General Sale Catalogue 12th February 2019 10am start

Viewing Saturday 9-1pm, Monday 9-5pm


1 A studio pottery salt cellar, a knife block and knives, enamel baking tin, cooking utensils, mixing bowls, etc.

2 Two crystal decanters, lead crystal vases and other miscellaneous glassware.

3 A pair of Celtic pottery vases from Newlyn, Cornwall as pair of studio pottery vases and a studio pottery coffee pot, six studio pottery mugs, milk jug and sugar bowl.

4 A studio pottery bowl filled with vintage Christmas tree decorations and marbles, a collection of quartz crystals, amethyst, etc.

5 Denby stoneware casserole pots and other miscellaneous ceramics.

6 A collection of studio pottery.

7 A Doulton and Lambeth stoneware cheese dish, a decorative bottle and a antique teapot.

8 A Royal Doulton bowl, a vintage moustache guard cup and some Woods ware ceramics and other miscellaneous ceramics.

9 Denby stoneware jug, Denby coffee pot, cups and mugs, a Royal Doulton stoneware tankard jug, vase, etc.

10 A small decorative oil lamp, a small collection of commemorative ware mugs and other miscellaneous ceramics.

11 Six silver plate wine glasses, pewter tankards, a decorative brass bowl on a elephant stand, a brass candlestick a small collection of miniature tankards, plates, etc and other miscellaneous metal ware items.

12 A Davenport early blue and white Willow patterned meat plater dish, a Bovey Pottery of Devon orient painted plate, a Chinese vase and a Wedgwood meat plate with the name Dorothy.

12A A bag containing floral lined curtains and two crochet woollen blankets.

12B Two bags of miscellaneous fabrics.

12C A piece of blue fabric 5.60 x 2.48 metres.

12D A bag containing a woollen blanket and a patchwork quilt and a bag containing cushions etc.

12E A bag containing a double patchwork style quilted bedcover and three matching pillow covers, together with a bag containing a genuine sheepskin rug and other rugs.

12F Two bags containing cushions with British Bulldogs on.

12G Two Sainsburys 4.5tog hollow fibre duvets.

12H Two plastic boxes containing a selection of white and a selection of cream Emsmorn quality Teflon protected bowling skirts with labels, in new condition.

12J Two plastic boxes containing a selection of grey Emsmorn quality Teflon protected bowling skirts with labels, in new condition.

12K A box containing new size small Kangol sun hats and rain visors.

12L A bag of lace.

12M A bag with Gastley stripy pink cushions with Teddy bears on.

13 A St.Justin clock, a house martin travelling chest game, couple boxes of flatware, couple of pairs of opera glasses, vintage wooden rulers, etc.

14 A selection of picture frames.

15 A glass fishing float some blue glass bottles, two etched bottles some cranberry glass and other miscellaneous glassware.

16 A wooden carved Buddha, a plaster model of the King Priest Moenjodaor from Pakistan, a pair of ceramic dog bookends and a pair of vases.

17 Glass paperweights, glass inkwell, etc.

18 A collection of mixed ceramics.

19 An etched glass vase, a rummer and miscellaneous etched glasses, etc.

20 A collection of lead crystal glasses, cut glass, decanters, etc.

21 A collection of Poole Pottery stoneware, collectors’ plates with pictures of animals.

22 A collection of wall hanging plates made by Poole Pottery and designed and modelled by Barbara Linley Adams and stoneware plates with a collection of animals on them.

23 A part dinner service Chantilly pattern by Coronaware and a small teapot and two plates.

24 A small bust of Beethoven, a vase, a ceramic bird figurine, a small collection of French ceramic plates and two large serving plates.

25 An African carving, a wooden carving of a oriental fisherman and a wooden letter rack.

26 A collection of Royal Worcester teacups and saucers, cake plates, serving plates, sugar bowl, etc.

27 A collection of Royal Worcester plates.

28 Several pieces of blue Bristol glass to include four little inkwells, a large Victorian glass and other glasses, etc.

29 A box of books, to include several gardens and parks wildlife books, football annuals, books on Australia, etc.

30 Star Trek magazines from the 90’s and fiction books, etc.

31 A box containing children’s books and a collection of other fiction and nonfiction books.

32 A box of fiction and nonfiction books.

33 A box of books and magazines, to included illustrated dating from the 40’s & 50’s and also painting magazines, etc.

34 A small box of books to include some cook books and other books.

35 A box of miscellaneous books.

36 A box of books the “International Library of Famous Literature” a full collection.

37 Two bags of books containing mostly fiction by Clive Cussler, one bag also containing a small amount of DVD’s.

38 Two small boxes containing books, to include art books and books on ceramics, etc.

39 Five books of “The Connoisseur” volumes 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904 and 1908.

40 A box of books to include gardening books and wildlife books, etc.

41 A box of 78rpm records.

42 A box of books and one small box of books, to include “Provencal” cooking and “The Industrial Archaeology of Cornwall” and other books on Cornwall, etc.

43 A box of books containing many hymn books, poetry books, etc.

44 A box of books containing books on history, books on Cornwall and other books.

45 A box of books to included “The Royal History of England” and other books.

46 A box of LP records mostly classical.

47 A box of books to include “The Slight Figures of Cornwall”, Old Cornish, history books and an Encyclopaedia of Witch Craft and Demonology.

48 A box of books to include Montana poetry and literature.

49 A box of books to included “The Impressionists” also the “Master Works” by Van Gogh and many other art related books, etc.

50 A box of books to included many art related books.

51 A box of CD’s.

52 A box of books to include art books, children’s books, etc.

53 A box of books.

54 A box of books containing “The World of Adventure” Volumes One to Six and art books, etc.

55 A box of books to include “The Essential in Architecture”, some books on poetry, book on The Isle of Scilly, etc.

56 A box of books to include the “The Good Book Guide” French decorative art, fictionary, etc.

57 A box of books to include “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift, “A Christmas Child”, Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and other miscellaneous books.

58 A box of books to include two volumes of “The World’s Greatest Paintings”, “HMS Ganges Tales of the Troggs”, “Live and Let Die” by Ian Fleming and other books.

59 A box of books to include “The Scillonian” biannual magazine of the Isles of Scilly dated 1985, book on mushrooms, rocks and minerals and a collection or fiction and nonfiction books.

60 A box containing CD’s and LP’s to include Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, etc.

61 A box of records (45rpm) including Cliff Richard.

62 A box of records (45rpm) and miscellaneous.

63 A box of German steins.

64 A Viners stainless steel boxed flatware set, a green serpentine ashtray, a red serpentine small pot and two Dartington crystal commemorative glass paperweights.

65 A set of three lead crystal decanters, a glass vase, a selection of commemorative ware cups, etc and other ceramics.

66 Two decorative copper trays.

67 Four Portmeirion bowls.

68 A collection of regency fine art figurines, etc.

69 A Noritake part dinner and tea service and other ceramics, etc.

70 A collection of vintage Poole Pottery plates and bowls, etc.

71 A pair of Poole Pottery candlestick holders.

71A Serving plates, meat plate etc.

72 A collection of vintage Poole Pottery vases and a Poole Pottery lamp.

73 A collection of vintage Poole Pottery jugs.

74 A selection of five vintage Poole Pottery poise rings.

75 Three vintage Poole Pottery ashtrays and a Poole Pottery ceramic cigarette case.

76 A set of six vintage Poole Pottery condiment pots.

77 A collection of vintage Poole Pottery shallow bowls and dishes.

78 Three large vintage Poole Pottery twin tone conch shells.

79 A collection of Poole Pottery plates, etc.

80 A Wedgwood Art Decco tea service.

81 A collection of studio pottery and other ceramics, etc.

82 Three pairs of size 11 Dessert boots.

83 A bag of miscellaneous fabrics.

84 A bag of woollen blankets and a crocheted blanket.

85 Two bags of assorted lace and embroidered cloths, dollies, runners etc.

86 An eiderdown.

87 A Silentnight 13.5 tog duvet.

88 A collection of Denby stoneware dishes and plates, two Marks & Spencer dishes.

89 Three stylish black glass martini glasses, three lead crystal wine glasses and other glasses.

90 A Delft ‘Made in Holland’ hand-painted plate, a set of Priestley and Moor stainless steel cutlery, a decorative water jug, vase and other plates.

91 A cutlery tray full of miscellaneous flatware and other boxed flatware and a serving dish.

92 A Royal Albert part tea service.

93 A Royal Worcester Astley part tea and part dinner service.

94 A Royal Vale bone china part tea service and a serving plate.

95 A set of four glass liquor glasses with decorative twisted stems.

95A A large collection of etched crystal wine glasses and tumblers/tray.

96 Two boxes of DVDs.

97 A box of books mostly fiction.

98 A box of books to contain many to do with sailing.

99 A box of books mostly to do with sailing.

100 A box of books mostly to do with sailing.

101 A box of vintage books, containing many to do with poetry.

102 Two printing blocks, a brass from a horses Haynes with “Live Long the King” and a brass pot.

103 A pair of glass oil lamps.

104 A brass oil lamp.

105 A box of books, many to do with The Royal Air Force and with sailing etc.

106 A box of books, some to do with sailing and other vintage books.

107 Three record carry cases full of miscellaneous records.

108 A box of miscellaneous records.

109 A glass Art Deco figurine, a glass shallow bowl and other miscellaneous glass.

110 A Francoma part tea service and other miscellaneous ceramics.

111 A brass oil lamp, two other oil lamps, an Arts and Craft copper fish bowl, thermometer etc.

112 A set of Poole pottery Christmas plates dated from 1978 through to 1983.

113 Poole Pottery Mother’s Day plates dating from 1979-1981.

114 A Limoges Pottery plate with Arc de Triomphe on it, another with La Cathedral Notre Dame plus two other decorative plates together with a pair of floral decorated vases.

115 A set of six of Royal Crown Derby cups and saucers.

116 A serving plate and collection of miniature cups and saucers, together with a miniature tea service and other ceramics.

117 An oak wall hanging display case, containing a collection of thimbles.

118 A gilt framed wall hanging display cabinet containing lots of miniature cups and saucers containing many miniature Wedgwood cups and saucers etc.

119 A small wall mounted display case containing a collection of crest ware ceramics.

120 Two boxes of books.

121 Two boxes of books.

122 Two boxes of records, mostly classical.

123 A miscellaneous box of toys and games.

123A A box of miscellaneous games, etc.

123B A box of toys, games etc

124 A box of vintage dolls and toys.

125 A box of toys.

126 A vintage Airfix flight deck toy in its original box.

127 A miscellaneous box of vintage toys etc.

128 A box of jigsaws.

129 A miscellaneous box of toys and games.

130 Three bowler hats, one made by Falcon, one made by Airlite and one other bowler hat.

131 A Tilley lamp.

132 A brass bell on stand.

133 A vintage wooden letter rack.

134 A mantle clock in Art Deco style.

135 A selection of Royal Worcester ramekins and a set of six Salisbury bone china cups and saucers.

136 A part tea service.

137 A vintage oak tray with brass handles and a wooden chopping board.

138 A pair of brass military cartridge shells a pair of copper bottles and a pair of African art copper shields and spears.

139 A miscellaneous box containing books, CD’s, a Canon camera and other miscellaneous items.

140 A miscellaneous box containing a clarinet and other miscellaneous items.

141 A set of six Babycham glasses, a set of six crystal glasses, a cake stand and other items.

142 A wooden dressing table mirror.

143 A Tremaen Pottery of Newlyn, studio pottery lamp.

144 A Staffordshire underglaze blue snuff taker with loose tri-corn hat and stamps.

145 Two hand carved donkeys and a half hand carved wooden goat on a little pull along cart and two wooden dishes.

146 Miscellaneous flatware and a enamel makeup compact, an oriental teapot, vase and other miscellaneous items.

147 A box of miscellaneous magazines and programmes, etc.

148 A vintage desk lamp.

149 A mahogany magazine and an oak letter rack.

150 A brass oil lamp.

151 An old art glass vase and a green glass vase.

152 A brass ships propeller.

153 Three Robin red breast ornaments and three Robin red breast decorative plates.

154 A miscellaneous box containing flatware, water jugs, etc.

155 A box containing flatware, mugs, etc.

156 A sewing machine.

157 A large carved wooden elephant.

158 Two marble mantel clocks.

159 A selection of miniatures to include a miniature Bells whiskey and a miniature Loch Lomond whiskey, a mix of Guinness bottles, etc.

160 A Carlton ware lustre bowl, a modern box containing cards and dice a wooden box containing two fans a letter rack, ceramic figurines, etc.

161 A soap stone ornament of a rhino.

162 Two boxed Corgi Hawker Hunter Mark 6 airplanes and three Atlas Editions Die Cast collectors model aircraft.

163 A bedside lamp.

164 A Hawksley & Co’s Petite Ducs pure Havana vintage cigar box, a wooden elephant, a machine turned little diary from the 1940’s, a vintage Parker pen, a set of playing cards, coins, etc.

165 A selection of ceramic dogs.

166 Cut glass bowls, footed glass bowls, miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

167 Pewter tankards, servicing plates, playing cards, a Chinese vase and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

168 A box of glasses.

169 A box of miscellaneous wine glasses, etc.

170 A pair of brass pots and a metal turn table.

171 A vintage tin State Express cigarette and vintage stationery writing boxes.

172 A box of vintage books.

173 A box of vintage books.

174 A box of miscellaneous tools to include a Black and Decker drill, drill stand, saws and chisels, etc.

175 A box of miscellaneous tools, etc.

176 A wooden box containing miscellaneous tools, a cast iron letter box and stamps etc.

176A A box of artists pallets / brushes etc.

177 A vintage desk lamp.

178 An NOC computer monitor.

179 A box containing a Canon digital Pxus 2.1mega pixel digital camera in its original box, a mobile phone, a Sony wide conversion lens, another Canon Pxus digital camera and other miscellaneous cameras, camera bags etc.

180 An anglepoise magnifying lamp.

181 A Samsung television.

182 A Roberts digital radio.

183 A glass lamp shade.

184 A Fidelity 350P turntable.

185 A HP Deskjet 1000 printer and a HP LaserJet 1010.

186 A King Sonic vintage cassette deck.

187 A copper coal bucket and a cat doorstop.

188 A box of miscellaneous items.

189 A metal toolbox and contents.

190 A large metal toolbox and contents.

191 A black anglepoise lamp.

192 A black anglepoise lamp.

193 A pair of Mission speakers.

194 A Dell computer monitor.

195 Two lamps.

196 An Acoustic Solutions SP131 turntable.

197 A Philips Tresemme hairdryer.

198 A Kenwood CD player.

199 An Acoustic Solution SP100 amplifier.

200 A Panasonic in-car DVD player complete with cables etc.

201 Four bedside lamps.

202 A copper pot.

203 A cast iron doorstop in the shape of a jester.

204 One copper, one cast iron doorstops.

205 Three boxes of Land Rover car parts.

206 Four boxes of Land Rover car parts.

207 Five boxes of Land Rover car parts.

208 A Panasonic Television.

209 A Celcus TV with built in DVD player.

210 An R & M Notebook Professional.

211 A Wittner Taktell super-mini metronome.

212 A DVD player.

213 A Samsung DVD player.

214 A vintage morse code machine and headphones etc.

215 A Goblin teasmaid.

216 A Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 2010 turntable and cassette deck.

217 A Bang & Olufsen VHS video player.

217A A Super Racing electric car track.

218 A Cordon Bleu slow cooker.

219 A Goldring Lenco turntable.

220 Five wall mounted lights with blue glass shades.

221 A box containing a Power Devil angle grinder, a Talco socket set and a Site boxed rechargeable screwdriver.

222 A box containing light fittings, paint brushes etc.

223 A box containing builder’s trowels, floats etc.

224 A boxed Titan jigsaw with laser guide etc.

225 Four builder’s buckets and contents.

226 A Sony television.

227 An angelpoise lamp.

228 An Eddystone radio.

229 A Nintendo Wii with one controller.

230 A boxed screwdriver set and two other screwdriver and socket sets.

231 A Frister & Rossmann computer sewing machine in original carry case with instructions and foot pedal.

232 Two boxes of miscellaneous tools etc.

233 Car spotlights etc.

234 Two table lamps.

235 A Mullard, Made in Britain radio.

236 A Morphy Richards microwave.

237 A desk light.

238 A Draper clamp with mini vise and two other clamping tools.

239 Five lamp shades.

240 A Gaggia coffee machine.

241 A Ryman cross cut shredder.

242 A large copper water jug, tiffin tins and a metal teapot.

243 A selection of bike/car hooters.

244 Three copper tiffin tin carriers.

245 A blue and white meat plate, two other serving plates and other ceramics.

246 A decorative corner plant stand in its original box.

247 A large black anglepoise lamp.

248 Two lamps including a modernized old wall lamp, scales etc.

249 A bag containing four sash clamps.

250 A Fidelity turntable.

251 An anglepoise magnifying lamp.

252 A Rexel cross cut shredder.

253 A Pro Shiatsu portable plug in massager and a personal alarm.

254 A Canon colour printer.

255 A pair of folding camping chairs.

256 A pair of handsaws.

257 A pair of Warfdale speakers and crossovers missing their boxes.

258 A boxed Myson Kickspace heater.

259 A box containing Lynx construction pieces.

260 A collection of plastic bottles, a table lamp and Edimax fast ethernet switch and other miscellaneous items including a boxed set of CDs ‘This Sceptered Isle, 55 B.C. to 1901.’

261 A food processor.

262 A Grundig Yacht Boy radio and a vintage leather bag.

263 A Saturn computerised chess and drafts game in original box.

264 A Goblin teasmaid.

265 A cassette recorder etc.

266 A Roberts AM 50 radio and a Decca AM/FM transistor radio.

267 Router bits in their own case.

268 Router bits in their own box.

269 A desk fan.

270 A trolley with cassette storage boxes.

271 A Sharp Font Writer personal word processor.

272 An anglepoise magnifying work light.

273 A set of six Victorian brass and ceramic coat hangers.

274 A vintage metal box containing shells and rock samples.

275 A Breville toaster.

275A Railway pieces to include a control centre.

276 A Eurohike folding camping chair.

277 A box of miscellaneous containing jars etc.

278 A box of miscellaneous containing wall mounted spice racks, pans etc.

279 A box containing a wall paper stripper etc.

280 A box containing a TGA portable gas cooker in original box with instructions and miscellaneous tools etc.

281 A folding camping chair.

282 A folding camping chair.

283 A Flymo garden vac.

284 A radio controlled Air Discovery helicopter.

285 A pair of radio controlled trucks.

286 A Bang & Olufsen TV and a Manhatten Freesat box.

287 A Bang & Olufsen VHS video recorder.

288 A Crivet arm and leg trainer.

289 A Hitachi camcorder in carry case.

290 A Casio QV8000SX camcorder.

291 A Sony NVC-SD95 21 megapixel camcorder.

292 A disco light and a compact disc clock.

293 A Ring spotlight and a bag of Sky remote controls.

294 A pair of Hercules speakers in original box.

295 An Altec iPod and iPhone speaker.

296 A Zoom digital Dictaphone.

297 A Joytmatch, a selection of radio valves, some headphones etc.

298 A Midland CB radio.

299 A universal Avometer.

300 A studio pottery lamp.

301 A PBX router in original carry case.

302 A JCB power master router in original carry case.

303 An Olivetti electric till.

304 A Morse model MJB control (for a yacht).

305 A Yamaha multimedia sub-woofer and two speakers together with a Logik mobile phone speaker..

306 A Camlink slide and cine film and photograph converter in its original box.

307 A camping gas burner and lantern.

308 A Sony TCM 37v cassette recorder and a Kodak instant camera outfit in its original box.

309 A pair of Masterclass food warmers.

310 A Binatone TV master vintage computer game in its original box.

311 A Morphy Richards iron.

312 A guitar amplifier.

313 A Stanley rabbet plane in its original box, a Cowley level in its original carry case and a tape measure.

314 An office chair in its original box, unopened.

315 A brass coal scuttle.

316 A bag containing artists pallets, pastels and other art related materials.

317 An electronic drum kit.

318 A box of serving plates etc.

319 Two boxes containing radio valves etc.

320 A Pampered Chef oven cooking stand.

321 A box of clamps and tools etc.

322 A guitar amplifier.

323 A studio pottery lamp and brass lamp.

324 A Toa amplifier speaker.

325 A Toa amplifier speaker.

326 A pair of wooden Venetian blinds.

327 A wall mounted set of three shelves connected by ‘wavy’ supports, in its original box.

328 A set of four 14cm chair raisers ‘elephant feet’

329 A Vax steam cleaner.

330 A Dyson ball vacuum cleaner.

330A An Electrolux vacuum.

331 A floral decorated kitchen pedal bin.

332 A Vax carpet cleaner.

333 A Bosch leaf vacuum.

334 Binoculars.

335 A blue paper towel dispenser.

336 A stainless steel kitchen bin.

337 A Babliss bath therapy bath spa and a Visiq infa-red body massager.

338 A set of four stainless steel saucepans with copper bottoms and two other pans.

339 A box containing an electric kitchen knife, a stainless-steel teapot, kitchen utensils etc.

340 A 36 piece plastic camping set with plates, bowls etc.

341 A vintage thermos flask.

342 A box of non-stick frying pans, a steamer and other pans etc.

343 A copper and brass coal scuttle, bucket and shovel.

344 A Georgian Beldray bucket.

345 A petrol disc cutter.

346 A brass ship’s bell.

347 A bag of cuddly toys.

348 A brand new boxed NRS healthcare two in one bedrail.

349 A doll’s house to include furniture and two footballs.

350 Five eastern style brass bowls, a brass statue of monkeys and a brass bell etc.

351 A vintage leather combination carrying case.

352 A bag of photography paper.

353 A box containing two cutlery trays of flatware, an enamel casserole pot, a hoover etc.

354 A box containing games, cards etc.

355 A box containing padlocks, tools etc.

356 A box of miscellaneous cut glass and ceramic plates to include a Poole Pottery serving dish.

356A A wooden jewellery box.

357 A box containing demijohns and other home brewing equipment.

358 A wooden strung puppet.

359 A sheesham wooden CD cabinet.

359A A boxed wire racking kitchen storage shelving unit.

360 A pine magazine rack.

361 A Westfield Remo Weather King fibre skin banjo made in the USA in its original carry case.

362 A cast iron candelabra.

363 A pig figurine made in the John Bourdeaux Pottery, Isles of Scilly, a pottery duck and pig hand made in Derbyshire by Adrian Howe and a handmade cast iron goat figurine etc.

364 A wooden cased mantel clock made by Kemp Bros, Union Street, Bristol.

365 A serpentine and glass paperweight and octopus ornament.

366 A King Edward Imperial cigar box containing thimbles, miniature cup and saucer, napkin ring etc.

367 Two hand blown blue glass vases and a vintage orange glass ashtray.

368 Five stoneware bottles and an electro plate cocktail shaker.

369 A box of cast iron claw and ball feet possibly from a bed, a vintage cast iron door knocker, a shoe makers anvil etc.

370 An oil lamp.

371 A selection of serpentine coasters.

372 Three green and blue Cyprus plates, some blue glass, an eyebath, a Murano style cat and other ceramics etc.

373 A Royal Doulton bamboo print tea and coffee service.

374 A hand painted Habitat blue vase and three glass bowls.

375 A vintage AA car badge, a small collection of ENPS flatware, miscellaneous glasses etc.

376 A collection of Royal Doulton bowls etc.

377 A vintage tin of buttons and another vintage tin labelled ‘Ministry of Food, London, National Dried Milk’.

378 Two large modern plain glass decanters and other glassware.

379 Two Denby stoneware two tone jugs, a condiment jar, lidded pot and four bowls.

380 Six twin tone Poole Pottery cups and saucers.

381 A pair of Kershaw binoculars from 1943, a picture, a vase and a Doulton stoneware lidded jar.

382 A collection of carnival glass.

383 A box of miscellaneous Japanese items and a small collection of Japanese ceramic plates etc.

383A A new unused Michael Kors small black and gilt bag boxed.

384 A Chinese blue and white ginger jar, two pieces of Studio pottery and two floral meat plates.

385 A collection of miniature stoneware bottles etc.

386 A Hornsy pottery rabbit vase, a Silvac autumn leaf vase, J & G Meakin bowl and plates.

387 A small cheese dish, a Clare bone china cup, a Staffordshire bone china cup and saucer, Alfred Meakin ironstone bowls and plates etc.

388 Six wire hanging lantern holders.

389 Twenty-six miscellaneous bottles of wine and spirits to include a Cavendish vintage 1949 Vin de Liqueur and others.

390 A collection of wines etc, to include three bottles of Petite Liquorelle Moet Chandon.

391 A selection of champagne and wine.

392 A box of pint glasses.

393 A genuine stingray skin wallet and a small collection of mineral samples etc.

394 A selection of glasses depicting fox hunting.

395 A black teapot and a selection of Kensington ware teapots, lidded pots, etc.

396 A selection of globes, model boats and other nautical themed items, etc

397 A large glass fish and large green Denby glass shaped vase.

398 A selection of Chinese ceramics and a Samson plate.

399 A small collection of oriental figurines.

400 Three Poole pottery dolphins.

401 A Royal Albert Brigadoon part tea service and part diner service and other ceramics.

402 A suitcase containing miscellaneous pictures and photo frames.

403 A stoneware small jar with Western Counties creamers, Yeovil and other studio pottery ceramics, etc.

404 A small collection of Portmeirion pottery designed by Susan Williams-Ellis.

405 A small green coffee set.

406 Six Portmeirion coffee cups designed by Susan Williams-Ellis.

407 Eight Wedgwood crystal wine glasses.

408 A selection of lead crystal glasses.

409 A Michelin cast iron car.

410 A cast bronze figurine of a dog.

411 A figurine of a black German Shephard.

412 A male and a female Esso cast iron figurines.

413 A large florally decorated brandy glass shaped vase.

414 A glass hip flask in a leather case and a vintage travel alarm clock also in a leather case.

415 A fire side companion set.

416 A large blue and white jug and an Oriental pot.

417 A set of letter weighing scales the golden anchor made in Sweden.

418 A wooden mantel clock.

419 A brass ships clock.

420 Two wooden mantel clocks.

421 A selection of lead crystal wine and liqueur glasses.

422 A selection of lead crystal tankards and tumblers, etc.

423 Two brass trays, a small collection of vintage flatware and a small metal plaque.

424 A carved wooden box containing domino’s and a selection of wooden boxes.

425 A collection of children’s christening gifts and other miscellaneous items.

426 A copper kettle and two brass candle sticks.

427 Three stoneware jars, one marked “J.Allen Botanical Brewers Camborne”, one marked “J.H Allen & Co Botanical Brewer Camborne & Falmouth”.

428 A pair of Denby stoneware jugs, a Denby stoneware serving dish and a Poole pottery mug and jar.

429 A brass bell in the shape of a windmill, a brass door knocker shaped in an acorn, a brass anchor, a brass Cornish Piskie ash tray and a copper cup.

430 A Victorian jar with diamond date stamp and other miscellaneous ceramics.

431 A piece of genuine pumice stone.

432 A bag containing two miniature dolls and stands and handbags.

433 A pair of clocks.

434 A Vivitar macro focusing zoom 28-200mm.

434A A box of cars to include some vintage Corgi, Matchbox and Majorette.

435 A Delfts vase, Spode collectors plate etc.

436 A dressing table set.

437 A box containing miscellaneous wooden items.

438 A box of books mostly children’s books.

439 Two boxes of books to included Beatrice Potter, Harry Potter other children’s books and fiction books, etc.

440 A box of records etc.

441 A set of H. Sutton weighing scales.

442 A brass oil lamp and a shoe makers anvil.

443 A pair of carved marble stands.

444 A cast bronze figurine of a man sitting on a rock etc.

445 A printing block Italian Hospital, Queens Square and a box of other miscellaneous printing blocks, glass lamp shade, a book “The Literary Statesman” and other by Norman Hapgood and other miscellaneous items.

446 A decorative hanging orange glass candle holder suspended from a metal decorative frame.

447 A pair of old flat irons converted into electric lamps and other miscellaneous items.

448 A pair of carved wooden African busts and a stone hippo and a wooden carving of three monkeys on a tree.

449 Three bedside lamps.

450 A box containing a vintage Isovac picnic set, horse brasses, boules etc.

451 A box of National Geographic magazines and a box of Country Life magazines.

452 A box of pictures and picture frames.

453 A box of Brio train track to including trains, stations, track, carriages, etc.

454 A box of miscellaneous games, etc.

455 A bag containing pictures, needlework’s, etc.

456 A set of four Salter cast iron saucepans plus one ceramic bowl.

457 Two vintage dolls one of which is a Nun.

458 A bag of miscellaneous toy cars etc.

459 A candle making kit.

460 A box containing a shop display stand and decorative drift wood items.

461 A box of fiction books.

462 A brass oil lamp.

463 A pair of binoculars and a vintage cast iron nut cracker.

464 A pair of brass candlesticks, a decorative wooden box with a clipper on it, an enamel box with St. Michael’s Mount on it and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

465 A Crown Regent bone china floral part tea service and other ceramics.

466 A Barcarold accordion.

467 Indian copper containers, teapots, etc.

468 A ornament wooden duck, a Beswick model No.1558 Siamese cat, two vintage brass bell, a compass encased in serpentine and other miscellaneous ceramic, etc.

469 A vintage enamel flower bin and a ceramic cheese dish.

470 Two stoneware jars and a brass milk jug.

470A A wooden box with shoe cleaning brushes, etc.

470B A wicker basket containing old bottles, one of which says W.H. Mallet & Co, Wadebridge and other bottles and miscellaneous ceramics.

470C A brass burner made in Sweden and a vintage water sprayer from 1977, The Queens Silver Jubilee and some weights to go some weighing scales.

470D A metal cash tin, a wooden box, two vintage alarm clocks, a musical manger, a brass bell etc.

470E A set of five plastic anti spill camping cups and plates.

470F A box of books.

470G Two boxes of books.

470H A collection of pig ornaments.

471 Three boxes of books.

472 Three boxes of books.

473 A glass and wood wash board.

474 An adjustable foot stool.

475 A vintage oak towel rack.

476 Room divider.

477 A box of records.

478 A piano accordion.

479 Two metal display stands.

480 A shops mannequin.

481 A large blue studio pottery lamp.

482 A standard lamp.

483 A large selection of white ceramic, soup bowl, gravy boats, etc.

483A A selection of Caverswall Christmas goblets, tankards, etc.

484 A small selection of Jouef, Made in France, mechanical trains and track.

485 A small box of vintage Lego.

486 Corgi Magic Roundabout toys.

487 A clarinet in a box, a Kodak camera in vintage wooden box and a model of a racing bike.

488 A cast iron standard lamp in the shape of a four-arm candelabra.

489 A standard lamp with a yellow tasselled shade.

490 An auto light made in the USA, miniature miners’ lamp, a Wafax copper hot water bottle and other miscellaneous brass and copper items.

491 A selection of horse brasses.

492 Two vintage clothes peg dolls, teddies etc.

493 A wall hanging clock.

494 A side table in the shape of a pile of books.

495 A box of miscellaneous picture frames.

496 An antique French sailors’ hat.

497 Eight hand carved chapati plates.

498 Five brass eastern food containers.

499 A selection of candlestick holders and other miscellaneous items.

499A Two vintage copper water sprayers and a cast iron hook and balance.

500 A side table in the shape of a pile of books.

501 A folding whatnot.

502 Monopoly the Cornwall edition, books etc.

503 Two antique writing boxes.

504 A St.Justin ‘silver’ picture frame and one other ‘silver’ frame – unused.

505 A Pye vintage radio.

506 Miscellaneous ceramics etc.

507 An Eternal Beau dinner and tea service for six including serving dishes, tea pot, coffee pot etc.

508 A selection of Quimper blue and white ceramics, etc.

509 Two copper trays and a copper biscuit barrel.

510 A vintage retro Roloway ashtray.

511 A vintage leather case.

512 A box containing old art catalogues etc.

513 Miscellaneous box containing fairy lights, etc.

514 A box of DVD’s and cassettes to include a very early “That’s what I call music 5” cassette.

515 A box containing Meerkat cat toys and Micky and Minnie mouse.

516 A bag containing miscellaneous Wade Wimsical ornaments and other ornaments.

517 A bag containing miscellaneous fridge magnets.

518 A retro Mickey mouse telephone.

519 A mahogany dressing table, mirror with two drawers below.

520 A collection of miscellaneous vintage boxes to included a vintage Oxo tin, a small writing box, etc.

521 A bag containing stamps book, etc.

522 An Adams English iron stone, cup and saucer, a small folder able table, some studio pottery, a retro glass and copper ashtray and other miscellaneous items.

523 An Indonesian cylindrical shopping basket.

524 A terracotta drum, a brass and enamelled candlestick, a Russian doll, etc.

525 A pair of carved African head bookends, a carved African head, a hand carved miniature totem pole, a wooden letter opener and a brass letter opener engraved with Williamson Balfour & Co, SA.

526 Five wooden Indian elephants of varying size on a sloping wooden plinth.

527 A vintage table lighter, a hand grenade turned into a ornament, the tail fin of an incendiary bomb dropped in Dagenham, North East London, in 1941, a barometer and a vintage telephone.

528 A box containing miscellaneous stone pots, serpentine, etc.

529 A Fenton cheese dish, two Hoganas Keramik Dutch collectors’ plates, four Delft ware blue and white wall plates depicting the four seasons and a Royal Doulton old balloon seller plate and a Royal Doulton “The Flower Sellers Children” collectors plate.

530 A writing slope.

531 Two small boxes of flatware, some souvenir collectors’ samples with certificate of the Ancient Kauri timber of the Kauri tree, New Zealand wooden coasters, etc.

532 A box of books to include ‘The Birth of Britain’, ‘Robinson Crusoe’ etc.

533 A box of vintage books.

534 A box of vintage books to include ‘The Story of Nations’ and many others.

535 A box of vintage books to include a book on ants, bees and wasps from the International Science and many other books.

535A A box of vintage books to include ‘A History of The War’ by H. C. O’Neil and many other books.

536 A large circular copper tray.

537 Three boxes of books to include one DIY and decorating and books on angling etc.

538 A small collection of classical records and a folder entitled ‘John Norden’s Manuscript Maps of Cornwall and its Nine Hundreds’.

539 A decorative glass lampshade.

540 A brass ceiling light.

541 A decorative glass lampshade.

542 A pair of brass and glass lampshades and a three-arm brass and glass ceiling light.

543 A pair of brass/glass ceiling lights.

544 A set of three brass triple arm hanging ceiling lights.

545 A metal three-arm ceiling light with decorative flowers.

546 A decorative cream ceiling light with five arms designed to look like a flower.

547 A modern chrome four spotlight ceiling light.

548 A modern black hanging ceiling light with five arms with glass shades and spare shades.

549 A small three arm green ceiling light.

550 A decorative green glass ceiling light.

550A A modern ceiling light to look like a flower with twelve spotlights in the shape of flowers.

551 A gold twelve arm chandelier.

552 An antique bed warming pan.

553 Antique mahogany and inlaid Vienna wall clock.

554 A framed needlework picture of an elephant.

555 A folder of the Burlington Art miniatures and two folders of CB first day covers.

555A Vintage postcards.

556 A mantle clock by Ganter Bros Watch, Clock makers and Jewellers of Dublin.

557 A modern battery operated wooden cased wall clock.

558 A Highland wooden cased wall clock.

559 A cast iron doorstop in the shape of a jester.

560 An antique jug, wash bowl etc.

561 An American mahogany wall clock made by Jerome & Co, Newhaven.

562 A barometer.

563 A modern wall hanging kitchen clock.

564 A mahogany Vienna wall hanging clock with a decoratively carved pelt.

565 A modern kitchen clock.

566 An old spearhead.

567 A bundle of walking sticks.

568 A bundle of walking sticks and umbrellas.

569 A metric conversion rule and an old vintage measuring stick.

570 A wooden artists easel.

571 Three umbrellas.

572 A shooting stick and two shooting stick umbrellas.

573 A bundle of wooden walking sticks one with bone handle.

574 Two flint ended hunting spears.

575 A bed warming pan.

576 A bed warming pan.

576A A pair of oak bellows.

577 A decorative mosaic round mirror.

578 A long case clock.

579 Two wooden boxes containing a large collection of enamel pin badges one to include many bowling club and one to contain Russian badges etc.

580 Two wooden boxes of enamel badges one containing some Harley Davidson motorcycle etc one containing Dogs etc.

581 Two wooden boxes of enamel pin badges.

582 A collection of miscellaneous alcohol to include sherry and liquors.

583 A 33rpm double album “The Pentateuch” 1979 by Dave Greenslade and art by Patrick Woodroffe.

584 A 33rpm record “The Two Sides of Penny” by Plastic Penny 1968.

585 A keyring with a certificate of authenticity which has been smelted at the South Crofty mine in Cornwall, stamps and coins.

586 A small bag of pre decimal coins and a small silver spoon in its original case.

587 A box and a silver plated gravy boat full of coins.

588 A pair of Dingles from House of Fraser enamel cufflink’s and one other pair of cufflinks.

589 A small bag of costume jewellery and a small bag of mixed coins.

589A A selection of enamel badges.

590 A collection of enamel of Fire Service badges and two enamel RNLI badges.

591 A bag of brooches.

592 A bag of watches to include two Gents Seko watches.

593 A British made Strike Right hydraflo life fishing reel.

594 A wooden box containing chess pieces.

595 A gents Pulsar watch in its original box.

595A A bag containing vintage chess pieces.

596 A box of Romeo and Julieta Habada cigarettes.

597 A box containing a good selection of bottles.

598 A box of mixed costume jewellery, keys, buttons, thimbles etc.

598A A large bag of costume jewellery.

598B A bag of costume jewellery.

599 A bag containing a silver St. Christopher, other silver and other miscellaneous items.

600 A box containing miscellaneous coins.

601 A box containing cigarette cards.

602 A boxed Colidri petrol lighter.

603 A bag of buttons.

603A A bag of costume jewellery Indian bangles.

604 A £1 note.

605 A bag of miscellaneous coins and notes.

606 A bag containing brass in leather cases.

607 A bag containing pen knives, sheaf knife, a Ronson lighter, a Vesta case and a compass.

608 Two silver picture frames.

608A A miniature barrel made from “The Bowspirit of HMS Victory Nelson’s flagship Trafalgar 1805”.

609 A silver knife and one other item.

610 A petrol lighter.

610A A bag of costume jewellery bangles.

611 A box of collectible, sterling silver, motorcar badges.

612 A bag of costume jewellery.

612A A bag of children’s costume jewellery.

613 A small brass plaque from Spencer Carter, Marine and Hydraulic Equipment, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, serial No. TW4602 and a vintage RAC car badge.

614 Buttons, a jewellery box containing cufflinks, badges, some silver etc.

614A A bag of costume jewellery rings.

615 A box containing vintage watches, Casio watches etc.

616 Two fountain pens.

616A A bag of costume jewellery.

616B A bag of costume jewellery bangles.

617 Masonic lodge medals, an RCA record label enamel badge, other enamel badges etc.

618 A Ronson table lighter, a vesta case, other lighters etc.

619 A Pissot Swiss made watch with a leather strap.

619A A bag of mostly green costume jewellery.

619B A bag of black and white costume jewellery.

620 A Parker pen and pencil, a vintage Parker fountain pen and a silver self propelling pencil.

621 A vintage sunflower gild collection box and contents.

622 A bayonet and a decorative eastern dagger.

623 Pipe and cigar smoker’s tools.

624 A box of enamelled pin badges, many rock music related including Genesis, Whitesnake, Rainbow etc.

625 A wooden box of collectible tin badges, many Navy, Army etc related.

625A A vintage Cadbury’s chocolate biscuits tin containing Royal Navy buttons and badges.

626 A collection of enamel badges, one set ‘A Golly’s Diary 2001’, a collection of seven days of the week Golly badges, a set of Rover car badges, a set of Land Rover enamel car pin badges, a set of Billions commemorative Formula 1 pin badges and a set of enamel Magic Roundabout pin badges.

627 Three boxes of collectable enamel pin badges.

628 Three boxes of collectable enamel pin badges.

629 Three boxes of collectable enamel pin badges.

630 Three boxes of collectable enamel pin badges, other badges and one box containing a US Marine corps belt.

630A A selection of playstation four games to include FIFA 16 and 17, Call of Duty, Black Ops, Call of Duty, Infinite Warfar, Battlefield 1 and Grand Theft Auto 5.

631 A decorative carved wooden framed mirror.

632 An artist’s easel paintbox.

632A A gold gilt picture frame.

633 The International Society of Postmaster’s official sterling silver proofs of the world’s greatest stamps, all solid sterling silver.

634 A painted carved wooden wall bracket.

635 A large brass military artillery shell and a copper creamer.

636 A model ship.

637 A small collection of Buddhas etc.

638 A bronze Hindu Shiva statue and two stone Buddhas etc.

639 Six Capodimonte flowers.

640 A selection of crest ware ceramics.

641 A Selkirk glass paperweight, a Hafod Grange dandelion paperweight and one other paperweight.

642 A jade coloured hard stone Buddha and one other figure.

643 Charles and Diana miniature commemorative mugs and other miniature cup and saucers etc.

644 A selection of vintage Meccano motors etc.

645 A stone bust on a stone column.

646 A large green glass bottle.

647 A copper and brass hunting horn.

648 A Vacco vintage flask.

649 A stylish art deco side table.

650 A Serpentine bowl.

651 A Poole Pottery white owl, small blue owl, duck, badger, seal, frog and a pair of cats.

652 Two small Shiva bronze statues and other statues.

653 A pair of decorative cut glass scent bottles with silver tops.

654 A selection of brown Poole Pottery woodland animals, mice, squirrel, hedgehog etc.

655 A Beswick Model No.1032 trout.

656 A lustre ware glass bowl.

657 A pair of Victorian hand blown decanters.

658 An earthenware ball finial on a blue glass plinth.

659 A collection of green German Roemers, two green etched glasses etc.

660 A Beswick duck model No.750.

661 A Clarice Cliff vase.

662 Three Victorian hand-blown glass funnels.

663 One Meissen cherub figurine and other figurines.

664 A Royal Crown Derby ‘Posies’ English bone china milk jug and a Meissen German miniature children’s, ornithological, birds and insects teacup.

665 Royal Doulton figurines ‘Janet’ and ‘Mary had a little lamb’.

666 A Royal Doulton figurine ‘Fair Maiden’.

667 A Bristol blue glass horse and a Murano glass bird.

668 A Capodimonte lidded urn and a Staffordshire figurine vase.

669 A green cut glass scent bottle with a silver rim.

670 A Lomonofov mink ornament made in Russia and two figurine vases.

671 A Doulton Lambeth spittoon on wooden plinth.

672 A Victorian porcupine quill and ebonised box with sliding lid.

673 Two boxes of miscellaneous clock parts.

674 A slated wooden tray.

675 A Victorian brass oil lamp with decorative green glass shade.

676 A student’s candle stand.

677 A pair of copper and brass candlestick holders.

678 A selection of Royal Doulton ‘The Wind in the Willows’ collector’s plates, Royal Doulton ‘Four Seasons’ from the Brambly Hedge collection plates, two Mason’s plates, cut glass etc.

679 A Doric china part tea service.

679A A collection of vintage Poole Pottery garden birds.

680 A small collection of Wade Whimsies from ‘Lady and the Tramp’, other Royal Doulton spaniels and other ceramic animals.

681 From Langsworthy Glass Blowers, Cornwall, a collection of decorative glass snails.

682 A pair of Delft clogs, a Limoges pottery plate and other ceramics.

683 Two Poole Pottery fish and a Poole Pottery whale.

684 Three Poole Pottery penguins.

685 Four Poole Pottery seals.

686 A Giovanni violin and bow in a hard case.

687 A vintage stationery box.

688 A pair of RNLI 150th anniversary mugs from the Holkham Pottery and a white novelty teapot.

689 An extensive collection of champagne glasses and a small collection of glass tumblers.

690 A Giovanni violin and bow in hard case.

691 A toasting fork, a brass and enamel candlestick etc.

692 A collection of ceramic tankards, mugs, a glass spaghetti holder etc.

693 Two cut glass ashtrays, a small dragon decorated box, old dentists tools etc.

694 A cased violin in need of repair.

695 A decorative vintage part tea and dinner service and other ceramics.

696 A collection of flatware and a pewter tankard.

697 Two boxes of books.

698 A box of books to include volumes 1 & 2 of The Modern Encyclopaedia of Photography and other photography related books.

699 A box of books to include photography and other books.

700 A box of books mostly art related.

701 A box of books to do with photography and other books.

702 A box containing model birds, a jewellery box and other miscellaneous items.

703 Miscellaneous silver plated items to include candlesticks, teapot, cocktail shakers and goblets

704 Two oil lamps converted to bedside lamps.

705 A large selection of glasses etc.

706 A set of seven wine glasses with pink stems, four blue wine glasses and ten wine glasses with decorative stems, etc.

707 Two Le Hohner drums.

708 Some miniature bronze Buddha’s, carved stone candle holders, etc.

709 A collection of stone/ceramic/bronze Buddha’s, a face mask of a butterfly a framed fossil, wooden carvings, etc.

710 A miscellaneous box containing vases, lights, etc.

711 A box of miscellaneous books to include Mrs Beaton’s Household Management.

712 A box of children’s books to include several Edith Blyton Books, Annuals etc.

713 A box of sporting related books to do with cricket, fishing etc.

714 A collection of lead crystal glasses, etc.

715 A German milk jug, a boxer dog ornament and other animal figurines, Falcon ware milk jug and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

716 Two German Steins, Royal Worcester egg coddler, pewter tankards, copper tankards, etc.

717 A set of vintage Weylux made in England weighing scales.

718 Two boxes of vintage books.

719 Two boxes of vintage books.

720 A vintage leather case containing old camera, World War II gas mask, flying goggles, etc.

721 A vintage leather bag.

722 Horses collar and hames.

723 A wicker basket containing a Spencer Bailey Ltd automatic chicken feeder, a travel grooming case, boxed flatware, etc.

724 An oak dolls crib.

725 A mirror.

726 A box containing art easel, sketch books, painting materials and many other art related items.

727 A decorative wooden chest.

728 A vintage shipping box with “Margarine retain this box for collector and save shipping”.

729 Two World War II metal safety hats.

730 A late Victorian bamboo magazine rack.

731 Two boxes of vintage books.

732 Three boxes of vintage books.

733 Two boxes of vintage books.

734 Two boxes of vintage books.

735 Two boxes of mostly fiction books.

736 A large retro wall clock shaped like a Swatch watch.

737 A small wall mounted bathroom cabinet and shelf.

738 The official Arnold Palmers pro shoot golf by Marx.

739 Two large wicker baskets.

740 A large wicker log basket.

741 A wine rack, a pine and galvanized steel wine rack.

742 A vintage suitcase.

743 An etched Echt Vulkanfiber vintage suitcase.

744 A vintage travel case.

745 A vintage case.

746 A vintage travel case.

747 A vintage leather travel case.

748 A large wicker basket.

749 A pair of vintage leather suitcases.

750 A Dazey churn No.40, 4 Quart all British butter churn.

751 Two large red brandy glass shaped vases.

752 A large collection of metal jugs.

753 A Westone electric guitar and a sound city amplifier.

754 An acoustic guitar.

755 An acoustic guitar.

756 A child’s acoustic guitar.

757 A child’s acoustic guitar.

758 Eight Qazqa grey hanging ceiling lights.

759 A box of books.

760 An artist’s easel.

761 A bag of dolls.

762 A box of old photographs.

763 A bag of dolls.

764 A small vintage oak corner cupboard.

765 A wicker basket full of sewing paraphernalia.

766 A collection of vintage tins.

767 A selection of cameras and lens.

768 A box containing kitchenalia etc.

769 A box of CDs.

770 A small collection of mugs, glass bowls, other ceramics etc.

771 A boxed set of six Waterford crystal glasses.

772 A pair of Gallway Irish crystal glasses in their original box.

773 An extensive collection of thimbles.

774 A collection of silver plated collectors spoons.

775 A copper kettle, carriage clocks, a cut throat razor etc.

776 A wooden box containing two pairs of binoculars and a telescope.

777 A Venetian glass scent bottle, a green glass vase and four ceramic figures.

778 A small collection of Copeland Spode ceramics, a small collection of Spode plates, some Russian dolls etc.

779 A figurine of a clown sat on a chair.

780 Some studio pottery coffee mugs by Harriet Coleridge, other studio pottery, two decoratively painted wooden boxes with clippers, a Serpentine pot, a small enamel pot, a pair of green glass vases etc.

781 A collection of glasses etc.

782 A Japanese tea service.

783 A Mamoud train.

784 A candlestick, a pen holder, miscellaneous ceramics etc.

785 A large figurine of a lady sat on rocks, with her foot on a fish.

786 A selection of character jugs.

787 A large stoneware lidded pot.

788 A large wooden tree root.

788A A box of vintage Meccanno.

789 A brass ship’s log for measuring knot speed and a copper and brass pump.

790 An Art Deco mantel clock.

791 A stoneware hot water bottle, scales, bedpan, vintage irons etc.

792 A pair of Enoch Wedgwood Dickens Coaching Days collectors’ plates, a brass plate, a toasting fork, poker and a pair of glass oil lamps etc.

793 A small brass bell of a Cornish pixie, a brass candlestick, a selection of brass ornamental bunnies, four in ascending order and other miscellaneous metalware items.

794 A set of six etched glass champagne flutes with gold rims and a gold rimmed brandy glass.

795 A world famous Smiths Crisps collector’s tin and other miscellaneous vintage tins, ashtrays etc.

796 A large decorative vase.

797 Two miniature oil paintings, ceramics and other miscellaneous items.

798 A selection of polished rocks, fossils and other mineral samples etc.

799 A small box of classical CDs.

800 A large box of mostly Jazz and Blues CDs.

801 A box of old Beano comics etc.

802 A box of books.

803 A Foster’s studio pottery gurgle jug Made in Cornwall, a gurgle jug made in Dartmouth and other miscellaneous ceramics etc.

804 A pair of Spode Italian beakers, a Carltonware mushroom shaped condiment holder, a vintage Parker pen, a calendar, a cigar box full of marbles and other miscellaneous items.

805 Six white wooden picture frames.

805A Miscellaneous pictures to included four framed first edition stamps a framed one pound note and ten shilling note, plus two other pictures.

806 A small box of mixed books.

807 A box of books to include volumes 1,2 & 3 of “The Engineers Workshop” and a selection of connoisseur art books.

808 A bag of books, mostly art books.

809 A wooden cased mantle clock and a vintage photograph album.

810 A large blue glass vase.

811 Advertising ashtrays and jugs etc.

812 Two vintage telephones.

813 A cast iron train doorstop.

814 A pair of WWII metal helmets.

815 A vintage cast iron teapot and a vintage enamelled water jug.

816 A silver plate serving dish and two small boxes of cased flatware.

817 A cased Barograph.

817A A late 19th century Lord Roberts wall plaque, similar plate etc.

818 A wooden chess and backgammon board.

819 A collection of etched glasses and other glasses etc.

820 A Mamod model power press to go with Mamod steam engines and Meccano, a pair of brass candlesticks, a silver plate tankard, a Hornsey fauna Royal water jug and other ceramics etc.

821 Haynes manuals for a Citroen Zantia, a Citroen diesel engine, an Austin Rover and a Peugeot 205

822 A writing box, a box containing slides, a box containing playing cards, a box containing some flatware, some fireplace tiles etc.

823 An green art glass bowl, a carnival glass bowl, a cranberry glass pot, three Victorian hat pins, paperweights, magnifying glass, crystals from a chandelier, decorative blue art glass bowl etc.

824 A pair of two bird decorated water jugs and other vases and miscellaneous ceramics and other ceramics etc.

825 A pair of Staffordshire flat back vases, a Hummel figurine and other miscellaneous ceramics etc.

826 A small collection of authentic Hummel thimble and other thimbles etc.

827 A selection of hand carved wooden tribal masks.

828 Three boxes of assorted vintage books.

829 Two boxes of assorted books.

830 Two antique bibles.

831 A wooden dressing table mirror.

832 Two wooden driftwood boxes and a bird box in the shape of a beach coffee shop.

833 Two bins of assorted buttons.

834 A pair of hip flasks etc.

835 A box of books.

835A A carved wooden plaque of a pod of dolphins.

835B A carved wooden picture of The Last Supper.

836 Some Adamware dated 1790, shredded wheat dish and other miscellaneous ceramics.

837 A Saji Japanese part tea service and a small collection of ceramic animals.

838 A leather hip flask, a leather case containing shot glasses, a miniature Glenfiddich hip flask, some traditional whisky toddy.

839 Some Bermuda studio pottery bowls, a small mantle clock and other studio pottery.

840 A collection of ceramics and glass bells and other ceramics.

841 Two books, the works of Ernest Hemingway and Mrs Beaton’s Cookery.

842 A box of DVDs.

843 A writing box.

844 A writing slope.

845 Some small Delft fireplace tiles, Green & Co milk jug and other ceramics.

846 A large collection of model dogs, mostly Boxers.

847 A large collection of miscellaneous wine and beer glasses.

848 A bag containing picture frames, footstool and three beaded purses.

849 A pair of brass fire dogs.

850 A selection of lanterns and lantern spikes for the garden.

851 A box of books.

852 A box of books.

853 Two books, British Birds and one other book.

854 A solid silver picture frame and a selection of silver plated picture frames.

855 A wooden duck, a Royal Doulton vase, a pair of Oriental vases, a pair of G.H. Richards of London vases and other miscellaneous ceramics.

856 A boxed Brownie 44A camera and other cameras and camera cases.

857 A pair of Greek vases.

858 A collection of unusual frosted stemmed wine glasses.

859 A selection of Matchbox models of Yesteryear cars.

860 A collection of River Rigarossi trains and a Bachmann train and Fleischman train.

861 A serpentine ashtray, a serpentine pot, a brass bell squirrel etc.

862 A collection of commemorative ware.

863 A glass jelly mould, a carnival glass bowl, a glass lemon squeezer and other miscellaneous glass items.

864 A bag containing five books, The Owls House. The Sunshine Sisters and other books.

865 A plastic box containing glass dessert bowls.

866 A Japanese part tea service.

867 A selection of Whisky advertising jugs.

868 A Japanese part tea service.

869 A Japanese part tea service.

870 A model Naval Search & Rescue helicopter, US Coastguard model helicopter, an Air Ambulance model helicopter etc.

871 A WWII gas mask.

872 A barometer and wooden wall plaques.

873 A bag of books.

874 An IKEA Stuva bench in its original box.

875 A saddle, a riding helmet and horse grooming equipment.

876 A stylish vintage Brexton travel picnic case and contents.

877 A pair of Puma suede size 10 men’s trainers.

878 A brass tray.

879 A snooker table to include cues, rest, triangle, balls and score board.

880 A rope hammock.

881 A Rayleigh snooker cue in its original case.

882 A Lewis & Wilson master cue makers snooker cue, made in England, in its original carry case.

883 A selection of mahogany wooden curtain poles with decorative brass ends and brass curtain rings.

884 A box of curtain rings, tie backs etc. (matching lot 883)

885 A large brass curtain pole.

886 Four collapsible clothes rails.

887 A Moah snowboarding jacket, size small.

888 A Bonfire men’s jacket, size large.

889 A Berghaus jacket.

890 Weise leather motorcycle jacket and trousers.

891 A windproof Combat jacket.

892 A child’s Helly Hanson life jacket.

893 A dirt bike, a UFO Plast dirt race jacket, size large.

894 A Riossi size large motorcycle jacket.

895 A Rip Curl wet suit.

896 A blue leather jacket.

897 A vintage uniform.

898 A vintage uniform.

898A A ladies white size 14 quilted winter coat with fur collar and cuffs.

898B A Frank Usher leather handbag with shoulder strap.

899 A decorative cast iron standard lamp the base made from horseshoes.

900 A Pither wood multi fuel stove.

901 A pair of wall lights with decorative glass shades.

902 A decorative wall hanging tribal mask.

903 A pair of wooden oars and a bag containing a foot pump and a pair of small wooden oars.

904 A brand new large warehouse aluminium step ladder

905 A pair of Hartman Prestige plastic sun loungers.

906 A mobility walking aid.

907 An aluminium step ladder.

908 An aluminium step ladder.

909 A vintage Black and Decker workmate.

910 Four bags of vermiculite insulation.

911 A vintage wooden sledge.

912 A Wolf craft work bench.

913 A gazebo in a bag.

914 A selection of long handled tools.

915 A selection of long handled tools.

916 A vintage two man cross cut saw.

917 A folding picnic chair.

918 A plaster mixing tool.

919 A bagged sun parasol.

920 A marble slab.

921 A large railway sleeper.

922 An adjustable disability stool.

923 Two sections of twin wall flue pipe and a register plate.

924 Four green and blue plant pots.

925 An white enamel bucket and two others.

926 A galvanized watering can.

927 A plant pot.

928 A galvanized bucket and tools.

929 A round clay plant pot.

930 Three terracotta plant pots and one glazed plant pot.

931 Four Schweppes soda siphons.

932 A garden statue of ducks and ducklings.

933 Two small garden statues of branches with garden birds.

934 A garden ornament of a fox.

935 A garden ornament of an owl.

936 A garden ornament of a squirrel.

937 Two plant pots.

938 Three small pig garden ornaments.

939 One large and one small garden ornament of an owl.

940 A garden ornament of a dove.

941 A large glass container.

942 A large garden ornament of a pig with a golf club.

943 A garden of ornament of a bear.

944 A blue enamel galvanized bucket and six other galvanized containers.

945 A Blake & Son yacht toilet.

946 A dark brown and cream garden pot and one other.

947 A Calor gas bottle with gas.

948 A galvanized bucket.

949 A ceramic jardiniere stand.

950 A selection of plastic fishing buoys.

951 A black bin containing Spear & Jackson long handled hedge loppers, pick axe, shovel and other long handled garden tools.

952 A terracotta plant pot in the shape of a snail shell.

953 A metal trunk.

954 Half a cast iron pub table.

955 Three enamel milk pails.

956 A blue ceramic plant pot.

957 A garden urn.

958 A stainless steel water tank.

959 A Hozelock hose pipe and three garden sprinklers.

960 A terracotta garden ornament of a mother and child.

961 A plastic box containing garden tools, etc.

962 A selection of large G clamps, foot pump, etc.

963 A Stihl FS44 petrol strimmer.

964 A Step & Tone exercise machine.

965 Three blue and one green garden pots.

966 Three green, one terracotta and one cream garden plant pots.

967 A hardwood glazed front door, one other glazed door two painted four panel doors and one other painted door.

968 Two vintage deck chairs.

969 Two large two small plastic folding garden chairs.

970 A hardwood garden trolley.

971 A cast iron garden bench.

972 A plastic garden table.

973 A drawer containing miscellaneous floor and fire surround tiles and a vintage wooden box with Tuborg lager.

974 A pair of Quest Elite Sandringham folding garden chairs.

975 A large vintage pub sign with Ushers Royal Standard.

975A A wheelbarrow.

975B A circle table and three matching chairs.

975C A large decorative terracotta pot.

975D Three terracotta pots.

975E Three matching green ceramic plant pots.

975F Two clay flue liners and miscellaneous pots.

975G A hardwood folding garden table and three chairs.

975H A set of four garden chairs with a matching round garden table.

975J A garden bench.

975K A brand new unopened coil of rope.

975L Two Normark black medallion fishing rods in rod bags and other miscellaneous rods and reels.

975M A Lafuma made in France reclining garden seat.

975N A green sack truck.

975P A pair of garden shears and a pair of garden loppers.

975Q One set of Wilkinson Sword garden shears, one set of green garden shears and a set of garden loppers.

975R A long reach garden lopper a Wilkinson Sword edging tool and a solid metal bar.

975S A selection of garden rakes.

975T An aluminium three piece extending ladder and a small step ladder.

975U A Black and Decker Workmate 550.

976 A life buoy.

977 A garden swing seat.

978 A garden parasol.

979 A garden parasol.

980 A garden parasol.

981 Four hardwood folding garden chairs.

982 A hardwood garden table.

983 A galvanized watering can, milk jug and casserole pan.

984 A garden croquet set.

985 A DP Fit for Life Tampet.

986 Four plastic garden chairs and two plastic garden tables.

987 A lidded stoneware jar.

988 Hozelock pressure washer.

989 A set Ping golf clubs in golf case.

990 A bag containing a large selection of Helly Hanson waterproofs etc and other waterproofs.

991 A washing basket containing miscellaneous ceramics.

992 Three small boxes of vintage books.

993 Three small boxes of vintage books.

994 A white board.

995 A butler tray.

996-999 NO LOT

1000 Four prints including one of a soldier titled “A Quiet Smoke.”

1001 Six pictures and paintings including The Demolishing of The Harbour Master’s Office in Truro from 1967 by E.G. Long and an African scene by Ron Wood.

1002 A framed tourist map of La Cote d’Azure.

1003 A miscellaneous lot of pictures and decorative plates including a mirrored Cutty Sark blended Scots Whisky framed mirror.

1004 Three framed watercolours and one limited edition print by Colin Woodward.

1005 Two small pictures including one of a sea scene by Cathy J. Bouchard, and a further large charcoal image.

1006 A tapestry fire screen.

1007 Thirteen original oil paintings including one of Cubert Common by Ester Race.

1008 Six original paintings including a watercolour by James Wood titled ‘Morning Mist, Percuil River’.

1009 Nine prints and frames

1010 Three large tapestries including one of the Mona Lisa.

1011 A framed print of ‘School is Out, Paul School 1885’ by Elizabeth Forbes.

1012 A framed sea scene original oil by Clive Toy.

1013 Three framed pictures including an original water colour of boats on water.

1014 Three frames including two pictures, one of a cat with a ball of wool.

1015 An original oil of soft pink poppies, 100 x 40cm.

1016 Two pictures, including one print by Sir Henry Rayburn RA of the Reverend Walker skating on Duddingston Lock.

1017 Nine pictures, paintings, prints and frames including one of still life, fruit bowl by Pat Matthews.

1018 Three framed pictures including one original oil of flowers in a vase.

1019 Six pictures and one blank canvas.

1020 Ten pictures, paintings, prints including three of flowers in vases by Pat Matthews.

1021 Nine various pictures, prints including artworks by Pat Matthews.

1022 Three framed prints by Jean Duquoc.

1023 Three framed prints including one of ‘The Broad and Narrow Way’ from the Bible, Matthew 7: 13.

1024 Three framed watercolours of Asian scenes.

1025 Two frames one including a print by Julien John.

1026 A selection of framed pictures and prints including a sea scene by H. H. Bingley.

1027 Three large paintings including a portrait of a man by Myra Channon.

1028 Nine various pictures, prints and frames, including a caricature from 1952.

1029 Three pictures, two of boats, one of a beach hut by R. Goodwin Jones.

1030 Seven various pictures, paintings and frames including a Victorian sampler.

1031 Seven small framed pictures including a watercolour by I. Rosewarne.

1032 A large original oil Cornish sea scene.

1033 Two framed images including one of numerous different caricatures by Walt.

1034 Eleven prints including seven of various Cornish coastal towns.

1035 Nine framed prints of Cornish coastal towns by Kevin Platt.

1036 Eight various pictures, prints and frames including one Cornish landscape scene by M. Hardy.

1037 Six framed original paintings, mostly of seacapes, by Philip Fooks.

1038 Six framed originals by Philip Fooks.

1039 Three large originals by Philip Fooks including two overlooking St Michaels Mount.

1040 Two large paintings including one watercolour of a beach scene by Sarah Handley.

1041 Two pictures including a watercolour of a church scene by E. W. Oldham.

1042 Seven prints by Kevin Platt of various Cornish town and seascapes.

1043 Seven paintings, prints and frames etc, including an original pastel by R. M. Began.

1044 Fifteen framed plates of ducks.

1045 Eight framed originals, mostly watercolours, including one of Whitsand Bay by J. Cracknell.

1046 Four framed pictures, paintings and images etc. including one old map of Cornwall by Robert Murden from 1694.

1047 A large picture by Deborah Jones of a nursery.

1048 Two reproduction WWll army posters.

1049 Two reproduction army posters.

1050 A framed print, signed, ‘Tennis Girl’ by Martin Elliott.

1051 Three prints including an old Pears Soap advertising print.

1052 Two framed images of WWll playing cards.

1053 A large framed tapestry of flowers and animals.

1054 A oil on canvas of Boskenna Cross by Judith Kerr and two other pictures.

1055 Five paintings including one by Morney Kerr.

1056 Three small pictures including a print by Lamorna Birch. R. A.

1057 A framed collection of Kensitas cigarette cards showing flags of the British empire.

1058 Three framed painting including two of Aboriginal art by Murra.

1059 A framed photograph of sunset over Nanjizel by Lee Searle.

1060 Two large framed photographs of Constantine during dusk and sunset.

1061 A stain glass pane picture of a rural landscape, signed Bell.

1062 Seven paintings, prints etc. including a seal on canvas by Laura Holland and a framed oil painting of a tin mine by Hatty.

1063 Nine watercolour paintings, one by H. Sands, the other eight by W. Wills, mostly of Cornish coastal scenes.

1064 A framed print commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Britain in summer 1980 signed by different pilots, together with a news clipping.

1064A A box of miscellaneous pictures.

1065 An inscribed slate portraying a harbour scene, signed by the artist.

1066-1068 NO LOTS.


1069 Four 1960s retro Ercol stickback chairs.

1070 A low back hall chair with splat back and rattan seat.

1071 A set of six Ercol stickback chairs, plus two matching carvers.

1072 A mahogany hall chair with rush work seat.

1073 A set of four Victorian mahogany dining chairs.

1074 A set of six modern painted white lathe back dining chairs.

1075 A set of four retro vintage dining chairs.

1076 A pair of kitchen stools with rush seats.

1077 A set of five Edwardian mahogany chairs.

1078 A set of four George III style ladderback dining chairs.

1079 A set of four pine dining chairs.

1080 A set of four Ercol stickback dining chairs.

1081 A hardwood folding garden chair.

1082 A child’s wooden chair

1083 A round wicker stool.

1084 Three Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs, one needs repair.

1085 A pair of mahogany balloon back chairs, one needs repair to a leg.

1086 A set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs.

1087 A set of six modern oak dining chairs.

1088 A set of nine Ercol stickback dining chairs.

1089 A Beko double oven ceramic hob cooker.

1090 A Whirlpool fridge freezer.

1091 A Beko large upright fridge.

1092 A Bang & Olufsen television.

1093 A Hotpoint washing machine.

1094 An Indesit tumble dryer.

1095 A Beko dishwasher.

1096 A mahogany armchair with a green leather seat and a rattan back.

1097 A modern chrome chair with leather seat back and arms.

1098 A decoratively carved mahogany chair.

1099 Lloyd loom chair with damage to the front.

1100 A Stuart Jones armchair.

1101 A Lloyd Loom style chair.

1102 A kitchen step stool.

1103 A stool with a black leather seat and back.

1104 A pink office swivel chair.

1105 A black office chair.

1106 A oak vintage office chair with a brown leather seat and back.

1107 A director’s chair missing the fabric.

1108 A long upholstered footstool.

1109 A mahogany and florally upholstered armchair.

1110 A set of four mahogany fiddle back dining chairs with drop in seats and inlaid detail.

1111 A set of four folding directors chairs.

1112 A clothes rail.

1113 A four drawer painted white chest.

1114 An oak cabinet with a single drawer below and carved detail.

1115 A Stag bedside single drawer chest.

1116 A piano stool full of music.

1117 A vintage G-Plan wardrobe.

1118 A vintage G-Plan wardrobe.

1119 A vintage pine linen press.

1120 A vintage wardrobe made by Ethan.

1121 A small oak side table.

1122 A three drawer G-Plan chest.

1123 A vintage G-Plan corner unit.

1124 A vintage G-Plan cabinet.

1125 A vintage G-Plan corner cupboard.

1126 A vintage G-Plan cabinet.

1127 A vintage Nathan cabinet.

1128 A vintage Nathan corner unit.

1129 A vintage Nathan cabinet.

1130 A two drawer filing cabinet.

1131 A pine wardrobe in a gothic style.

1132 A Victorian walnut corner whatnot.

1133 An oak wall mounted cabinet with glazed door.

1134 A two door wall hanging oak cabinet.

1135 A Bar Billiards table.

1136 An oak magazine rack.

1137 A vintage G-Plan Danish style bedside cabinet with single drawer.

1138 A pine kitchen bench.

1139 A vintage pine cupboard.

1140 A black table on modern chrome base made by Stag for Habitat.

1141 A Squire Longson baby grand piano and chair.

1142 A pair of burl walnut bedside cabinets.

1143 A large oak office bookcase.

1144 An Indian carved hardwood occasional table.

1145 A small oak refectory style dining table.

1146 A four door glazed display cabinet.

1147 A light oak finish display cabinet with six glazed doors.

1148 An oak 1920s barley twist occasional table.

1149 An oak cased standing gramophone.

1150 A Victorian mahogany chest of drawers with three long drawers.

1151 A 19th century mahogany side table with two frieze drawers on square tapering legs.

1152 An Edwardian chest of drawers with two short and three long drawers on bracket feet.

1153 A small mahogany occasional table, the square top on square tapering legs.

1154 A small pine stool.

1155 A small mahogany table.

1156 A mahogany tripod table with pie crust top and acanthus leave carved baluster stem.

1157 A hardwood two drawer coffee table.

1158 A pine side cupboard with two frieze drawers above two panelled cupboard doors.

1159 A bamboo chest of drawers with three long drawers.

1160 A mid 20th century plans chest and with nine drawers.

1161 A nest of three tile top tables.

1162 A light oak single drawer side table.

1163 A pine occasional table.

1164 A dining table with x-framed supports.

1165 A circular mahogany occasional table.

1166 An Edwardian oak chest of drawers with five short drawers above a single long drawer.

1167 An oak side cabinet with a single drawer above two cupboards doors.

1168 A 19th century mahogany chest of drawers with two short and three long drawers on bun feet.

1169 An oak 1920s barley twist occasional table.

1170 A mahogany octagonal drinks cabinet with splay feet.

1171 A walnut cabinet with a pair of cupboard doors enclosing an arrangement of six drawers on cabriole legs.

1172 An oak framed wall mirror.

1173 An oak corner office desk with two pedestals, one with a cupboard door, the other with three drawers.

1174 An oak draw leaf dining table.

1175 A hardwood coffee table.

1176 An oak barley twist gateleg small dining table.

1177 A white painted barley twist gateleg dining table.

1178 An oak barley twist gateleg dining table.

1179 An oak barley twist gateleg dining table.

1180 A mahogany Canterbury and a small folding table.

1181 A wicker glass top coffee table.

1182 A mid 20th century circular extending dining table.

1182A A white circular table.

1183 A Victorian pine kitchen table with a single frieze drawer on a white painted base with turned tapering legs.

1184 A Victorian country farmhouse table with a single frieze drawer with glass handles on square tapering legs.

1185 A white painted dining table.

1186 A hardwood nest two tables and a magazine rack.

1187 An enamel painted kitchen cabinet with a single frieze drawer above two doors.

1188 An oak, slatted top, coffee table.

1189 A child’s seat with an elephant’s head carved into the head rest.

1190 A dressing room mirror.

1191 A lloyd loom laundry basket.

1192 A pair of wooden double twist side tables/stools.

1193 A gout stool.

1194 A pine kitchen dresser.

1195 A tall display unit with drawers, cupboard doors and glazed doors.

1196 A tall display unit with drawers, cupboard doors and glazed doors.

1197 An elm and mahogany free standing pantry cupboard with two doors above two drawers on square tapering legs.

1198 A mid 20th century sideboard, possibly Ercol.

1199 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany display cabinet with a pair of astragal glazed doors above two panelled doors on square tapering legs.

1200 A pine dresser.

1201 A pine open bookcase with four shelves.

1202 A Georgian mahogany glazed corner cupboard.

1203 A modern display cabinet with seven glass shelves.

1204 A red painted and metal bound chest.

1205 A red painted wooden box and a three drawer chest.

1206 A nest of three pine tables.

1207 A metal shelving unit.

1208 A white painted open bookcase.

1209 A hardwood CD rack.

1210 A wicker chest of three drawers and an oak three tiered trolley.

1211 A kitchen cabinet.

1212 A white painted open bookcase.

1213 A mid 20th century trolley.

1214 A wicker shelving unit.

1215 A hardwood coffee table with three drawers.

1216 An oak office desk with four drawers.

1217 A pine dining table.

1218 A nest of three G-plan tables.

1219 A light oak side cabinet.

1220 A light oak side cabinet.

1221 A light oak side cabinet.

1222 A modern coffee table.

1223 An oak four tier Gothic free standing shelf.

1224 Oak hall table.

1225 An oak knee hole desk.

1226 A nest of three oak tables.

1227 A reproduction desk with green leather top.

1228 A pair of mahogany shelf units.

1229 An oak barley twist sewing table with lift up lid and quilted interior.

1230 A green ground machine made rug.

1231 A blue ground machine made carpet.

1232 A Pakistan rug.

1233 A green ground machine made rug.

1234 A multicoloured machine made Axminster rug.

1235 A Pakistan red ground runner.

1236 An Ercol open armchair.

1237 A wicker open armchair.

1238 A wicker white painted sofa.

1239 A 20th century armchair with padded back and seat and solid wooden arms.

1240 A wicker two seater sofa with an arrangement of cushions.

1241 A bamboo three piece conservatory suite.

1242 A mid 20th century open armchair with padded back and seat and solid arms.

1243 A pair of George the III style upholstered wing armchairs.

1244 A beechwood armchair with a rattan back and padded seat.

1245 A bamboo rocking chair.

1246 A wooden rocking chair.

1247 An oak stool with a rattan seat.

1248 An oak stool with a drop in seat.

1249 A Victorian upholstered ottoman.

1250 Six assorted footstools.

1251 An Edwardian mahogany piano stool.

1252 An oak framed three piece suite with Rattan sides and back with mustard colour upholstery.

1253 A leather pouffe and a Pakistan red ground rug.

1254 A wooden framed three piece suite with green cushions and rattan arms and backs.

1255 A green ground machine made rug.

1256 A large oak refectory table.

1257 A rectangular modern oak extending dining table.

1258 A vintage safe W.H. Wakefield & Co Safe Makers of Birmingham in working order with three keys.

1259 A single bed with a fold away single bed beneath.

1260 Two single bed divans which will push together to make a double.

1261 A single divan and mattress.

1262 A pair of pine headboards.

1263 A super king bed with a satin headboard.

1264 A folding bed.

1265 A modern coffee table with a plastic top to imitate wooden slates, old writing box, etc.

1266 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table.

1267 A reproduction mahogany coffee table with a green leather top.

1268 An Ikea blue rug,137 x 195cm.