

1170 A pair of Prince and Princess of Wales, silver wedding 1863 pressed amber glass dishes.£2.00

1171 An SB Instruments thermometer on a marble and lapis lazuli mount.£8.00

1172 A Leach Pottery St Ives standard ware ramekin and a glass match striker.£15.00

1173 Two late 18th century blue and white, possibly Worcester, hard paste cups and other late 18th and early 19th century china.£28.00

1174 A Royal Doulton model of ‘Southern Belle’ HN2229 together with a 1930s green glaze and silver lustre coffee pot.£15.00

1175 A Royal Worcester rose painted coffee cup and saucer together with a Japanese cup and saucer and one other piece.£10.00

1176 A Royal Worcester and Beswick model bird.£28.00

1177 Three Royal Doulton models of little girls ‘Tinkle Bell’ ‘Marie’ and ‘Babie’£15.00

1178 A Royal Worcester green glaze small jar with four panels painted with a peacock and pine tree branches, dated 1903, height 8.5cm.£12.00

1179 A Beswick turquoise glaze tapering vase with flower and leaf moulded decoration, height 19.5cm. £15.00

1180 Three early 19th century stemmed glasses, a similar spoon measure and two other pieces.£2.00

1181 Two photographs of King George V in their original packaging.£0.00

1182 Three Victorian photographs in gilt frames and one other similar photograph.£2.00

1183 A Ducal ware tankard transfer printed with singing drunks titled ‘Harmony’ signed to the bottom by Lauritz Milchior (The Famous Danish-American Opera Singer) and R C Lister together with related paperwork about Melchior’s signing.£15.00

1184 NO LOT.£0.00

1185 A white glaze spherical lamp base.£2.00

1186 A red, yellow and blue running glaze vase, height 26cm.£0.00

1187 Two Lladro models, one of a boy and his dog with a wheelbarrow, the other a girl and a dove.£20.00

1188 An early 19th century small rectangular rosewood box with a mother of pearl escutcheon. £12.00

1189 A pink art glass bowl, a small blue glass vase in a silver coloured metal cage and one other piece.£8.00

1190 A pair of French Haviland white glaze plates with gilt borders, apparently recovered from the wreck of the SS Mohegan together with some related paperwork.£22.00

1191 A cased set of drawing instruments£8.00

1192 An early 20th century flexible metal ear trumpet with aluminium horn marked Ardente 309 Oxford Street.£25.00

1193 An early 20th century nursery bowl, mug and plate.£5.00

1194 A small brass and steel balance with bronze weights in a hardwood case, the inside of the lid with a table of weights and measures.£12.00

1195 An oval brass snuff box and two other pieces.£15.00

1195A A 19th century cut glass tumbler and a small leaf cut glass in a treen holder.£5.00

1196 A Royal Doulton jug a.f., a similar stoneware match striker made as a skep etc.£2.00

1197 A GWR ‘Historic Totnes’ jigsaw puzzle, other puzzles etc. £2.00

1198 An Italian acoustic guitar.£0.00

1199 A model K125 acoustic guitar.£5.00

1200 A Falcon red acoustic guitar.£5.00

1201 An Encore model No.ENC44 acoustic guitar.£5.00

1202 A Kimbara acoustic guitar.£5.00

1203 An acoustic guitar.£5.00

1204 A Falcon model No. FG100SB acoustic guitar.£2.00

1205 A box of Star Trek Next Generation DVDs.£5.00

1206 A box of books.£0.00

1207 An oil on board of a kitten, two other prints and a Guernsey horse brass.£0.00

1208 A collection of prints.£0.00

1209 A set of seven cut glass tumblers, a Hummel model of a bricklayer and an Italian inlaid box.£0.00

1210 A pair of Japanese figure decorated vases.£0.00

1211 Model figures, a pair of bookends etc.£0.00

1212 An Italian inlaid walnut letter knife, a carved wood knife, a Kashmir box etc.£2.00

1213 A collection of copper lustre jugs.£0.00

1214 A Pentax Asahi Spotmatic 33mm camera fitted with a Super-Takumar lens.£20.00

1215 A Zeiss Ikon Contax lll 35mm camera with built in meter.£80.00

1216 A Pentax Asahi S1a 33mm camera fitted with a Super-Takumer lens together with a Super Takumar 1:3.5/35 lens.£20.00

1217 A Zeiss Ikon Contarex 35mm SLR Bulls-Eye camera fitted with a Planer F=15mm lens, separate Sumpak GF17 flash gun in a black leather case together with a Sonnor f=35mm lens.£210.00

1218 An Ihagee Dresden Exa 500 35mm camera fitted with a E Ludwig Meritar 2.9/50 lens.£18.00

1219 A Fujita 66 6x6 format SLR camera in a brown leather case.£32.00

1220 A Fujita F=150mm screw fit lens in a brown leather case.£15.00

1221 An Ensign folding range finder bellows camera with a ‘Trichro’ shutter in its original brown leather case.£22.00

1222 Twelve Staffordshire lidded enamel pots.£22.00

1223 A collection of model flowers.£1.00

1224 An oil on canvas of a child sewing a button and other pictures.£8.00

1225 A pair of wrought metal six branch light fittings.£0.00

1226 A pendant carved giltwood five branch light fitting.£10.00

1227 A pair of pendant hexagonal brass hall lanterns.£15.00

1227A A pendant hexagonal hall lantern and a pair of wall lights with cylindrical glass shades.£0.00

1228 A pendant amber resin and metal lampshade.£1.00

1228A A cane shopping trolley.£18.00

1229 A bundle of 18 Elton John albums including ‘Yellow Brick Road’.£28.00

1230 Six copies of ‘The Two Rooms’ albums celebrating the songs of Elton John and Bernie Taupin on the Mercury label.£18.00

1231 Five Cliff Richard and The Shadows albums ‘Summer Holiday’, ’21 Today’, ‘The Young Ones’, ‘Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp’ and ‘When In Spain’ together with two solo Cliff Richard albums. £1.00

1232 A bundle of albums including Lindisfarne, Leo Sayer, The Hollies and Gallagher and Lyle.£5.00

1233 Five Bee Gees albums including ‘Main Course’ and ‘The Bee Gees Live’.£2.00

1234 A bundle of 33rpm records including The Walker Brothers ‘The Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore’ on Smash Records, promotional copy together with 10CC, Carol King, Wings and The Bay City Rollers.£10.00

1235 A bundle of records including The Everly Brothers, Fleetwood Mac and Bread.£2.00

1236 A bundle of thirteen Neil Diamond albums.£2.00

1237 A collection of 33rpm records including The Walker Brothers, Johnny Nash, Dionne Warwick and The Blues Band.£5.00

1238 A bundle of albums including Ike Turner’s ‘Funky Mule’.£20.00

1239 Three Thin Lizzy albums, a copy of Phil Lynott’s ‘Solo In Soho’ album and five other albums.£22.00

1240 A copy of the movie soundtrack ‘Tommy’, a copy of the ‘McVicar’ album and three Eagles albums.£10.00

1241 Two Marble Arch records, Donovan’s ‘Universal Soldier’ and the ‘Well Respected Kinks’, together with a copy of Manfred Mann’s ‘Mann Made Hits’ and David Bowie’s ‘Pin Ups’ album£18.00

1242 The Beach Boys, three albums ‘Pet Sounds’, ‘Summer Days’ and ‘L A Light’.£10.00

1243 Seven Phillip Goodhand-Tait albums.£2.00

1244 The Rolling Stones, eight re-release albums in their original unopened plastic covering including ‘Big Hits (High Tide Green Grass)’, and ‘Through The Past Darkly’.£85.00

1245 A bundle of eight Rolling Stones re-release albums including ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request’ and ‘Get Your Ya’Ya’s Out!’ £75.00

1246 A copy of The Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ album, real zip sleeve together with copies of ‘Let it Bleed’ and ‘High Tide Green Grass’.£30.00

1247 Three Rolling Stones albums ‘Beggars Banquet’, ‘Exile On Main St.’ and ‘Still Life’.£15.00

1248 A bundle of 33rpm records including Genesis, The Doobie Brothers and Rocky Salvation and The Satellites.£20.00

1249 Pink Floyd, five albums including ‘Dark Side Of The Moon, Atom Heart Mother’ and ‘The Wall’.£70.00

1250 Bob Dylan, seven albums including ‘Bringing It All Back Home’, ‘Greatest Hits’ and ‘Slow Train Coming’.£40.00

1251 The Beatles, four albums, ‘Help’, ‘Beatles For Sale’, ‘Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’.£30.00

1252 The Beatles, two albums ‘Please Please Me’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band’ and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ album. £12.00

1253 Bob Seger, six albums including ‘Mongrel’ and ‘Live Bullet’.£5.00

1254 Rod Stewart, eight albums including ‘Smiler’, ‘Atlantic Crossing’ and ‘Never A Dull Moment’.£5.00

1255 A bundle of 33rpm records including Byrd Maniax, Blue and The Bellamy Brothers.£18.00

1256 A bundle of E.P.’s including The Beatles ‘Twist and Shout’, Bob Dylan’s ‘One Too Many Mornings’ and The Beach Boys ‘Hits’ together with a collection of singles including Beatles and Rolling Stones.£30.00

1257 A brass trench art matchbox cover embossed to the front with a Pickelhaube helmet, to the back ‘Souvenir de France’ together with a butter knife enameled SS Empress of Britain.£15.00

1258 A Minton and Co. Victorian 1897 blue glaze rectangular paperweight and four other pieces.£20.00

1259 Costume jewellery including a silver gypsy set ring, a pewter quaiche etc.£15.00

1260 A Sanyo micro cassette recorder and a collection of tapes.£5.00

1261 A bag of costume jewellery.£2.00

1262 Two quartz wristwatches.£2.00

1263 A Roy Christie Co. Ltd. Acme City whistle, a pair of cufflinks and a matching tiepin etc.£5.00

1264 A tin containing a collection of film cells.£1.00

1265 A Kienzle eight day rear bezel wind car clock, diameter 6.5cm.£40.00

1266 Two jewellery scales.£0.00

1267 A tin containing postcards, coins etc.£0.00

1268 Miscellaneous including a set of three electro type buttons each moulded with an 18th century gentleman in the garden. and a paste shoe buckle.£0.00

1269 Costume jewellery including a silver coloured metal brooch worked with a hunting scene.£5.00

1270 A gentleman’s Eric Chevillard quartz wristwatch with a stainless steel strap.£0.00

1271 A large black sided Swiss army knife set to one side with a watch.£5.00

1272 A large Swiss army knife, one blade with a ruler and compass.£2.00

1273 A hip flask, a leather tape measure and three other pieces.£2.00

1274 A nodding Chinaman figure, a Victorian model of a girl in a bonnet, and a similar Chinoiserie cup and saucer.£2.00

1275 A collection of vintage advertising items including 1920s Psang-Ihang Tibetan perfume box containing its original bottle and Icilma Hair Powder sign, together with a copy of a book about Faberge.£28.00

1276 A WWII Lee Enfield 303 pig sticker bayonnet and two WWII medals, a 1939-45 medal and a defence medal. £20.00

1277 A brass bell weight by R.W.W. & Co. and a pair of brass blind pulls.£2.00

1278 Two albums of stamps including Victorian.£10.00

1279 A bag of scrap silver and other metal.£42.00

1280 Two Victorian gentlemen wearing tam o’shanters, four other similar photographs and a pair of similar period paper prints of a husband and wife in a union case.£18.00

1281 A stone effect necklace and a bracelet etc.£0.00

1282 A ladies Fossil red dial wristwatch in its original tin. £1.00

1283 A gentlemen’s Sekonda quartz wristwatch with roman numerals and a Collezione watch.£2.00

1284 Cigarette lighters, quartz wristwatches etc.£2.00

1285 Costume jewellery etc.£2.00

1286 An Ex W.D. double sided bayonet with wooden grips, the scabbard missing its chape.£10.00

1287 A pair of spring release lorgnettes and two Parker pens.£8.00

1288 Miscellaneous including a brass cigar cutter, an Italian gilt and micro mosaic bangle and an Eastern brass paperweight.£40.00

1289 A gentlemen’s silver cased key wind pocket watch retailed by H. Samuel, Manchester and one other similar staff wind watch, each with import marks.£35.00

1290 A Victorian leather bound photograph album including Salvation Army, and an African gentleman.£8.00

1291 Three Victorian family photograph albums, including Vealls, Tonkins and Paynters.£15.00

1292 Tins of costume jewellery, wristwatches and a WWI Great War medal presented to GNR. AJ Moore R.A.£20.00

1292A A bag of coins. £0.00

1292B A Belleek jug, a pair of continental figures etc.£8.00

1292C A box of costume jewellery.£2.00

1293 An Iranian Isfahan ’84’ purity Barakoosh workshop vase circa mid 60s – 70s, height 13.5cm.£45.00

1294 Two silver cased pocket watches by Benson, London, a Timex wristwatch etc.£15.00

1295 A bag of costume jewellery.£2.00

1296 Costume jewellery etc.£15.00

1297 Badges including Victorian commemorative and women’s land army. £10.00

1298 A bag of earrings.£0.00

1299 A bag of metal buttons including British Railways and R.A.F., together with a WWI ‘Silver Bullet Road to Berlin’ game. £8.00

1300 A Swiss Posoh 15 jewel wristwatch, a Timex watch and one other.£2.00

1301 A cash tin containing a Hereford white metal plaque, magnifying lenses, a brass hand cast letter clip etc.£2.00

1302 An early 19th century Staffordshire heart shape box enamelled with a sailing ship beneath a sheaf of wheat and a wreath of flowers. £30.00

1303 A 19th century plated thimble in a celluloid ‘Present from Crystal Palace’ box.£5.00

1304 A ring measure and a brass jewellery scale.£2.00

1305 An early 19th century miniature of a gentleman.£18.00

1306 A 1920s/30s scent bottle moulded as a stylish girl holding an urn with a gilt crown stopper, height 6.5cm. £20.00

1307 A Dresden porcelain taper stick decorated with floral sprays on a white ground within gilt lines and a green scale border with Dresden and gilt flower marks, height 4.7cm.£15.00

1308 Miscellaneous including two model cannons.£2.00

1309 A pair of Victorian ambrotypes in a Gutta Percha Union case moulded with North African figures before palm trees, together with a Siamese brass spoon etc.£12.00

1310 A box of costume jewellery etc.£2.00

1311 A collection of Turf and other cigarette cards.£5.00

1312 A 5cm leather clad brass three drawer EX.D.W telescope, ‘Tele.SCT.REGTS MK II S’ by H.C.R. & Sons Ltd., further marked O.S.126 GA No. 11182 with its original brown leather case.£28.00

1313 A 925 silver Art Nouveau style brooch, a St Justin Brooch and three other pieces.£12.00

1314 A Kukri with a bone handle.£20.00

1315 An S. Smith & Sons M.A.Ltd. vintage chrome car clock, diameter 10.5cm. £10.00

1315A A bundle of first day covers.£0.00

1315B A resin netsuke made as an old man with a ladle in one hand and goblet in the other.£1.00

1315C A 19th century Meissen blue and white floral decorated coffee cup.£0.00

1315D A serpentine barrel containing a Stanhope of Botallack mine and three other views together with a similar small lidded jar.£15.00

1315E A large silver ring, makers mark CRG, other rings etc.£8.00

1315F Three evening bags, a purse, powder compacts and cigarette lighters.£15.00

1315G A J. Hudson and Co. ‘The Metropolitan’ police whistle, length 10.5cm together with an Eglo whistle by Caty, a bosun’s whistle and a plated Dunhill petrol lighter.£40.00

1315H A bag of coins mostly pre-decimal ‘silver’ including some pre 1947.


1315I A plated bombilla straw, other plate etc.£12.00

1315J Two gentleman’s Reflex quartz wristwatches.£1.00

1315K A Sampson Mordan silver propelling pencil, engraved to a J.J.Beckerlegge in 1936, a related plated folding stamp and three other pieces.£28.00

1315L A ladies Parker Vacumatic pink resin fountain pen, a CWS gilt pencil holder and three other pieces.£1.00

1315M An R.M.S. Queen Mary plated butterfly wing set dish, an RAF book match holder and a 1930s compact.£2.00

1315N A boxed set of bone and ebony dominoes.£2.00

1315O A Smiths pre decimal GPO ‘charge rate time’ dial, steel punches and a pair of cutters.£8.00

1316 A large collection of mostly quartz wristwatches.£5.00

1317 An Acme Thunderer whistle.£0.00

1318 A tin of coins including British pre-decimal copper and ‘silver.’£5.00

1319 A Les Roberts, Louthier, Penzance Phantom Sprite five string banjo No. A005-2006, mother of pearl inlaid frets, in a Calton case, together with music stand, related books etc.£520.00

1320 A WWII sighting compass with a mother of pearl dial, marked to the back, 1944 Mk III and other compasses. £15.00

1321 Two boxes of ha’pennies and threepenny bits, together with bank notes including Egyptian pounds and three miniature 19th century books and a Homace G. Commins map of Bournemouth.£2.00

1322 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a wood effect frame.£0.00

1323 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a cream painted frame, together with a mirror in a gilt frame.£5.00

1324 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.£0.00

1325 A mahogany cutlery tray and contents including ladles and fish knives and forks with mother of pearl handles. £30.00

1326 A 19th century oil on canvas of a thatched building by a lake, signed A. George.£0.00

1327 A watercolour of an early 20th century American three funnel battleship ‘USS Brooklyn’ 1903, 10.5cm x 15.8cm.

1328 An enamel sign ‘Stephens Inks for All Temperatures’ made as a thermometer, lacks mercury tube.£80.00

1329 An oil on board of a fishing boat before a coast in the manner of Joan Gilchrest, 24cm x 29cm.£50.00

1330 NO LOT£0.00

1331 A “Giggle Box” arcade type animated amusement machine with a wood and weight mechanism in a glazed cabinet, full height 116cm. £1.00

1332 A Seiko 30 day wall clock.£0.00

1333 An oil on board of a riverside church signed McKedinie, 34.5cm x 44.5cm. £0.00

1334 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.£1.00

1335 A chrome clad fire kerb, width 118cm.£0.00

1336 A builders adjustable board support, together with a spirit level and a ruler.£1.00

1337 A Chapman 500 Deluxe Split Cane two section fly fishing rod in a canvas case.£25.00

1338 A fibreglass two section fishing rod.£5.00

1339 Three walking sticks.£0.00

1339A A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle and a music stand.£5.00

1340 A copper saucepan with a long iron handle.£5.00

1341 A Malacca walking stick with a silver handle.£2.00

1342 A copper warming pan with a turned, ebonised handle.£2.00

1343 An Eastern floral brass vase containing three umbrellas.£1.00

1344 A Malacca walking stick with a silver coloured metal mount and antler handle, together with one other stick and an umbrella and a shoe horn.£1.00

1345 A copper warming pan with a turned ebonised handle.£2.00

1346 A bundle of walking sticks and umbrellas.£1.00

1347 A copper cream scoop with a wrought iron handle and a similar chestnut roaster.£2.00

1348 Four hickory shafted golf clubs, a fishing rod and an artist’s easel.£0.00

1349 Two walking sticks.£0.00

1350 A Daniel Dakota quartz wall clock with Westminster chime.£0.00

1351 A pair of Mark Scheffel 35 x 50 binoculars on an adjustable tripod.£2.00

1352 A rectangular mirror in an 18th century style gilt frame.£22.00

1353 An oval mirror in a gilt frame mounted with cherubs, together with three picture frames.£1.00

1354 A Ghanian native bow, arrows, spear, shield and knife in a leather sheath.£1.00

1355 AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE. An oil on canvas of a female nude by James Potter, 85cm x 57cm and four other pictures. (not one other picture)£35.00

1356 An oil on canvas of a sleeping girl and two other pictures.£15.00

1357 A coloured print ‘Motherless’ after Walter Langley.£0.00

1358 A watercolour, a coastal scene by Clifford J. Beese, together with an oil on board river scene and two other pictures.£0.00

1359 A blue and white plaque decorated with mermaids and stylised fish by S. H. R. Chard, diameter 38cm.£2.00

1360 A collection of picture frames.£0.00

1360A A set of three brass fire implements.£5.00

1360B A Slick camera tripod, an artist’s folding easel and a shooting stick.£2.00

1361 One copy of The Who, Complete Chronicle 1958-’78, other Pop related books etc.£10.00

1362 A box of books, DVDs etc.£2.00

1363 A box of stamp albums etc.£10.00

1364 A box of 00 gauge railway including locomotives, carriages and buildings.£35.00

1365 A box of books.£2.00

1366 A collection of 45rpm records.£0.00

1367 A box of Caverswall and Coalport small china in their original boxes, a butter knife with a filled silver handle and a Swiss wooden plaque.£0.00

1368 A box of loose stamps.£5.00

1369 A collection of 1950s/60s letters, an autograph book, photographs etc.£0.00

1370 A box of die cast and battery operated toys.£2.00

1371 A convex mirror and a turned wood bowl.£0.00

1372 A monochrome watercolour of two WWI battleships, a photograph of H.M.S. Hood and two photographs of men in uniform, one a high ranking seaman, the other a soldier.£12.00

1373 A collection of mostly Victorian photographs, including 19th century York.£0.00

1374 Various pictures including 19th century prints and other pictures.£0.00

1375 A 19th century charcoal drawing of a dilapitated building and a similar watercolour of a church, together with three Victorian photographs including a wedding.£0.00

1376 A box of flatware.£0.00

1377 An oval plated tray with a pierced gallery.£2.00

1378 A willow basket and contents.£15.00

1379 A box of teaware.£0.00

1380 A Denby part tea/dinner service and other china.£0.00

1381 Five stamp albums.£20.00

1382 A box of toy robots.£2.00

1383 Miscellaneous including stoneware jugs and a hardwood effect canteen.£0.00

1384 An oval plated tray and a watercolour and collage of flowers by Gwen Thom.£0.00

1385 A box of 33rpm records.£0.00

1386 A box containing a table fountain, a video camera etc.£0.00

1387 NO LOT.£0.00

1388 A pair of plastic stirrups and other tack.£0.00

1389 Two Capodimonte style model figures, one a man with a gun, the other an accordion player.£2.00

1390 A pair of Bohemian Eichwald style twin handle vases with scratched floral decoration, together with one other similar vase, decorated with birds and leaves.£35.00

1391 A Vivitar folding camera in a brown leather ERC, together with Beirette and Lubitel 2 cameras.£20.00

1392 A Fuji Finepix S5800 Digital 8 megapixel camera in its original box.£5.00

1393 A Polaroid Big Shot Portrait Land Camera in its original cardboard box.£10.00

1394 A Tower “Speed 4 Pressure Cooker” in its original box.£0.00

1395 A Sainsbury’s hand mixer and four other pieces.£0.00

1396 A pair of Carl Veitch 20 x 50 binoculars.£0.00

1397 A pair of 1941 Taylor Hobson EX W.D. No. 2. Mark x 6 binoculars in a brown leather case.£2.00

1398 A child’s croquet set in its original box.£5.00

1399 A collection of 45rpm records.£0.00

1400 A Makinon zoom f=75-250mm lens, a Hanimer f=400mm lens and a Korvertte tele lens.£1.00

1401 A Canon Eos 500 35mm camera fitted with an 80-200mm zoom lens, original instruction book.£12.00

1402 A Canon Eos 1000F 35mm camera fitted with a 35-80mm zoom lens, original instruction book.£10.00

1403 A Praktica Super TL 35mm camera ERC.£5.00

1404 A Praktica Mat 35mm camera in ERC.£0.00

1405 A Praktica MTL5 35mm camera fitted with a f=28-200mm zoom lens.£0.00

1406 A box of camera lenses, filters, flash guns etc.£25.00

1407 A box of camera filters, parts, light meters etc and a Slik Unipod.£15.00

1408 A pair of engraved plated fish servers with silver mounts, cased.£5.00

1409 A bundle of 33rpm records including Bob Marley and the Wailers.£0.00

1410 A collection of 1930’s coloured school prints including Nations of the World, Traffic, a policeman at work and a postman.£0.00

1411 A pair of Dresden china floral painted leaf shape dishes and a Hammersley oval dish.£0.00

1412 Six brass blow lamps.£18.00

1413 A glass sweet jar in Art Nouveau style.£0.00

1414 An Art Nouveau style white metal twin handle vase and four other pieces.£0.00

1415 Three blue glass bowls and Casa Pupo large green glaze plate with an acorn and oak leaf moulded border. £0.00

1416 Two Madame Tussaud’s 1930’s guides and a copy of The Swasitika over Jersey booklet by Leslie Sinel.£2.00

1417 An album of photographs including World War II vehicle factory and workforce, a poster “Caneshkind” 24th August 1918 possibly P.O.W related men only ball, the wreck of the American liner Paris near Coverack, Edwardin cyclists etc.£8.00

1418 China, glass etc.£1.00

1419 A hunting scene decorated jug, a moustache mug etc.£0.00

1420 A large ceramic model of a bulldog.£22.00

1421 Two Portmeirion “Botanic Garden” pattern vases, a similar jug and one other piece.£35.00

1422 An African gourd scratch decorated with animals, a skin drum, two turned wood stands and one other piece.£1.00

1423 Two large Capodimonte models of jug sellers each height 52cm.£18.00

1424 A pair of Japanese figure decorated Satsuma vases.£2.00

1425 A pair of Portuguese floral decorated jugs and a resin table lamp mounted with a coloured leaded butterfly.£15.00

1426 A pair of African head carved bookends etc.£0.00

1427 A continental iridescent orange and black glaze tea for two set each piece decorated with floral sprays.£0.00

1428 A Staffordshire model of a seated spaniel together with Jasper Ware and other china.£5.00

1429 A Yashica Electro 35 camera in a black leather ERC fitted with a 45mm lens together with other lenses etc in a leather effect case.£38.00

1430 A box of 1950’s photographic negatives.£18.00

1431 Novelty teapots and model figures.£2.00

1432 Two cut glass bowls, a set of six similar sundae dishes and other glass.£0.00

1433 Three glass decanters.£1.00

1434 A wall mounted first aid kit box and contents.£2.00

1435 A candle lantern, plated ware etc.£8.00

1435A A pair of coach lamps.£15.00

1435B A decanter and other glass.£0.00

1436 An Edwardian pierced brass fire kerb, width 126cm.£20.00

1437 A black metal bead box.£8.00

1438 A collection mantel clocks a.f.£0.00

1439 Four jigsaw puzzles.£0.00

1440 An Everhot type teapot, a calendar advertising Meridan eggs etc.£1.00

1441 A plated engraved four piece tea service.£0.00

1442 A plated half fluted four piece tea service.£0.00

1443 Model figures etc.£15.00

1444 A set of fish knives and forks etc.£2.00

1445 A ceramic wall pocket with flower and cherub moulded decoration etc.£20.00

1446 Three digital cameras.£1.00

1447 Miscellaneous china and glass together with a box of flat ware.£0.00

1448 A box of flatware.£12.00

1449 A Lamorna Pottery brown glaze fish painted dish, diameter 13cm, a Wedgwood blue Jasper Ware lidded box etc.£1.00

1449A A ceramic dish containing flatware and a die cast model coach.£8.00

1449B A pair of German white and gilt ceramic candelabra etc.£0.00

1450 A Torquay Pottery Penzance souvenir footed bowl etc.£1.00

1451 A boxed wood chess set etc.£0.00

1452 A seahorse jug, a Studio Pottery vase etc.£12.00

1453 A Gromit mug, two sets of novelty soldier moulded egg cups etc.£0.00

1454 A Poole Pottery Twin Tone pink and brown part dinner service and other china.£1.00

1455 Miscellaneous china including a Crown Devon floral painted jug (and a pair of continental oil jugs.) – WITHDRAWN FROM LOT£12.00

1456 Miscellaneous including a pair of Soviet 7 x 50 binoculars.£10.00

1457 A pair of 10 x 50 binoculars and a Call Blocker in its original box.£0.00

1458 Two shawls etc.£2.00

1458A A tray of CDs.£0.00

1459 A set of eight square white glaze plates, two TG Green mugs etc.£1.00

1460 A clam shell.£2.00

1461 A box of films on DVD.£0.00

1462 Two paper punches etc.£0.00

1463 Decanters, a pendant lampshade and other glass.£0.00

1464 A collection of plated ware, a silver backed hair brush etc.£0.00

1465 A Crown Dynasty fruit decorated part tea service etc.£0.00

1466 A Doulton Slaters jug a.f, a blue and white Schweplet advertising jug etc.£0.00

1467 Sixteen Bernard Shaw novels.£0.00

1468 Babycham and other advertising glasses.£12.00

1469 Miscellaneous china and glass.£0.00

1470 Two trays of miscellaneous items.£0.00

1471 Two boxes of games etc.£0.00

1472 A box of miscellaneous items.£2.00

1473 Two boxes of collector’s plates.£5.00

1474 Two boxes of books.£22.00

1475 A box of miscellaneous china, glass etc.£0.00

1476 A box of table lamps, a toilet mirror etc.£0.00

1477 A box of miscellaneous items.£0.00

1478 A box of CDs.£10.00

1479 A box of books.£2.00

1480 A pastel of three eastern gentleman and three other pictures.£1.00

1481 A pastel of a female nude initialed O.C.£15.00

1482 A 1930s pink glass table lamp moulded as a girl holding an amphora.£35.00

1483 A suite of Webber and Hill ‘Kings’ pattern flatware in a hardwood effect canteen and other plated ware.£40.00

1484 A Swift Tecnar microscope, one other microscope and a basket.£8.00

1485 Decanters and other glass etc.£0.00

1486 An Eastern leaf and fruit carved stone panel with stand.£2.00

1487 Commemorative ware etc.£0.00

1488 Two Mamod steam engines, a Meccano engine and one other piece.£35.00

1489 A collection of plated ware.£15.00

1490 A part water set and other glass.£8.00

1491 A Wade vase, a Carltonware octagonal dish and three other pieces.£12.00

1492 A suite of Community Plate flatware in a hardwood effect canteen.£0.00

1493 Two bowling woods set with ivorine tablets and one other wood.£2.00

1494 A pair of continental model figures, a Beswick poodle, other china and glass and a riding crop. £10.00

1495 A late 18th century Chinese export blue and white dish painted with a building and a landscape a.f., a Leach Pottery standard ware soup bowl etc.£20.00

1496 Miscellaneous china, horse brasses etc.£1.00

1497 A Royal Doulton floral bowl decorated plate, a Burleigh small teapot etc.£0.00

1498 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany timepiece now with a quartz movement together with a collection of china and glass etc.£2.00

1499 Commemorative ware, other china, glass etc.£0.00

1500 An extensive collection of Poole Pottery, Twin Tone, blue and grey tea and dinner ware.£15.00

1501 A collection of Johnson Brothers ‘Indian Tree’ pattern dinner service, two cheese dishes etc.£10.00

1502 A Royal Doulton ‘Tapestry’ pattern tea/dinner service.£0.00

1503 A Royal Copenhagen model of a kitten playing with its tail.£12.00

1504 A Chinese blue and white bowl, a Sadler jug and a Lamorna pottery style jug.£0.00

1505 Coloured glass etc.£0.00

1506 A Noritake part tea service and a part dinner service.£0.00

1506A Three plate glass shelves.£0.00

1507 A plywood box.£0.00

1508 A brass and mesh four fold fireguard.£0.00

1509 A waisted glass decanter with a silver mount.£28.00

1510 A glass oil lamp etc.£0.00

1511 A model amphora in Minoan style on wrought metal stand and two other pieces.£2.00

1512 A resin table lamp with a dragonfly leaded shade etc.£22.00

1513 Mammoth teeth, a boar’s tusk etc.£28.00

1514 A silver backed hairbrush etc.£0.00

1515 A bundle of American comics including Marvel and DC Batman.£10.00

1516 Miscellaneous including leather tape measures and a military common prayer book.£1.00

1517 A Royal Copenhagen rectangular tray with The Little Mermaid before Copenhagen harbour ‘Langelinie’, length 21cm and a Danish blue and white leaf shape dish.£2.00

1518 A set of six stemmed glasses with coloured cased bowls.£12.00

1519 A Holmguard blue glass dish with an offset recess and a similar ashtray.£0.00

1520 A cased part set of knives and forks with mother of pearl handles in an oak canteen.£2.00

1521 Capodimonte model flowers and a collection of miniature ceramic plates including Spode, Wedgwood and Coalport.£0.00

1522 An oil on board of a cove glimpsed through a rock arch signed Millie Jackson and other pictures.£0.00

1523 A box of glassware etc.£0.00

1524 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.£1.00

1525 A box of miscellaneous china etc.£0.00

1526 A box of miscellaneous items.£28.00

1527 A box of books.£0.00

1528 Two boxes of books etc and a box of toys etc.£10.00

1529 A box of toys, together with a tray of wooden letters.£35.00

1529A A hexangonal middle eastern panel with mother of pear inlay.£15.00

1530 A small pine wall hanging rack of display shelves.£0.00

1531 A rectangular mirror in a gilt frame.£0.00

1532 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.£10.00

1533 Two boxes of books.£0.00

1534 A table lamp made as a thatched cottage, a Leaper Newlyn circular stand, a yellow glaze cress dish and stand etc.£2.00

1535 A 1950s J & G Meakin coffee service decorated with stylised flowers.£12.00

1536 A 1930s electric mantel timepiece and three other timepieces.£0.00

1537 A Portmeirion ‘Magic City’ pattern storage jar and three other pieces.£10.00

1538 Three black Bakelite telephones each with a numbers drawer.£40.00

1539 A pair of gilt metal doorstops cast as Ali Sloper and his wife and children.£10.00

1540 A hardwood cantilever sewing box and contents on cabriole legs.£10.00

1541 A Classic Cuisine electric potato peeler etc.£1.00

1542 A security camera, a Polaroid camera and one other.£1.00

1543 A Victorian tea kettle in the manner of the aesthetic movement with a branch moulded handle and with flower and leaf moulded decoration and two other pieces.£10.00

1544 A painted copper jug, two other similar pieces, a pair of brass vases etc.£0.00

1545 A Fotocare camera tripod.£0.00

1546 An Invicta 1930s/40s brown Bakelite valve radio.£2.00

1547 An oak firescreen set with a floral woolwork panel.£0.00

1548 A pair of table lamps and two other pieces.£2.00

1549 Bowls and other china.£0.00

1550 A 1950s/60s flower and leaf decorated part tea/dinner service.£0.00

1551 Miscellaneous china including a green glaze teapot.£0.00

1552 A box of horse brasses and other metalware.£10.00

1553 Box of flatware etc.£8.00

1553A A tin of Wade Whimsies and other models.£2.00

1554 Brassware including candlesticks and a model cannon.£25.00

1555 Miscellaneous china.£0.00

1556 A bundle of books and magazines.£0.00

1557 Miscellaneous china etc.£0.00

1558 Miscellaneous china and glass.£10.00

1559 A Subbuteo table cricket game in its original box.£20.00

1560 A Bell & Howell Sporster IV 3 lens cine camera and related items, photographic slides etc.£2.00

1561 A box of boxes etc.£0.00

1562 A hearth crane and a door curtain rail.£22.00

1563 A Kundo timepiece in a brass and glass case, a table lamp and a silvered resin model group.£0.00

1564 A box of toy robots.£15.00

1565 A box of miscellaneous china and glass.£0.00

1566 Two boxes of miscellaneous china.£1.00

1567 Two leather briefcases.£0.00

1568 A bag and contents.£0.00

1568A A bag and contents.£0.00

1569 A box of miscellaneous including a cast iron saucepan, an enamel jelly mould and a similar lampshade.£1.00

1570 A pine counter top display cabinet.£1.00

1571 A box of pictures and prints.£0.00

1572 A box of leather horse harness.£0.00

1573 A brass plaque embossed with sailing ships and a circular cane basket.£1.00

1574 An oval mirror in a gilt frame.£0.00

1575 A box office equipment etc. £2.00

1576 A bundle of 1920s/30s children’s books and others.£2.00

1577 A resin Art Nouveau style wall clock with a quartz movement, an aneroid barometer on an oak mount and a majorette baton.£0.00

1578 A brass hearth jack etc.£1.00

1579 Vases and other china, glass etc.£1.00

1579A EXTRA LOT TO CATALOGUE. An eclipse mug by Carol Scott, Helston, other mugs etc.£0.00

1580 A bundle of paintings, mostly female nudes.£22.00

1581 A collection of lidded jars.£0.00

1582 A Cluedo game, a jigsaw puzzle etc.£0.00

1583 A pendant copper and blown glass hall lantern, a brass and glass three branch light fitting.£12.00

1584 An Eastern resin twin handle vase and a Victorian white glass vase painted with flowers.£10.00

1585 A Galileo thermometer and one other peice.£1.00

1586 A collection of DVDs including Star Trek and Carry On.£20.00

1587 Three fixed spool fishing reels including Intrepid First Cast.£12.00

1588 A Coalport “My Fair Lady” pattern part tea/dinner service.£30.00

1589 A collection of stemmed and other glasses.£12.00

1590 A small collection of radio valves.£12.00

1591 Flatware, a pasta maker etc.£0.00

1592 A pair of Eastern blue and white cups, plates a model of a miner etc.£12.00

1593 A box of coins etc.£2.00

1594 Ten Foxwood Tales models in their original tins and boxes.£2.00

1595 A collection of stainless steel teaware.£0.00

1596 A Bifinett yogurt maker and two other pieces.£1.00

1597 A stainless steel jug kettle.£0.00

1598 China and glass.£0.00

1599 A circular cane basket with rope handles.£2.00

1600 A standard lampshade.£1.00

1601 A painted pine tool chest.£2.00

1602 A Microlite adjustable table lamp, a pocket Meccano set and two other pieces.£1.00

1603 A serpentine model sundial and three other pieces.£8.00

1604 A Lurpak toast rack mounted with a Stanley figure, a similar figure butter dish etc.£12.00

1605 A bed slipper, a French floral decorated soda water jug and four other pieces.£1.00

1606 A walnut writing slope.£1.00

1607 A small rack of wall hanging shelves.£0.00

1608 An Olympus 1.3M pixel digital camera in its original box and one other piece.£0.00

1609 A vintage Hoover electric iron with a red Bakelite handle, an aluminium preserving pan and a quartz wall clock.£0.00

1610 Three boxes of 33 rpm records.£1.00

1611 A collection of Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia, a quartz wall clock etc.£0.00

1612 A box containing a Lady Shave, heated curling tongs etc.£0.00

1613 A box of toys etc.£0.00

1614 Three boxes of china, games, toys etc.£1.00

1615 Two boxes of books.£0.00

1616 An oil on canvas of a female nude and one other similar picture.£25.00

1617 Three paintings of female nudes.£40.00

1618 A watercolour of a girl in a black dress and three other pictures.£20.00

1619 A watercolour of female nude and two other similar pictures.£12.00

1620 A large coloured print of a girl by a window and two other pictures.£18.00

1621 A marquetry picture of a building in a landscape and other pictures.£2.00

1622 A set of four reproduction 19th century pictures of champion winning animals.£5.00

1623 A coloured print of Penzance after Stanhope Forbes, other pictures and a mirror.£8.00

1624 A folding hardwood table.£12.00

1625 A brass firescreen embossed with a galleon.£1.00

1626 A light oak firescreen set with a floral needlework panel.£1.00

1627 Prints, two Eastern cork pictures etc.£0.00

1628 A turned wood standard lamp on a tripod base.£0.00

1629 Victor Odoi, an oil on canvas “Chop Time, No Friend” 75 x 61.5 cm.£18.00

1630 A bag of pictures and prints.£8.00

1631 Two mirrors in pine frames.£10.00

1632 A bag of watercolours etc.£0.00

1633 A bag of pictures and prints.£15.00

1634 An oil on board of “St Agnes Old Lighthouse”, initialled J.H. £5.00

1635 A coloured print of a Cornish village after J.A. Park£0.00

1636 A 19th century coloured print of “Winchester College from Meavs”.£0.00

1637 An 18th century coloured map of Cumberland by Robet Morden. £1.00

1638 Bob Berry, a framed photograph “Breaking Wave II” Cot Valley, signed to the reverse.£0.00

1639 A watercolour “Daymer Bay” by Molly Barrett and one other watercolour.£2.00

1640 A watercolour of a Yorkshire terrier, a coloured print of a girl and other pictures and frames.£0.00

1641 Two coloured prints, one of cats, the other Madonna and Child.£0.00

1642 A signed coloured print of a lady admiring herself in a hand mirror after Sturgeon and two other pictures.£2.00

1643 An oil on board of a statue in a room and a coloured print of the Mona Lisa.£10.00

1644 A rectangular mirror and a framed photograph of Venice.£0.00

1645 A watercolour “Harvester looking over Trevone” signed Jeaff, an oil on board of cattle before a landscape and three other pictures.£0.00

1646 Two Japanese style prints in bamboo effect frames.£0.00

1647 A rectangular mirror in a floral tile set frame.£8.00

1648 An artist’s canvas.£0.00

1649 LOT WITHDRAWN.£0.00

1650 A signed limited edition coloured racing print ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears’ after Margaret Barrett and five other pictures.£8.00

1651 An HMV portal hand wind gramophone in a black rexine case.£5.00

1652 A Royal Tuscan “Counterpoint” pattern part tea/dinner service.£2.00

1653 A fondue set, a cast iron saucepan etc.£2.00

1654 A pair of brass table lamps and a wrought metal lamp.£8.00

1655 A Carltonware leaf moulded salad bowl and servers.£20.00

1656 An Eastern part tea service, other oriental china and one other similar part coffee service.£0.00

1657 Three sections of Perspex ‘Creative Grid’ etc.£10.00

1681 A pine box with metal mounts, width 68.5cm.£0.00

1682 A Victorian walnut commode, now as a stool with a padded seat. £0.00

1683 A pine kitchen cabinet, the two doors with lattice panels opening onto shelves, width 108.5cm, height 189.5cm.£80.00

1684 A melamine wood effect blanket box.£2.00

1685 A pine wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors, width 72.5cm.£2.00

1686 A Victorian mahogany wardrobe with a central mirrored door above one long drawer, width 124cm.£2.00

1687 A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors above one long drawer, width 113cm.£125.00

1688 A 1920s oak wardrobe with a central mirrored door flanked by fret cut mounts, width 117cm.£2.00

1689 A glazed wall hanging display case.£0.00

1690 Two hexagonal bamboo occasional tables.£2.00

1691 A hardwood effect magazine rack.£0.00

1692 A modern pine bedside chest of three drawers.£10.00

1693 A small cream wash painted wall hanging cabinet with a pair of glazed doors, width 39.5cm.£5.00

1694 A painted pine tool chest, width 49.5cm.£15.00

1695 A small painted cupboard with a single door, width 36cm.£5.00

1696 A G-Plan teak wardrobe with a folding door beside a hinged door, width 122cm.£0.00

1697 A wall hanging corner rack of three open shelves.£5.00

1698 A turned wood towel rail.£0.00

1699 A set of four dining chairs, each with a curved back, fret cut splat and on turned legs.£2.00

1700 A blue wash painted wheel and stickback dining chair.£2.00

1701 A brass bedroom chair made as a stickback chair.£2.00

1702 A pink woven fibre bow front linen basket.£0.00

1703 A rectangular oak stick stand.£2.00

1704 A 1950s hardwood effect concave front corner cabinet with an open shelf above a door.£0.00

1705 An oval oak gateleg table on turned supports.£0.00

1706 A pine coffee table/box, the top with two hinged lids, 98.5cm x 89cm.£5.00

1707 A 19th century oak dining table on turned legs, 108cm x 137cm.£0.00

1708 An elm coffee table made from one side of a blacksmith’s bellows, on a wrought iron frame.£50.00

1709 A carved walnut spinning chair.£5.00

1710 An Edwardian walnut dining table on turned and fluted legs, 121cm x 143cm.£0.00

1711 A hardwood stool with a tile set top.£5.00

1712 A pine toilet mirror.£2.00

1713 A cane bedside cabinet with a drawer above an open shelf.£0.00

1714 A set of four modern pine ladder back dining chairs on turned legs.£5.00

1715 A blue painted stickback dining chair.£5.00

1716 A 1930s small low open armed chair, upholstered in light blue draylon.£2.00

1717 A Victorian low walnut salon chair, upholstered in buttoned green draylon.£5.00

1718 A pair of folding rocking chairs each with a padded back and seat.£5.00

1718A A small modern mahogany chest on chest. £10.00

1719 A brown vinyl chair on square section tapering legs.£2.00

1720 A Lloyd Loom white painted armchair.£5.00

1721 A red painted oval cane breakfast table with a pair of matching nesting chairs.£2.00

1722 A small pine stool.£2.00

1723 A hardwood effect bookcase with sliding glass doors.£0.00

1724 A blanket box and a tool chest each width 96cm.£30.00

1725 A square occasional table £0.00

1726 A narrow cane chest of six drawers, width 43cm.£5.00

1727 A small pine corner cupboard with a glazed door.£10.00

1728 A Victorian inlaid mahogany wall hanging corner cabinet with a glazed door.£5.00

1729 A small open oak bookcase.£5.00

1730 A pine wall hanging cabinet with open shelf, beside a cupboard above two drawers, width 76cm.£10.00

1731 A pair of plywood bedside cabinets each with a drawer above a cupboard door.£5.00

1732 A pine cabinet with open shelves and a pair of panelled doors, width 122cm.£5.00

1733 A pine desk with a drawer above a kneehole flanked by two tiers of four drawers, all with inset brass handles, width 173cm.£120.00

1734 An Edwardian satin walnut wardrobe with a central mirrored door above a drawer, width 91.5cm.£5.00

1735 A pair of substantial pine stools.

1736 A square pine plant stand with a fret cut apron.£10.00

1737 A limed wood effect narrow chest of four drawers, width 31cm.£2.00

1738 An early 20th century oak bookcase with an arcaded frieze above three glazed and blind fret cut doors opening onto adjustable shelves, standing on barley twist legs, width 160cm.£80.00

1739 An oak corner cabinet with open shelves above a drawer and cupboard, width 73cm.£1.00

1740 A child’s cane chair.£2.00

1741 A stickback rocking chair on turned legs.£5.00

1742 An Edwardian walnut piano stool with a fall front music store.£1.00

1743 An early 20th century chair with a cane back, padded seat and on turned legs.£8.00

1744 A small 19th century walnut salon chair upholstered in buttoned gold draylon.£20.00

1745 An Edwardian walnut piano stool with a box seat on square section tapering legs.£0.00

1746 A bentwood armchair.£5.00

1747 A pair of hardwood effect dining chairs each upholstered in blue draylon and on sabre legs.£5.00

1748 A cane armchair.£2.00

1749 A low open armchair with a cane back and cut moquette.£8.00

1750 A light blue painted chair with a fret cut lyre shape splat, padded seat and on fluted legs.£15.00

1751 A balloon back bedroom chair.£8.00

1752 A stickback stool.£5.00

1753 A chapel chair on turned legs.£5.00

1754 A Queen Anne style dining chair with a vase shape splat on cabriole legs.£1.00

1755 A chair with a curved lath back, cane seat and on cabriole legs.£12.00

1756 A set of three bentwood dining chairs each with a vase shape splat.£12.00

1757 A chapel style chair on square section legs.£1.00

1758 A stickback Windsor armchair on turned legs.£5.00

1759 An office chair with a curved padded back, open arms and on square section legs.£1.00

1760 A set of six modern lath back dining chairs, each with a padded seat and on square section legs.£42.00

1761 A pine floor standing open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 88 cm.£18.00

1762 A pine food safe/cupboard with a pair of mesh doors above a planked door opening onto shelves, width 64.5 cm.£45.00

1763 A black ash effect TV/video cabinet, width 111 cm.£0.00

1764 An oak chest of six drawers, width 61 cm.£30.00

1765 A pine cabinet with a panelled fall front above a pair of panelled doors, width 62.5 cm.£45.00

1766 A hardwood office chest of three drawers with brass handles, width 36 cm.£5.00

1767 A painted chest with two tiers of three drawers, width 90 cm.£5.00

1768 A painted shelf.£2.00

1769 A pine wall hanging rack with an array of open shelves above the pair of spice drawers, width 134 cm.£5.00

1770 A pair of modern pine bedside chest, each with two short drawers and two longer drawers.£20.00

1771 A pine wall hanging rack with three open shelves above four spice drawers, width 120 cm.£15.00

1772 A large pine floor standing open bookcase, width 120 cm, height 204 cm.£25.00

1773 An oak veneered two tier drop leaf trolley.£2.00

1774 An early 20th century oak sideboard with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors on turned legs, width 136.5 cm.£2.00

1775 Two sections of hardwood office cabinet, each with four drawers and each width 61 cm.£65.00

1776 A pair of office desk pedestal each with a shallow drawer above two file drawers and each width 35.5 cm.£5.00

1777 A light wood 4’6″ bedstead.£2.00

1778 A metal framed 4’6″ bedstead with a cane headboard.£5.00

1779 A pine cot bed with mattress.£1.00

1780 A white metal 3′ bedstead.£2.00

1781 A single Zed bed.£2.00

1782 An inlaid walnut 4’6″ headboard.£2.00

1783 A buttoned beige draylon 4′ headboard.£0.00

1784 A 4′ bed with a four drawer base, spring interior mattress and hardwood effect headboard.£5.00

1785 A 4′ divan bed with spring interior mattress.£85.00

1786 Three 3′ spring interior mattresses.£58.00

1787 A 3′ spring interior mattress.£2.00

1788 A 3′ spring interior mattress.£2.00

1789 A pine 5′ bedstead.£5.00

1790 A vintage cot and mattress.£1.00

1791 An oak floor standing open bookcase, width 92 cm.£2.00

1792 A pine floor standing open bookcase with adjustable shelves, width 125 cm.£2.00

1793 A pine floor standing double section open bookcase with two tiers of adjustable shelves, total width 170.5 cm.£5.00

1794 A white painted dresser, the open rack with two shelves, the base with a pair of panelled doors on barley twist legs, widht 91 cm.£28.00

1795 A turned wood towel rail.£2.00

1796 A mahogany effect bookcase with a pair of sliding glass doors opening onto adjustable shelves, width 153.5 cm.£0.00

1797 A mahogany effect sideboard with a pair of sliding doors, width 153 cm.£0.00

1798 Three sections of light oak office shelving.£0.00

1799 An occasional table on cabriole legs.£0.00

1800 An Art Deco black lacquer drinks cabinet with a pair of doors opening onto a mirrored back and sliding shelf above a drawer and further cupboard each with chrome handles, width 61.5 cm, height 138 cm.£80.00

1801 A lath back kitchen chair on turned legs.£2.00

1802 A pine stickback stool.£1.00

1803 A carving chair with a shield shape back and drop in seat.£5.00

1804 A modern dining chair with a curved back.£1.00

1804A A pair of limed oak ladder back dining chairs on square section legs.£0.00

1805 A Victorian balloon back dining chair.£1.00

1806 Two pairs of turned stick back dining chairs on turned legs.£5.00

1807 A ladderback dining chair.£1.00

1808 A set of four reproduction Regency dining chairs on sabre legs.£2.00

1809 A set of five modern substantial pine ladderback dining chairs.£5.00

1810 A set of six hardwood effect ladderback dining chairs on square section legs.£5.00

1811 A 1930s walnut veneered display cabinet, width 91 cm.£0.00

1812 A low painted coffee table on turned legs.£5.00

1813 A oval light oak veneered dining table on a four branch stand with matching legs, 188 x 110 cm.£30.00

1814 An early 20th century oval mahogany veneered extending dining table on cabriole legs, size with single leaf inserted 105.5 x 180 cm.£1.00

1815 An oval mahogany veneered extending pedestal dining table with a fold out leaf, 123 x 170 cm.£1.00

1816 A rocking foot stool.£2.00

1817 A pine kitchen table on turned legs, 121 x 75 cm.£5.00

1818 A circular walnut veneered centre table on cabriole legs joined by a low shelf.£5.00

1819 An oval oak gate leg table on turned supports.£1.00

1820 A small rack of open shelves, width 44.5 cm.£1.00

1821 An oval log section occasional table.£5.00

1822 An oak rack of two open shelves, width 107 cm.£2.00

1823 A nest of three tables on turned legs.£5.00

1823A A 19th century bidet, now with a hardboard top on turned legs, width 57cm.£0.00

1824 A small pine chest of two short and two long drawers, width 60.5cm.

1825 A wine table and a two tier occasional table.£8.00

1826 A circular lobed oak firescreen/occasional table on bobbin turned legs.£2.00

1827 A Victorian folding chair a.f.£0.00

1828 A pair of cane chairs.£1.00

1829 A pair of turned stickback dining chairs.£18.00

1830 A pair of modern pine turned stickback dining chairs.£5.00

1831 A set of four ladderback dining chairs each with a padded seat and on square section legs.£2.00

1832 A set of eight Ikea ‘Stefan’ lath back dining chairs on square section legs.£5.00

1833 A set of four 1930s oak dining chairs each with a curved back, drop in seat and on turned legs.£2.00

1834 A child’s chair.£5.00

1835 A circular stool on cabriole legs, lacks seat.£15.00

1836 An eastern carved hardwood stool with a woolwork seat.£5.00

1837 A rectangular pouffe upholstered in cut orange fabric.£2.00

1838 A two seat Chesterfield upholstered in buttoned patterned blue fabric on turned feet.£60.00

1839 A brown leather three seat sofa and matching armchair.£5.00

1840 A low rectangular stool on turned legs with brass casters.£0.00

1841 A walnut foot stool on cabriole legs.£5.00

1842 A 1930s oval dressing stool with a blind fret cut apron on cabriole legs.£0.00

1843 A circular stool on turned legs.£0.00

1844 An early 20th century two seat walnut sofa upholstered in pink draylon on turned feet.£25.00

1844A A small cane chair.£0.00

1845 An electrically operated reclining armchair upholstered in floral patterned pale green fabric.£45.00

1846 A 1930s oak reclining armchair, the cushions in patterned blue fabric.£0.00

1847 A two seat Chesterfield upholstered in patterned beige fabric, with matching cushions.£30.00

1848 A two seat metal action bed-settee upholstered in herringbone patterned fabric.£160.00

1849 A burgundy leather three seat sofa.£0.00

1850 A pair of armchairs upholstered in buttoned patterned beige fabric on turned legs.£85.00

1851 A metal action bed chair upholstered in beige fabric.£30.00

1852 A red vinyl bean bag.£1.00

1853 A Victorian style armchair upholstered in patterned pink fabric.£2.00

1854 A tub chair with loose white cotton covers.£1.00

1855 A wing armchair upholstered in floral patterned beige fabric on cabriole legs.£5.00

1856 A Chinese green ground cut pile carpet with a central floral medallion within a floral patterned border, AMENDMENT TO CATALOGUE 370 x 270 approximately.£30.00

1857 A Chinese blue ground cut pile rug with a central floral medallion within a floral patterned border, 61cm x 124cm approximately together with a half round sheepskin rug.£1.00

1858 An eastern small red ground hand knotted with rug with two guls within a patterned border, 48cm x 66cm approximately.£8.00

1859 A Chinese blue ground cut pile rug patterned with flowers within a floral patterned border together with a red ground rug in eastern style.£1.00

1860 An eastern red ground hand knotted rug with a patterned red ground within a patterned border, 63cm x 82cm approximately.£12.00

1861 An eastern red ground hand knotted carpet with a geometric medallion within a patterned border, 100cm x 150cm approximately.£28.00

A pair of blue jute carpets each 100cm x 160cm approximately.£0.00

A natural jute carpet 157cm x 240cm approximately.£0.00

1864 A Chinese red ground cut pile carpet with a central floral medallion within a floral patterned border, 120cm x 184cm approximately.£2.00

1864A A circular white ground rug with a central floral medallion within a patterned border, diameter 168cm.£0.00

1864B A beige cut pile carpet and a white ground rug.£15.00

1865 An office hardwood chest of four drawers, width 56cm.£0.00

1866 A pine bathroom cabinet with mirrored doors, width 76.5cm.£2.00

1867 A light oak rectangular table with a drawer to each end on square section legs, 92cm x 41.5cm.£18.00

1868 A square oak occasional table on barley twist legs.£12.00

1869 A G-Plan (Red Label) teak dressing table with a drawer above a kneehole flanked by two tiers of two drawers, width 153cm.£5.00

1870 An oak coffee table with two drawers to one side flanked by open shelves.

1871 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and three long drawers, width 101cm.£30.00

1872 An Old Charm style oak side cabinet with a pair of panelled doors on turned legs.£2.00

1873 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany washstand with a corned beef marble back and top above a pair of panelled doors, width 107cm.£5.00

1874 A cream painted open bookcase, width 61.5cm.£5.00

1875 An oak chest of four long drawers, width 77.5cm.£28.00

1876 A hardwood effect side cabinet with an open shelf above sliding doors, width 84.5cm.£0.00

1877 An octagonal walnut sewing table.£1.00

1878 A pine refectory table, 151.5cm x 60cm.£5.00

1879 An early 20th century mahogany side table with two drawers on turned legs, width 94.5cm.£45.00

1880 An Edwardian white painted chest of three long drawers, width 107cm.£20.00

1881 An oak side cabinet with one long drawer above two open shelves, width 76cm.£1.00

1882 A rectangular pine coffee table on turned legs joined by a low shelf, 44cm x 80.5cm.£30.00

1883 A modern pine chest of two short and three long drawers, width 83cm.£5.00

1884 A pine open bookcase, width 82cm.£25.00

1885 An Indian hardwood side cabinet with a pair of drawers above a pair of cupboard doors with lattice panels, width 90.5cm.£30.00

1886 An oak dresser, the open rack with two shelves, the base with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 95.5cm, height 183cm.£5.00

1887 A mahogany veneered corner cabinet, the upper part with open shelves, the base with a cupboard door.£0.00

1888 A small oval pine drop leaf table on turned legs.£5.00

1889 An oak occasional table.£5.00

1890 A small oval walnut gateleg occasional table.£5.00

1891 A hardwood effect dining table on substantial square section legs, 165.5cm x 91.5cm.£0.00

1892 A rectangular coffee table with a green leather and plate glass top on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet.£1.00

1893 A mahogany effect coffee table with a drawer to one end on cabriole legs.£1.00

1894 A lightwood effect extending dining table with a fold out leaf, size extended 166cm x 94cm.£0.00

1895 An Arts and Crafts oak bureau with a slope front opening onto a fitted interior above a drawer and open shelves, 64cm.£2.00

1896 A pine desk with a drawer above an arch flanked by two further drawers, panelled sides, width 111.5cm.£55.00

1897 A square pink Lloyd Loom centre table.£1.00

1898 A small rectangular coffee table on a wheeled base.£0.00

1899 A Gordon Russell mahogany effect side pedestal desk together with its nesting cabinet with a pair of sliding doors and file suspension rack, desk size 213cm x 91cm, nesting section 108.5cm x 51cm.£5.00

1900 A pair of hardwood effect bow front hanging corner cupboards each with nine pane doors.£8.00

1901 A painted chest of five long drawers, width 83cm.£35.00

1902 An open oak bookcase, width 76.5cm.£2.00

1903 An Edwardian satin walnut chest of four long drawers, width 92cm.£65.00

1904 An eastern ebonised coffee table on turned legs with bead turned corners, 88.5cm x 47.5cm.£1.00

1905 An oak sideboard on turned legs, width 107cm.£5.00

1906 A walnut veneered half round fold top card table on champhered legs.£20.00

1907 A pine cupboard with a pair of panelled doors, width 83.5cm, height 91.5cm.£65.00

1908 A square oak occasional table on turned legs.£0.00

1909 An oval oak occasional table on barley twist legs.£10.00

1910 A 1920s oak chest of three long drawers, width 91.5cm.£15.00

1911 An eastern square occasional table with a glass top above a spindle and bead turned top above a spindle turned apron and on turned legs.£5.00

1912 A hardwood effect cabinet with a drawer above an open shelf, width 51cm.£2.00

1913 An oak chest of four drawers, width 76.5cm.£12.00

1914 A hardwood bookcase with sliding glass doors, width 91.5cm.£2.00

1915 A Victorian satin birch veneered chest of two short and three long drawers, width 110cm.£130.00

1916 A pine open shelf, the centre with two small drawers, width 94.5cm.£5.00

1917 A George lll mahogany half round table section on square section tapering legs, width 103cm.£38.00

1918 An Old Charm style panelled oak coffer, width 90.5cm.£2.00

1919 An Edwardian oval inlaid mahogany occasional table.£5.00

1920 An oak occasional table.£1.00

1921 A hardwood effect coffee table with a drawer to one side.£2.00

1922 A Victorian mahogany veneered bow front chest of two short and three long graduated cock beaded drawers, width 118cm.£55.00

1923 An oval mahogany occasional table on splayed legs joined by a low shelf.£2.00

1923A A small pine open shelf unit/bookshelf above two drawers.£2.00

1924 An Old Charm style oak cabinet with a linen fold panelled door, width 53.5cm.£2.00

1925 An oak two tier folding cake stand on barley twist supports.£10.00

1926 A mahogany effect coffee table.£0.00

1927 A modern pine cupboard with a pair of panelled doors, width 78.5cm.£1.00

1928 A 1930s walnut veneered cabinet with a bureau fall front above a drawer and cupboard flanked by glazed bookcases, width 105.5cm.£0.00

1929 A circular centre table on three barley twist legs, diameter 58cm.£25.00

1930 An Edwardian walnut dressing chest of three long drawers, width 92cm.£2.00

1931 An Edwardian octagonal mahogany occasional table on turned legs.£0.00

1932 An occasional table made from a Singer cast iron treadle sewing machine base with a polished granite top and shelf, 86.5cm x 44cm.£8.00

1933 A wine table.£5.00

1934 A reproduction Regency mahogany veneered serpentine front sideboard, width 176cm.

1935 A walnut veneered panelled walnut sewing table.£0.00

1936 An Edwardian oak four drawer music cabinet on cabriole legs, width 46cm.£12.00

1937 An Art Deco walnut veneered reverse break front desk with two drawers above a kneehole flanked by a cupboard and drawers with its original glass top, width 111cm.£0.00

1938 A mahogany effect record cabinet on turned and fluted legs, wisth 62cm.£0.00

1939 A two tier trolley.£0.00

1940 An Old Charm style oak side table on turned legs, width 108 cm.£2.00

1941 A circular inlaid mahogany plant stand.£2.00

1942 A G Plan style “teak” sideboard with a fall front open shelves and drawers above two long flanked by cupboards, width 193 cm.£0.00

1943 An oval log section occasional table.£2.00

1944 A tall pine chest of four drawers with panel fronts, width 90.5 cm, height 131 cm.£20.00

1945 A pair of hardwood effect bedside chests, each with two drawers.£2.00

1946 Square oak plant stand.£5.00

1947 A bentwood hat stand.£5.00

1948 An oval oak gateleg table on barley twist supports.£8.00

1949 A 1950’s kitchen table with a blue formica top on a white painted base with a drawer to one side, 110 x 71 cm.£0.00

1950 An oval oak gate leg table on barley twist supports.£5.00

1951 A Victorian square ebonised plant stand on a turned tapering column.£1.00

1952 A pine dining table on turned legs.£22.00

1953 A stool.£2.00

1954 An oval oak gate leg table on barley twist supports.£0.00

1955 An oak desk with an inclined lid on square section legs, width 56.5 cm.£1.00

1956 A modern pine coffee table, 76.5 x 75 cm.£2.00

1957 An oval oak gate leg table on turned supports.£30.00

1958 An oak draw leaf dining table on turned legs, size extended 168.5 x 79 cm.£2.00

1959 A pine kitchen table on turned tapering legs, 138 x 80 cm.£78.00

1960 A walnut veneered bureau/bookcase, the upper part with astragal glazed doors, the base with a slope front above three drawers on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet, width 88.5 cm, height 203 cm.£0.00

1961 A driftwood cabinet made to resemble a long case clockcase with open shelves above a cupboard.£2.00

1962 A Victorian mahogany stained bedside cupboard with a panelled door.£15.00

1963 A small chest of four cock beaded drawers, width 43 cm.£5.00

1964 A walnut veneered bureau with a fall front above one long drawer and a pair of cupboard doors, width 79 cm.£0.00

1964C An Eastern hand knotted carpet with a brown ground with three geometric panels within a patterned border, 125 x 170 cm approximately.£5.00

1965 A small wall hanging rack of four open shelves.£2.00

1966 A small painted corner rack of open shelves.£0.00

1967 An Edwardian oak stick stand with a linen fold panelled front.£5.00

1968 A walnut veneered bow front display cabinet on cabriole legs, width 58 cm.£1.00

1969 A three tier dark wood effect shoe store, width 57 cm.£10.00

1970 A 1920s oak gramophone cabinet with a hinged lid on square section legs joined by a shelf, width 67.5 cm.£2.00

1971 A walnut bureau with a slope front above one long drawer on cabriole legs, width 79 cm.£0.00

1972 A painted bureau with an open shelf above two drawers on turned legs, width 73.5 cm.£2.00

1973 A child’s folding chair.£0.00