General Sale Catalogue 11th September 2018 10am start

Viewing Saturday 9-1pm, Monday 9-5pm

Dear Phil who has been with us for thirty years has decided to hang up his apron and to retire. We will be having be having a celebration bash and presentation. His hundreds of friends amongst you may wish to contribute to the presentation. Please let us know at the office.We wish him a long and very happy retirement.     David Lay



1              Foley Art China, coffee cups and saucers together with other coffee cups and saucers etc.


2              Hornsea teaware etc.


3              Japanese teaware.


4              Meakin ‘Indian Tree’ dinnerware etc.


5              Denby stoneware.


6              Three fishing floats.


7              Wedgwood ‘Hathaway Rose’ tea and dinnerware.


8              Cranberry and other glass together with a Victorian black kettle.


9              Continental tea service, hor d’oeuvre sets etc.


10           Moulded glass, a Capodimonte casket etc.


11           A jardiniere, chamber pot etc.


12           China and glass.


13           Blue and white Arsberg teaware together with carnival glass vases.


14           Ex War Department Alfred Meakin dinner plates etc.


15           Japanese green painted teaware.


16           Miscellaneous china.


17           Commemorative ware, a little blue and white etc.


18           A Worcester black printed 1953 coronation small jug.


19           Miscellaneous.


20           Blue and white plates, a 1930s egg cruet, a Shelly vase etc.


21           Booths ‘Floradora’ and similar china.


22           Copenhagen small dishes, two Copenhagen plates ‘Winter Twilight’ and ‘Hare in Winter’ together with other ceramics.


23           Wedgwood Jasper with white relief.


24           A cranberry glass cream dish, cutlery and two decorative plates etc.


25           A floral enameled and gilt chamberpot together with two others.


26           A pair of Victorian goblets.


27           A set of six etched glasses and other glass.


28           A Victorian hyacinth vase and a Victorian large glass with green bowl.


29           Mugs and tableware.


30           Tableware etc.


31           Crash helmets, visors etc.


32           Furniture wraps.


33           A burgundy fur throw.


34           An Indian throw and other fabrics.


35           Indian throws etc.


36           Curtains.


37           Footware etc.


38           Curtains and new sheets.


39           Fabric etc.


40           Paperbacks.


41           Toaster, mugs etc.


42           Bunty comic, Dandy together with sheet music etc.


43           Two boxes of miscellaneous.


44           Commemorative books, tea cards etc.


45           Records.


46           African carvings etc.


47           Tools and records.


48           Records.


49           Miscellaneous.


50           Books and maps.


51           Two boxes of books.


52           Cushions and throws including patchwork and a Welsh style woven small blanket.


53           Numerous blankets and sheets etc.


54           Decanters


55           Vases, jugs etc together with a small collection of Portmeirion ‘Totem’ blue china.


56           Miscellaneous including blue and white.


57           Storage jars, cutting boards, a knife block etc.


58           A collection of Wedgwood ‘Hathaway Rose’ bone china.


59           Denby stoneware and four other plates.


60           Teaware.


61           A Russian lacquered box etc.


62           A Sunburst wall clock.


63           A Limoge egg shape box and much other decorative china and glass etc.


64           An Imari plate and other plates.


65           Records in four boxes.


66           Records in five boxes.


66A         An Ermine cape, numerous lace cloths etc.


67           Records.


68           Records.


69           Miscellaneous.


70           Japanese and other ceramics.


71           Books.


72           Books.

£0 – 0


73           Two hats in a Harrod’s hatbox.


74           Scarves, throws etc.


75           Curtains etc.


76           An Aynsley ‘Peony’ pattern tea and dinnerware together with glass.


77           Poole two-tone tea and dinnerware.


78           Paragon ‘Athena’ pattern dinnerware.


79           Blue and white.


80           Continental and Japanese tea and coffee ware.


81           A soup tureen ladle and lid, crescent dishes etc.


82           Carnival and other glass.


83           Cut glass and decorative ceramics.


84           A Beswick matt basset hound on hardwood stand together with a Holland Studio Craft pig on a hardwood stand.


85           Dinnerware etc.


86           Lego etc.


87           A Victorian furnishing oil, a Chinese embroidered panel, other pictures and a table easel.


88           Toys, bags etc.


89           A sailor’s box with carrying handles.


90           A similar box.


91           Kitchen utensils, a box of newspaper clippings etc.


92           Die cast toys etc.


93           A box of books.


94           Two boxes of books.


95           A collection of scale models of historic Cornish buildings each covered with sections of clay pipe stem.


96           Bottles of wine.


97           A dressing table timepiece in ebonised stand together with three other clocks.


98           Boxes etc.


99           Two boxes of books.


100         Die cast toys, other toys including Hornby etc.


101         Two boxes and contents.


102         Nine Atlas 60w lamp bulbs, original packaging.


103         Die cast and other toys.


104         A cylindrical enamelled bin with brown title ‘Flour’.


105         A rocking horse.


106         A sewing machine.


107         A fan scales.


108         A Samsung scanner/printer with cartridges.


109         Decoy ducks etc.


110         A Rhenish stoneware flower pot stand and a matching plaque.


111         A push along cart with alphabet and number bricks.


112         A rocking horse.


113         A scale model of a jet.


114         A large quantity of trays.


115         A guitar.


116         A guitar.


117         An electric guitar.


118         A guitar.


119         An early 20th century brass fender with integral companion set.


120         Three nursery prints.


121         Pictures, a leather attache case and one other case.


122         An Edwardian walnut single wardrobe with embossed copper panels together with some suitcases.


123         Two leather suitcases.


124         A whicker picnic basket and two needlework cushions.


125         Pictures.


126         A Wendy house.


127         A washboard etc


128         A wooden wash dolly together with a metal trunk.


129         A plastic shop display male torso.


130         A picnic basket, a wine rack and pictures.


131         A collection of cheese dishes.


132         Cut and other glass, together with china.


133         A banjo.


134         An oil lamp.


135         A large brass jardiniere.


136         An Islamic brass bowl, other brass, four vases etc.


137         Cuddly toys, two boxes.


138         A Victorian Staffordshire gilt decorated toilet jug and basin.


139         Italian vases, a toilet jug and basin etc.


140         A doll’s high chair.


141         A doll in Victorian style pram.


142         An oak spiral turned standard lamp.


143         A stylish 1960s standard lamp, the base incorporating a magazine rack.


144         A tooled green leather stationery tray and cover together with a box and contents.


144A      Wood carvings etc.


145         A Robin Day Designs white and brown plastic storage coffee table with tray top.


146         A 1970s Dutch plastic occasional stand Flair. 


147         A Habitat hardwood veneered occasional table with tray top and two other occasional tables.


148         A German Wirgin stereoscopic camera, other cameras etc.


149         A brass three piece companion set with matching fire dogs.


150         Crucibles etc.


151         Silver plated ware.


152         Three clocks.


153         An oil lamp and two wooden carvings.


154         An oil lamp.


155         A Victorian plain rummer, Venetian and other glass.


156         Dolls, an eight day travelling timepiece, an articulated wooden manikin and a little china.


156A      DVDs.


157         Cameras.


158         Eight Beswick birds and a Beswick donkey.


159         A Goebel German shepherd dog, mould CH618.


160         Five Hummel figures.


161         Two Wedgwood Clarice Cliff conical sugar dredgers and nine Wedgwood Clarice Cliff plates, some certificates together with one other collector’s plate.


162         A pair of miniature Chinese blue and white lidded vases.


163         A stoneware salt glaze 19th century jug.


164         Two collector’s figures.


165         A Lladro figure of a dove.


166         A portrait tile by Barratt showing Admiral Sir David Beatty together with a gilt powder blue ground vase in Wilton Ware.


167         Two Robinson and Leadbeater parian busts, one of Chopin, the other Queen Alexandra.


168         An engine turned silver cigarette case.


169         A silver small sauce boat.


170         Coins, playing cards etc.


171         A silver British war medal to Private East Surrey Regiment together with two cloth badges.


172         An RAF badge.


173         Tonka toys, magazines etc.


174         A Regency marquetry veneered work box and contents.


175         Costume jewellery.


176         Jewellery.


177         A .177 calibre air pistol in locking carry case.


178         A 0.177 air pistol by Feinwerkbau.


179         A pierced brass eastern hanging lantern.


180         A 1950s hanging lamp.


181         A brass ceiling light fitting in Flemish style plus an oval gilt mirror.


182         A ceramic table lamp together a copper warming pan and a copper kettle on stand.


183         An aneroid barometer and similar clock mounted together, the clock signed Archer & Thompson Penzance.


184         A Victorian bamboo framed mirror.


185         A gilt framed moulded panel.


186         Two Chinese painted fabric panels.


187         Walking sticks, golf clubs and a coaching horn etc.


188         A horse measuring stick.


189         A silver mounted walking cane, two walking sticks and a parasol.


190         Two badminton rackets with presses.


191         An ebony walking stick.


192         A native bow and a half bottle of 1945 vintage champagne.


193         An oak cased pre war long case clock.


194         A brass pendant light fitting.


195         A brass pendant light fitting.


196         Two biscuit porcelain figures, one of Louis XVl, the other a musician.


197         Die cast models of aircraft, boxed.


198         A chess set.


199         A collection of beaded ‘Old English’ pattern cutlery, other cutlery etc.


200         A Musto self inflating life jacket and a Hurst Plotter.


201         A collection of Thai bronze cutlery.


202         Cutlery including fiddle thread and shell.


203         A sewing machine.


204         Boxes etc.


205         A collection of assorted wooden items including butter pat, tie purses, a Swiss bear etc.


206         A manicure set and four other boxes.


207         Table cutlery.


208         A pair of Victorian brass and ceramic candlesticks and one other pair of candlesticks.

£0 – 0


209         Cutlery, marbles etc.

£0 – 0


210         A Duncan Fearnley signed miniature cricket bat inscribed Essex 1984


211         Handkerchief vases and three other pieces.


212         Four miniature opaque blue glass gilt jugs, a pair of matching vases and a porcelain bathing beauty.


213         Cutlery.


214         A silver spoon and plated ware.


215         A 1960 crown and four other crowns.


216         Beswick birds and other models.


217         Coins, a cine camera etc.


218         A set of six cake knives, cased and a brush set, cased.


219         Two engravings each with ornate gilt frame and two similarly framed smaller prints.


220         A Silver Reed 500 typewriter.


221         Patterned oil cloths.


222         Miscellaneous.


223         Ceramics.


224         A blue and white ceramic umbrella stand.


225         A Chinese Laque Burgaute tray.


226         A box and a basket of needlework accessories.


227         A pair of ornate floral and gilt lidded vases, a similar smaller vase, three graduated blue and white jugs and three other pieces.


228         A toilet jug.


229         A good large collection of Villeroy & Boch Design Naif pattern ceramics.


230         A Regency tea chest, two Indian carved boxes, Leach Pottery etc.


231         A Marconiphone portable gramophone in blue rexin covered case.


232         A Chinese carved box and an inlaid panel.


233         A steeple mantel clock.


234         A Polaroid 420 camera, a Marilyn Monroe collector’s plate etc.


235         A blue cabin trunk.


236         A green cabin trunk.


237         A still life oil painting and a still life watercolour.


238         Pictures.


239         Pictures.


240         An artist’s travelling combined easel/art box.


241         Glass and a china dog.


242         An inlaid architectural mantel clock.


243         A travelling alarm clock, a pair of brass candlesticks, a brass tea kettle etc.


244         Ribbon plates.


245         Plaster wall plaques by Bossons and others.


246         Tape measures etc, together with some stamps.


247         The London Plate by Spode, The Durham Plate by Spode together with blue and white and other plates.


248         Two large studio pottery stoneware vases.


249         A Japanese vase and two Imari frogs.


250         A brass band writing slope.


251         A regency marquetry box and one other box together with a late Victorian chair.


252         Signed etchings and other pictures.


253         A furnishing oil painting and two oriental pictures.


254         A Japanese vase and a Japanese dish.


255         A set of six bone china napkin rings and other decorative ceramics.


256         A small collection of Worcester ‘Roanoke’ teaware.


257         A large print ‘The Village Wedding’ and a Kodak camera.


258         A Smith’s car clock in a onyx mantel clock case.


259         A Victorian brass mounted oak patent box with a drawer fitted inkwell.


260         A Victorian miniature three drawer chest.


261         A Queen’s pattern silver plated part canteen.


262         Toys.


263         A Russian brass samovar.


264         Bottles etc.


265         A miniature library, a leather cigar case etc.


266         A Brazilian butterfly wing inlaid tray.


267         Maps and other pictures.


268         Maps.


269         Four paintings.


270         A canteen of cutlery and a spaghetti jar.


271         Three 19th century blue and white meat plates and a rolling pin.


272         Two brass table lamps.


273         A Georgian toilet mirror.


274         Three mirrors.


275         Brass ware etc.


276         Three graduated 1950s jugs, an Italian hors d’oeuvre sets and three matching pieces.


277         Ceramics and a Russian camera.


278         Pictures and a small box of books.


279         Pictures.


280         A set of Lott’s bricks circa 1930s in original box with instructions, lacks lid.


281         A collection of polished identified mineral specimens etc.


282         A Belgian machine woven tapestry.


283         A set of twelve Elkington dessert knives and forks in an oak canteen.


284         Japanese jewellery box.


285         Bowls set.


286         Four boxes of postcards.


287         Toys, puzzles etc.


288         Two photo albums and postcards.


289         Silhouettes, prints and frames.


290         Wooden planes.


291         A large collection of die cast model toys.


292         A nickel plated dog collar named H. T. Urmine, Sheerness.


293         Mugs, thimbles etc.


294         Toys.


295         Two boxes of books.


296         Toys etc.


297         Tools, an electric hot plate etc.


298         Box and contents.


299         A fountain pen with gold nib and a gilt propelling pencil.


300         A toy wheelbarrow and a rocking horse.


301         Box and contents.


302         Bonsai pots.


303         Four animal models.


304         China and glass etc including a small collection of Lurpak novelties.


305         Two pairs of waders, one pair is marked size 9.


306         A fisherman’s backpack and fishing tackle.


307         Fishing tackle, landing nets, rods etc.


308         An ABU Ambassador 6500 C3CTMAG-Elite fishing reel together with an Ambassador Mag II fishing reel.


309         An Orvis Mach IV fishing reel together with a System Two 45-L fishing reel and another 67-L.


310         A Spear & Jackson hedge trimmer.


311         A Honda petrol strimmer.


312         A Homelite 245 petrol chainsaw.


313         An Alpina 330 petrol chainsaw.


314         A Kawasaki TF22 petrol hedge trimmer.


315         A petrol hedge trimmer.


316         A Stihl FS106 petrol strimmer.


317         A Mac 335 petrol chainsaw.


318         A Flymo electric strimmer.


319         An Echo petrol hedge trimmer.


320         An electric hedge trimmer and cable.


321         A petrol hedge trimmer.


322         Boxed wooden toy commercial vehicles etc.


323         Waterproofs.


324         A Morso solid fuel stove model 7300-7400 with instructions.


325         A black enamel arched solid fuel stove with bowed mica panelled door.


326         A safe “The phoenix” lacks key.


327         A Munich tools MT8500W air cooled generator.


328         A Belle electric cement mixer.


329         A white enamel curved towel rail with electric element.


330         A six panel pine door.


331         A spirit level, a pump and a plane.


332         Wheelchair ramps etc.


333         An old motorbike fender together with a Suzuki fuel tank.


334         Two galvanised baths, piano castors, stoneware jars etc.


335         A fuel drum with cap.


336         Two petrol cans and kiln jars etc.


337         Handy man’s step, two buckets and a bin.


338         A teak garden table by Lister.


339         A small folding work bench.


340         An extending ladder.


341         Three ladders.


342         Two wooden ladders.


343         Wooden ladder.


344         Three ladders and a step.


345         A ladder.


346         Two ladders.


347         A ladder.


348         A pine bench.


349         A spade, a rake and a brush.


350         A Felco secateurs, Wolf and other tools including sledgehammer axe etc.


351         Tools.


352         Hose fittings etc.


353         Two forks and a rake.


354         A collapsible boat.


355         Two surfboards and a hammock.


356         A mangle, an iron fender and Kilner jars etc.


357         Gas barbecue with gas bottle and a work mate.


358         A Webber charcoal barbecue with tools.


359         Slate slab.


360         Camping lamp etc.


361         Pipe insulation, water pipe and rope.


362         A gentleman’s mountain bike.


363         A wheelbarrow and a tricycle.


364         A metal trunk with old tools.


365         Quarry tiles.


366         A Gentleman’s mountain bike.


367         A road sign, fuel cans, buoys etc.


368         Tea chests etc.


369         A vice, rope etc.


370         Two petrol mowers.


371         An old bicycle.


372         Hose on a reel.


373         Galvanised trough and a box.


374         Trestles, timber etc.


375         A galvanised scaffold tower with castors, tie bars, two scaffold boards and paint and a saw.


376         A Legend brace door and a Georgian pine planked door.


377         Two pedestrian gates with fittings.


378         A wooden field gate.


378A      A pair of commercial mudguards.


379         Two parasol stands and a bike rack etc.


380         A garden urn fountain and a cast plaque.


381         Sanitary ware and windows.


382         WC.


383         A pedestal basin.


384         Slabs.


385         A kitchen sink.


386         A mirrored bathroom cabinet.


387         A plastic cupboard.


387A      A secondary glazing unit.


388         A folding garden chair.


389         A Karcher 411A pressure washer.


390         Deckchairs.


391         A pair of garden benches.


392         A conservatory three tier plant stand.


393         Four blue pots.


394         A pair of spiral fluted brown glazed pots.


395         Two Chinese blue and white pots each with a stand.


396         Two dragon moulded pots.


397         A fluted blue pot and four other pots.


398         Flower pots etc.


399         A water butt, flower pots etc.


400         A concrete Jardiniere and stand.


401         Large flowerpots, blue plant pots etc.


402         Two cat baskets and a fish tank.


403         A small hutch.


404         A dog cage.


405         A galvanised watering can, an enamel toilet jug, a milk pail and a dip.


406         A galvanised watering can and a massive galvanised water carrier.


407         Four garden gnomes.


408         Racking.


409         Miscellaneous.


410         A cycle rack and a trailer board.


411         Picnic bench.


412         A Swan brand teasmade with original box.


413         Foot pump etc.


414         A Singer sewing machine.


415         Submersible pump.


416         A liquidiser, a mixer, a cordless kettle, a Mira shower head, boxed, an electric tyre pump and a 12v cordless drill etc.


417         A Bosch Arriva vacuum cleaner and one other vacuum cleaner.


418         A pair of AWA speakers.


419         A pair of Castle Acoustic Conway ll speakers with stands.


420         Two sash clamps.


421         An Air Cycle exercise machine.


422         Miscellaneous.


423         Panasonic microwave.


424         Portable Philips record player, a speak in the lid of the case.


425         A slide viewer and a camp stove.


426         An Erbauer 2kg SDS plus hammer drill.


427         Staple gun etc.


428         Nikkormat STN camera with various lenses in camera bag.


429         A Maxi Vac.


430         Cantilever tool boxes, other tool boxes, a bow saw and a tile cutter.


431         Electric typewriter.


432         A convector heater.


433         Four oil filled electric radiators.


434         A workshop vacuum cleaner.


435         A brass mounted brace, a wooden moulding plane and a drill stand.


436         A box of tools.


437         A box of tools.


438         Foot pump etc.


439         Door knobs etc.


440         Two boxes including a router, a bench grinder etc.


441         A petrol hedge trimmer.


442         Three folding chairs.


443         An electric sewing machine.


444         An electric fan.


445         Toolbox and contents.


446         A Marples brass mounted brace, a Stanley radius plane No.113 and a Stanley plough plane No.45.


447         Electric jigsaw etc.


448         An electric hammer drill.


449         A shelf.


450         A Stanley No.3 plane, boxed, together with an oil stone, boxed.


451         Solder, tools etc.


452         Electrical tools and a drill stand.


453         Georgian style furniture handles.


454         A power planer.


455         Cordless drill.


456         Eight louvre doors and a mirror.


457         Computer leads, digital power adaptors, leads etc, all new and unused.


458         Two boxed ADSL routers by D-Link etc.


459         A Mira Play electric shower etc.


460         A Dyson upright vacuum cleaner.


461         Security light, a Freeview box, two Amstrad computers etc.


462         Camping stove and cannisters.


463         Black and Decker palm sander.


464         A Halfords angle grinder.


465         A Worx cutting tool.


466         Miscellaneous.


467         Chemicals.


468         Weights and a bullworker.


469         Electrical.



470         Stamp album, record cleaner etc including an art copper by tray by Victoria House.


471         Beko condenser tumble dryer DRCS68W.


472         A Whirlpool tumble dryer AWZ121.


473         A Zanussi washing machine ZWHB7160P.


474         A Servis quartz plus 1200 automatic washing machine.


475         A Macintosh computer.


475A      A folding stool.


476         An Indesit No Frost A class upright freezer.


477         Doll’s house and a bagatelle board.


478         A tool box and contents and one other box.


479         Tools.


480         Power tools.


481         Yacht self steering apparatus by Mini-Seacourse Seafarer range.


482         An inverter.


483         A telephone handset etc.


484         Sony micro hi-fi, computer monitor, other equipment.


485         Three sets of binoculars.


486         A Canon AV-1 camera, other cameras in a bag.


487         A Transistorised Soniclean.


488         A Garrard direct drive turntable and a four way audio control and a CD player.


489         Four televisions.


490         Three radios.


491         Two pairs of speakers.


492         DVD players and a Freeview box.


493         A Bush TV.


494         Freeview box etc.


495         Laptop computer.


496         AWA Radiola Series 9, together with an electric hot plate.


497         A stylish Bush radio.


498         A record to wire recording machine by Wirek (Electronics) Ltd, London, with a spool of Boosey and Hawkes stainless steel recording wire.


499         Hot air guns, electric sanders, jigsaw, angle grinder, other power tools and accessories.


500         A dehumidifier.


501         Tools and accessories.


502         Radios etc.


503         Humax TV.


504         Blaupunkt TV and a portable record player by Dancett Popular and one other portable record player.


505         A small TV, a tuner record player, other equipment.


506         A cordless hand held vacuum cleaner.


507         Panasonic surround sound speakers and player, together with a computer etc.


508         A Sanyo Ghetto Blaster and one box of miscellaneous items.


508A      MAX Nail gun and a green tool box.


509         Domestic electrical equipment.


510         A Parkside sander and a Halford’s mains adapter.


511         A Sony small TV.


512         A Panasonic TV.


513         Fan heaters, electric laminator etc.


514         A compound mitre saw.


515         A 16″ scroll saw.


516         A large collection of spirit levels.


517         A small combination safe.


518         NO LOT


519         A boat builder’s adze, tools etc.


520         A Briggs and Stratton powered generator by Clark.


521         Two packing cases.


522         An Oral B electric toothbrush, a wireless doorbell, and a digital photo frame.


523         Fixings etc.


524         Two Dyson vacuum cleaners.


525         A Clarke bike trainer.


526         A collection of iron, including eight box irons and a billiard table iron.


527         An oil filled radiator.


528         A Flymo power compact electric lawn mower.


529         A fish tank, a mason’s bowl and two commemorative pieces.


530         Books, binoculars and two pictures etc.


531         A box and contents including Action man.


532         Military style clothing etc.


533         A Doulton Lambeth hot water bottle.


534         An inlaid mahogany balloon cased mantle clock.


535         Ceramics including a Charlotte Rhead jug.


536         A portable typewriter.


537         An Olivetti Lettera 22 portable typewriter.


538         Two oil paintings.


539         Pictures.


540         Two pictures.


541         Paint brushes and related items.


542         A spinning wheel and a carving machine.


543         A spinning wheel.


544         A gilt mirror and a warming pan.


545         Pictures including a poster for a Walter Langley exhibition.


546         An 18th centruy spinning wheel.


547         A dinner service and a little other china.


548         Cut and other glass, together with a pair of oak spiral candlesticks.


549         A mirror.


550         An oil lamp, a kettle stand, brass candlesticks, other brass and scales.


551         A set of six fish knives and forks and other cutlery, a pair of Japanese vases and porcelain figures.


552         A toilet jug, Victorian majolica and three other pieces.


553         An enamel iron pan and one other pan.


554         DVDs


555         Executive bingo etc.


556         A Copeland and Garrett late Spode jug, together with two Wedgwood meat plates.


557         Box and contents.


558         A table lamp.


559         Blue and white ceramics etc.


560         Glasses.


561         A clock, a barometer and four other pieces.


562         Two pairs of oriental vases.


563         A Liberty scarf and other scarves.


564         Pictures.


565         Pictures.


566         A cruet, a sauce boat and stand and a table lamp.


567         Japanese tea ware.


568         A Cornish kitchenware, 1 pint milk measuring jug, green mark and three blue banded pieces.


569         Four graduated Chinese ducks.


570         Tea and dinner ware.


571         A fabric printing block.


572         Royal household scales.


573         A tooled leather stationery tray and blotter.


574         Electroplated ware.


575         Cutlery in a canteen.


576         Three blue and white meat plates and a blue and white stand.


577         Two Peter Ellery lamp bases.


578         T.G. Green spiral lined storage jar, Hornsey storage jars and other ceramics.


579         Cantonese plates and various other plates.


580         Various teaware.


581         A box of pictures.


582         A Rapid Matic snow chain.


583         Knives in knife block and a Salter Family Scales No 45.


584         Twin clock and barometer.


585         A box of belts, scarves and handbags etc.


586         A moulded and gilt coffee service by Edelstein.


587         Two signed prints.


588         A massive Italian cylindrical classical moulded and gilt jardiniere.


589         Box and contents.


590         Pictures.


591         Records.


592         A collection of stylish 1950s tea and dinnerware by Crown Clarence together with a 1950s Norwegian casserole etc.


593         A part Copeland Victorian dinner service and two cups.


594         A reproduction Staffordshire figure Generrl (sic) Napier and one other piece.


595         A blue and white Wedgwood tile representing March mounted as a teapot stand etc.


596         An Indian Tree part dinner service.


597         Ramekins.


598         A Masons ginger jar and cover and a punch bowl.


599         A Susie Copper ‘Harlequin’ part coffee service by Wedgwood.


600         A model of a Samurai.


601         A sheepskin coat.


602         Two Shooter’s jackets by Andrew Tucker.


603         Novelty lighting.


604         Books.


605         China and glass etc.


606         Much cutlery and other silver plate.


607         Novelties etc.


608         A moulded vase in the style of Rooke and other ceramics.


609         Miscellaneous.


610         A Corning casserole, cylindrical glass vases etc.


611         A large Melba ware elephant, other animals etc.


612         Four boxes and contents.


613         Chisels and other tools.


614         Miscellaneous.


615         Carvings.


616         An inlaid cabinet and a walnut veneered Art Deco dining table.


617         A cabinet with lattice glazed doors on cabriole legs.


618         A cabinet with leaded glazed doors.


619         An oak slope front bureau bookcase.


620         A 1960s cabinet.


621         A print ‘The Winning Post’ together with two other pictures.


622         A pair of prints.


623         A Victorian mahogany veneered book case, the upper section with glazed doors, the base lined panelled doors and two drawers.


624         An oak dresser with open top.


625         An embroidered screen.


626         A corner cupboard with leaded glazed doors.


627         A large mirror.


628         A painting of a Cavalier.


629         A French 4′ bed with upholstered ends.


630         A Victorian style brass and iron double bed together with a black king size bed in similar style, lacks mattress.


631         An Edwardian double bed with modern mattress.


632         A pair of 6′ French bed ends.


633         A modern dining table.


634         A pine refectory dining table.


635         A modern coffee table.


636         A pedal organ.


637         A dark oak refectory dining table.


638         Two trolleys.


639         Modern shelving.


640         A wood finish bookcase.


641         Collapsible bookcase.


642         A coffee table, the top made from a ship’s grating and a commode chair.


643         High quality pre-war English birdseye maple veneered dressing table.


644         A stylish coffee table with tiled top.


645         A nest of tables.


646         A pine TV unit.


647         A light oak utility or ex W.D. style chest of drawers.


648         A Georgian style sideboard and an occasional table.


649         A nest of tables.


650         A stylish 1960s teak long sideboard.


651         An oak occasional table with spiral turned legs.


652         A glass shop counter top display shelving.


653         A nest of oak tables.


654         An Edwardian dressing chest and a woven fibre chair. and a shield back chair


655         An occasional table with twin flaps, a late Victorian extending oak dining table, a teak sideboard etc.


656         An oak occasional table.


657         A late Victorian extending dining table with fluted legs.


658         A 1960s teak coffee table, the copper top worked with a map of Cornwall.


659         A small occasional table.


660         Two occasional tables


661         A nest of oak tables.


662         An oak gateleg table and a woolwork screen.


663         A duet stool with music compartment beneath a needlework seat.


664         Two stools with needlework seats.


665         A workbox and contents.


666         A patent folding oak carved table.


667         A Regency style coffee table with two armchairs.


668         A bergere caned chair.


669         A wheelchair.


670         An office chair.


671         A long stool.


672         A set of four oak dining chairs with spiral turned supports.

£20 – 40


673         A set of four late Victorian carved dining chairs.


674         A pair of inlaid Edwardian bedroom chairs, an early Victorian rosewood balloon back chair and two other chairs.


675         A set of four Hepplewhite style dining chairs and a towell rail.

£20 – 30


676         A set of four English post-war stickback kitchen chairs.


677         A commode chair.

£5 – 10


678         A lloyd loom dressing stool.

£5 – 10


679         A stickback rocking chair.


680         A black plastic and chrome bar stool.

£5 – 10


681         Two cane armchairs.

£20 – 40


682         A high back cane chair.

£20 – 30


683         An Edwardian open armchair.


684         A spinning chair.

£5 – 10


685         A Heavy Victorian Balloon Back Open Arm Chair.


686         Two white painted chairs.

£10 – 20


687         A painted stick back chair.

£10 – 20


688         An oak cane open armchair with ladder back.

£10 – 20


689         A set of four oak panel back dining chairs.

£5 – 10


690         A ladder back chair with cane seat.


691         A set of six Sheraton style dining chairs.

£5 – 10


692         A set of four dining chairs with plain splat backs.

£5 – 10


693         A set of four oak dining chairs with moulded splat backs.


694         A Bergere caned tub chair.

£5 – 10


695         A Regency style button green leather upholstered open armchair.

£50 – 100


696         An unusual late Victorian wing armchair.

£5 – 10


697         An Edwardian upholstered chair.


698         A luxurious purple velvet upholstered wing arm sofa with bobbin turned frame together with an upholstered wing armchair.

£50 – 100


699         A drop end pre-war two seat sofa and matching chair.

£10 – 20


700         A late Victorian green velvet upholstered kidney form small sofa.


701         A circular foot stool with needlework top.

£10 – 20


702         A modern draftsman’s drawing board.

£5 – 10


703         A wrought steel narrow five drawer chest with wicker drawers.


704         Flat pack boxes.

£2 – 5


705         Newlyn school prints and other pictures.

£5 – 10


706         A blotter cover.


707         Telephone wall unit.

£30 – 50


708         A pair of white pedestals and two large glass vases.

£5 – 10


709         Two Tilley lamps.

£5 – 10


710         Masks etc.

£2 – 5


711         A Kenwood Chef with attachments.


712         A box of kitchen utensils.


713         Ordnance Survey maps.


714         A late Victorian or Edwardian nickel vesta case in the form of a pig.

£15 – 25


715         A copper bellied measure, silver plated ware, community plate cutlery etc.

£10 – 20


716         A carved wood bread board with integral knife.

£5 – 10


717         Four Worcester egg coddlers, a collection of Lowry mugs and one other.

£5 – 10


718         A tile set coat rack.

£5 – 10


719         A Dutch spice and provisions rack comprising twelve ceramic blue decorated named drawers.

£30 – 50


720         A pair of pine narrow settles each with high panelled back and shaped ends.


721         CDs.

£2 – 5


722         A folding bed tray and standard lamp.

£2 – 5


723         A small blue and white hand painted vase and one other item.

£5 – 10


724         A Victorian print on fabric dated 1895, an oil painting, a certificate and a mirror.

£2 – 5


725         A Wedgwood part tea and dinner service in the Susie Cooper designed ‘Cornpoppy’ pattern C2176.

£20 – 30


726         A pine small narrow bookcase.

£20 – 30


727         A display cabinet with carved decoration in 18th century style.

£20 – 30


728         A pine dresser base.

£5 – 10


729         A pine small corner cupboard.

£2 – 5


730         Two Edwardian folding cake stands.

£2 – 5


731         A nest of three oak tables.


732         An oak three tier occasional table.


733         An early 20th century pine chest of drawers.

£40 – 60


734         A Collapsible bookcase.

£5 – 10


735         Two butlers trays.


736         An oak office desk.

£20 – 40


737         A painted cupboard with panelled doors and striped pine top.

£40 – 60


738         An Indian jardiniere.

£10 – 20


739         A pine cupboard with panelled doors.

£50 – 80


740         A modern wood grain finish chest.

£20 – 30


741         A collapsible bookcase.

£2 – 5


742         A Regency inlaid mahogany chest with column corners.

£20 – 40


743         An Edwardian music cabinet.

£20 – 30


744         An Afghan low carved coffee table.

£20 – 40


745         A Chinese camphor carved chest.

£50 – 80


746         A long pine chest.

£50 – 80


747         Pictures.

£2 – 5


748         A cabin trunk and a large suitcase.


749         Four metal trunks.


750         Two cricket bats and a rounders bat.

£2 – 5


751         A tin trunk and a quantity of tools.

£5 – 10


752         A Wilton weave Belgian Louis de Portere carpet in Persian style.

£40 – 60


753         A Wilton weave Belgian Louis de Portere carpet in Persian style.

£40 – 60


754         A matching rug.

£20 – 30


755         A rug.

£2 – 5


756         A rug.

£5 – 10


757         A Belton cotton rug.

£2 – 5


758         A Berber carpet off cut.

£5 – 10


759         Shagpile rug.

£5 – 10


760         A post-war mahogany veneered Queen Anne style cocktail cabinet, the illuminated upper section lined with mirrors, on cabriole legs.

£20 – 40


761         A late Victorian or Edwardian pine dresser.

£100 – 200


762         A pine dresser base.

£5 – 10


763         An oak three drawer chest.


764         A 1930s light oak sideboard.

£2 – 5


765         A nest of tables.

£5 – 10


766         A maple counter with twin pedestal cupboards each fitted slides behind panelled doors.

£20 – 30


767         A pair of oak filing trays.

£20 – 30


768         A nest of tables.

£5 – 10


769         A filing drawer.

£5 – 10


770         A three drawer bedside chest.

£20 – 30


771         A Victorian pine chest.

£20 – 30


772         Two stools.

£5 – 10


773         Three piece oak bedroom suite with carved blind fret borders.

£100 – 150


774         A pine open bookcase.

£5 – 10


775         A 1950s oak veneered three drawer chest.

£20 – 30


776         A Stag dressing table.

£2 – 5


777         A collection of paperweights.


778         A Denby Stoneware Mug,Silver Spoons a Ring etc.


779         A small vase.


780         A Vanity Trinket set with Silver Lids.


781         A set of six silver spoons.


782         A vintage bottle of champagne.


783         A silver plate tray with tea pot,coffee pot and sugar bowl.


784         A green stone carved Buddha on a stand.


785         Records including The Rolling Stones,The Rolling Stones After-Math,Cream Disraeli gears,The Who Who’s Next,Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick and Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield.


786         A Golly badge.


787         A pair of Quad 11L2 loudspeakers with original box and packaging, in cherry wood finish, our vendor believes these have never been used, together with a Quad cherry finish L-ite  active subwoofer, this also with its box.

£150 – 200


788         A mahogany cabinet with glazed doors.

£5 – 10


789         A G-Plan circular coffee table on finn supports and with glass top.


790         A 1960s extending table.

£5 – 10


791         A formica top table.

£5 – 10


792         A dining table.

£2 – 5


793         A twin pedestal dining table.

£2 – 5


794         A domed top trunk.

£20 – 30


795         A slope front bureau.

£5 – 10


796         An oak small filing cabinet with tambour shutter.

£5 – 10


797         A wall cupboard.

£5 – 10


798         An oak slope front bureau.

£5 – 10


799         An oak slope front bureau.

£5 – 10


800         A mirrored cabinet.

£5 – 10


801         A pair of folding chairs and a folding card table.

£5 – 10


802         A William IV pole screen now as a standard lamp.

£10 – 20


803         A bamboo narrow cabinet.

£30 – 40


804         A kitchen cabinet.

£20 – 30


805         A pair of pine bedside chests.

£10 – 20


806         A teak veneered narrow six drawer chest.

£10 – 20


807         A small office cabinet.

£5 – 10


808         A teak veneered narrow chest.

£5 – 10


809         A small steel office chest partially filled with tools and accessories.

£5 – 10


810         A pair of 18th or early 19th century continental armoire doors.

£20 – 30


811         A plank.

£5 – 10


812         A pine wardrobe.


813         A kitchen cabinet by Renploy.

£20 – 30


814         Two filing cabinets.

£10 – 20


815         A packing case.

£2 – 5


816         A good Victorian mahogany extending dining table with two leaves and D ends.

£100 – 150


817         A teak veneered twin flap table.

£5 – 10


818         A Georgian style twin pedestal desk.

£20 – 40


819         An Edwardian satinwood cross banded and inlaid revolving bookcase.

£30 – 50


820         A Trinket cupboard with drawers.


821         A Perspex coffee table.


822         A double mattress.


823         A trestle table.


824         A trestle table.


825         An Eastern brass top foldable table.


826         A two tiered jardiniere stand.


827         A machine turned cigar or cigarette box.


828         A Chinese cleaver.


829         Costume jewellery.


830         A two tier occasional table.


831         A telescope.


832         An easel.



833         Two cases of cutlery.


834         Collectors plates etc


835         A pair of brass horse hames and one other.


836         A large rug.


837         A box of artist materials.


838         A Pine Hifi Cupboard.


839         A Short Wardrobe and a Flip top stool.


840         A Formica drop leaf table.


841         A print of a Victorian classroom scene.


842         Two wooden curtain poles.


843         A print by H Davis Ritcher.


844         An oil by Lyn Aldridge.


845         A print The Forge in a gilt frame.


846         Two portrait prints.


847         Three dolls and a collection of diecast model soldiers.