General Sale Catalogue 15th May 2018 10am start

Viewing Saturday 9-1pm, Monday 9-5pm

To search the catalogue, press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ simultaneously, or ‘Cmd’ and ‘F’ on a Mac, and scroll through the relevant lots.

1 A Murano style blue glass vase, a 1930’s fruit decorated jug and two other pieces.

2 A Victorian Staffordshire spill vase moulded with a stag before a tree and three other pieces.

3 A Murano glass style model fish and a pair of cut glass vases.

4 A Carlton Ware egg cup moulded as if standing on two seat and a similar leaf moulded dish.

5 Four Poole Pottery jugs, two similar conserve jars and two vases.

6 Six Poole Pottery vases and bowls.

7 Various Poole Pottery lidded bowls etc.

8 A model Shire horse and dray cart together with a Royal Adderley posy bowl.

9 Three pieces of red glass, a copper oil lamp etc.

10 A Poole Pottery bird and flower decorated jug, a Mullion Pottery tankard and three other pieces.

11 A glass water set each piece with an anchor seal together with a set of five green stemmed glasses.

12 Stemmed and other glasses.

13 Miscellaneous including Royal Doulton “Bunnykins” and a glass ashtray reverse decorated with RMS Homeric.

14 Two Lamorna Pottery vases, other china and a collection of glass vases etc.

15 Two Royal Doulton part tea / dinner services’ “Hill Top” and “Wild Cherry” pattern’s etc.

16 Two stoneware jars.

17 A marble pestle and mortar, a preserving jar and one other piece.

18 Coloured and other glass together with a small collection of china.

19 Stemmed glasses and other glass.

20 A Lamorna Pottery blue glaze part tea service and a matching oval dish.

21 A studio pottery ceramic table lamp and four oval plates.

22 A Tregurnow Pottery tankard, other china etc.

23 Glasses, stemmed sundae dishes etc.

24 Collector’s plates, models etc.

25 Two coloured glass chamber oil lamps, a pair of Italian style blue glass vases and three other pieces.

26 Jelly moulds and other glass.

27 Miscellaneous china etc.

28 A Noritake floral spray decorated tea service.

29 A cake stand and other glass.

30 Three part tea services.

31 A T. G. Green blue and white Cornishware ‘Sugar’ storage jar and two other pieces.

32 Glassware.

33 A collection of cut and other glass.

34 A blue and white ironstone toilet jug and bowl.

35 A Royal Worcester ‘Evesham Vale’ pattern flan dish and similar oval ‘Blind Earl’ pattern dish.

36 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug with sprigged on decoration, a pair of ‘Motter’ Isles of Scilly jugs and others.

37 A Victorian butterfly and leaf decorated Stilton dish, a Shelley small jelly mould etc.


39 Stemmed glasses.

40 A Habitat ‘Riveli’ blue glaze part tea/dinner service.

41 An ‘Eternal Beau’ pattern part dinner service.

42 A brown glass giant brandy balloon and two other similar pieces.

43 Miscellaneous china.

44 Stemmed glasses and other glass.

45 Marigold carnival glass dishes, a similar green glass bowl etc.

46 A pair of Newhall blue and white lidded serving dishes and one other matching piece.

47 A Belgian Boch blue and white charger decorated with a horse drawn sleigh.

48 A Royal Adderley ‘Beechwood’ pattern part tea service and a Crown Staffordshire floral decorated part service.

49 A Royal Albert ‘Kentish Rookery’ pattern part tea service.

50 A pair of Chinese figure decorated enamelled lidded boxes, a similar bowl and four pin trays.

51 A collection of blue and white plates including Spode ‘Italian’ pattern.

52 A pair of Royal Doulton ‘Norfolk’ pattern octagonal lidded serving dishes together with a matching meat plate and jug.

53 An iridescent glass punch bowl with vine moulded decoration and matching cups.

54 A cranberry glass jug and five similar pieces together with two pieces of red glass.

55 A Miners toolkit in a bottle and other glass.

56 A Majolica jug moulded with flowers in a basket and five other pieces.

57 A blue and white willow pattern meat plate, a Victorian black glaze tea kettle with a band of enamel decoration etc.

58 A collection of stemmed glasses and tumblers.

59 A Noritake ‘Legacy’ pattern part tea/dinner service.

60 A Victorian copper lustre jug, a 19th century Staffordshire jug and five other pieces.

61 A French late 19th/early 20th century spill vase moulded with a cherub resting on a tortoise before it, a fairing moulded with child on a chair and four other pieces.

62 A Noritake pink glaze twin handle vase with gilt decoration about an oval painted with a riverside path and three other pieces.

63 A Czechoslovakian 1930s iridescent grey and yellow part coffee service, an Aynsley floral decorated footed bowl and other china.

64 Two Aynsley ‘Pembroke’ pattern vases, a cake plate transfer printed with an exotic bird amid flowers and four other pieces.

65 A pair of Royal Crown Derby rose decorated heart shape dishes, four other similar dishes and a cream jug.

66 A set of six Portmeirion ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern ramekins and two other matching pieces.

67 A pair of Denby tankards with sprigged on decoration together with a Hornsea ‘Contrast’ pattern part tea service etc.

68 Three Russian model owls.

69 A Spode ‘Italian’ pattern bowl, diameter 24cm together with a Danbury Mint model ‘Fisherman’s Cove’.

70 A La Anina Collection model of a boy and girl.

71 A Victorian Staffordshire model of a stylish lady.

72 A Noritake river scene decorated part dressing table set and a doll’s iridescent tea service.

73 An early 19th century oval gilt decorated sucriere, a Doulton Burns decorated plate etc.

74 Five pieces of cranberry glass.

75 A pair of Chinese vases each transfer printed with cranes before mountains.

76 A Poole Pottery yellow brown plate painted with a stylised flower and a similar plate printed with a map of Poole and its environs etc.

76A A set of six Dartington Glass Irish coffee glasses.

77 A pair of glass heart shape vases etc.

78 A Dutch Delft plaque transfer printed with a rural scene, a Quimper rectangular tray and a Wedgwood trefoil dish.

79 A Royal Doulton ‘Yorktown’ pattern fruit set.

80 A Royal Worcester ‘Blenheim’ pattern part dinner service.

81 A Doulton Burslem ‘Tea & Tiffin’ lidded box, souvenir ware including local etc.

82 A collection of coloured glass.

83 A pair of green glaze vases each painted with a lake scene together with an eastern table lamp.

84 A set of seven cut stemmed glasses.

85 Commemorative ware etc.

86 Glassware.

87 A Celtic pottery blue glaze vase, a stoneware jug with bands of decoration etc.

88 Glassware together with a Cona coffee maker and cocktail shaker.

89 An extensive collection of Royal Albert/Paragon ‘Holyrood’ pattern tea, coffee and dinner ware.

89A A Royal Albert/Paragon ‘Elgin’ pattern ,green and gilt border, part tea service.

90 A Crown Royal floral decorated tea service.

91 A Czechoslovakian floral decorated part tea service.

92 Stemmed glasses and a collection of shot glasses.

93 A campana shape glass vase and two other pieces.

94 Cushions.

95 Cushions.

96 Two bags of cushions.

97 A bed throwover.

98 Miscellaneous linens.

99 A bag of table linens etc.

100 A chenille table cover.

101 A faux fur blanket etc.

102 Lined velvet curtains.

103 A large lined curtain.

104 A wet suit.

105 A patchwork throwover.

106 Bedding.

107 A pair of waders.

108 A box of miscellaneous linens.

109 A box of ladies clothing.

110 A box of handbags, hats etc.

111 A Gelert tunnel Vario five person tent.

112 A Coleman B1 Space 500 five person tent.

113 A lady’s Marlbeck lined overcoat.

114 A gentleman’s paisley dressing gown.

115 A gentleman’s pinstriped two piece suit, hand tailored for Harrods by Chester Barrie.

116 A gentleman’s Burberry navy blue two piece suit.

117 A gentleman’s tailored in Hong Kong for Harrods, cream jacket by Durban.

118 A gentleman’s double breasted pure new wool navy blue blazer by Vartey International.

119 A gentleman’s ‘Spirit’ cherry jacket.

120 A box of England Football Team promotional merchandise including flags, flip flops etc.

121-169 NO LOTS

170 A painted rocking horse on stand.

171 An arched mirror in an ebonised and gilt frame with a floral mount.

172 A box of miscellaneous items.

173 Two boxes of books.

174 Two boxes of CDs.

175 Two boxes of books.

176 Two boxes of books etc.

177 A box of books.

178 A painted ‘fire’ bucket.

179 Two dolls house rooms etc.

180 A box of brass, copper etc.

181 Two boxes of maps.

182 Two boxes of books.

183 Two boxes of books.

184 Two boxes of maps.

185 An oil on board ‘The Huer’s Hut’ by N. Henderson.

186 An oil on canvas of a female nude signed Dixon and three other pictures.

187 A coloured print ‘Festive Day At Newlyn’ after Stanhope Forbes.

188 A pine tool chest, width 94.5cm.

189 A late 19th/early 20th century canvas clad cabin trunk with wooden bands and metal mounts.

190 A pair of arched wrought metal wine racks.

191 A Land Rover plastic spare wheel cover.

192 A box of tools, fixings etc.

193 A fishing rod with a fixed spool reel.

193A Folding anchor and two shackles.

194 Gardening tools etc.

195 A stoneware bussa with lid and two flagons.

196 Three stoneware jars.

197 Eight pine oars.

198 A bundle of tools including a pickaxe.

199 A bag of golf clubs.

200 A bundle of tools including spades.

201 A bundle of tools including a sledgehammer.

202 A bundle of hoes and other tools.

203 NO LOT.

204 A small aluminium stepladder.

205 A 20 litre backpack garden sprayer.

206 Four plastic fuel tanks.

207 An aluminium and slatted wood boot mounted luggage rack.

208 A boat rubber.

209 A painted workshop tool/fixing store.

210 A mahogany stained fire surround/mantel shelf, width 140cm.

211 A metal tool box

212 Two fibreglass wind surf boards, lack sails.

213 A bundle of gardening and other tools.

214 A bundle of tools including an axe.

215 A Wolf Terrex auto digging back saver flip spade with cork attachments etc.

216 A bundle of gardening tools.

217 A bundle of gardening tools.

218 A bundle of gardening tools.

219 A cabin trunk containing a ridge tent, sleeping bags etc.

220 A garden parasol in a blue canvas bag.

221 A set of four vintage wrought metal and slatted wood folding garden chairs.

222 A wrought and cast iron fire basket standing on a pair of dogs with brazier tops.

223 A child’s vintage metal tricycle.

224 Two cork buoys.

225 Six sections of chrome staging and one other piece.

226 A wheeled walking aid with cable brakes.

227 A stable door, width 70.8cm.

228 A folding painted wood clothes airer.

229 A bundle of pine stair spindles.

230 A turf spade.

230A A marble effect resin statue of Hebe, height 160cm.

230B A white resin marble effect statue of Vergogna Phryne, height 167cm.

230C A bronzed resin statue of Vergogna Phryne, height 158cm.

230D A bronzed resin garden statue of Hebe, height 160cm.

230E A small bronzed resin statue of Hebe, height 82cm.

230F A small resin garden statue of Vergogna Phryne, height 81cm.

230G Two white marble effect resin garden ornaments made as an embracing couple “Affection”, height 80cm and a seahorse, height 52cm.

230H Two folding clothes airers.

230I A chrome and plastic three tier stand.

230J A collection of terracotta plant pots.

230K A set of five graduated brown glaze planters.

230L A large earthenware plant pot scratched with a hatched design and a similar tapering circular planter.

230M A rhubarb forcer and four plant pots.

230N Two galvanised watering cans and two similar pails.

230P A late 19th/early 20th century cast iron fire infill/mantle shelf width 68.5 cm.

230Q A circular clay chimney pot.

230R A white enamel circular lidded bin and a similar cream enamel bin.

230S Two hoses on reels.

230T A green plastic petrol can.

230U Four boxes of miscellaneous china.

230V A Giant Boulder Team 15 speed mountain bike.

230W An iron twin handle post forcer.

230X A box of kitchenware.

230Y A flexible hose, a pair of cutters and a black plastic pail.

230Z Brooms etc.

231 A unicycle.

232 Two boxes of kitchen ware.

233 A shaped shower tray with two glass doors.

234 A green glass carboy.

235 An aluminium and black canvas bicycle trailer.

236 Two jerry cans.

237 A unicycle.

238 An aluminium ladder.

239 A garden bench with a lattice cast back and slatted seat on cast supports.

240 Three garden chairs each with a lattice cast back, slatted seats and on cast supports, one a.f.

241 A petrol driven strimmer.

242 A ship’s metal cable.

243 A banded wood plant tub on a circular wrought metal stand.

244 A pair of wrought metal parlour lobster pot frames.

245 Two inkwell lobster pots and a parlour pot.

246 A collection of danns, buoys and boat fenders.

247 Five uPVC double glazed windows.

248 An Andes 507 exercise machine.

249 A jockey wheel and a ball hitch mechanism.

250 Seven pine plant troughs.

251 An octagonal concrete bird bath.

252 Two concrete planters and a similar garden ornament moulded as a cherub.

253 A brass sundial on an octagonal concrete pedestal.

254 A cast iron cockerel, height 60cm.

255 A concrete garden ornament moulded as a prone pig.

256 A concrete garden ornament moulded as a sitting pig.

257 Three plastic covered wire plant supports.

258 A pair of large blue glaze circular plant pots.

259 A pair of wrought metal garden wigwams.

260 Two galvanised watering cans.

261 A box of kitchenware.

262 A collection of terracotta and other plant pots.

263 A Bambi Air electric compressor.

264 A Deltaget pressure washer.

265 A child’s bicycle trailer with cover.

266 A child’s bicycle.

267 A tubular metal and slatted wood sledge.

268 An engineer’s cast iron bench vice.

269 An engineer’s cast iron bench vice.

270 A collection of tools in a cast iron pan and other tools.

271 A wooden garden trolley on a metal frame.

272 A pine step ladder.

273 A collection of plastic plant pots in two crates.

274 A galvanised watering can, three large square plastic planters and a collection of other garden pots and a collection of garden ornaments.

275 Four concrete paving stones, each 59.5cm square.

276 Two rolls of lawn edging.

277 A child’s folding scooter and two wooden trolleys.

278 A bundle of plastic buoys.

279 A bundle of gardening tools.

280 Two rolls of wire netting.

281 A plastic and chrome dress rail.

282 Five boxes of kitchenware.

283 A box of saucepans and other kitchenware.

284 Two cast iron saucepans etc.

285 A box of miscellaneous, including an iron last and flat irons.

286 Six lengths of 76cm stainless steel chimney flue.

287 A garden bench with a cast metal lattice back slatted seat and on iron supports, width 126.5cm.

288 A slatted wood garden bench on cast iron supports, width 127cm.

289 A circular trampette on folding legs.

290 A large baluster shape vase.

291 An iron fire kerb with a kettle stand platform, width 138cm.

292 A brass three tier TV stand.

293 A rotary clothes line.

294 A barbeque and two pairs of Wellington boots.

295 A sisal garden table with two nesting tables.

296 A garden shredder.

297 Two black metal stands each with two plate glass shelves.

298 A Flymo Easi Glide 300v hover mower.

299 A box of tools etc.

300 A plastic wheelbarrow containing gardening tools etc.

301 Two Aquarolls and a Porta Potti.

302 A section of kitchen worktop mounted with a mixer tap.

303 A Duravit white ceramic bidet.

304 A stainless steel chimney cowl.

304A An aluminium milk churn with a swing handle.

304B An aluminium milk churn with a swing handle.

305 A plastic pet transporting box.

306 A circular pedestal garden table on a tubular metal frame and a matching chair.

306A A galvanised water tank, 67cm x 95cm, height 68cm.

306B A galvanised water tank, 59.2cm x 36cm, height 59cm.

306C A jerry can.


306E A galvanised double swing.

306F A slatted wood and chrome shower seat.

306G A circular shower rail with curtains and rings.

306H A Toro Wheel Horse 15hp lawn tractor.

307 Three wooden stepladders.

308 A wooden two section extending ladder.

309 An aluminium stepladder.

310 An aluminium ladder stand off.

311 An aluminium four piece folding ladder and two other pieces.

312 A pair of car ramps and a bicycle transporting rack.

313 A box of tools, rope etc.

314 A rectangular garden table.

315 A wooden trailer with aluminium mounts, size excluding wheel arches 91cm x 123cm.

316 An Eltex galvanised bird feeder and a small pierced brass fire curb.

317 A bundle of shears etc.

318 A box of serpentine and other stone specimens.

319 A garden bench with a cast back panel slatted seat and on cast ends, width 126cm.

320 A pedal exerciser.

321 A slatted wood garden bench with carved wood supports. width 125cm, together with a lantern shape hanger.

322 A piece of brown bow front marble.

323 A box and a pail of tools including an aluminium spray gun.

324 An iron fire basket and a fire front.

325 A plastic buoy with flag pole marker.

326 A collection of serpentine and other stones.

327 A sack trolley.

328 A teak steamer chair with cushion.

329 An iron prise bar.

330 A roll of wire netting, two tins of paint etc.

331 A stoneware jar.

332 A Super Star double axle 22′ caravan with a fully fitted interior, shower/toilet, cooker, fridge etc.

333 A white ceramic corner basin.

334 A bag of golf clubs.

335 A set of four floral prints in gilt frames and one other print.

336 A pair of folding black metal chairs.

337 A glazed tubular metal folding stool.

338 A pair of folding luggage stands.

339 A canvas trolley case and four other bags.

340 A diver’s Sherwood tank holder with attached demand valve.

341 A Pielle brown leather briefcase.

342 A pair of Vivitar 8 x 30 binoculars.

343 A hard plastic trolley case.

344 A carved wood tray and a collection of prints and photographs.

345 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame, size including frame 61cm x 86.5cm.

346 An Agrippa oak trouser press.

347 An arched overmantle in a gilt surround, width 137cm, height to the top of the arch, 117cm.

348 Five reproduction coloured maps.

349 A coloured print of figures on a balcony before Newlyn Harbour and Mount’s Bay and two other local prints.

350 A ‘Still Life in Coloured Inks’ by A.M. Arnold, Penzance, three coloured prints and two Mediterranean tiles.

351 A circular convex mirror in a gilt frame.

352 An oil on board of three Sopwith Camel British WWI sniper bi-planes passing through clouds.

353 A coloured print of figures on a balcony before Newlyn Harbour and Mount’s Bay after Harold Harvey and one other print of Market House, Penzance after Stanhope Forbes.

354 An oil on board of lions watching antelope, signed R. Sherren.

355 A WWI mentioned in dispatches certificate for R.A.N.C. Sergeant S.H. Walter, 21st Wessex.

356 A pair of watercolours, Dutch canals with windmills.

356A An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a wood effect frame.

357 A hardwood effect valet.

358 An easel.

359 A child’s wooden wheeled trailer.

360 A rectangular mirror in a white painted frame.

361 Two boxes of books.

362 A box of books.

363 Two boxes of books.

364 A box of books.

365 A box of books.

366 Three boxes of books.

367 Two boxes of books.

368 A box of kitchen accessories etc.

369 A Singer electric sewing machine in a brown rexine covered case.

370 A Brother Deluxe electric sewing machine in a green and grey rexine case.

371 A Singer electric sewing machine in a cream rexine covered case.

372 A late 19th/early 20th century gilt and mother of pearl decorated hand sewing machine in an inlaid walnut case.

373 A stainless steel mother and daughter lamp.

374 A large rectangular mirror in a blue painted frame, size including frame 82cm x 203cm approximately.

375 A pair of roller blades.

376 A small box of china and glass.

377 A Ex W.D. TII compass in its original fitted wooden box.

378 An Avery iron balance with weights.

379 An oil on board of three Spanish dancing girls, in a gilt frame.

380 A Vax Trio carpet shampooer.

381 A folding table.

382 A rectangular mirror in a pine frame.

383 A rectangular mirror in a pine frame.

384 Sixteen Curver stacking plastic drawers.

385 A set of Wharfedale wireless headphones in their original box.

386 A chrome and perspex table lamp.

387 A Bardic Railway twin lamp mains signalling box.

388 An Igenix microwave oven.

389 A white enamel microwave oven.

390 A Panasonic microwave oven.

391 A black metal mother and daughter lamp.

392 A folding table.

393 E. Anthony Orme, a pastel of the back of a female nude, in a gilt frame, 48.4cm x 33.5cm.

394 A petrol driven hedge trimmer.

395 A Ryobi petrol driven hedge trimmer.

396 A Challenge electric hedge trimmer.

397 A Royale Senior upright vacuum cleaner.

398 A Hoover electric floor polisher.

399 A Vax Rapide Power Jet carpet washer, af.

400 A bagless upright vacuum cleaner.

401 A Bissell Ready Dry carpet shampooer.

402 A Tilley lamp and a hurricane lamp

403 A fabric and wood sewing basket and contents.

404 A Sovereign petrol driven hedge trimmer.

405 A Jonsered HT 21 petrol driven hedge trimmer.

406 A Karcher pressure washer.

407 A Karcher 520 M pressure washer.

408 A McCulloch 438 petrol driven chainsaw.

409 A McCulloch Virginia petrol driven hedge trimmer.

410 A McCulloch Virginia MH 524 Petrol driven hedge trimmer.

411 A Alko 3800-S petrol driven chainsaw.

412 An Oregon petrol driven chainsaw.

413 A McCulloch model 1030 electric chainsaw.

414 A Dremel drill stand.

415 A pair of jump leads, a padlock etc.

416 A Moulinex Optipro blender in its original box.

417 A box of miscellaneous items including a car tyre inflater and a twelve volt polisher.

418 A Game Cube with games, controllers etc.

419 A plastic toolbox and contents.

420 A metal tool box containing scrapers and other tools.

421 A box of tools including a Stanley Bailey No.604 smoothing plane.

422 A box of tools including chisels and a corded electric drill.

423 Diston and other saws together with a spirit level.

424 A box of miscellaneous items.

425 An oak box containing paint brushes etc.

426 A metal box the top with a brass label ‘Lord Wavell’ 1″ hinge glasses and two other boxes.

427 A collection of blue and white china, a Sylvac jug moulded as an oak tree with a squirrel beside it No.4241 etc.

428 A pair of Wood & Son blue and white ‘Venice’ pattern oval lidded serving dishes, two matching pieces etc.

429 A floral decorated part tea service etc.

430 A Record No. 05½ smoothing plane and a block plane

431 A collection of model motorcycles in their original boxes.

432 A Royal Albert ‘Primulette’ pattern tea service.

432A An Elizabethan ‘Lace’ pattern part tea service etc.

433 A metal card index drawer containing stone specimens and a hardwood till.

434 A grey metal card index drawer.

435 A Swan slow cooker.

436 A box of soft toys.

437 A Handysitt portable child’s chair in its original box.

438 Miscellaneous including a small electric fan and a Cellnet mobile phone.

439 A box of 4x4 spares including an alternator.

439A A box of 4 x 4 spares.

440 A box of 4x4 spares including filters and brake discs.

441 A pine tool box containing a bottle jack etc.

442 A Sainsbury’s three tier electric steamer.

443 An Aldis slide projector in a wooden box.

444 Two 19th century blue and white willow pattern oval meat plate, one impressed Twigg Gallery to the back and other blue and white china.

445 A Reebok gym ball etc.

446 A bag of marbles, a plated three nozzle candelabrum, a lacquered box etc.

447 A collection of glass including a paperweight.

448 A Black and Decker Powerfile and a tile cutter.

449 A watercolour of a coastal scene by Sonia M Martin and a coloured limited edition print “Winter Shapes”

450 An oil on canvas of three female nudes.

451 A melamine wood effect three drawer filing cabinet.

452 A brass water can.

453 A pair of Goodmans speakers in hardwood cases with fret cut front panels.

454 A Stihl petrol driven long reach hedge trimmer.

455 A Bosch electric strimmer.

456 A Black and Decker electric strimmer.

457 Two game related guitars.

457A A Lindop Ace one part snooker cue in a tapering plastic case.

458 A wooden curtain pole with rings and fixings, length 218 cm.

459 A white painted turned wood standard lamp.

460 A Unicorn dartboard in its original box.

461 A Blisley metal office chest of fifteen shallow drawers.

462 A olive green metal office chest of fifteen shallow drawers.

463 A Bisley grey metal office chest of fifteen shallow drawers.

464 A Bisley grey metal office chest of fifteen shallow drawers.

465 A grey metal office chest of eight graduated shallow drawers.

466 A pierced brass octagonal pendant lantern.

467 A set of four Ridgeway graduated blue and white floral pattern oval plates.

468 A radio controlled model Audi in its original box.

469 A wooden model of a 16th century three masted sailing ship.

470 A Sensational wig display head.

471 A Japanese orange glaze vase moulded with a river scene and a floral decorated teapot.

472 A circular green cast metal three tier stand.

473 A green painted cast iron circular three tier stand.

474 A bundle of Nigerian newspapers, 1960-1967 including the Biafran war.

475 A Leonardo resin model of a hen and chicks in its original box, together with three prints of farm yard fowl.

476 A pair of pine boxes, one with rope handles.

477 A box of 1960s 45 rpm records.

478 A Spear and Jackson petrol driven garden vac/blower.

479 A Tilley lamp in it original box.

480 A metal toolbox and contents.

481 A box of tools including a corded electric drill.

482 A box of 4x4 spares.

483 A box of books.

484 A box of miscellaneous items including a box camera.

485 Two trays of films on DVD.

486 A box of 1960s Admiralty Experiment Works publications and other similar publications.

487 A pair of pine wall hanging display cases, each 86 x 60 cm.

488 A Victorian oval blue and white plate transfer printed with a river scene, a similar meat plate, a serving dish and two pieces of pewter.

489 An American table lamp made as if standing on three golf clubs.

490 An oak turned and barley twist standard lamp.

491 A Black and Decker scarifier with grass box.

492 A Royal Cauldon green “Dragon Pattern” part dinner service.

493 A planished pewter three piece tea service on a similar rectangular tray.

494 A dress rail in its original box.

495 A pine triple mirror.

496 A DeWalt black canvas tool bag and contents.

497 A Phillips Hostess trolley.

498 An oval mirror in an oak octagonal frame.

499 A folding pine table.

500 A ProAction paper shredder.

501 A circular cane log basket.

502 A French black and white print “Le Retour Du Marche” after Adrien Moreau, gilt frame and two other pictures.

503 An oak barley twist candlestick and a soft toy.

504 A Ryman paper shredder.

505 A pair of Marshall G12 8 Ohm Vintage Celestion speakers mounted in black rexine covered case.

506 A Makita cordless drill kit in a fitted plastic case.

507 A Bosch 12V cordless drill kit in a fitted plastic case.

508 An Ewt convector heater.

509 An Electra convector heater.

510 A pair of site lamps etc.

511 A box containing jump leads, a fuel tank etc.

512 A box of tools including hammers and saws.

513 A box of tools including an “Aircraft Materials Ltd Lazy Tong Riveter 8995″

514 Two metal tool boxes and contents.

515 A box of 4x4 spares.

516 A box of 4x4 spares.

517 A box of 4x4 spares.

518 A box of 4x4 spares.

519 A box of tools.

520 Two boxes of tools including axle stands etc.

521 A dehumidifier.

522 An Electrolux dehumidifier.

523 An Excel Powerbase heavy duty SDS hammer drill in a fitted plastic case.

524 A convector heater.

525 An LG bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner.

526 Two coloured prints, coastal scenes after John Mirror.

527 An electric fan.

528 A Magimix Le Duo electric juicer.

529 A Ferm SSZ-400N electric scroll saw.

530 A fridge freezer.

531 A two bar electric fire.

532 A Toshiba DVD player, lacks remote control.

533 A Sky HD box with remote control.

534 A blender etc.

535 An angle grinder stand in its original box.

536 A Hilka ‘Heavy Duty Power Winch’.

537 A You View box with remote control.

538 An electric hot plate.

539 A Rexel paper shredder.

540 Two three tier glass TV stands.

541 A Leisure Roma 100 electric five ring and hot plate ceramic hob range cooker, width 100cm.

542 A Bush 26″ flat screen television lacks remote control.

543 An LG Flatrom 19″ flat screen TV/monitor with remote control.

544 A Panasonic 32″ flat screen television with remote control.

545 A Toshiba 22″ flat screen television with remote control.

546 A Linsar 42″ flat screen television with remote control.

547 A 19″ computer monitor.

548 A Banda Romeo copier

549 Two small bench vices and two other pieces.

550 Two Stanley Bailey metal smoothing planes No’s 4 and 4½ and two wooden planes

551 A Matsui portable CD/cassette/radio player.

552 A Bosch electric planer on an aluminium stand.

553 A bench grinder.

554 A Ferguson reel-to-reel tape recorder etc.

555 A 4½” angle grinder in a wooden box.

556 A Performance 12v cordless drill kit in a fitted plastic case and an Einhell hot air gun.

557 A Blackspur orbital sander and two metal pulleys with cord.

558 A Blackspur 14.4v cordless drill kit in a plastic case.

559 A Wii Fit board in its original box and a similar sport and tennis pack etc.

560 An early 20th century ‘comptometer’ by the Felt & Tarrant Mfg Co. Chicago.

561 A camping gas stove and a similar lantern.

562 A Sky+ HD box with remote control and a JVC DVD player with remote control.

563 A Sharp VCR with remote control.

564 A Shuttle XPC computer with keyboard etc.

565 A Bang and Olufsen Beocenter 9500 music centre with remote control.

566 A Bang and Olufsen BeoVision 8-26 flat screen television with remote control.

567 A Logik toasted sandwich maker and a fluorescent light.

568 A Humax Freeview playback box with remote control.

569 A Sony mini CD system with speakers and remote control together with a Saisho radio.

570 Two Ferguson set top boxes with remote controls.

571 A Technika portable digital radio.

572 A Sabichi stainless steel coffee machine and a toaster.

573 A Nostalgia Electric Chocolate Fondue in its original box.

574 A Valor 1960/70s green enamel and wood effect paraffin heater.

575 A miner’s ‘NH113’ safety torch etc.

575A A Hoover hand vacuum cleaner and a portable radio.

575B A Braun blender etc.

575C A Bifinett blender etc.

575D A Logik 24″ flatscreen television with remote control, together with a Now TV box and remote.

575E A Prestinox slide projector.

575F A Delonghi 1930s style blue enamel circular convector heater with chrome mounts.

575G A microwave oven.

576 A pair of National Geographic 36x-10x70 zoom binoculars on a velbon tripod.

577 A Panasonic digital surround sound system.

578 A pair of Bang and Olufsen Beovox MCX 35 speakers.

579 A C. H. Brannam ceramic egg ‘water feature’ in its original box.

580 A 1960/70s style orange metal and perspex globe lamp on an adjustable stand, diameter 48cm.

581 A Bosch Classixx Maxx Performance fridge/freezer.

582 A Bush fridge/freezer.

583 A Convar de-humidifier.

584 An Indesit stainless steel built-in oven.

585 A Zanussi Aquacycle 1100 automatic washing machine.

586 A floor standing electric fan.

587 A grey metal two drawer filing cabinet.

588 A brown and cream metal four drawer filing cabinet.

589 An eastern table with a circular brass tray top on an ebonised folding base.

590 A Concarneau plaque and two other pieces.

590A A rectangular mirror in a pine frame.

590B A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

590C A coloured print of “The Woolpack Inn” after Stanhope Forbes.

591 Three old master coloured prints.

592 Two coloured prints after Klimt in pine frames.

593 A collection of 78rpm records.

594 Two boxes of books.

595 An American Military Gallery coloured print of WW II American aircraft and ships ‘Allied Victory in the Pacific.’ after Robert Taylor.

596 A circular mirror with bevelled glass in an oak frame and a photograph of Porth Nanven.

597 Two boxes of kitchenware etc.

598 An oil on board coastal scene to the reverse a photograph of a Highland regiment and three prints.

599 A large oil on canvas of trees in a landscape signed Crane and a coloured print.

600 A coloured print advertising Austin Minis.

601 An oil on canvas of a woodland stream and a coloured print of a smoking saxophone.

602 Two oval mirrors.

603 A watercolour of Helford signed Lyoodcheed and two other pictures.

604 A box of art related books.

605 A box of books.

606 A shoe cleaning box and an oak canteen.

607 Various boxes etc.

608 Draughts and chess pieces etc.

609 A white metal model of a tiger on a hardwood stand, a brass door knocker and one other piece.

610 A Ex W.D. black bakelite volt meter etc.

611 A box of old keys.

612 Two cased carving sets.

613 Stemmed glasses.

614 A 1930s cut glass water set.

615 An oil lamp with an amber glass reservoir on a cast metal base.

616 A pair of spelter figures.

617 Two Victorian brass ejector candlesticks.

618 A pair of brass ejector candlesticks and two other similar sticks.

619 A Voigtlander Brilliant twin reflex camera in a brown leather case.

620 A brass hearth jack and three other pieces.

621 Three black metal deed boxes.

622 A pale brown onyx pyramid, a similar oval dish and four Egyptian soapstone souvenirs.

623 A brown stoneware jug and two other pieces.

624 A bronze hand bell with a turned ebonised handle.

625 A postal balance, a coin balance and one other piece.

626 A brass oil lamp with a pink glass shade.

627 A pair of Greek souvenir vases, a similar jug and one other piece.

628 A Salter’s Class II Brass Spring Balance to weigh 30lbs by two ounce increments, together with two straps of horse brasses and one other piece.

629 An Aynsley ‘Pembroke’ pattern cake plate, other china glass etc.

630 A pair of hardwood and brass bellows, a pair of brass fire dogs and two other pieces.

631 An iron balance with brass pans and weights.

632 A basket of mostly ‘King’s’ pattern flatware.

633 A box of CDs.

634 A stuffed monitor type lizard.

635 Three carved wood decoy ducks.

636 A fruitbowl carved as a swan and four other model birds.

637 A set of four brass fire implements and two other similar pieces.

638 Miscellaneous metalware etc.

639 A carved wood model of a goose.

640 A Noritake waisted vase, painted to two panels with river scenes, the other two with floral sprays and two other pieces.

641 Dishes, a carved wood aardvark etc.

642 A ship’s bronze air vent, a collection of brass and a pair of plated serving spoons.

643 A brass preserving pan.

644 An Eastern vase, the body with textured and smooth panels, scratched with characters about a band of blue glaze, height 53cm.

645 Two adjustable lamps.

646 A 1970s Brother Deluxe 1350 portable typewriter in a grey rexine case.

647 An oval plated tray with a leaf cast border, a similar tray with a cast border and one other piece.

648 A small pierced brass fire curb, width 54cm.

649 Two brass saucepans with iron handles, a kettle stand and three other pieces.

650 A Victorian oval copper kettle with a white glass handle and four other pieces.

651 A 1970s brown glazed twin handle table lamp with its original tapering shade.

652 A black enamel Anglepoise type adjustable table lamp.

653 A red enamel Anglepoise style adjustable table lamp.

654 A pair of West German vases, each with textured brown glaze and bands of floral patterned honey glaze.

655 A Victorian copper stovetop kettle and two other pieces.

656 Glassware etc.

657 A white glazed vase and a pair boxed stemmed glasses.

658 A pair of alabaster table lamps, each made as a classical urn and each with a silk shade.

659 Books etc.

660 An earthenware jug and three stoneware jugs.

661 Mugs and other china.

662 Five studio pottery model animals and a Jekkel Toy, Penzance soft toy hedgehog.

663 An extensive collection of Hornsea ‘Fleur’ pattern tea, coffee and dinnerware.

664 A cream plastic dial telephone and one other similar telephone.

665 A cream plastic telephone.

666 Two Portmeirion Pottery ‘Where Did You Get That Hat’ storage jars etc.

667 An elephant moulded garden seat.

667A Two boxes of flatware, kitchen utensils etc.

668 Two brass desk lamps.

669 A lilac glass cake plate with yellow floral enamel decoration on a plated stand moulded as a tree with a stag at its base, height 35.5cm and two other pieces.

670 A plated oval food cover with an armorial to one side.

671 A Tremaen Pottery flattened oval table lamp painted with an abstract design and with its original shade.

672 A cane model inkwell lobster pot.

673 Glass, models etc.

674 A carved wood model Buddha, oracle carved tarot card and related items.

675 Five Eagle Annuals and a copy of Edward Lear’s ‘Nonsense Alphabet.’

676 A twelve setting set of plated fish knives and forks with Ivorene handles in a walnut canteen.

677 An artist’s box/easel.

678 A vintage teddy bear and a Japanese soft toy lion.

679 A triple spotlight fitting in its original packaging and a fluorescent lamp.

680 A 1950s Hermoe wall clock, one other wall clock etc.

681 A Royal Doulton white glaze toilet jug and bowl.

682 A Vileda carpet cleaner.

683 A powder fire extinguisher.

684 An oil on board of a river scene, signed Emma Dale.

685 An Art Nouveau tin, the front with a calendar and embossed and printed with a Dutch canal scene and two other pieces.

686 An W Biscombe, Plymouth, green glass soda siphon and two other bottles.

687 A 1950s red plastic flying saucer light fitting/shade etc.

688 An American mantle clock in a walnut case and a box camera.

689 Two Codds bottles, one retailed by J.H.P. Patterson’s, Somerset, Bermuda, the other J.C. Pulleyn, Selby.

690 A Majolica jug moulded with flowers, other jugs etc.

691 A reproduction pine wall telephone.

692 A Sony six CD player.

693 Two Pratt ware footed dishes, a collection of blue and white china etc.

694 An aluminium coin case.

695 Victorian blue and white plates, tiles etc.

696 Two boxes of polished stones, models etc.

697 A collection of Royal Worcester “Evesham” pattern dinnerware.

698 A pair of early 20th century twin handled jars, each transfer printed with cattle.

699 A box of books etc.

700 A box of kitchenware and a box of miscellaneous items, including a Bissonette Juicer.

701 A box of costume dolls.

702 A box of railway related books.

703 A collection in six boxes of the “H.M.S. Ganges ‘Tales of the Trogs’ by John Douglas.

704 A white triple mirror.

705 Two boxes of films on DVD.

706 A 19th century coloured print of Lanhydroc, Cornwall and two other pieces.

707 A large Capodimonte porcelain group, entitled ‘The Gypsy Caravan’, on a shaped wooden plinth, height 29cm, width 70cm, depth 45cm, with a perspex cover.

708 A large stoneware flagon, impressed beneath the shoulder glaze – ‘Wright & Co., Distillers 26 Aldersgate St.’, height 39cm.

709 A Jenaflex 35mm camera fitted with a Practika macro 35-70mm lens, together with Jena F=135 lens and a flash gun.

710 A boxed pair of Gleneagles lead crystal stemmed glasses and matching tumblers.

711 A Victorian footed bowl, commemorative mugs etc.

712 A Colclough 1960s tea service and matching bowls, each with patterned squares and stylised flowers.

713 A Sylvac ‘Totem’ pattern No. 4033 tea service and other matching pieces.

714 A box of fishing tackle including a Mitchell Garcia 624 multiplier reel and a similar 326 fixed spool reel.

715 A pastel of three children in early 20th century dress, playing with a toy yacht, signed Tythr.

716 A small oil on canvas of a woodland scene and two other pictures.

717 An oil on board, daffodils and jugs, together with two coloured prints, one of ballerinas, the other a figure on a path.

718 An oil on canvas of an American sailing ship and two other pictures.

719 A watercolour ‘Hemmick Beach’ signed W.L. Anderson, 1937, a watercolour of an early 20th century stylish gentleman and other pictures etc.

720 A print on canvas of a tropical beach.

721 A collection of mounted prints including golfing related.

722 A box of 45rpm records, including 1960s/70s.

723 A box of books.

724 A box of books, Royal Photographic Society Exhibition catalogues etc

725 A box of CDs.

726 A watercolour of fishing boats off a coast, signed Fred Downard.

727 An Eastern table with a circular brass top on a folding barley twist base, together with a similar engraved tray, diameter 48.5cm.

728 A Georgian oval silk work picture of a milk maiden by a tree, in the background a figure at a gate, 37cm x 28cm.

729 A coloured print of a Cornish village after J.A. Park.

730 An oil on board of Cornish houses, signed F. Denison and one other oil on board of a jetty into a tropical lake, initialled L.R, 1972.

731 An oil on board of a soldier boy playing a fife, signed S.L. Howes.

732 A framed map of Cornwall and two prints.

733 Two oils on canvas, one of a building in a landscape, the other a still life, flowers, together with a print of the Abbey Slip after Stanhope Forbes.

734 A coloured print of The Warren, St Ives after Herbert Truman and other prints.

735 A Remington Travel-Writer Delux grey enamel portable typewriter in a matching rexine case.

736 An artist’s box and contents.

737 Two boxes of books.

738 A rectangular hardwood panel set with blue tiles.

739 A coloured print “Alfred Wallace, St Ives Tate Gallery” and two other prints.

740 Two furnishing paintings of river scenes in gilt frames.

741 A “Pin Football” bagatelle board in its original box and a modern sampler etc.

742 Two boxes of CD’s.

743 A box of books.

744 A box of 33rpm records including John Lennon, Chris Montez and The Hollies.

745 A framed photograph “Wave” after Antony Friedkin together with an oil on canvas of a stylized figure playing a drum signed A Haynes.

746 Two monochrome prints, one of telegraph lines after Anthony Campbell the other horses on a path after Phil Whiting.

747 A coloured print “St Ives Bay Summer” after John Miller and a picture frame.

748 A brass and black mesh folding fireguard.

749 A coloured print of the old harbour Newlyn and one other print.

750 A Denby mottled grey part tea / dinner service

751 Miscellaneous including tins and a hardwood box.

752 A Victorian mahogany veneered writing slope with brass mounts a.f.

753 A pair of copper pails with brass and iron handles.

754 A T.G. Green mixing bowl and one other piece.

755 A bundle of books.

756 A bean slicer and two other pieces.

757 A set of four “La Petite Black Dress” pattern trios in a circular box.

758 A Victorian blue and white stag decorated oval serving dish and two matching oval plates.

759 A part tea / dinner service, mugs etc.

760 A Victorian mantel clock in a slate case in Egyptianesque gilt mounts.

761 A bentwood waste bin painted with a golfing motif.

762 An Anglepoise style adjustable table lamp.

763 A Poole Pottery Aegean plaque, the honey glaze ground painted with a stylized tree by Diana Davis, diameter 32cm.

764 A pair of boxed Reebok chrome dumbbells.

765 A set of six Brierley cut stemmed glasses and other glass.

766 A large paperweight, a leaf shape dish and black fur hat.

767 A cut glass bowl with a plated mount etc.

768 A pair of Sony Xblod 50 watt speakers.

769 A suite of plated flatware in an oak canteen.

769A A table lamp with a coloured leaded shade.

770 A Regency Fine Arts Honeysuckle Hill group “The Stag Night” with its original tin.

771 Five Regency Fine Arts Honeysuckle Hill model figures with their original tins.

772 Five Regency Fine Arts Honeysuckle Hill model figures with their original tins.

773 A carved wood model of a sailor boy with his hands in his pockets and three other pieces.

774 A plaster table lamp moulded with flowers.

775 A Murano style model fish and four other pieces.

775A A Tetley Teafolk teapot, a matching biscuit barrel and a hen moulded egg tureen.

775B A novelty bottle decorated with a sailor and a Whieldon ware F Winkle and Co.’Arcady’ pattern jug.

776 A Churchill China part tea / dinner service.

777 A reproduction brass coach lamp, a cast brass model horse etc.

778 Various boxes, an office tray etc.

779 Coloured glass and a soapstone table lamp.

780 A brass candle lantern etc.

781 A Royal Doulton Jardiniere with floral moulded decoration and three other pieces.

782 Stemmed glasses, a string of lights etc.

783 A large heavy cut glass vase, height 36cm.

784 An artist’s paint tin, a cased set of drawing instruments etc.

785 A Crown Devon black glaze table lamp transfer printed with a swan in flight.

786 A illuminated tin plate bull.

787 A pair of gilt table lamps and a brass wall light hung with lustres.

788 A wooden trug.

789 An Eastern hardwood fish carved table lamp.

790 A Royal Doulton figurine “Forty Winks” H.N.1974.

791 A Royal Doulton figurine “Lunchtime” H.N.2485.

792 A Polperro Pottery Paula Humphris model of a unicorn and one other piece.

793 A box of picture rail hooks.

794 A collection of Royal Doulton “The Repton” pattern dinner ware.

795 Models, other china etc.

796 A collection of blue and white china etc.

797 A Stylophone in its original box.

798 An engraved copper ladle with a turned wood handle, an iron ladle etc.

799 A brass paraffin heater, a brass blow lamp etc.

799A A collection of enamel dog badges on a display board, together with Titanic related CDs etc.

800 Model animals etc.

801 A plated food cover other plate, an amethyst Carnival glass dish with vine moulded decoration etc.

802 A large Le Duc mantel clock in a walnut veneered case.

803 A Mayflower glass Spitfire in a bottle and two other pieces.

804 A Scotty rod holder in its original box.

805 A Scotty rod holder in its original box.

806 An early 20th century Air Ministry Meteorological Office receiver Mark 1 in an oak box with brass connectors, original paper label to interior of lid.

807 A brass fire implement stand.

808 An extensive collection of Royal Doulton “Pastorale” pattern tea and dinner ware.

809 A Chinese scroll painted with a river scene between cliffs and distant mountains, to both sides calligraphy, the scroll rod with blue and white leaf painted ceramic handles.

810 A resin model of an eagle with its wings open and talons extended on a black marble base.

811 An Art Nouveau pendant floral etched glass lampshade with a shaped red rim and two other pieces.

812 A pair of painted metal candlesticks cast as mermaids, a collection of brass etc.

813 A pair of black metal candle lanterns with amber glass shades and one other piece.

814 A Victorian white glass lustre with floral enamel decoration.

815 A Dutch blue and white charger transfer printed with a horse drawn sleigh, a stoneware hot water bottle and three other pieces.

816 A collection of “Eternal Beau” pattern dinner ware.

817 Three packs of light bulbs and an alarm clock.

818 Five quart milk bottles retailed by T. S Faull, Oatfield Farm, Praze, Camborne.

819 A Wedgwood Blue Jasperware tankard decorated with St James Palace and three similar lidded boxes.

820 Three Wedgwood Blue Jasperware vases.

821 A Wedgwood Blue Jasperware footed bowl and a similar candlestick.

822 A Wedgwood Blue Jasperware bowl, two other similar pieces and a Wedgwood “Arthur Draws the Sword” collectors plate.

823 A Stanley Bailey No. 5 smoothing plane.

824 A Stanley Bailey No. 4 1/2 smoothing plane.

825 Three oil stones and a brass blow lamp.

826 A Stanley No. 80 cabinet scraper, a similar 151 scraper, a wooden spokeshave and three wooden planes.

827 A Royal Albert eight setting “Belinda” pattern tea / dinner service.

828 A Royal Albert “Lavender Rose” pattern two-tier cake plate in its original box and a “Diana” pattern trio.

829 A cut glass scent bottle and four other pieces.

830 An imitation flower and bird display in a leaded glazed case, width 26cm, height 25.5cm.

831 A Brabantia “Rotary Spike” in its original box.

832 A carved wood model eagle and chick.

833 A Royal Albert “Old Country Roses” two-tier cake plate.

834 A pair of Eastern large twin handled vases each decorated with Geisha girls and flowers, each height 60cm.

835 A large Victorian Staffordshire highland figure a.f.

836 A set of four Royal Worcester Queens 80th birthday 2006 coffee cups and saucers in their original circular box.

837 Miscellaneous including leather and a quartz wall clock.

838 A plated four section cruet with cut glass bottles, a cut glass powder bowl etc.

839 A Nao model of a girl and her puppy and a similar model of three geese.

840 A Lladro model of a bird watching a ladybird on a flower.

841 The Rubralux dark room oil lamp, inscribed ‘Lancaster’s Patent No.1565’, height 28.5cm.

842 NO LOT.

843 A Seiko Memory Diary and matching quartz wrist watch in their original presentation box with its manual and original bill from H Samuel 8th September 1988 for £39.95.

844 Two boxed pen sets and a bag of costume jewellery.

845 A Chinese tin plate clockwork toy dog ringing a bell, a carved wood model hippopotamus, a pair of African stone figures etc.

846 A Cauldon China drum shape inkwell painted with two relief panels with girls in landscapes together with a Gouda inkwell and Royal Torquay Motto ware inkwell.

847 A glass paperweight reverse cut advertising Apenta Natural Aperient water and a Caithness “Pink Champagne” pattern weight.

848 A leather shot pouch with a brass measure, an AA badge and one other piece.

849 A Mauchlin ware Wallace Monument souvenir box.

850 A Victorian blue glass Harden Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher with its original contents and seal.

851 Robert Welch a boxed set of four table knives with their original booklet etc.

852 A Stanley No. 95 “Plane edge trimming block plane” and three other small planes.

853 A half hull model of a gig on a hardwood mount.

854 A ships compass on a brass gimble mount in its original oak box.

855 An A.W Gamage Ltd brass morse key in a hardwood box with a green convex lens to one side.

856 Two 35mm cameras, one an Agfa Silett-LK the other an Agfa Agnar etc.

857 A set of six Osiris Porcelain “Pharoahs of Ancient Egypt” limited edition plaques, together with related paperwork and a Ten Commandments brass plaque.

858 A rectangular mirror in a hardwood frame.

858A A box of 33rpm records including Robert Palmer, Kate Bush and Status Quo.

859 A box of books.

860 Two dartboards.

861 A 400 mm photographic lens etc in an aluminium case.

862 An oil on canvas coastal scene, signed J. Dunn and a watercolour of an airman.

863 A rectangular mirror.

864 Two pen and ink drawings of water fowl by Hugh Monahan.

865 A box of festival programs.

866 A box of books.

867 A box of books.

868 A box of theatre programs.

869 A Kay bagatelle board.

870 Two boxes of books.

871 A limited edition coloured print of Fiorella after Robert Lenkiewicz.

872 A pair of roller blades.

873 A box of theatre programs.

874 A box of Pedlar’s Pack theatre magazines, other publications and a tin of threads etc.

875 A box of 33 rpm records.

876 An Imperial vintage black enamel portable typewriter in a black rexine case.

877 Two boxes of jigsaw puzzles.

878 A limited edition coloured print of a Harpy eagle.

879 An oval abstract oil on canvas signed Robert Padfield.

880 Two circular mirrors with bevelled glass and a collection of prints.

881 An Edwardian rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a walnut frame.

882 An oval mirror with bevelled glass.

883 Prints and photographs of railway locomotives.

884 A framed photograph of the storm 2004 and a coloured print of the toy shop Flambards.

885 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

886 An early 20th century brass folding fire guard set with three mirrors.

887 An oil on board of a cottage garden, a watercolour coastal scene, signed W. Bray, a map of Cornwall after Morden etc.

888 A watercolour of a Cornish mine engine house signed J.C. Whiteman, a limited edition print of an E-Type Jaguar after Diggers and one other print.

889 A 1950s chrome and red metal firescreen.

890 A collection of prints.

891 A Victorian Staffordshire figure, a cow creamer etc

892 A 19th/early 20th century copper inkwell can and four other pieces.

893 A plaster model of a girl.

894 A Prattware jug printed with a lake scene.

895 A white glazed jardiniere on stands.

896 A cut glass vase with an everted rim and other glass.

897 Two copper kettles.

898 An Italian table centre moulded as a bowl of fruit and flowers.

899 A set of four Art Deco style chrome and white glass wall lamps.

900 Model pigs etc.

901 Miscellaneous including turned wood bowls, a Maori souvenir and a serpentine model sundial.

902 A Victorian metal box with a vine cast design and glass lid, together with a stationery rack etc.

903 Various plates and a Black Forest souvenir plaque.

904 A gentleman’s 1930s toilet case, a box camera etc.

905 Two late 19th century copies of Black and White magazine, a copy of The Sphere 1901 and other magazines and books.

906 An early 20th century biscuit tin, a Hartmanns Proset brown glass bottle.

907 A small early 20th century German mantle timepiece, a walnut box etc.

908 A bag of knitting needles.

909 A set of twelve Victorian blue and white bird decorated plates by Brown, Westhead, Moore and Co and two other pieces.

910 A collection of glass including decanters.

911 A late 19th/early 20th century oak ink stand with two cut glass wells, together with one other well and a silver backed brush.

912 A pair of Janik 8 x 40 binoculars in a brown leather case.

913 A collection of copper and brass.

914 A wooden carving of a dancing couple.

915 A pair of Victorian brass ejector candle sticks.

916 Two boxes of flatware.

917 Cake plates and other glass and china etc.

918 A bundle of Cornwall Guides.

919 A Country Artist’s resin model of a barn owl, other models etc.

920 A 1930s jug painted with an abstract design and other china.

921 Four glass vases.

922 Cut glass and ceramic models.

923 Four Anchor Pottery Hayle blue glaze dishes and other china.

924 Various plates etc.

925 A floral swag decorated tea service.

926 Wooden boxes, dishes etc.

927 A brass footed bowl, the rim engraved A. Vandervoodt, Antwerp, diameter 28 cm, together with a blue carnival glass dish.

928 A brass side ejector candlestick, a chamber stick and three other pieces.

929 Cut and other glass etc.

930 An oak drawer till, the lid with a receipt window.

931 Blue and white and other china.

932 A collection of vintage tins.

933 A brown glazed coffee service.

934 Two stoneware jars.

935 A 1950s/60s Staffordshire part tea service decorated with stylised flowers etc.

936 A part suite of Tudor cut glass and other glass.

937 Stem glasses, other glass and two pairs of chrome candlesticks.

938 A floral decorated teapot and matching jug etc.

939 A brass companion set.

940 A 1930s bronzed plaster model of a baby “The Boss” and one other similar model.

941 A blue and white Willow pattern serving dish, other blue and white china etc.

942 A bundle of 33 rpm records including Eric Clapton and Andy Fairweather Low.

943 A Solian ware “Belle Fiore” pattern plate, other matching pieces etc.

944 A china doll and a soft toy.

945 Five Genesis albums including Wind and Wuthering and Foxtrot.

946 A bundle of 33 rpm records including Carley Simon, Brian Ferry and Barry White.

947 A box of flatware including fish knives and forks.

947A A bundle of books.

948 A 1930s orange marbled glass lamp bowl.

949 A 1950s yellow and orange marbled glass lamp bowl.

950 A bundle 33 rpm records including IF(6) – IF 3, The Edgar Broughton Band Wasa Wasa and The Well Respected Kinks on Marble Arch Records.

951 A bundle of 33 rpm records including The Doobie Brothers Stampede, Elton John Yellow Brick Road and The Graeme Edge Band featuring Adrian Gurvitz.

952 Miscellaneous china including a set of three Royal Doulton Dickens ware dishes and a handkerchief vase.

953 A Waterford crystal “Lismore” salad bowl in its original box, diameter 17cm.

954 A Royal Doulton cut glass bowl in its original box, diameter 20.5 cm.

955 A copper coal helmet and one other piece.

956 A Leonardo table lamp. the base mounted with a resin model of a grape harvester, and one other lamp.

957 Glassware and two jugs.

958 A blue and white part dinner service.

959 An Eastern hardwood pipe stand carved with dragons about the Arms of the Royal Army Ordnance Corp with a presentation plate from Colonel P.G. Davies CBE CMG etc.

960 A suite of flatware in a light oak effect canteen.

961 Various plates.

962 Metalware including an aluminium rocket lemon squeezer and a brass canon.

963 A pair of adjustable table lamps and one other lamp etc.

964 A suite of flatware in a wooden tray.

965 Cut and other glass.

966 A brass box by Phillip & Harris, Birmingham.

967 Various plates, kitchen ware etc.

968 A large stoneware Bussa, lacks lid.

969 Three china dolls in their original boxes.

970 A white glaze rectangular lidded dish moulded with fruit and two other similar circular dishes.

971 An iron strongbox.

972 A turned wood standard lamp.

973 Three boxes of books.

974 An oil on canvas of a country cottage and two other pictures.

975 A box of books.

976 A box of toys etc.

977 A box of films on DVD.

978 Two boxes of books.

979 Ceramic piggy banks etc.

980 A collection of Arthur Mee’s Children’s Encyclopaedia and one other book.

981 NO LOT

982 Two wooden jack planes and two similar block planes.

983 Three Eastern resin model animals, a Kashmir style box etc.

984 A brass folding magazine rack.

985 A French brass chocolate pot with a turned wood handle.

986 A brass model of an Egyptian obelisk and a pair of similar vases.

987 A Harper 1930s cream enamel kitchen balance with iron weights.

988 A roll of Nelson’s Bible wall pictures etc.

989 A Royal Doulton Dicken’s ware ‘Sydney-Cartor’ twin handle vase and other china.

990 A box of QSL cards etc.

991 A tapering red glaze and chrome table lamp with a matching tapering circular shade, height 138cm.

992 A brass shell case, a beetle cast boot jack and two other pieces.

993 A mahogany camera plate holder, a cigarette box mounted with a white metal bison ‘R.A.O.B. Centenary, 1866-1966’ etc.

994 A hall lantern cut with faeries, an Egyptian profile carving etc.

995 A collection of games.

996 A box of soft toys etc.

997 A collection of Torquay Motto Ware.

998 Miscellaneous china including a pair of Lovett’s ‘Langley’ ware vases.

999 A Tech 48L motorcycle top box.

999A A bar skittles game.

1000 Four painted papier mache masks and a similar model clam shell.

1001 A pair of 1920s style wall lights with coloured glass shades and two other pieces.

1002 Vases, plates etc.

1003 Two large black painted iron ladles.

1004 A painting on canvas of African women.

1005 A box of miscellaneous items.

1006 A box of books.

1007 A box of notebooks etc.

1008 Two boxes of miscellaneous items.

1009 A suite of Solingen Rosenbaum flatware in a case with combination locks.

1010 A box of flatware, head rests etc.

1011 A He-man dual control and a pair L plates.

1012 A cane picnic case with a fitted interior.

1013 A box of miscellaneous items.

1013A A box of books.

1013B A collection of pictures and prints, a watercolour of a windmill signed George K. Willcox 1895.

1014 A 19th century leather bound family bible with brass mounts.

1015 A box of artist’s materials.

1016 A copper jardiniere, a pique d’argent brush, a Caithness style toilet jar and one other piece.

1017 A brass balance on a hardwood stand, and a small hand held balance etc.

1018 A circular cane basket with a Barbola fruit and flower moulded mount.

1019 Miscellaneous china etc.

1020 A floral decorated meat plate, a Victorian blue and white plate and one other.

1021 A white painted bathroom cabinet etc.

1022 A box of books.

1023 A box of books.

1024 An acoustic guitar.

1025 An acoustic guitar.

1026 An artist’s metal folding easel.

1027 A BBE punchbag.

1028 A box of books.

1029 A folding hardwood easel.

1030 A rectangular mirror in a white frame.

1031 A rectangular mirror in a gilt frame.

1032 A coloured print ‘Free Clouds’ after John Miller.

1033 An Edwardian engraving of a riverside picnic after W. Dendy Sadler signed in pencil to the mount and by L. Muller, the engraver, 46.5cm x 61.5cm.

1034 W. Dendy Sadler, a late 19th century engraving of a wedding, signed in pencil by the artist and engraver, A. Mongin, 56.5cm x 38cm.

1035 N. Henderson, an oil on board ‘The Headland, Newquay,’ 50cm x 101cm.

1036 A coloured print after Klimt etc.

1037 A watercolour of a figure walking on a village street after rain by Dawn Austen and two picture frames.

1038 A small oil on board, landscape and other pictures.

1039 A watercolour of Porthleven by D.J. Nash and three other pictures.

1040 An oil on canvas, figures under a dark sky, signed W. Mitchell, 1910 and other pictures.

1041 NO LOT.

1042 An oil on canvas of a river between trees signed Gordon Smith.

1043 A set of seven ebonised picture frames.

1044 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

1045 Gill Onley, two large oils on board, ‘Stairs’ and ‘Staircase’ and four other pictures.

1046 A pine dome top trunk with brass mounts.

1047 Two vintage Nadler Aviatic suitcases.

1048 A black canvas trolley case and other bags.

1049 A pine and metal wine rack to hold 48 bottles.

1050 An expanding suitcase and one other case.

1051 A small expanding green rexine suitcase.

1052 A Vango Spectre 200 tent.

1053 A Karrimor Jaguar S75 blue and black canvas rucksack.

1054 A circular cane linen basket.

1055 Two dolls.

1056 A melamine wood effect vanity unit with a white ceramic basin and mixer tap.

1056A A wooden tea chest.

1057 A rectangular mirror with bevelled glass in a cream painted frame.

1058 A pastel of a Cornish path by Inez Hoyten, 1983, 57.5cm x 76cm.

1059 An oil on canvas of a female nude by Kenneth Hunter and one other picture.

1060 A watercolour of the ship “Townsville Star”, a framed map and three other pictures.

1061 A light oak fire screen set with a wool panel worked with deer in a forest.

1062 A 1930’s oak DM folding table/firescreen.

1063 A Lonsdale workout mat and a red canvas bag.

1064 A set of three coloured prints of shipping and two other pictures.

1065 Two white painted pine rectangular boxes.

1065A Miscellaneous.

1066 An Edwardian oak coal box with cast metal mounts.

1067 A painted oval wooden box and one other piece.

1068 A pair of small Edwardian walnut dressing table drawers.

1068A A bundle of 33rpm records including boxed albums.

1069 A fondue set and a collection of saucepans.

1070 A bottle of Stones Green Ginger wine and two other bottles of wine.

1071 Three ships in bottles and a terrarium.

1072 A mahogany drawer till the lid with a brass receipts window.

1073 Brass copper clad coal box / stool.

1074 An early 20th century mantel timepiece in a mahogany veneered case together with a 1930’s timepiece in an oak case.

1075 An early 20th century continental mantel clock in an architectural oak case.

1076 A camera tripod and a flashgun.

1077 A Malayan turned and carved wood standard lamp on a circular base together with a set of four similar straw pictures.

1078 A turned and fluted mahogany standard lamp.

1079 A brass 3cm four draw telescope a.f. etc.

1080 A book trough, an otoscope etc.

1081 A Pentax P30T 35mm camera fitted with a 50mm lens together with an extension tube and a Prinzflex 135mm lens and other cameras etc.

1082 A box of Battle Picture Library and other similar comics.

1083 A box of 45rpm records mostly 1960 / 70’s.

1084 A collection of serpentine and other stone in a stainless steel ice bucket.

1085 Saucepans etc.

1086 A tray of flatware, a box of kitchen knives and a sewing basket and contents.

1087 A folder containing notes, information etc about “The Penzance District”.

1088 Two folders one containing an Austin 7 service manual the other MGB related booklets together with a Citroen 2CV workshop manual.

1089 A collection of Community Plate flatware etc.

1090 A box containing cut throat razors etc.

1091 A box of 33rpm records including John Williams, Johnny Cash and Crystal Gayle.

1092 A box of books.

1092A A box of die-cast vehicles, most with their original boxes.

1093 Three boxes of books.

1094 A box of pictures, photographs etc many relating to The Wink pub at Lamorna.

1095 A box of die cast model aircraft and related publications.

1096 A box of pictures, prints, sheet music etc.

1097 A box of kitchen ware etc.

1098 A box of saucepans.

1099 A box of flatware etc.

1100 Two boxes of books.

1101 Two boxes of books.

1102 Two boxes of books.

1103 A box of 33rpm records.

1104 A box of 33rpm records including Gallagher & Lyle, Georgie Fame and Joe Walsh.

1105 A ships copper bow front navigation lamp now converted to electricity, height 24.5cm excluding handle.

1106 A pair of copper quarter round port and starboard navigation lights each height 24.5cm excluding handle.

1107 Three adjustable table lamps and a torch.

1108 Four African carved wood animals and a kukri.

1109 Two graduated Stoke Pottery “Delph” pattern oval meat plates.

1110 A Victorian Royal Crown Derby meat plate transfer printed and enamel decorated with blue flowers together with one other Victorian oval plate.

1111 A GWR completed jigsaw puzzle of ‘Historic Totnes’ with its original box.

1112 A GWR completed jigsaw puzzle of ‘Historic Totnes’ with its original box.

1113 Two Nao models of young ballerinas with their original boxes.

1114 A Nao model of a Pierrot with its original box.

1115 A green Bakelite roulette tray together with a felt table and one other piece.

1116 A green glass lampshade and two other pieces.

1117 A Royal Worcester cake knife with a floral ceramic handle in its original box together with a set of painted cased goblets and a turned wood bowl.

1118 A Royal Albert “Memory Lane” pattern tea service and other tea ware etc.

1119 A cased set of fish servers, a similar entree dish and three other pieces.

1120 A box of Matchbox style and other die cast toy vehicles.

1121 Miscellaneous china and glass.

1122 A white glaze part tea / dinner service.

1123 Seven Loftus Ltd early 20th century half-pint pewter tankards from The Castle Hotel.

1124 Three tankards, a hip flask and two other pieces.

1124A A collection of vintage tins etc.

1125 An Edward VII quart tankard “The Queen’s Arms, Artillery Place” together with a brass inkwell and a pewter capstan inkwell.

1126 Miscellaneous.

1127 A Parisian ware bust of a gentleman and two other pieces.

1128 A T.G. Green blue and white Cornish ware storage jar.

1129 Two pairs of binoculars and a hardwood box.

1130 Decanters, other glass etc.

1131 Two commemorative copies of The Sphere 1935 & 1937 together with three Wimbledon Lawn Tennis championships programmes 1960, 1961 & 1966.

1132 Stemmed and other glasses.

1132A A Ridgway “Homemaker” plate, a pair of Midwinter “Primavera” pattern plates etc.

1132B A bundle of books including local interest.

1133 A large swan moulded vase.

1134 A quartz timepiece made as a brass guage etc.

1135 A bundle of books, an OECC International tankard etc.

1136 A chamber oil lamp, a pair of Victorian brass ejector candle sticks and a footed pewter bowl.

1137 A pair of brass shell cases.

1138 An early 20th century wrought iron oil lamp standard now converted to electricity.

1139 A Chinese violin with a 35.5cm two part back with bow in a hard plastic case.

1140 A boxed set of Christmas lights.

1141 A cane basket with a hoop handle.

1142 A set of children’s brown leather clogs.

1143 A Royal Doulton model of ‘Tracy’ HN 2736.

1144 A New Zealand Harriet Hume studio pottery vase impressed with fern leaves.

1145 A Royal Staffordshire Clarice Cliff ‘Tonquin’ pattern cracker cradle.

1146 An Alan Brough vase with a rectangular concave top on an octagonal base.

1147 A Royal Doulton model of ‘Jemma’ HN 3168.

1148 A Royal Doulton model of ‘Fair Lady’ HN 2832.

1149 Two Royal Worcester models, one of ‘Kathy’ the other of ‘Lauren’ af.

1150 A Lladro model of a girl with a dove.

1151 A Doulton Lambeth stoneware jug, the blue and brown ground patterned with flower heads, maker’s mark EW, ‘Emily Welch,’ height 11cm.

1152 A Royal Doulton ‘Bunnykins’ ball money box and a similar ‘Snowball’ box.

1153 A Nao model of a girl holding a lamb.

1154 A Lladro model of a boy embracing a donkey, together with a similar model of a donkey foal.

1155 A Lladro model of a girl in a nightdress.

1156 A Lladro model of a boy and girl in their nightdresses, him carrying a candle.

1157 Two Lladro models of a boy and girl in their nightdresses, her carrying a chamber stick.

1158 A Lladro model of a boy in dungarees pushing a wheelbarrow of flowers.

1159 A Nao model of two boys having a pillow fight.

1160 A Lladro model of a boy holding a hammer.

1161 A Lladro model of a girl in her nightdress, kneeling by slippers.

1162 A Lladro model of pensive boy sitting on a tree stump.

1163 A Lladro model of a girl and boy at their prayers.

1164 A Nao model of a boy holding a pillow, listening to an alarm clock.

1165 An early 20th century chromed copper coalbox with handles to each side and a rose motif to the front.

1166 A circular white glazed stick stand.

1166A A teak book trough.

1166B Two standard lampshades.

1167 A Murano glass model of a stylised fish on a rocky base, original paper label.

1168 A Christa-Maria Herrmann Lamorna Studio Pottery vase with a wavy rim, height 8cm together with a similar blue glaze vase potters circular AR.

1169 Two part sets of drawing instruments in mahogany boxes etc.

1170 A Whitefriars red glass lamp base, height 29cm.

1171 A green glass vase enamel decorated with a girl in a garden in Mary Gregory style, height 21cm.

1172 A Melrose Pottery model of a Great Dane, height 22cm.

1173 Two Beswick model one of a grey wagtail the other a wren.

1174 A brass carriage clock retailed by Woodford, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, height 12cm.

1175 A Lladro model of a girl feeding a goose.

1176 A Lladro model of a Dutch girl with her arms behind her.

1177 A set of six Spode Pauline Shone design white glaze models of children.

1178 A collection of Crested ware.

1179 An album of stamps and a collection of West Somerset Railway tickets.

1180 A 19th century brass doorlock, five brass door knockers and two other pieces.

1181 Three leather tape measures.

1182 A Kodak NO.A-127 autographic folding camera with its original leather case.

1183 A set of six Arthur Ransome novels including Swallows and Amazons with their original dust jackets.

1184 A planished EPNS teapot cast as if with a ribbon about it.

1185 A nickel flute by Boosey & Hawkes in a fitted case.

1186 A collection of souvenir spoons.

1187 A Mitchell 486 fixed spool fishing reel.

1188 A circular mirror in a gilt frame.

1189 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a gilt frame.

1190 A coloured print “Home Sweet Home” after W D Sadler and one other print.

1191 A watercolour of fishing boats dated 1919 and three prints on stainless steel.

1192 A marquetry panel worked with a Mediterranean cove and an oil on board of a Broads cruiser signed B Flamank.

1193 A framed pair of Victorian lace edged bloomers.

1193A A box of 33rpm records including Stevie Winwood, Lou Reed, Supertramp and Neil Diamond.

1194 A Miller vintage car spotlight and a similar foglight.

1195 A circular aneroid barometer on a red serpentine mount.

1196 A Danbury Mint resin model of Gandalf with its certificate, height 25cm.

1197 A Trevor Corser rectangular tile painted with a sailing boat before coastal mine engines, 9 x12.5cm Potters mark and St Ives mark to the back.

1198 A pendant circular five branch chrome light fitting.

1199 A pendant chandelier light fitting with plastic lustres.

1200 A pair of pendant chandelier light fittings with plastic lustres.

1201 A pendant circular gilt and glass hall lantern.

1202 A small basket chandelier.

1203 A pendant wrought metal four branch light fitting decorated with flowers and leaves.

1204 A pendant wrought metal light fitting hung with lustres.

1205 An American wall clock in a walnut case by Chauncey Jerome Conn the door with a glass panel reverse transfer printed of St Georges, Edinburgh.

1206 An American wall clock in a walnut case by Welch Conn the door with a glass panel reverse decorated with flowers.

1207 Three pop related books, The Who ‘1958 – 78’, The Rolling Stones ‘Unseen Archives’ and The Spice Girls ‘Official Story’.

1208 Four Beatles related books including Ringo Starrs ‘Postcards from The Boys’.

1209 Three David Bowie albums ‘Pin Up’, ‘Rare’ and ‘Heroes’ together with a copy of Fleetwood Macs ‘Rumours’ and Marc Bolan and T Rex ‘Greatest Hits’.

1210 A bundle of records including Paul McCartney, John Lennon’s ‘Walls and Bridges’, The Plastic Ono Band ‘Live Peace Toronto 1969’ and George Harrison ‘All Things Must Pass’.

1211 A bundle of Beatles records including ‘Sergeant Pepper’, ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘With The Beatles’.

1212 A bundle of 24 Bob Dylan albums including ‘Self Portrait’, ‘Street Legal’, ‘Bringing It All Back Home’, ‘Hard Rain’ and ‘Another Side of Bob Dylan’.

1213 A copy of Pink Floyd’s first album, first pressing, mono, blue black label, sold in UK, matrix No. XAX3420 and XAX3419, first pressing 1967, Columbia SX6157.

1214 A copy of Pink Floyd’s ‘Meddle’ album on the Harvest label SHVL 795, textured gatefold sleeve together with a copy of The Animals and Atom Heart Mother’ albums.

1215 A copy of Pink Floyd’s ‘A Saucerful of Secrets’, second album, first pressing, mono, blue black label, matrix No’s XAX3633 and XAX3634, misspelling of Gilmore.

1216 A copy of Pink Floyd’s ‘Ummagumma’ double album on Harvest, stereo, SHDW½

with London misspelt, printed by Ernest. J. Day.

1217 A copy of Pink Floyd’s ‘Animals’ album, gatefold sleeve by Garrod and Lofthouse, labelled to the back with a red on white label ‘Manufacturers Property Not For Sale’.

1218 A copy of Bob Dylan’s ‘Stealin’ unofficial album, plain white centre label and sleeve marked ‘Stealin’ in red.

1219 A copy of The Rolling Stones ‘Beggars Banquet’ album, gatefold sleeve, original Decca paper sleeve.

1220 A bundle of Rolling Stones albums including ‘Emotional Rescue’, Love You Live’ and ‘Hot Rocks’.

1221 A bundle of Rolling Stones albums including ‘Made In The Shade’, ‘Let It Bleed’, ‘Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out’ and ‘Exile On Main St’.

1222 A copy of Jimmy Hendrix ‘Are You Experienced ‘ album 1967, mono, laminated front sleeve, No.612001 together with a copy of the same album on Polydor, stereo.

1223 A copy of Jimmy Hendrix ‘Axis: Bold As Love’ 1967, laminated gatefold sleeve, mono, No.612003.

1224 Five Jimmy Hendrix albums, ‘The Cry Of Love’, ‘Hendrix In The West’, ‘Jimmy Hendrix Experience Smash Hits’, ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and ‘Jimmy Hendrix Experience Radio One’.

1225 A copy of Led Zeppelin lll album, first pressing, red/maroon label, gatefold rotating wheel sleeve, produced by Jimmy Page and executive producer Peter Grant, catalogue No.241002.

1226 Led Zeppelin Albums l and ll.

1227 Led Zeppelin lll, with a green/orange label and wheeled sleeve together with album ll and a copy of Jimmy Page ‘Special Early Works’.

1228 A bundle of records including Jefferson Airplane’s ‘After Bathing At Baxter’s’, ‘Volunteers’ and ‘Crown Of Creation’ albums together with two Jefferson Starship albums, ‘Blows Against The Empire’ and ‘Spitfire’.

1229 The Steve Miller Band, eight albums including ‘Sailor’, ‘Circle Of Love’ and ‘Abracadabra’.

1230 Four Frank Zappa albums including ‘Lumpy Gravy’ and ‘You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore’.

1231 Three Cream albums, ‘Wheels Of Fire’, ‘Fresh Cream’ and ‘Live Cream’.

1232 Ten Eagles albums including ‘Desperado’, ‘Hotel California’ and ‘One Of These Nights’.

1233 The Band, three albums ‘Cahoots’, ‘Stage Fright’ and ‘The Band’.

1234 Canned Heat, two albums, ‘The Best Of Canned Heat’ and ‘Living The Blues’ together with three Captain Beefheart albums including ‘Safe As Milk’.

1235 Two Quicksilver albums ‘Just For Love’ and ‘Shady Grove’ together with Big Brother And The Holding Company’s ‘Cheap Thrills’ album and the ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ album.

1236 A copy of Family Entertainment album, laminated sleeve, first pressing and two Nice albums ‘The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack’ and ‘The Nice’.

1237 Three Fleetwood Mac albums, ‘Mr. Wonderful’ laminated gatefold sleeve, ‘Fleetwood Mac’, mono, laminated to the front and ‘Fleetwood Mac ‘The Collection’.

1238 A bundle of 33rpm records including Blind Faith, Soft Machine, The Doors, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Iron Butterfly.

1239 A bundle of records including The Byrds, The Who, Soft Machine and Ten Years After.

1240 A bundle of Bob Marley and the Wailers albums including ‘Exodus’.

1241 A bundle of Rolling Stones 7″ singles including ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Paint It Black’ together with Beatles and Plastic Ono Band singles.

1242 A bundle of 7″ singles including Desmond Dekker and The Aces ‘007’, Lenox Mood ‘Punch’ , The Kursaal Flyers ‘Little Does She Know’ and ‘Here Comes The Judge’ by Pigmeat Markham.

1243 A bundle of 7″ singles including The Dave Clark Five, Manfred Mann and The Animals.

1243A A Bob Dylan 1966 ‘Tito Burns Presents’ tour programme.

1244 A silver photograph frame a.f.

1245 Disney related whimsies and other models.

1246 An American Waltham half hunter staff wind pocket watch with a seconds dial at six o’clock, Dennison case.

1247 A bag of coins.

1248 Two eastern bone carvings.

1249 A tin of coins including a 1935 crown, an American silver half dollar and a Golden Jubilee £5 coin together with a ten shilling note, other notes and a purse.

1250 A Schuco clockwork frog.

1251 A Victorian small oval brass box by W. Avery & Son, the lid cast with a sleeping dog together with a double eagle coat of arms and one other piece.

1252 An amber plastic and nickel two part Art Deco buckle.

1253 Six early plastic napkin rings.

1254 A Victorian full hunter silver cased key wind pocket watch by Swan of Sterling, London 1875.

1255 A pair of Italian Replay sunglasses in their original case.

1256 A gentleman’s Dunhill quartz wristwatch and a lady’s marcasite watch.

1257 A 1GB digital video camera, a Cannon Ixus digital camera and a LG mobile phone.

1258 A bag of Swiss army and other penknives etc.

1259 A folder of Jaguar XJ advertising material including promotional booklets and photographs.

1260 An eastern lacquered box containing a bracelet etc.

1261 Two simulated pearl necklaces.

1262 An imitation amber necklace and other similar beads.

1263 A white metal photograph frame.

1264 A LYDC London black leather and vinyl handbag with gold coloured mount and catch.

1265 Brass lenses, clock keys etc.

1266 A box of pre decimal pennies and other coins.

1267 A silver marcasite brooch set with a green hardstone, a cameo pendant and matching earrings etc.

1268 A box of costume jewellery.

1269 A gentleman’s Rotary quartz wristwatch and a ladies Lorus watch.

1270 A box of coins including commemorative crowns and an Australia’s Volunteers 50 pence piece.

1271 A bag of costume jewellery.

1272 A box of costume jewellery.

1273 A collection of spoons, including one silver together with a copper crumb scoop.

1274 A bag of coins, two 1977 commemorative tins containing coins and a pack of S.S.Catooba playing cards.

1275 A Spanish Rebeca Sanver blue leather and fabric turquoise bead decorated handbag and a blue fabric bag decorated with needlework flowers and beads.

1276 A “Lost In Space” origin series display card folding to reveal the robot, together with eight similar cards presented with the series video tapes.

1277 A collection of cigarette lighters.

1278 A collection of pre decimal coins including some “silver”.

1279 1972 silver wedding commemorative medallion by Pinches, London.

1280 Eight 1980 Queen Mother crowns.

1281 A bag of commemorative crowns.

1282 A bag of Churchill crowns.

1283 A cased set of Isle of Man millennium crowns

1284 A collection of foreign coins and banknotes.

1285 A hardstone necklace, a set of four white metal cheese markers, each cast as a wedge of cheese with a mouse on it etc.

1286 A box of costume jewellery etc.

1287 A collection of fans.

1288 A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

1289 A pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.

1290 Penknives, a Penzance souvenir studs box etc.

1291 A gentleman’s French Connection waterproof quartz wristwatch in a stainless steel case with matching bracelet.

1292 Three gentlemen’s analogue wristwatches, a “MuDu” 23 jewel automatic, a Services 17 shock proof and a Timex water resistant, together with a Seconda quartz watch.

1293 A box of costume jewellery.

1294 Coins and medallions.

1295 A Star Trek Next Generation 3D greetings card, two similar calendars and a framed coloured print.

1296 An album of stamps.

1296A A bag of coins, mostly pre-decimal British and two banknotes.

1296B A bag of wristwatches.

1296C A jewellery box and contents and a bag of costume jewellery.

1296D A wooden netsuke, carved as a scratching rabbit, signed to the base, together with an Estee Lauder small circular gilt box, printed to the lid ‘Love the Giver,’

1296E Three silver napkin rings and a cut glass atomiser bottle with a silver mount.

1296F An album of stamps.

1296G A Westminster 1953 Coronation set of coins in a hardwood effect presentation case.

1296H A cast white metal model of a begging bear holding a hat and cane standing on leaves.

1296I A box of costume jewellery.

1296J A collection of coins, three wristwatches and a cloth badge.

1297 A Bob Crossley poster, entitled ’45 Years in Painting Retrospective Exhibition’, 81 x 55.6cm

1298 NO LOT.

1299 A watercolour, a farmhouse in the manner of John Miller, 28 x 34 cm.

1300 A ER commemorative sampler and a limited edition coloured print ” Coastal Trees” after John Stevenson.

1301 A mounted display of eight burnishing tools, by Elkingtons and others.

1302 A Brunswick model AW-600CE acoustic guitar.

1303 A Lorenzo model 99 acoustic guitar.

1304 A chrome three branch height adjustable guitar stand.

1305 A Daiwa Regal competition 913M-64 telescopic fishing rod with a blue canvas case.

1306 A Gladding Sealey float rod and one other rod.

1307 A bundle of fishing rods.

1308 An alpine walking stick with a goat foot handle.

1309 A bundle of walking sticks.

1310 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1311 A copper warming pan with a turned wood handle.

1312 A shaped mirror in a white metal frame with rose wrought mounts.

1313 An alpenstock mounted with numerous souvenir badges.

1314 A walking stick, the handle with a knot mount.

1315 Three walking sticks.

1316 An ebony walking stick with an ivory handle and silver mount.

1317 A briar walking stick with a silver mounts and an umbrella.

1318 Three walking sticks, a shooting stick and a ‘Little Picker’.

1319 A walking stick with an ivory mount, the horn handle moulded as a bird, together with one other walking stick with a horn handle.

1320 A walking stick with a Ram’s horn handle.

1321 A set of three brass fire implements.

1322 A bundle of walking sticks including one with an antler handle, together with a Lacrosse stick and a feather duster.

1323 Two walking sticks.

1324 A Squier Stratocaster six string electric guitar, serial number CN-6102970 by Fender.

1325 An Encore model W255 acoustic guitar.

1326 Two bundles of sports rackets.

1327 A large eastern fabric fan painted with a river scene and a walking pole.

1328 Two ebonised walking sticks, each with a silver mount.

1329 Two walking sticks with silver mounts and a weighted stick.

1329A Two sports racquets.

1330 Four sports rackets in a Head blue and black canvas bag.

1331 A collection of Star Trek posters.

1332 A Hermle wall clock in a mahogany effect case with brass weights and pendulum.

1333 A Russian wall clock in a hardwood case.

1334 A large signed limited edition coloured print “The Black Sheep, Outnumbered But Never Out” thought after Nicolas Trudgion of Corvair Aircraft and signed by two crew.

1335 An oil on canvas, seagulls above breaking waves signed H. Boyed.

1336 Three early 20th century framed advertisements including Horniman’s Tea, Zenos Health Cream and Jasmol Beauty Cream.

1337 A coloured print “Sympathy” after Briton Riviere.

1338 Barry Pitcer, a watercolour of Lincoln cathedral, 12.5 x 20 cm.

1339 Peter Toms, a watercolour “Seascape in Grey”, 23.5 x 34.5 cm.

1340 A set of four coloured prints “The Blue Market Races” after Cecil Aldin.

1341 A black and white photograph of a bearded dignitary by Ernest C Argall, Truro.

1342 A pair of coloured prints of plants.

1343 A coloured print of The Haywain after John Constable.

1344 Three coloured prints of soldiers in uniform, a photograph of a soldier and two prints of bi-planes.

1345 Two coloured prints of railway locomotives and four other pictures.

1346 Prints and photographs.

1347 A set of four coloured prints, landscapes and buildings after Tom Schulten.

1348 An oval mirror with bevelled glass with a wood grained frame.

1349 An oval mirror with bevelled glass in a white metal frame.

1350 A fabric abstract picture after Patrick Heron and a collage in an ebonised frame.

1351 A watercolour of five female nudes signed T. Parr

1352 An oil on board of a female nude, unsigned.

1353 An oil on board of a female nude signed to the back Pauline Flowerday.

1354 A watercolour of sailing boats and two other pictures.

1355 A table or work bench lamp with a swivel head on a jointed body with tripod stand with holes for mounting.

1356 A serpentine pocket watch stand made as a temple front.

1357 A Premier small brass carbide lamp, the nickel reflector with a strike wheel.

1358 A copper kettle.

1359 Five Indian carved wooden fabric printing blocks.

1360 A Sheffield EPNS three piece tea service.

1361 A 19th century rectangular oak ink stand, the central candle holder mounted with a cast butterfly, flanked by two circular well voids, the border and handles cast with a design of leaves, 27cm x 16.5cm.

1362 An early 20th century plated and cut glass sardine dish, engraved with stylised leaves, the lid with a fish cast finial.

1363 A black painted embosser “Ipswich Gainsborough Products Ltd”, decorated with gold flowers, together with a cottage moulded teapot.

1364 A Konica autoreflex TC 35mm camera in an ERC.

1365 A collection of Mercedes Benz Club Gazette magazines and a similar type 220 SE6 Catalogue dated 1962.

1366 An album of postcards mostly Egyptian scenes, some Karachi and others.

1367 Two Lucas sealed beam quartz halogen spotlights with their plastic covers, together with an AA badge and key and one other piece.

1368 A Bjorn Ronquist design art glass egg, with a band of yellow decoration.

1369 A set of four art glass vases each with a red and blue glass roundel to the base.

1370 Two Goss ‘First and Last’ model houses and a similar model of Anne Hathaway’s cottage.

1370A A cast iron capstan shape pen stand holding various pens and tobacco pipes.

1371 A Danish Knabstrup rectangular green glazed vase decorated with green and orange fish.

1372 A Czechoslovakian Keroma ceramic plaque moulded with two stylised cats, af.

1373 A pair of Victorian brass ejector candlesticks and a pair of small barley twist sticks.

1374 Commemorative booklets including ‘The Form and Order Coronation 1937’ printed by Eyre & Spottiswoode.

1375 Copies of Modern Masterpieces British Art magazine, circa 1930s.

1376 Two maps, one of Barbados, the other The Thames.

1377 One copy of ‘An Essay Towards a System of Mineralogy’ by Axel Frederick Cronstedt, 2nd Edition, 1788.

1378 A Tremaen Pottery flattened oval grey ground table lamp with slashes of decoration to each side.

1379 A copper kettle on a spirit burner stand.

1380 A Victorian half fluted brass tea kettle on a spirit burner stand.

1381 A clerk’s oak desk with inclined lid.

1382 A copper coal bin with brass bands.

1383 A wrought iron companion set, a brass coal helmet and a pair of Shelley cups and saucers af.

1384 A 19th century copper kettle.

1385 A 19th century copper kettle.

1386 An early 20th century copper kettle.

1387 A glockenspiel.

1388 A brass vase with a blue lattice top above a red glass base.

1389 A Royal Doulton model of ‘Alison’ H.N. 2336.

1390 A pale green glass spherical faceted lamp base and a vase.

1391 A box of cigarette cards, mostly real photographs.

1392 A 1920s field microscope and related items in a fitted hardwood case.

1393 A field microscope in a fitted wooden case.

1394 An album of matchbox covers, a related book and a case of matchboxes.

1395 A boxed set of bone and ebony dominoes and a bag pens.

1396 Two boxes of serpentine and other stone specimens etc.

1397 A WWI military mach Mark IX periscope, dated 1918, by R & J Beck Ltd. No. 19189, length 36cm.

1398 A brass twin nozzle candelabrum the centre mounted with a model bird and other brass.

1399 Two brass funnels and a rectangular kettle stand on lion’s paw feet.

1400 A pair of white metal model shoe pin cushions.

1401 A Minolta Dynax 4 35mm camera, fitted with a 28-80mm zoom lens and with a 75-300mm zoom lens and related items.

1402 A 1988 Pirelli calendar.

1403 A T-square.

1404 A bundle Shire booklets and others.

1405 A pair of hand bells and a pair of vases.

1406 A pair of brass field glasses with a knurled knob to one side,with adjustment to Theatre, Field or Marine Panorama, together with a pair of panorama 8 x 30 binoculars.

1407 A slate square panel carved with an eastern symbol on a hardwood stand, together with an iron press etc.

1408 NO LOT

1409 An Emerson cream plastic box radio, lid opening onto the dial and speaker.

1410 Three brass pint tankards.

1411 An early 20th century glass bottle with its original screw top retailed by Cranch Chemists, S. Brent, a metal matchbox holder cast as a pipe etc.

1412 A Victorian Staffordshire greyhound moulded pen stand, a Caithness glass Scirocco pattern paperweight, a Selkirk brass weight etc.

1413 A Seiko quartz clock in a hardwood effect case and a wooden box with a brass handle.

1414 A Isles of Scilly crystal blue glass jug, other glass etc.

1415 German stoneware tankards etc.

1416 A bronze bell weight and a collection of copper including a ‘Cider’ dip.

1417 A pair of Japanese bird and figure decorated vases, a Majolica fish jug etc.

1418 A carved wood box.

1419 An Agfa Agnar Optima 35mm camera, a Full-vue twin lens reflex camera, three light meters etc.

1420 A brass oil lamp, a copper coal scuttle etc.

1421 A cast metal Salter’s family scale No. 50 with a brass dial.

1422 A set of twelve ceramic models of plants in pots with their ebonised display stand.

1423 A 19th century blue and white meat plate, transfer printed with figures before a lake and other plates.

1424 A plated four section cruet with cut glass bottles, a set of six George V coffee spoons, each with an elephant cast finial and one rupee bowl etc.

1425 A pair of Victorian brass ejector candlesticks and other brass including a pair of 1917 shell cases.

1426 A carved wood rocking toy elephant.

1427 A 1930s cane magazine rack.

1428 A small hardwood jewellery chest with three drawers and a leather masonic case.

1429 A 19th century pewter candlestick, other metalware, a pair of onyx table lamps and a collection of brass.

1430 A box of electrical parts etc.

1431 A red rexine clad card index drawer, a Johnson Main’s photographic printer.

1432 A box of boat parts including Rowlocks ropes and pulleys.

1433 A Star Wars Episode I chess set in its original box, a similar video board game and a road racing set.

1433A A coloured print of ‘The Salesman’ after Harold Harvey.

1433B A watercolour coastal scene, signed E T Atkins 1969 and a coloured print.

1434 Five pairs of book ends.

1435 A pair of dog cast iron half ornaments, a last, a letterbox etc.

1436 Model figures, a Royal Doulton nursery trio, mugs etc.

1437 A German Thagee Exa-IIb 35mm camera and related items in a black rexine covered box.

1438 An Ilford Sportsman 35mm camera, a Werra 35mm camera with Karl Zeiss Jenner Tessar lens with cover and ERC etc.

1439 A Caithness style amethyst glass bowl, other glass etc.

1440 A pair of Commodore 12 x 50 binoculars and two other pieces.

1441 A triangular yellow glass jug with a moulded handle and an early 20th century wide neck green glass bottle etc.

1442 A box of CDs.

1443 A bundle of books etc.

1444 An Empire Corona pale brown plastic portable typewriter in a matching case.

1445 A pair of 12ft x 6ft football goals in their original boxes.

1446 A collection of artificial flowers.

1447 Two boxes of books.

1448 A box of CDs and a box of films on DVD.

1449 Two boxes of CDs.

1450 A box of books.

1451 A box of 33rpm records, mostly 1970s/80s.

1452 A box of 33rpm records, mostly 1970s/80s.

1453 A box of kitchenware etc.

1454 Two boxes of toys etc.

1455 Two boxes of books and records.

1456 A box of pre-recorded audio cassettes.

1457 A box of CDs.

1458 A box of books.

1459 A collection of photographic home development equipment.

1460 Miscellaneous china including a Shelley jug advertising Black and White whisky

1461 A large Eastern orange glaze lidded twin handle jar.

1462 An iron hand bell with an antelope horn handle and three other pieces.

1463 A late 19th/early 20th century wrought iron height adjustable oil lamp standard.

1464 A kaleidoscope projecting lamp, together with a Brownie 8 cine projector.

1465 Plaques and other woodware.

1466 Eastern carved wood figures, a carved wood model of a recumbent hippopotamus and other woodware.

1467 A Foster’s biscuit barrel, a square brass sweet jar etc.

1468 A 2.5cm brass three drawer telescope in a hardwood box.

1469 A brass wall hanging bell and one other piece.

1470 A Russian No. 3 PT-460 telescope in a black plastic case.

1471 A Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ pattern tea/dinner service.

1472 Glassware.

1473 Various Hayle scenes collector’s plates, a Wedgewood 1986 commemorative Jasperware pin tray etc.

1474 A Dresden floral decorated lidded baluster shaped jar and three other pieces.

1475 Two decanters, a soda siphon and other glass.

1476 A tray and a box of flatware.

1477 Miscellaneous, including gardening tools and a quartz clock.

1478 Tools including a socket set etc.

1479 A cocktail shaker, a crucifix etc.

1480 A toilet bowl, other china, an amethyst glass vase etc.

1481 A studio pottery mortar and a turned wood pestle.

1482 China, glass and a telephone.

1483 A Japanese eggshell china ‘tea for two’ set, a coronationware part tea service, other china etc.

1484 A turned wood standard lamp with shade.

1485 A turned wood standard lamp.

1486 A turned wood standard lamp with shade.

1487 A turned wood spinning wheel.

1488 A reproduction globe cocktail cabinet on stand.

1489 A pair of elephant moulded garden seats.

1490 A decanter, other glass etc.

1491 A Wedgwood Blue Jasperware lidded box, two matching pin trays, a soda siphon, three lampshades etc.

1492 A stoneware bussa and six other pieces.

1493 A box of books, a Takeone, suede handbag etc.

1494 A box of wool.

1495 A box of Collector’s Mart magazines, books etc.

1496 Two boxes of books.

1497 A box of 78 and 45rpm records.

1498 Two boxes of books.

1499 A box of toys.

1500 A box of 33rpm records including Bob Seger Blood Sweat and Tears and ZZ Top.

1501 A box of kitchen ware.

1502 NO LOT

1503 A slated wood blind in its original box and a pack of window privacy film.

1504 A stairgate.

1505 Two large blue glasses on twist stems, other glass etc.

1505A A Scarecrow Patrol loudspeaker/bird imitator.

1506 A Hornsey Contrast part tea service, other china etc.

1507 A quartz timepiece in a brass case made as a divers helmet etc.

1508 A Penzance squadron shield, a microphone etc.

1509 A collection of old bottles including Codds.

1510 Six vintage novelty bottles made as the three wise monkeys, a mouse, a boot, a bird, a baby and a baby’s bottle.

1511 A plaster plaque moulded with a crucified Christ above figures condemned to the fires of hell impressed mark Misterio G.A.P.

1512 A collection of stemmed glasses.

1513 Miscellaneous china.

1514 A brass scoop with a turned wood handle, candlesticks etc.

1515 A collection of games.

1516 A brass coal helmet and a flat iron.

1517 Coloured glass, a small collection of china etc.

1518 A chrome CD rack.

1519 A decanter and other glass.

1520 A stool, a quartz timepiece etc.

1521 NO LOT.

1522 A three phone system, a CD player etc.

1523 Glass including Cranberry etc.

1524 Six glass sweet jars containing fixings etc.

1525 A small stoneware bussa, a turned wood standard lamp and a British Legion collecting box etc.

1526 A 19th century stone building block toy in its original pine box with partial paper label.

1527 A resin model of a reclining female nude on a marble base.

1528 An eastern carved wood winged creature carrying a figure on its back.

1529 A decanter, a Dimple whisky bottle, other glass and china etc.

1530 An Omega London 2012 Olympics book, other books etc.

1531 Two boxes of books.

1532 A 1950s Brexton picnic case, the fitted interior with green plastic plates, cups and matching tins etc.

1533 A box of toys etc.

1534 A box of miscellaneous items including a set of carpet bowls.

1535 A collection of pictures and prints.

1536 A watercolour of a cottage signed R. A. Betts, a framed woolwork panel, a framed needlework of two galleons etc.

1537 A box of kitchenware.

1538 Nine volumes of Cassell’s History Of England.

1539 A box of kitchenware etc.

1540 A box of audio cassettes.

1541 An Adler Tippa cream enamel portable typewriter in a black plastic case and a Photax slide viewer.

1542 A box of vintage tins etc.

1543 A box of 33rpm records.

1544 Four jigsaw puzzles.

1545 A box of writing paper.

1546 A Readers Reference Atlas of the World and one other atlas.

1547 A box of spirit and other miniatures.

1548 A yellow glaze part tea service with fruit moulded decoration etc.

1549 Seven Emile Henry blue and white glaze serving dishes.

1550 A box of flatware etc.

1551 Miscellaneous.

1552 A red glass vase, a yellow glass lantern etc.

1553 A Chinese white glaze part tea/dinner service.

1554 A brass tray and a 1930s tray with a plastic bound border.

1555 A Victorian blue and white lidded serving dish, transfer printed with the ‘Ruins’ pattern, one other bowl etc.

1556 A tin of buttons.

1557 A cranberry glass vase and other glass and china.

1558 Models etc.

1559 A brass tray with an art nouveau floral embossed border.

1560 A Polo World golfing theme boxed timepiece etc.

1561 A Chinese ginger jar decorated with warriors etc.

1562 A cut glass decanter and other glass.

1563 A Tremar Pottery model of the Miners Arms pub, one other model of the ‘Tuck Shop’ etc.

1564 A plated half fluted three piece tea service and a pair of candlesticks.

1565 A set six Royal Worcester ramekins in their original box.

1566 A box of identified Cornish and world minerals.

1567 A watercolour of Clovelly by T. Ruddiman Wood, September 1974.

1568 Four box sets of Spode miniature china, other china etc.

1569 An artist’s poseable figure, a brown bakelite hairdryer etc.

1570 A bundle of books.

1571 Two Rupert soft toys and one other soft toy in a related bag.

1572 A circular mirror in a gilt frame, diameter 87cm.

1573 An Ex. W.D. copper and brass bugle by Mayers & Harrison, Manchester 1955.

1574 An oak writing box, the hinged lid with a brass letter rack, the fall front set with canvas pad, 38 x 27.5 cm.

1575-1599 NO LOTS


1600 A walnut corner console table with a carved knee, together with an oak shelf with vertical divisions, width 46cm.

1601 A pine bedside cabinet with a drawer above a panelled door.

1602 A modern pine wall hanging corner cupboard with a panelled door.

1603 An Edwardian walnut purdonium.

1604 An Edwardian carved walnut overmantel, width 95cm.

1605 A pine bedside cabinet with a drawer above a panelled door, width 53cm.

1606 A pine bedside chest with a brushing slide above two drawers.

1607 A hardwood wall hanging rack of two open shelves, width 80cm.

1608 A G Plan style small oak veneered double wardrobe, width 94cm.

1609 A Maple & Co arts and crafts oak wardrobe with a central mirrored door flanked by panels above two drawers, width 160cm.

1610 A modern light oak wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors above one long drawer, width 122cm.

1611 A walnut three-fold screen, each fold with a glass panel above fabric.

1612 A Victorian carved walnut wardrobe with a central mirrored door above one long drawer, width 121cm.

1613 A Meredew 1970s light oak veneered double wardrobe, width 122.5cm.

1614 An oak stick stand.

1615 A painted laundry box.

1616 A Meredew oak bedside cabinet.

1617 A circular bentwood stool with a cane seat.

1618 A set of five dining chairs including one carver, each with a curved lath back and on turned legs.

1619 A set of six 1970s lath back dining chairs including a pair of carvers each with a padded seat and on square section tapering legs.

1620 A set of four modern pine ladder back dining chairs on turned legs.

1621 A pair of oak bedroom chairs and one other similar chair.

1622 A walnut wall hanging corner cupboard with a panelled door.

1623 An oak two tier drop leaf trolley.

1624 A lightwood dining table with a turn and fold top on square section tapering legs.

1625 A display table, the inclined lid with a glazed panel on tapering legs joined by a low shelf, width 67.5cm.

1626 A child’s chair with a seagrass seat.

1627 A Lloyd Loom green painted armchair.

1628 A pair of circular stools.

1629 An inlaid mahogany three tier cake stand.

1630 A pine magazine rack.

1631 An oak three tier folding cake stand.

1632 An oak open rack of four shelves, width 36.5cm.

1633 A sycamore and ash bench on shaped supports, width 122cm.

1634 A sycamore and ash rectangular table on X legs, 181cm x 58.5cm.

1635 A nest of three G-Plan teak tables, each with a tile set top.

1636 A pine side table with two drawers on square section legs, width 81cm.

1637 An Edwardian inlaid walnut music cabinet with a glazed door opening onto shelves, width 75.5cm.

1638 A hardwood desk with four drawers about a kneehole, width 93cm.

1639 A Victorian circular mahogany snap top dining table on an hexagonal pedestal and trefoil base.

1640 A Victorian circular mahogany snap-top dining table on a turned and wrythen pedestal, diameter 120cm.

1641 A mahogany toilet mirror, af.

1642 A white painted plan chest with three sections, each with five drawers, width 124cm, height 136cm.

1643 A reproduction Regency D end extending pedestal dining table with two leaves, size with both leaves inserted 252cm.

1644 A 1930s oak draw leaf dining table on turned legs, size extended 153cm x 91.5cm.

1645 A cane armchair.

1646 A 1930s low open armchair with a cane back.

1647 An oak office chair with a curved back on square section legs.

1648 An oak open armchair on square section tapering legs.

1649 A pair of melamine wood effect bedside chests, each with two drawers.

1650 A pine bedside cupboard with a panelled door opening onto shelves.

1651 A set of four oak carving chairs by Waring & Gillow, each with a padded back and seat and on square section tapering legs.

1652 A woven fibre bow front ottoman.

1653 A pair of pine bedside chests, each with three drawers.

1654 A Victorian oval mahogany snap top dining table on an octagonal pedestal and trefoil base, diameter 121cm.

1655 An oval walnut two tier occasional table.

1656 An oak cupboard with a panelled door.

1657 A pair of green dralon clad bedside chests each with two drawers.

1658 A modern pine double wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors above drawers, width 90cm.

1659 A modern pine wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors above a drawer, width 90cm.

1660 An oak coffer with a panel to one side, carved with Adam and Eve about the tree of knowledge, width 92cm.

1661 A modern pine wardrobe with a pair of panelled doors above a drawer, width 90.5cm.

1662 A glazed walnut bookcase with a pair of astragal glazed doors opening onto shelves, width 112cm.

1663 An Edwardian satin walnut wardrobe with a central mirrored door, flanked by carved panels, width 98cm.

1664 A folding posture chair.

1665 A pair of stick back stools on turned legs.

1666 A walnut open armchair with a cane back on cabriole legs.

1667 A lath back Windsor armchair on turned legs.

1668 A 19th century oak rocking chair on square section supports.

1669 A reproduction Hepplewhite dining chair with a shield shape back on tapering moulded legs.

1670 An American rocking chair.

1671 A modern office swivel chair upholstered in green fabric.

1672 A lath back Windsor armchair on turned legs.

1673 A black painted stick back stool.

1674 A turned wood high chair.

1675 Two pine racks, each with two open shelves.

1676 A modern pine chest with two short and three long drawers, width 76.5cm.

1677 A narrow white melamine cabinet with a panelled cupboard door above open shelves, width 30cm.

1678 A G-Plan style oak cabinet with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 83.5cm.

1679 A pine floor standing open bookcase, width 91cm.

1680 A G-Plan style floor standing open bookcase, width 91cm.

1681 A pair of light oak effect floor standing bookcases, each with adjustable shelves and each width 75cm.

1682 An Arts and Crafts wardrobe section, the single door with brass strap hinges and with a mirror above carved and vertical panels, width 57cm.

1683 A pine cabinet with a hinged lid above an open shelf, width 46cm.

1684 A melamine mahogany effect TV stand.

1685 A 1950s sideboard with three graduated drawers flanked by cupboard doors, width 152.5cm.

1686 An Edwardian satin walnut washstand with a corned beef marble top.

1687 An early 20th century oak side pedestal roll top desk with a fitted interior, width 97cm.

1688 A set of four Regency style dining chairs, each with a padded seat and on sabre legs.

1689 Three dining chairs.

1690 A set of five oak dining chairs each with an arched crest rail, padded seat and on turned legs.

1690A A set of four oak lath back dining chairs each with a padded seat and on barley twist legs.

1691 A harlequin set of eight oak dining chairs each with padded seat and on cup and cover turned legs.

1692 A 4′ 6″ divan bed with spring interior mattress.

1693 A 4′ divan bed with spring interior mattress.

1694 A 4′ 6″ pine bedstead with a Somnus Master mattress.

1695 A 3′ divan bed with spring interior mattress and headboard.

1696 A 3′ spring interior mattress, together with a beige dralon headboard.

1697 NO LOT.

1698 A 4′ 6″ satin and walnut headboard.

1699 A white metal cot with mattress and other cushions.

1700 A kingsize oak bedstead.

1701 A black metal high sleeper bed.

1702 A travel cot.

1703 A carved oak wall hanging corner cupboard.

1704 An Edwardian oak music cabinet, with a glazed door opening onto shelves, width 63cm.

1705 A pine dresser, the rack with a fret cut apron above three open shelves, the base with an open shelf above three drawers and two panelled doors, width 133cm, height 202.5cm.

1706 A pine floor standing open rack of six shelves, width 74cm, height 193cm.

1707 A nest of three tables on fluted legs.

1708 A Victorian walnut Sutherland table on square section tapering legs.

1709 A pine sideboard with a pair of panelled cupboard doors beside four drawers, width 149cm.

1710 A Ducal style pine dresser, the upper part with a pair of glazed doors, opening onto glass shelves and a mirror back, the base with a pair of drawers above panelled doors, width 90cm, height 189.5cm.

1711 A pine dresser, the rack with open shelves flanked by glazed cupboards, the base with three drawers above four panelled doors, width 154cm, height 186cm.

1712 A small reproduction sofa table.

1713 A mahogany effect half round three tier whatnot.

1714 An Old Charm oak sideboard with a pair of carved panelled doors on turned and carved legs joined by low stretchers, width 121.5cm.

1715 A small Eastern hexagonal black lacquer occasional table, extensively decorated with gilt leaves, flowers and exotic animals.

1716 Two bedroom chairs and a stick back dining chair.

1717 An Edwardian walnut dining chair on cabriole legs.

1718 A Victorian balloon back dining chair with a padded seat on turned legs.

1719 A set of five 1930s oak dining chairs including one carver, each with a slatted back, drop in seat and on turned legs.

1720 A set of four modern lath back dining chairs each with a padded seat and on oval legs.

1721 A Queen Anne style dining chair on cabriole legs.

1722 A pair of limed oak ladder back dining chairs on square section legs.

1723 A stick back kitchen chair on turned legs.

1724 A stick back kitchen chair on turned legs.

1725 A set of four late Victorian walnut dining chairs each with a fret cut back, padded seat and on cabriole legs.

1726 NO LOT.

1727 A pair of oak carving chairs each with a slatted back, drop in seats and on square section tapering legs.

1728 A set of five reproduction ‘mahogany’ dining chairs each with a fret cut back, padded seat and on square section legs.

1729 A set of four modern pine dining chairs including a pair of carvers each with a fret cut back and on turned legs.

1730 A coffee table with a mosaic set top.

1731 A carving chair carved with oak leaves.

1732 A square white finish coffee table on square section legs.

1733 A Victorian pine kitchen table on turned legs, 104.3cm x 83.5cm.

1734 A circular hardwood effect dining table on square section tapering legs, diameter 97cm.

1735 A child’s folding chair with a carpet back and seat.

1736 An oak turn top drop leaf occasional table on turned legs.

1737 An Edwardian octagonal walnut centre table on turned legs joined by a low shelf.

1738 A refectory table with a ‘parquet’ top on shaped supports, 152cm x 92.5cm.

1739 A walnut commode.

1740 A small reproduction sofa table.

1741 A rectangular elm refectory table on shaped supports, 122cm x 69cm.

1742 A light oak veneered extending dining table with a fold out leaf on square section legs, size extended 151cm x 81cm.

1743 A circular oak occasional table on turned legs.

1744 An oval pine drop leaf dining table on turned supports.

1745 An oval light oak veneered dining table on a four branch stand with matching legs, 188cm x 110cm.

1746 A stool with two drawers to one side.

1747 An occasional table on turned legs.

1748 A 1930s circular walnut veneered coffee table on carved cabriole legs.

1749 A circular pine extending dining table with a fold out leaf on turned tapering legs, diameter 107cm.

1750 An oval hardwood effect extending dining table with a fold out leaf.

1751 A white painted rectangular stool.

1752 An eastern black lacquer cabinet with a pair of doors opening onto shelves. the whole gilt decorated, the doors decorated with birds and foliage, width 59cm.

1753 A small oval oak gateleg table on barley twists supports.

1754 A cross banded satinwood display table glazed to the top and all four sides, on turned tapering legs, 60cm x 45.5cm.

1755 An oval limed oak gateleg table on square section supports.

1756 A cantilever bed table.

1757 An oval cane breakfast table with a pair of nesting chairs.

1758 A small circular stool on three turned legs.

1759 A circular elm stool on three turned legs.

1760 A child’s stick back chair on turned legs.

1761 A child’s stick back stool.

1762 A child’s lath back rocking chair on turned legs.

1763 A child’s bentwood dining chair.

1764 A child’s chair with a horizontal splat on square section legs.

1765 A white painted balloon back bedroom chair with a cane seat.

1766 A child’s chair with a horizontal scroll splat on turned legs.

1767 A Windsor armchair with a bobbin turned back and on turned legs.

1768 A pair of oak dining chairs each with an arched crest rail, drop in seat and square section legs together with one other similar chair.

1769 A set of four modern lath back dining chairs each with a black vinyl seat and on square section legs.

1770 A set of six modern pine ladder back dining chairs each with a sisal seat and on square section tapering legs.

1771 A pair of pine dining chairs each with a curved turned stick back and on turned legs.

1772 A set of four 1930s oak dining chairs each with a drop in seat and on square section moulded legs.

1773 A pair of Edwardian walnut bedroom chairs each with a fret cut vase shape slat and on turned legs.

1774 A set of four modern dining chairs each with an oval curved back panel and dished seat on a chrome frame.

1775 A walnut piano stool with a box seat.

1776 A long walnut stool with a woolwork seat on barley twist legs.

1777 A fabric covered kidney shape stool.

1778 A Victorian two seat Chesterfield sofa upholstered in red geometrically patterned fabric.

1779 A low oak stool on turned legs.

1780 A small elm stool with a cane seat on turned legs.

1781 An Ercol style bentwood two seat sofa upholstered in pale green and tartan fabric together with a pair of matching armchairs.

1782 A long stool with a red sisal seat on turned legs.

1783 An oak dressing stool with a cane seat on cabriole legs.

1784 A child’s stick back toilet training chair.

1785 A red leather two seat sofa.

1786 An oval stool on turned legs.

1787 Two stools.

1788 A Victorian carved walnut, screw action, height adjustable stool with a floral woolwork seat on a tripod base.

1789 A Stresless cream leather two seat double recliner sofa and a pair of matching swivel armchairs.

1790 A set of four quarter round chairs each upholstered in green vinyl on a chrome frame.

1791 A pine wing armchair with orange plaid covered cushions.

1792 A hardwood stool with a woolwork seat.

1793 A two seat sofa upholstered in white floral patterned fabric.

1794 A wrought metal stool with a vinyl seat.

1795 An oak office chair with a curved back on square section legs, lacks seat.

1796 A large beige vinyl beanbag.

1797 A black leather electrically operated reclining armchair.

1798 An early 20th century small armchair upholstered in beige draylon on cabriole legs brass casters.

1799 A red leather swivel armchair on a tubular metal base and a matching footstool.

1800 An inlaid mahogany piano stool, the box seat with a collection of sheet music.

1801 A burgundy leather three seat sofa.

1802 A pair of wing armchairs upholstered in striped beige fabric on cabriole legs.

1803 A 1960s armchair upholstered in striped beige fabric.

1804 A square stool.

1805 A Parker Knoll brown leather two seat ‘Boston’ sofa.

1806 A Victorian Prie Dieu chair upholstered in green fabric on turned legs with brass casters.

1807 A pair of hardwood effect easy chairs, upholstered in buttoned blue fabric.

1808 A hardwood effect stool with a curved plywood back.

1809 A Homescapes cotton rolled rag carpet 150cm x 248cm approximately.

1810 A Homescapes cotton rolled rag carpet 147cm x 252cm approximately.

1811 A pink and white check rolled rag carpet with a floral embroidered border, 116cm x 182cm approximately.

1812 An Eastern beige ground hand knotted rug patterned with two rows of guls, 106cm approximately.

1813 An Indian white ground oval carpet with a central floral medallion within a floral patterned border, 90cm x 180cm.

1814 A pair of red ground runner rugs, each with a floral medallion and patterned border and each 80cm x 152cm approximately.

1815 A white patterned shag pile rug.

1816 A white round rug cut with coloured spots, 166cm x 237cm approximately.

1817 An eastern carpet, the blue ground with a central floral medallion within a broad patterned border, 117 x 176 cm approximately.

1818 A Turkish Sage ‘Kilry’ design polypropylene carpet, 120cm x 170cm approximately.

1819 A beige ground cut pile carpet the centre with a patterned rectangle within a patterned border, 122cm x 206cm approximately.

1820 A Prado Everest red ground carpet patterned with a geometric design in Eastern style, 133cm x 190cm approximately.

1821 A Royal Duchy Collection Indian oatmeal ground wool carpet cut with squares, 160cm x 232cm approximately.

1822 A Brinton’s Axminster ‘Aztec Opal’ patterned carpet, 170cm x 240cm approximately.

1823 A Homemaker polypropylene ‘Analama’ pattern carpet, 115cm x 167cm approximately, together with a pair of matching rugs.

1824 A blue ground rug patterned with entwined flowering tendrils within a pink floral patterned border, 159cm x 230cm approximately.

1825 A Lyric Turkish red ground carpet with a blue floral medallion within a floral patterned border, 200cm x 300cm approximately.

1826 A green ground carpet with central floral medallion within a border pattern with geometric shapes, 190cm x 200cm approximately.

1827 A Lyric Turkish red ground carpet patterned with a central floral medallion within a floral patterned border, 170cm x 240cm approximately.

1828 An Eastern pale pink ground carpet patterned with four rows of guls within a geometrically patterned border, 193cm x 270cm approximately.

1828A An eastern carpet runner with eight diamond motif medallions on a flat woven ends, 273 cm x 63cm and another similar runner 259cm x 52cm.

1828B Two goat skin rugs.

1829 A wall hanging pine corner cabinet with two open shelves, width 61cm.

1830 A pair of pine corner cabinets, each with a drawer above a panel door, width 57cm.

1831 An oak open bookcase, width 56.5cm.

1832 An oak open bookcase, width 56.5cm.

1833 A 1940s/50s oak sideboard with a pair of drawers above a pair of panelled doors, width 122cm.

1834 A pitch pine bench, width 91cm.

1835 A white painted rectangular table on turned legs, 91cm x 46cm.

1836 A pale blue painted bow front dressing table on turned and fluted legs, width 125cm.

1837 A small painted dresser, the arched rack with three open shelves, the base with a pair of short drawers above one long drawers and a pair of panelled covered doors, width 80.5cm.

1838 A pine rack of two open shelves, width 72cm.

1839 A Meredew 1950/60s oak veneered dressing table with two drawers beside a well and long mirror, width 116.5cm.

1840 A modern pine twin pedestal desk, width 136cm.

1841 A walnut veneered small cupboard with a pair of parquetry inlaid doors on square section tapering legs, width 53cm.

1842 A small walnut veneered open rack of two shelves.

1843 A Victorian mahogany veneered straight front chest of two short and three long graduated cock beaded drawers, width 108.5cm.

1844 A Priory furniture Ercol style sideboard, the back raised with two shelves, the base with three drawers above cupboard doors flanking a panel, width 120cm.

1845 An oak bookcase with two open shelves, width 107cm.

1846 An Edwardian walnut dressing chest with a brushing slide above two short and two long drawers, width 107cm.

1847 A modern pine open bookcase, width 84cm.

1848 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany chest of two short and two long drawers, width 105.5cm.

1849 A mahogany veneered floor standing corner cabinet with a lancet glazed door above a cupboard door, width 66cm.

1850 An elm coffee table on substantial legs joined by stretchers, 85cm x 84cm.

1851 A Victorian walnut Sutherland table, the ends with fret cut panels.

1852 A pine dining table on turned legs, 90cm x 152cm.

1853 A hardwood effect coffee table.

1854 An oak twin pedestal desk, width 126cm.

1855 A rectangular oak two tier occasional table.

1856 A 1950/60s light oak veneered chest of six drawers, width 61cm.

1857 A small open oak bookcase.

1858 A modern pine chest of two short and five long drawers, width 79.5cm.

1859 A hardwood effect open bookcase, width 81.5cm.

1860 A modern pine chest of two short and three long drawers, width 90cm.

1861 An oak nest of three tables on turned legs.

1862 A hardwood chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, width 105.5cm.

1863 A melamine computer desk, width 103cm.

1864 A hardwood occasional table.

1865 A 1920s oak sideboard with two drawers flanked by cupboard doors, width 152cm.

1866 A Victorian octagonal walnut occasional table on turned supports.

1867 An early 20th century oak chest of three drawers with circular copper handles, width 100cm.

1868 A pair of sycamore and ash benches each width 122cm.

1869 A Stag Minstrel chest with four small drawers above two long drawers, width 107cm.

1870 A square occasional table.

1871 An oak bureau with a slope front above a drawer and open shelves, width 73cm.

1872 A hardwood chest of drawers with an array of drawers, width 127.5cm.

1873 A mahogany effect desk with a raised shelf above a pair of cockbeaded drawers on turned, tapering legs, width 90cm.

1874 A cane side table with serpentine front with one drawer, width 98cm.

1875 A pair of sycamore and ash benches, each width 122cm.

1876 A pine sideboard with a pair of panelled doors, width 121cm.

1877 A Victorian mahogany small square rectangular two tier stand, width 32.5cm.

1878 A fold top card table with a serpentine front on cabriole legs, width 84cm.

1878A A coffee table with a hunting scene tile set top.

1879 A nest of three tables on turned supports.

1880 An early 20th century oak dressing chest of three long drawers, width 91cm.

1881 A rectangular oak occasional table with a shaped apron on turned legs, joined by low stretchers, together with a pair of matching nesting tables.

1882 A walnut veneered chest with a bow front top above two short and three long drawers on cabriole legs, width 100cm.

1883 A 1920s oak bookcase with a pair of leaded glass doors, opening onto adjustable shelves, width 90cm.

1884 An Old Charm style oak cabinet with a drawer above a pair of panelled drawers, width 62.5cm.

1885 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table on turned legs.

1886 A sycamore and ash bench, width 183cm.

1887 A sycamore and ash bench, width 213.5cm.

1888 A pair of hardwood effect chests, each with two short drawers above two long drawers and each width 101cm.

1889 A pair of Old Charm style corner tables, each with a carved apron and on turned legs.

1890 A 1960s/70s teak veneered dressing chest with an illuminated mirror above a tier of two long drawers flanked by two tiers of short drawers on turned tapering legs, width 148cm.

1891 An open pine bookcase, width 125cm.

1892 NO LOT.

1893 A light oak veneered folding table.

1894 A ‘teak’ coffee table with a tile set top, 46cm x 107.5cm.

1895 A sycamore and ash rectangular table on X supports, 122cm x 58cm.

1896 A hardwood effect telephone table/seat.

1897 A Victorian painted side table with a bow front top above one long drawer on square section tapering legs, width 80cm.

1898 A small oak occasional table with a drawer to one side and drop leaf to either side on turned legs.

1899 A hardwood effect occasional table.

1900 An occasional table with a grey painted top on turned legs.

1901 A modern pine chest of two short and four long drawers, width 90cm.

1902 A narrow pine chest of five drawers, width 49.5cm.

1903 An oval oak occasional table on barley twist legs.

1904 An oak two tier occasional table on square section legs.

1905 A pine chest with four short drawers beside a drawer above a panelled door, width 71cm.

1906 A 1970s chrome two tier trolley.

1907 A pine chest of three long cock beaded drawers, width 101.5cm.

1908 A small open oak bookcase, width 61cm.

1909 A shallow pine chest with two tiers of four drawers with inset brass handles, width 142cm, depth 34.5cm.

1910 A low hardwood effect coffee table on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet.

1911 A small pine dining table on turned legs, 106.5cm x 76cm.

1912 A small walnut pedestal table on a tripod base.

1913 An oval oak turn top drop-leaf occasional table on turned supports.

1914 An Edwardian extending oak dining table on substantial square section tapering legs, size with single leaf inserted 148cm x 107cm.

1915 An Edwardian stripped pine bedside cabinet with a panelled door, width 37cm.

1916 An occasional table on turned supports.

1917 A square plant stand.

1918 A 1930s circular oak veneered coffee table on cabriole legs.

1919 A walnut three tier folding cake stand.

1920 A Lloyd Loom blue painted rectangular table.

1921 A reproduction Regency mahogany twin pedestal dining table, 92cm x 208cm.

1922 A rectangular oak pedestal table on a tripod base.

1923 An Edwardian small oak desk with a red leather set top above a single drawer on turned and fluted legs, width 91cm.

1924 A teak desk with a green lino set top on square section tapering legs, 58.5cm x 168cm.

1925 An oak bureau/bookcase, the upper part with a pair of glazed doors with a panelled slope front above two drawers on barley twist legs, width 91.5cm.

1926 An Edwardian walnut corner cupboard the upper part with a mirrored cupboard door, the base with a drawer above a panelled door, width 88cm.

1927 A cream painted rack of two open shelves.

1928 An oak veneered bedside cupboard, width 35.5cm.

1929 A pine bedside cabinet with a drawer above a panelled door, width 42cm.

1930 A white painted octagonal three tier occasional table.

1931 A white painted bedside cabinet with an open shelf above two drawers, width 46cm.

1932 A pine bedside cupboard with a panelled door, width 35cm.

1933 A walnut clerks desk, a.f.

1934 A Victorian mahogany commode on turned legs.

1935 A hardwood bedside chest with a shallow cushion drawer above three drawers, width 49cm.

1936 A pair of pine bedside chests each with two drawers and each width 49cm.

1937 A melamine wood effect bedside chest of three drawers, width 40cm.

1938 An Edwardian pine bedside cabinet with an open shelf above a panelled door, width 37cm.

1939 A Victorian painted bedside chest with a panelled door, width 45cm.

1940 A hardwood effect low bedside chest of two drawers, width 50.5cm.

1941 A white painted bedside cabinet with an open shelf above two drawers, width 45.5cm.

1942 A melamine wood effect bedside chest of three drawers, width 45cm.

1943 A pair of pine bedside chests each with three drawers and each width 42.5cm.

1944 A walnut veneered bow front display cabinet on cabriole legs, width 105cm.

1945 A walnut two tier book trough.

1946 A hardwood bookcase with a pair of glazed doors opening onto adjustable shelves, width 77cm.