General Sale Catalogue 9th April 2019 10am start

Viewing Saturday 9-1pm, Monday 9-5pm


1 A selection of commemorative mugs and other cups and saucers etc.

2 An old country roses tea and part coffee service.

3 A selection of hand painted Bridgewater ceramics, cups, saucers etc.

4 A collection of glass scent bottles, vases etc.

5 A pair of Staffordshire dog figurines, ceramic elephants etc.

6 A small selection of Chinese plates, vases etc.

7 A selection of glass footed serving dishes shaped like fish.

8 A selection of plates, bowls, cups of T.G. Green Cornishware.

9 A selection of Italian square plates decorated with scenes of Venice, water jugs etc.

10 A Wadsware powder blue teapot, coffee pot, milk jug and serving plates.

11 A pair of Noritake tea cups and tea pot ornately decorated with windmills and a large selection of teapots etc.

12 A collection of miscellaneous ceramics etc.

13 An alpine white ironstone Woods & Sons teapot, tea cups etc, and a small selection of Royal Doulton Larchmont pattern cups and saucers.

14 A small circular mirror in the shape of a ship’s port hole.

15 A gilt wall mounted light shaped like a ram’s head and horns.

16 An oval mirror with a decorative gilt frame depicting two cherubs.

17 Three copper long handled measures engraved whiskey, rum and brandy.

18 Six Minton Vanessa pattern cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl.

19 A selection of Royal Stafford fine bone china, cups, saucers, serving plate etc.

20 A small collection of Colclough cups and saucers etc, and other ceramics.

21 A small collection of Siamese cat figurines, two small cat figurines, jack russells, elephants, seal etc.

22 A collection of Denbigh Art Deco style cups, saucers etc.

23 A selection of silver plate goblets and a boxed set of six cut glass wine glasses with a silver plate serving tray.

24 An extensive collection of Egyptian figurines etc.

25 A box containing a vintage Bisto tin, a Superfine custard powder tin, Oxo tin and copper pans etc.

26 A vintage enamel sign for Simplex Hygienic milker and a vintage circular enamelled sign for no naked flame.

27 A Royal Doulton jug with a countryside scene with a matching Royal Doulton vase with a model number stamp of 7531.

28 A pair of Parakeet ornaments made in West Germany and a German Mettlach vase, model number 2414, Made in Germany.

29 A large selection of plates, bowls etc of Royal Albert Old Country Roses.

30 An extensive collection of Royal Albert Country Roses tea service and part coffee service.

31 Two boxes of books to include some art books.

32 Two boxes of books to include many art books etc.

33 Two boxes of books to include some on art, antique and collectables.

34 Two boxes of books to include many on history etc.

35 Two boxes of books to include many to do with Egyptology etc.

36 Two boxes of books to include many on history and architecture etc.

37 Two boxes of books to include many on jewellery, pottery etc.

38 Two boxes of books to include many on history etc.

39 A box of books many to do with Egyptology animals etc.

39A A box of classical records.

40 Two boxes of books to include many on Egyptology, history, etc.

41 Two boxes of books many to include books on Egyptology, history, etc.

42 Two boxes of books on Egyptology, history, etc.

43 Two boxes of books to include many on history, etc.

44 Four new Medena pink blankets.

45 Two new Hathaway collection floral eiderdowns.

46 Two new Riva Classics king size duvet sets, brand new packaged napkins, etc.

47 A vintage silver florally decorated dress.

48 A new in its original packaging tapestry table cover.

49 A large selection of ladies’ hats.

50 A large eiderdown.

51 Two bags of cushions.

52 A bag of needlework cushions.

53 A Marks & Spencer’s eiderdown.

54 Two Helly Hansen life jackets.

55 Studio pottery, glasses, etc.

56 A collection of Regal ware, wash bowl and jug, candlesticks, lidded pots, etc,

57 A selection of J & G Meakin of England cups, saucers, bowls, etc.

58 A Staffs teapot, tea cups, etc and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

59 A selection of Royal Albert Crown china tea cups and saucers, etc.

60 A selection of florally decorated with gold gilt banding cups, saucers, etc.

61 A small selection of Lustre ware jugs and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

62 Three Lustre ware jugs and oriental ceramics, etc.

63 A selection of Wedgwood ceramics, glass, etc

64 A selection of Coalport cups, saucers, etc and a Susie Cooper two tone and florally decorated tea service.

65 A water jug and glasses decorated with scenes of fox hunting and other ceramics, etc.

66 A large studio pottery green ginger jar.

67 Two florally decorated water jugs, etc.

68 A linen basket full of books.

69 A box of CDs, cassettes and a small collection of 45rpms, mostly Elvis Presley.

70 A small box of miscellaneous stationery.

71 A box containing a small collection of records, books, sheet music, etc.

72 A box of books.

73 Two boxes of books.

74 A box of books.

75 Two boxes of boxes.

76 Four large feather filled cushions.

77 A bag of table linen.

78 Two large sombrero hats, other hats and a bag of gloves.

79 A bag of crocheted linens.

80 A Woods & Son blue and white teapot and other miscellaneous blue and white ceramics.

81 A Royal Standard bone china part tea service.

82 Five dragon figurines.

83 A collection of decorative glass scent bottles.

84 Ten Indian collector’s plates, novelty teapots etc.

85 Two wooden boxes and a collection of wooden bowls.

86 A pair of brass fire dogs decorated with claw and ball feet and a matching fire companion set also decorated with claw and ball feet.

87 A miscellaneous box containing ceramics, etc.

88 A box containing an Art Deco picture frame, etc

89 A box of pictures to include a limited edition print “The Moon Dance” by Sheila Oliver and many other pictures.

90 Four boxes of dinosaur uncovered wooden dinosaur models.

91 A box of books titled “Eddy Stone 300 years” all the same book.

92 A miscellaneous box to include books, wooden boxes, binoculars, etc.

93 A box of 45rpm’s records.

94 A box of games to include Jimmy Whites “Whirl Wind Snooker”, Donkey Kong, etc

95 A box of books.

96 Two boxes of books.

97 A box of stamps, etc.

98 A copper kettle, beaded purse and a selection of pottery animal figurines.

99 A ceramic doll.

100 A Bifinett weighing scale with three hip flasks and a leather pouch containing cups.

101 A small collection of oriental ceramics, etc.

102 A J & G Meaking of England coffee pot painted with pheasants and a small collection of matching glasses also painted with pheasants.

103 Three vintage Players cigarettes and Woodbine cigarette boxes a Limoge pottery ashtray and a small decorative ashtray and match holder, made in Japan.

104 A selection of glasses, etc.

105 A vintage cheese dish florally decorated, made in Germany and other ceramics, etc.

106 A pair of hand carved lion wooden bookends.

107 Four folders of Classic Car magazines, dating from the 1970s.

108 A box of war books entitled “The War Illustrated” multiple volumes.

109 A box of CD’s and DVD’s, to include the “The Game of Thrones” complete 1st, 2nd and 3rd series.

110 Three bags of books.

111 A clay sculpture of a lady sitting down.

112 A large green glass bottle.

113 A selection of oriental ceramics, Royal Worcester cup and saucer, Royal Crown Derby cup and saucer, Toby jug and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

114 A doll’s house and furniture.

115 Two lamp shades.

116 A stoneware hot water bottle, selection of oriental teapots, etc.

117 A Majolica cheese dish.

118 A selection of silver plate and pewter teapots, etc.

119 A Portmeirion by Susan Williams Ellis vinaigrette bottle and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

120 A box containing thermos flasks, etc.

121 A box containing a wooden mortar and pestle, a knife sharpening stone, wooden bowl, chopping board, etc.

122 A box of books, vintage magazines and newspaper, etc.

123 A box of miscellaneous glasses, etc.

124 A ceramic table lamp in the shape of an elephant.

125 A Minton vase and two Chinese plates.

126 A doll’s house.

127 A brass coal scuttle.

128 A drum.

129 A Wade water jug and a selection of lead crystal glasses etc.

130 A selection of Aristocrat bone china flowers, novelty teapots etc.

131 A miscellaneous box to include torch, vintage leather cased tape measure etc.

132 A box of miscellaneous ceramics.

133 Two Newlyn Celtic pottery vases, novelty teapot etc.

134 Vintage comics.

135 Wedgwood Willow pattern bowls and covers, dishes etc.

136 Vintage leather bound telescope and a brass bracket.

137 Boxes of cycling programs etc.

138 A box containing books, magazines etc to include the RAF manual of fuels and lubricants.

139 Two busts.

140 A copper spirit kettle.

141 A Cromer decorative chamber pot.

142 A selection of hand blown rummers, other glasses etc.

143 A box of picture frames.

144 Burleighware wash bowl, jug, chamber pot etc

145 A stainless steel jam pan.

146 A box of kitchenalia to include Denby stoneware jug, etc.

147 A large ornament of a German Shepherd.

148 A vintage boxed Kodak film tank and photographs etc.

149 A long handled copper measures for cider, candlesticks, brass and copper jugs.

150 A set of apothecary scales in a glass case.

151 Two galvanised steel rat traps.

152 A Wedgwood Jasperware pot, Wedgwood Jasperware trinket bowl and other miscellaneous ceramics etc.

153 Two microscopes.

154 A bag containing 45 rpm records.

155 A box of records.

156 A box to contain a Denby stoneware jug and other miscellaneous ceramics etc.

157 A box containing pictures, art glass vase, an Inscribe artist’s easel and other miscellaneous items.

158 A standard lamp.

159 A rectangular mirror with a bevelled edge and a gilt frame.

160 A wooden carved wall hanging of a pod of dolphins.

161 A small wooden stool, a small brass tray, a large copper tray and a copper bowl with three brass feet, a Chinese box, etc.

162 A brass magazine rack.

163 Tripod table.

164 An Ekco hostess trolley.

165 A box of miscellaneous ceramics.

166 A vintage leather satchel.

167 A silver plated tray with a selection of silver plated flatware.

168 A selection of Windsor china by Hill & Co. and other miscellaneous ceramics.

169 A selection of Poole Pottery.

170 An angle-poised desk lamp and a vintage Frost fan.

171 A large collection of “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien cassettes, “Lord of the Rings” story tape CDs.

172 A Sharp XEA303 till.

173 Three record cases of 45’s.

174 A box of records.

175 Two boxes of records.

176 A wallpaper pasting table.

177 A metal toolbox and tools.

178 Three boxes of Scotch reel-to-reel tapes mostly with recordings on.

179 A Morphy Richards four slice toaster.

180 A Ferguson record player.

181 An Ampex ATR700 reel-to-reel recorder.

182 An Amstrad Fidelity Studio 100.

183 A Sony integrated amplifier model TA1066.

184 A Dual record player.

185 An AVO Meter 8.

186 A box of tools to include a brass blow lamp, some door handles, a mini vice and many other tools, etc.

187 A miscellaneous box to include Studio Pottery lamps, art deco wall lights, etc.

188 A miscellaneous box to include pressure cooker, glasses, etc.

189 A miscellaneous box to include tins, serving dishes, etc.

190 A box containing miscellaneous tools, etc.

191 A glass florally decorated lamp.

192 A Bang and Olufsen Beomaster 5000 separate sound system.

193 A Mission surround sound speaker system.

194 An Erika typewriter in its original case.

195 A Leak Stereosetic SM tuner and a Stereo 70 amp.

196 A camping gaz, portable camping gaz cooker in metal tin carrying case.

197 A Sky Plus HD receiver and a Sky Wi-Fi box.

198 A Kenwood Chefette 2000 mixer.

199 A Wilko sandwich toaster and a Rapitest damp test meter.

200 A Cookworks signature bead making machine.

201 Six boxes of assorted four by four parts, to include brand new brake disc, etc.

202 A Playstation 3, in its original box.

203 A Bush Bakelite TV set.

204 A water resistant bathroom television set.

205 A box containing Logitec surround sound system.

206 A Triumph portable sewing machine, in its original carry case.

207 A pair of speakers.

208 A Kenwood bread making machine.

209 A box containing folders and service information on Evinrude outboard motors.

210 A Opticom large button telephone and a BT Freestyle 1025 cordless telephone, etc.

211 A portable gaz stove in its original carry case.

212 A Decca 66 windup record player, in its original carry case.

213 A mahogany turntable.

213A Two art boxes and contents

214 An Apple computer

215 A pair or Tannoy M20 gold speakers.

216 A Pye radio.

217 A portable ceramic fan heater 1800 Watts.

218 A camping Gaz portable gas cooker.

219 A Stirflow electric heater.

220 A camping Gaz portable gas stove, portable gas light and gas canisters.

221 A Goblin Aztec 1350 vacuum and a pressure washer.

222 A box containing Altona 6091 spotlights. in their original boxes.

223 An 18 Litre expansion tank.

224 A Nunark CDN22N Mark 5 professional CD player and a DJ mixer unit.

225 A pair of Gemini GX series profession DJ speakers on tripod stands.

226 A pair of RCF professional DJ speakers with tripod stands.

227 A Citronic light control unit Model No.LU4700R.

228 A Mackie fast recovery series M1400 power amp and two power cables to speakers.

229 A box containing three microphones in cases and a speaker cable and two microphone cables.

230 A selection of lots of CD folders full of DJ music, Beyonce and many other popular music.

231 A pair of Martin Audio of London, professional DJ speakers.

232 A large case full of 45rpm popular music for a DJ.

233 A JVC digital camera, in its original carry case.

234 A clock made from driftwood and a drill chuck.

235 A large selection of vintage slides on the 60’s and 70’s of Spain, France, Cornwall, Belfast, Italy, Sicily, etc.

236 A pair of Devilbiss Alloy air attachment spray guns.

237 A vintage Veritys industrial fan.

238 A fishing tackle box and contents.

239 A Roberts DAB radio.

240 A pair of chrome up-lighters.

241 A small wooden storage unit.

242 A Micromark Dehumid 250 dehumidifier.

243 A full plant growing kit to include lights, tent etc and a plastic box containing three fans and three Maxibright compact transformer/power packs etc.

244 A portable work light unit.

245 A pair of roof bars.

246 A Vax vacuum cleaner and attachments etc.

247 A 60Gb Sony Playstation 3 in its original box.

248 A Heatforce Mark 2 calor gas heater complete with gas bottle.

249 A CD rack.

250 A pair of Tannoy speakers on stands.

251 Two tripods.

252 A Micro scalextric.

253 A Kenwood Chef mixer with liquidiser attachment.

254 NO LOT

255 A Grundig cassette player.

256 A Delonghi coffee grinder.

257 A Henry Houlthen camping pan and cooker.

258 Welding rods.

259 A vintage bench mountable hand operating grinding wheel.

260 A brass coal scuttle containing a kettle.

261 A box containing telephones etc.

262 A Panasonic MC-UG342 upright vacuum cleaner.

263 An oval mahogany framed bevelled edge mirror.

264 A Philips Philishave Cool Skin shaver.

265 A Pro Signal DVB 7″ TV.

266 A collection of radio valves.

267 A Ross HD digital satellite receiver and three Sony speakers.

268 Two Bellcon FM receivers.

269 A Hitachi CD player and amplifier.

270 An indoor aerial, phones and a clock.

271 Two brass anglepoise lamps.

272 A Blue Laser DVG/888U multi media player.

273 A Sound Lab professional amplifier, model No. MP600P.

274 A box containing power sanders, tools etc.

275 A Delonghi oil fired radiator.

276 A Smart Wonder Core Ab machine.

277 A video oscillator by Marconi Instruments of England.

278 A Krups coffee machine.

279 A drill sharpener in its original carry case.

280 A Panasonic digital cordless colour telephone.

281 A box of miscellaneous to include wireless headphones, Hi-Viz jackets, car headlamp bulbs etc.

282 A selection of CB radios etc.

283 A red enamel bread bin.

284 A garden water pump.

285 A pair of car headlamps.

286 Four motors.

287 A vintage electric copper kettle.

288 A Roberts CD cube alarm clock/radio, vintage telephone, brass bowl etc.

289 A large bag of knobs.

290 A Bang & Olufsen HX Pro.

291 A Baby Lock Model. 653 sewing machine.

292 A large selection of old slides.

293 A Lenox Sound mini portable TV and FM radio.

294 A Texecom external sounder and strobe unit alarm and a bag containing cables etc.

295 CB radios, car stereos etc.

296 A TalkTalk You View box, a bag of casters, a small megaphone, timer plugs etc.

297 A metal enclosure garage kit, ready to install, in its box.

298 A kitchen clock.

299 A Goblin Teasmade.

300 A Konica Minolta digital camera in its original box.

301 A box and a camera bag containing flashes, cameras, phones etc.

302 A brand new, boxed speaker stand.

303 An LSA International oak baguette board set in its original box.

304 A telescope and tripod in its original box.

305 A Polar mini ice maker.

306 A glass oil lamp.

307 A foot pump tool kit and a money box full of 2ps.

308 A bag containing phones, cables etc.

309 A Kingavon oil fired radiator.

310 A portable steamer.

311 A big box and a little box containing old electronic parts from radios etc.

312 Two boxes containing old electrical parts etc.

313 A box containing cables etc.

314 Transformers for an electric fence etc.

315 A collapsible animal cage.

316 A Mamod engine.

317 A vintage British Leyland truck and bus repair operation manual.

318 A standard lamp in the shape of an old street light.

319 A Knit Master 700k.

320 A Knit Master 151.

321 A Knit Master SRP60N.

322 An army camp bed.

323 A Ferro ceiling fan.

324 A Ferro ceiling fan.

325 A Ferro ceiling fan.

326 A red enamel bread bin and a red enamel casserole pot.

327 Three ceiling lights, two wall lights.

328 A miscellaneous box to include plates, cups, etc.

329 A box of miscellaneous kitchenalia.

330 A box of miscellaneous kitchenalia.

331 A box containing miscellaneous kitchenalia to include ramekins, a blender, a flask, etc.

332 A bag containing spirit levels.

333 A floor light.

334 A wicker basket containing a Pro Impact drill.

335 A Tornedo petrol leaf blower.

336 A Bosch electric lawn mower.

337 A Roland PC-200 Mark II keyboard.

338 A Roland EP85 Digital piano including foot pedals, power cable instructions, etc.

339 A box containing a Heineken yard, cut glass vase, kitchen clock, a Royal Doulton Dicken’s Ware pot, etc.

340 Miscellaneous box to include vintage fire extinguishers, a Irish shalaylee stick, pair of lustre vases and miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

341 A Dyson animal hoover.

342 An Echo petrol hedge trimmer.

343 A box containing oil lamp chimneys and shades.

344 An Olney genuine Panama hat in its original box, made in England.

345 A selection of etched glasses, a vintage tin with Farrah’s original Harrogate toffee tin and other miscellaneous glass and ceramics, etc.

346 A pair of figurines, pewter candle stick and a chamber pot.

347 A bag containing football memorabilia.

348 A selection of vintage magazines, etc.

349 A box containing sheet music, children’s books, a Corgi Chipperfield’s Circus lorry, a Corgi Junior’s Porsche and one other Corgi car, etc.

350 A box containing EPNS tray, book, etc.

351 A Tanaka THT/2100 Petrol hedge trimmer.

352 A Victor like-new cordless, rechargeable lawn mower.

353 A small selection of Crestware, a wooden plane, Lustreware cups, a calendar plate and other miscellaneous ceramics.

354 A box of kitchenalia to include toaster, sundae dishes, etc.

355 An electric hedge trimmer.

356 A selection of commemorative ware plates of Silver Jubilee 1935, napkin rings, etc.

357 A Paragon Bridal Rose part tea and dinner service.

358 A green glass vanity tray with vanity brushes and mirror, etc.

359 A Ship’s lantern.

360 A sewing box with contents.

361 A box containing larva lamps, headphones and a little mandolin.

362 Sewing box and contents.

363 A selection of stainless steel mixing bowls.

364 A large Konusmotor/114 electronic telescope on tripod stand.

365 A single bed base and mattress.

366 A single pine bed base.

367 A double pine bed base.

368 Miscellaneous box containing picture book clock etc.

369 A Brazilian cowhide rug.

370 African cowhide shield, spears, etc.

371 A room divider.

372 A military first aid box containing bandages, etc.

373 A rectangular mirror with a bevelled edge.

374 A rectangular mirror with a bevelled edge and a decoratively tiled floral border.

375 A small rectangular mirror.

376 A Alphi vacuum jug in its original box.

377 A dressing table mirror.

378 A pair of alabaster uwers.

379 An art deco Ivory wear part tea service made by Hancock’s. A pot decorated with a dragon and other ceramics, etc.

380 Two ceramic wall clocks and a selection of small mantle clocks and a studio pottery bowl.

381 Collection of Cornishware, Studio pottery ceramics including a tea pot from Penzance, etc.

382 Printing blocks, a Parker pen and Pentax camera and other miscellaneous items.

383 An oval mirror in a white painted frame.

384 A rectangular mantle mirror with a mahogany and inlaid frame.

385 A pair of Royal Worcester egg coddlers, a Minton lidded pot, three boxed ‘David Winter’ cottages.

386 Wedgwood vases, a Royal Doulton crystal vase by Webb Corbett and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

387 Selection of hand made crystal ‘Daisy Collection’ dessert dishes by Dartington.

388 Scales.

389 A Matchbox Lipton’s tea car and other Matchbox cars, etc.

390 Picture frames, miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

391 A box of pictures.

392 A mantle clock.

393 A model rowing boat.

394 A decoratively carved chess set.

395 A collection of ornamental pigs, a ceramic owl and other miscellaneous items.

396 Miscellaneous items to include a pewter picture frame, a Babycham glass, a Babycham candle, Portmeirion Bonsai garden and other miscellaneous items.

397 A ‘Cherry B’ ice bucket.

398 A mirror with a wooden frame in the shape of a rhino.

399 A mirror with a bevelled edge and an oak carved wooden frame.

400 An oval mirror with bevelled edge and a wooden frame.

401 A mahogany clothes airer.

402 A vintage wicker cat basket with RSPCA on it.

403 A small collection of Lilliput Lane ceramic cottages.

404 A pair of Kernewek, Made in Cornwall, vases etc.

405 A ceramic sugar sifter, a Wade water jug and other ceramics.

406 A brass chamberstick with snuffer and a small selection of EPNS cutlery.

407 A small collection of glass vases, bottles, etc.

408 A selection of lead crystal glasses, teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, etc.

409 A rectangular mirror with a bevelled edge and a wooden frame.

410 A copper coal box.

411 A copper and brass churn.

412 Two Dinky tanks and selection of Corgi and Lledo collectors cars in their original boxes.

413 A collection of die-cast cars to include some boxed ‘Vanguards’ replica models of 1950’s and 1960’s classic cars.

414 A boxed set of Lledo Unigate vintage vehicles, a Corgi Eddie Stobart lorry, a Corgi car transporter, a Dinky Toys magazine and car.

415 A collection of ‘Days Gone’ boxed cars.

416 A collection of ‘Days Gone’ boxed cars.

417 A pair of cut glass decanters, a pair of Portmerion coffee cups, glass bowls, jugs, ceramics, etc.

418 Two wash bowls and jugs.

419 An Airfix model of the Bismarck.

420 A selection of etched glasses and other glasses, an oriental fan, elephants, an oriental figurine, etc.

421 A handmade Nowenya glass ‘Kingdom of Swaziland’ elephant and other ceramic and wooden elephants.

422 A collection of oriental lidded pots engraved with dragons, a bronze plaque, deer and oriental glass elephant, bronze cat and other lidded pots, etc.

423 A selection of coffee cups, etc.

424 A collection of glasses, a small copper bell and candle holder, etc.

425 A pair of brass candlesticks.

426 A collection of crystal glasses, a glass vase, a blue glass water jug and bowl, etc.

427 Four boxes of crystal sherry glasses, a cut crystal bowl and a pair of lead crystal brandy glasses.

428 Six Babycham glasses and a Babycham ice cooler.

429 A collection of ceramic figurines, etc.

430 A box containing horse brasses, a model of a steam locomotive, a couple of wooden Royal Air Force plaques, etc.

431 A boxed mantle clock.

432 A vintage toy train and a vintage Chad Valley remote control car.

433 An etched crystal vase in its original box and four multicoloured tumblers.

434 A miscellaneous box containing black granite coasters, fans, ceramics, etc.

435 A collection of horse figurines, mugs, horse brass, mini oil lamp, etc.

436 A box of flatware, pewter tea pot, silverplate items, a press seal, etc.

437 Studio pottery cups and saucers, etc.

438 A Queen Anne bone china part tea service and a Paragon Belinda part tea service.

439 A box containing oriental plant stands, a Royal Doulton coffee pot, etc.

440 Two boxes of miscellaneous ornamental coloured lead glass panels, etc., a vintage Harrington bottle, a small collection of cigarette cards, etc.

441 A bag containing magazines entitled “Sea Breezes” dating late 60’s early 70’s.

442 A brass companion set, a brass lion door knocker, a brass bowl.

443 A wooden block containing wooden spoons.

444 A glass domed clock.

445 A lockable wine box.

446 A Palissy coffee service.

447 A box containing stamp albums, etc.

448 Two boxed porcelain dolls.

449 A radio controlled boat (missing radio control).

449A A pair of Staffordshire dogs.

450 A copper kettle.

451 An oak Art Nouveau smoker’s cabinet.

452 An oak smoker’s cabinet.

453 A mahogany smoker’s cabinet with an inlaid panel and glazed front door also containing a pipe, etc.

454 A selection of Matchbox cars, Corgi cars and a large selection of “The Village Cameo Collection” boxed collector’s cars.

455 A vintage oak cased calendar and a mantle clock with inlaid detailing to the front.

456 A Wade porcelain Viking ship, Wedgwood plate, a Nikon Coolpix camera in carry case and other miscellaneous items.

457 A selection of boxed Corgi cars and other boxed model cars.

458 A dressing table mirror.

459 Six boxed Corgi cars.

460 A collection of cigarette cards.

461 Silver plated flatware, etc. glasses, cases and other miscellaneous items.

462 A box containing a brass bell in the shape of a lady, paperweights, clock, etc.

463 A box containing miscellaneous cameras etc. to include a Minolta XD, and other cameras and accessories.

464 Pink plastic drawers containing beads, etc. for making jewellery.

465 A box containing miscellaneous flatware, etc.

466 An oak glazed wall mounted display cabinet, a mahogany jewellery box, a small chest and a decoratively carved mahogany tray.

467 A small selection of Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ ceramics to include sugar bowl, milk jug, etc.

468 Three oriental blue and white vases.

469 A Coronation of George VI glass bowls, copper watering cans, thimbles, etc.

470 A duck figurine.

471 A wooden pail.

472 A box of Beswick horses in need of repair.

473 Two bags of records to include Abba ‘Arrival’, Abba ‘The Album’, Abba ‘Greatest Hits’, Johnny Cash, etc.

474 A miscellaneous box to include boxed Viners flatware, ceramics, etc.

475 A miscellaneous box to include silver plated items, candlesticks, ceramics, etc.

476 A box to contain an old Deed box, picture frame, etc.

477 A large selection of Egyptian ornaments and memorabilia.

478 Three pie dishes from the Mullion Pottery in Cornwall and other ceramics, etc.

479 A brand new, in its box, Photomosaics jigsaw puzzle,

480 A wall mounted collector’s shelf and a free standing chalk board.

480A A mandolin.

481 Miscellaneous, to include a mini drum, candles, glasses, etc.

482 Collection of Spode collector’s plates.

483 A box to include glasses, 45’s, cassettes, wooden box, etc.

484 A box containing a selection of Wedgwood plates, Almaware plates, collector’s plates, etc.

485 A small vintage suit case containing flatware.

486 A Colclough bone china part tea service.

487 A miscellaneous box to include ceramics, etc.

488 A miscellaneous box to include flatware, drumsticks, etc.

489 A box containing a brass bedside lamp, large ball of wool, phone, etc.

490 A box of miscellaneous flatware.

491 A box of pictures.

492 A box of pictures etc.

493 A box of pictures.

494 A box of stamps.

495 A selection of Oriental bowls, horse brasses, dinner plates, kitchen clock etc.

496 An octagonal wooden wall hanging intricately carved to depict an Oriental scene.

497 Ten pictures.

498 A box and bags of children’s toys.

499 A box to include a dinner service, place mats etc.

500 A box of miscellaneous to include ceramics etc.

501 A box to include a canon camera, binocular, napkin rings, lamps etc.

502 A box of pictures to include a large map of Cornwall.

503 A box of cars, to include a Tonka tractor, a Dinky Royal Mail van, Corgi Co-Op van, milk van and many other vintage toy cars and many more collectable toy cars.

504 A florally decorated frame mirror.

505 An oval mirror.

506 Glass chess pieces and a collector’s plate.

507 An inlaid wooden box with a brass elephant inlaid, an octagonal wooden table top, hand carved with a picture of a tiger and a hand carved wooden tripod table.

508 Ceramic dogs, a German stein. a Toby jug, EPNS etc.

509 A box of books.

510 A box of DVDs to include a box set of Lost, a box set of Walking Dead, Futurama and many others.

511 A bag of books.

512 A box of records.

513 A mirrored fire screen.

514 A box of books.

515 A bag of books.

516 Two boxes of books.

517 Collector’s plates, etc.

518 Lustre ware jugs, bowls, Studio pottery, vases, pin cushion.

519 A mantle clock.

520 A ‘Smith Enfield Made in England’, mantle clock.

521 A mini wooden dresser.

522 A hand painted Delfts blue ornamental cow and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

523 A small collection of ornamental dogs, cats, dolphins, owls, etc.

523A A terracotta rumtopf oven dish.

524 A wooden inkwell stand and inkwells.

525 Postcards.

526 A Caithness ‘Desert Springs’ paperweight with display stand.

527 A selection of collectable Crestware ceramics.

528 A box of Meccano.

529 A box to contain a rag doll, Action Man, watch, cars, etc.

530 A box to contain large glass bottle, torch, fire extinguisher, tool bag, etc.

531 A miscellaneous box to include ornamental cats, lamps, etc.

532 Miscellaneous box containing a wall mountable key safe with keys, a riding hat and two pairs of men’s boots, UK size 9.

533 A box containing place mats, tins, ceramics, etc.

534 A box containing an Ainsley plate and other miscellaneous items.

535 Six Royal Doulton Larchmont cups, saucers and cake plates, five bowls and a milk jug.

536 Four Chinese cups and saucers and matching tea pots.

537 A selection of tea cups and saucers and serving plates decorated with gold banding and pink roses.

538 A small selection of glasses.

539 A set of Royal Stafford cups, saucers, cake plates, milk jug, serving plates.

540 A selection of Ellesmere plates.

541 A selection of Woods & Son ‘Imari’ pattern part tea and dinner service.

542 A Royal Ainsley cup and saucer, Cauldon of England cups and saucers and other miscellaneous ceramics.

543 Picture frame and postcards.

544 A German part dinner service, etc.

545 A vintage cast iron worktop mountable Spongs bean slicer, wok, jam pan, etc.

546 A wooden carving of an African lady.

547 A large selection of orange glass.

548 A model of a bearded dragon climbing out of an apple and a small collection of pewter.

549 A pine box with a brass plaque engraved with J. Turner.

550 A mahogany and brass ship’s wheel.

551 A small box of CD’s.

552 A box of DVD’s.

553 A box of pictures to include a framed map of London and Westminster in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 1656.

554 Two boxes of records to include Elvis’ Greatest Hits, Des O’Connor, Max Bygraves.

555 Two Guinness line out trays, other Guinness trays and a large silver plate tray.

556 A hand carved wooden foldable table.

557 A decorative cast iron, wall mountable plate rack.

558 A selection of glasses, vases, biscuit barrel, etc.

559 A Rumtopf made in West Germany.

560 A small oak bookshelf and books.

561 A mahogany book slide with decorative brass ends.

562 A mirror with a bevelled edge and a gold gilt frame, a mirror with a mahogany frame.

563 A stained glass lampshade.

564 A pair of blue glass lampshades.

565 A five arm chandelier.

566 Large green glass fishing float.

567 A kitchen clock.

568 An oak aneroid barometer.

569 A Verichron large numbered kitchen clock.

570 An oak cased mantle clock.

571 A ‘Vage and Sons of Truro’ mahogany cased mantle clock.

572 A battery operated wood cased mantle clock.

573 A decorative quartz mantle clock.

574 An oak cased mantle clock.

575 A Smith’s art deco style wooden cased mantle clock.

576 A black alabaster mantle clock.

577 A barometer.

578 A wall mounted, oak cased aneroid barometer.

579 A mahogany wall clock.

580 A decorative circular carved wall plaque.

581 A decoratively carved mahogany cased wall clock.

582 A modern kitchen clock to look like a ship’s portal.

583 A wall mounted wooden key box with a picture of ducks on the front.

584 An aneroid barometer.

585 A Seth Thomas mahogany wall clock.

586 A Richard Broad of Bodmin, Cornwall, long cased clock.

587 An antique umbrella missing its fabric, made May 1901.

588 An AFI Rangemaster Air Rifle with telescopic sight in carry case.

589 A leather whip with a bone handle.

589A A small florally decorated fabric sun umbrella.

590 An umbrella stand.

591 A parasol.

592 An air rifle with telescopic sight.

593 A vintage sun umbrella.

594 A wooden knob carry.

595 A hand held sun parasol.

596 A Vintage Gem 1908 air rifle.

597 A music stand in a carry case.

598 A snooker cue in its original carry case.

599 A roll of window protective film.

600 Samurai sword and a replica gun.

601 Glass walking cane.

602 Three fencing swords.

603 Three walking sticks, one with bone handle, one with an owl and one with a brass horse’s head.

604 Three walking sticks, one with a brass duck’s head.

605 A large oriental vase.

605A A oak corner cupboard.

606 A shoe horn.

607 A bunch of vintage keys.

608 A Quality Street box containing sew on badges, make up compact, fossil and other miscellaneous items.

609 A small Chinese footed bowl and Chinese figurines.

610 A Ferrero Rocher box full of miscellaneous watches.

611 An enamel house sign with the number 44.

612 A tin of miscellaneous costume jewellery.

613 A shoe box full of miscellaneous costume jewellery.

614 A Celebrations tin full of miscellaneous costume jewellery.

615 A jewellery box and contents.

616 A collection of enamel pin badges etc.

617 Two grass Vesta cases.

618 A box of miscellaneous watches.

619 Cufflinks.

620 A box of miscellaneous watches.

621 Silver pin badges.

622 A policeman’s truncheon.

623 Make up compacts, pin badges etc.

624 Two Charles and Diana commemorative coins.

625 Vintage postcards.

626 Costume jewellery.

627 Girl Guide and gymnastic sew on badges.

628 A bag of costume jewellery.

629 A Ronson wooden cased table lighter.

630 A box containing lighters, pipe tobacco, ashtrays etc.

631 A ten shilling bank note.

632 A silver picture frame and an ink block.

633 A box of watch faces etc.

634 A German leather strapped watch.

635 A silver napkin ring with an EPNS napkin ring with a coat of arms H.M.S. Scythia.

636 A bag containing table lighters.

637 A bag of old mobile phones and cables.

638 Cufflinks, collars etc.

639 A bag of watches.

640 A large bag of miscellaneous lighters.

641 Coins etc.

642 A large bag of miscellaneous watches.

643 A jewellery box and contents.

644 A bone handled hunting knife in a leather sheath.

645 A vintage Gillette razor in a Bakelite box.

646 A vintage wooden box containing a small selection of Edwardian silver.

647 A bag of coins.

648 Two ladies necklaces.

649 Three vintage sequined ladies purses.

650 A 50 Lire note, a 5 Lire note, two silver badges, a Victorian pin badge to commemorate her 60th year.

651 A small, lockable money box and coins.

652 Four silver spoons.

653 A vintage slide rule.

654 A tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl card holder, a silver and mother-of-pearl trinket pot.

654A A tortoise shell veneered trinket box.

655 A silver tea caddy spoon.

656 A silver fruit knife.

657 Two small gold coins.

658 An Edwardian silver Vesta case and one other silver Vesta case.

659 19th c. Terry’s patent trouser hook miniature.

660 Two sets of weighing scales and weights.

661 A bag containing books.

662 A metal Guardian plaque for fire safety on the outside of a building.

663 A mahogany cased mantle clock.

664 A couple of boxed Dinky cars, trinket box, a Mikon oriental teapot and other ceramics, etc.

665 A boxed ‘Buzz Lightyear’ toy.

666 A bag of dining room chair cushions.

667 A box of books.

668 A shopping bag full with flatware.

669 A bag containing penknives, lighters, etc.

670 A porcelain doll.

671 A needlework firescreen.

672 A selection of Vintage Gobel figurines, etc.

673 An ashtray engraved H.M.S. Dorsetshire, a small oak barrel made from reclaimed wood from the H.M.S. Ganges, etc.

674 Miniature cuckoo clock, a set of vintage playing cards, photographs and other miscellaneous items.

675 A vintage sweet dispensing machine.

676 A pair of Thomas Jarvis Studio Pottery candlesticks and a Studio Pottery vase.

677 A Lamorna pottery bowl, a Lamorna pottery vase and other Studio pottery.

678 A Canon camera in its original case and other photography equipment.

679 A selection of Thug kitchen cookbooks.

680 A glass paperweight commemorative mugs, Studio pottery, etc.

681 A brass bowl and a set of measures.

682 An Andrew’s whisky decanter and a Golden Wedding whisky decanter.

683 A Bell’s whisky decanter to commemorate the birth of Prince William of Wales, 21st June 1982 and three other bottles of alcohol.

684 Two Beswick Shakespeare collector’s plates.

685 A glass paperweight with its original box.

686 A cut glass sugar sifter with a silver top and a Beswick Eagle figurine dating 1969.

687 A renaissance style vase.

688 A pair of hand blown etched decanters and a wine decanter.

689 Five vintage Goebal figurines.

690 Four vintage Goebel figurines of Cherubs.

691 A Wade blow up Siamese cat with a matching small Wade Siamese cat.

692 Two Goebel figurines, a Capo Di Monte figurine and a figurine of Henry VIII.

693 Figurine of a hobo sat on a park bench

694 A 1960’s silver and bright blue retro dressing table set.

695 A Coopercraft bull figurine.

696 Three Salco Harlow porcelain clowns and Oriental figurines.

697 A box containing aluminium tea set and tray, studio pottery cups etc.

698 A box containing binoculars, candlesticks, elephants etc.

699 A small box containing miscellaneous whimsical, collectables, Murano glass animals etc.

700 A brass ashtray, a wooden box of counters, a small box of flat ware.

701 A box of CDs and cassettes.

702 A Delft plate, some red glasses etc.

703 A pair of binoculars and a pair of opera glasses.

704 A miniature Royal Copenhagen vase, a Royal Doulton miniature character jug etc.

705 A small collection of crestware.

706 A wall mountable plaque of an elephant head, and a wall mounted hand carved elephant head.

707 A box of miscellaneous including hand bags, leather, and a selection of blue and white porcelain.

708 A collection of posters and maps.

708A Print of Sea Harrier by Robert Taylor.

709 Six fragile glass light holders.

710 A Staffordshire figurine and other miscellaneous ceramics etc.

711 Two footed cut glass bowls with handles shaped like fish and other miscellaneous glass items.

712 A box containing jewellery boxes etc.

713 A box containing green glass bottles, green glass cups, art glass vase etc

714 A selection of pottery and Murano style glass.

715 A collection of Toby jugs.

716 A selection of glassware

717 A miscellaneous lot to include a Pifco standing desk light/lamp.

718 A selection of vintage board games including Tri-tactics and some signed programs from the Eltham Little Theatre.

719 A collection of vintage books including a set of The Studio from 1950.

720 A collection of kitchen jugs and storage jars.

721 Two fishing reels.

722 A small wooden two drawer unit.

723 A wooden fruit bowl with detailing on the outside and one small plate.

724 A box of miscellaneous metalware, etc.

725 A box of miscellaneous including a pair of binoculars, a gentleman’s shaving kit and a retro yellow Pifco electric fan etc.

726 An embroidered tapestry of a peacock.

727 A selection of prints, comics and books.

728 Two boxes of books, mainly non-fiction.

729 A box of clocks and clock mechanisms etc.

730 A large selection of projector slides.

731 Four bags of books, including many on art.

732 A small wobbly legged black side table.

733 A three drawer soft close set of drawers, various books, postcards and Royal Memorabilia

734 A miscellaneous box containing two Cassell’s popular gardening books, photos etc.

735 An interesting collection of letters and old photographs from somebody within His Majesty’s Service.

736 A box containing books including cooking in wartime by Elizabeth Craig and various paper patterns.

736A A box of miscellaneous to include commemorative mugs, books, magazines etc.

737 A black lockable briefcase.

737A Miscellaneous collection including royal mugs from The Johnson Brothers and a collection of advertising leaflets for various different makes of Ford car.

738 A shelf containing various silver plated ware including two candlesticks and a pocket watch made by Estyma.

739 Four prints and one oval shaped mirror.

740 A selection of boxed and unboxed cars including a Shells Classic sports car collection, the Jaguar XJS V12

741 Miscellaneous collection including a silver plate candlestick and two vintage dolls etc.

742 A tapestry fire screen of a hunting scene.

743 A Bonplay guitar.

744 A Burswood acoustic guitar.

745 An Encore acoustic guitar

746 A Behringer electric guitar.

747 A Crewsercrafter electric guitar.

748 An acoustic guitar in its case.

749 A box full of vintage posters.

750 A shelf full of various examples of crested ware, including a St Austell lighthouse.

751 A shelf full of old vintage teddy bears.

752 A large statue of Buddha sitting.

753 A metal deeds box.

754 A large collection of miniatures including Ouzo and Old Tabby Old Irish Whisky.

755 A wooden corner shelf, a Brownie camera and a hanging bird bath.

756 Three pairs of binoculars, one pair of opera glasses and a reading magnifying glass.

757 Miscellaneous collection of clocks, two Aladdin lamp bases, etc.

757A A collection of matching tea ware.

758 A collection of pottery including Torquay ware.

759 A selection of electro-plated ware.

760 Four shelves of various miscellaneous china, including a Wedgwood ornament, etc.

761 An unusual African style walking stick, metal with unusual African beaded artefact.

762 An ornate vintage brass desk accessory letter holder with two inkwells.

763 Two resin statues of females.

764 A large candy-coloured (red and white) flower vase.

765 Two vintage oil lamps.

766 A collection of miscellaneous, mostly pottery pigs, including one hand painted by Arthur Wood of England.

767 Two cartoon wall plaques and a book named Arch.

768 Various porcelain including ‘Marissa’ cups and saucers by Royal Doulton.

769 A blue metal money box and a large green fluted flower vase.

770 An Aladdin’s lamp with cranberry glass centre.

771 A West German green flower vase and a Babycham glass.

772 Ten jugs from the British Heritage collection including some Portmerion jugs.

773 Four renaissance style jugs and two large plates.

774 Three Paddington Bear related pieces of porcelain.

775 Three Bunnykins cups and money box.

776 A commemorative Golden Jubilee mug and a Toby Jug.

777 An English Maid child’s teaset.

778 A pair of wooden elephant bookends and three wooden elephant statues.

779 Two dogs including one Silvak dog, etc.

780 A Delft hand painted plate from Holland and two Mia Sarosi hand painted porcelain flower holders.

781 A collection of ceramics including some Crestware, etc.

782 A large collection of mugs including advertising mugs for OXO, Cadburys, Paignton Zoo and The Orient Express.

783 A collection of ceramics, mostly animals, including a Beswick dog, a Beswick horse, etc.

784 A collection of ceramics, including a Doctor Who keyring, etc.

785 A collection of ceramics including two Bell’s Whisky jugs, a Tia Maria jug and Paddy Irish Whisky jug.

786 A collection of glassware.

787 A jug, large serving plate made by G Lashworth and Bro’s in Hanley in 1951.

788 An Aladdin lamp.

789 An unusual set of coffee cups and saucers by Wedgwood, designed by Susie Cooper.

790 A Scotch Long John Whisky 5 litre bottle filled with vintage marbles.

791 A tube of Peacock feathers.

792 A collection of glassware including a 60’s style cocktail shaker.

793 A selection of ceramics and miscellaneous including two compacts.

794 Six Robertson’s Jams Golliwogs and a pack of Players cigarette cards.

795 A large amount of silverplated cutlery.

796 A cased collection of coffee set by Victoria China from Czechoslovakia.

797 A brass tray, kettle and four miniature green glass bottles, stoneware jar etc.

798 A pair of Oriental lidded serving dishes and one other Oriental lidded serving dish.

799 A bag of records.

800 A beaker made of horn, silver plate and other miscellaneous items.

801 Three ornamental owls.

802 Hillstonia ceramics to look like logs.

803 A pair of 8x40 binoculars with original carry case.

804 A pair of twelve Concorde 12 x 50 binoculars in their original leather carry case.

805 A Paragon Athena coffee service.

806 Royal Albert Festival coffee service.

807 A Colclough part tea service.

808 A small selection of commemorative mugs, beaker, cup etc.

809 A vintage green glass beer bottle from Redruth Brewery, another vintage green glass bottle, Carne Falmouth and Truro written on it.

810 A Boys Own book of Heroism and Adventure and an Ordinance Survey map of Lands End and The Lizard.

811 Horse brasses, pewter teapot, miscellaneous ceramics etc.

812 Mugs, silver plate tray, dressing table set etc.

812A A large bag of corkscrews,

812B A Maling pink lustre cup and saucer.

813 Three Falconware jugs, and ornamental teapot with a fox hunting scene, figurines etc.

814 Vintage opera glasses, binoculars, a Fratton Fonepad brass phone number and address book, paper knife.

815 Royal Trent Imari pattern cups, saucers etc.

816 A pair of smokers pipes in a carry case with silver collars, a pair of antique smoker’s pipes in original carry case with silver collars.

817 Miscellaneous glass etc.

818 Studio pottery, cake stand, plates and a brass figurine of a blacksmith.

819 Hipflask, wooden plane, scales, brass fox and other miscellaneous items.

820 A Colclough part tea service and a selection of collectors plates.

821 A Colport A.D. 1750 florally decorated milk jug, cup and saucer, plates and other ceramics etc.

822 A selection of duck figurines, bird figurines etc.

823 A Hispania dinner plates decorated with fish.

824 Collectors plates, a hand carved wooden fox and other ceramics etc.

825 A small box of records to include Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, Van Morrison etc.

826 A box of records to include many classical.

827 Vintage tin plate train etc.

828 Brass horns, vintage number plate etc.

829 A rolled up collection of prints.

830 A small collection of Little Tipperton miniature teapot village.

831 A pair of Super Zenith 8-20x50 binoculars and a small collection of flatware.

832 Teapot, serving dish etc.

833 Silver plate tray with lead crystal glasses, lead crystal bell, decanter, paperweights etc.

834 A box containing records.

835 A box containing glass serving dishes etc.

836 A box of Commissioner Victor games.

837 A Crown Bank bone china cup and saucer, art glass vase etc.

838 A collection of Italian pottery donkeys.

839 A pair of Staffordshire dogs.

840 Five Trend by J&G Meakin, ceramic plates decorated with pheasants and six other plates.

841 Two carrier bags containing books.

842 A bag of records to include Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash, Bonny Tyler etc.

843 Miscellaneous box to include collectors plates etc.

844 A carrier bag of P&O cruises memorabilia calendars etc

845 A collection of Ganesh figurines and a carved wooden elephant.

846 A bag of war related books.

847 Fire screen.

848 A vintage artists easel.

849 A pine treasure chest.

850 A box of cameras and camera related items to include Pentax camera.

851 A box of camera cases and camera related items.

852 A vintage case, photos, photo frames etc.

853 A box containing vintage dolls, teddies etc.

854 A vintage doll.

855 Two porcelain dolls.

856 Serving plate.

857 A circular mirror.

858 An oval mirror with bevelled edge.

858A A gilt framed mirror.

859 A box of miscellaneous to include figurines, teapot etc.

860 A boxed set of LAS crystal wine glasses and oak coasters.

861 A Staffordshire dog, red glass vase, an Amphora vase decorated with swans, etc.

862 Silver plated items, two boxes of flatware.

863 A large selection of Palissy ware art deco style ceramics.

864 Brass bell, paperweight, Silvak Onion model no. 516, gurgle jug and other miscellaneous ceramics, etc.

865 Oriental ceramics, etc.

866 A large selection of serpentine paperweights, etc.

867 Miscellaneous glasses, etc.

868 Oil lamp, etc.

869 A box of Beatrix Potter children’s books.

870 A collection of vintage glass bottles.

871 A chrome oil lamp.

871A Size 10 wellies.

872 A wooden totem pole.

873 Studio Pottery glasses, mugs, etc.

874 A box of pictures and frames.

875 A box of books.

876 A box of pictures.

877 A box of picture frames.

878 A box of picture frames.

879 A vintage leather holdall.

880 A box containing picture frames, etc.

881 A box of books.

882 A box of books.

883 A miscellaneous box to include a boxed set of miniature snooker balls, some miniature alcohol bottles, a machine turned cigarette case, etc.

884 Miscellaneous box to contain pub memorabilia to include beer pump, etc.

885 A box and plastic crate of vintage books.

886 An antique copper and brass coal scuttle.

887 A large collection of vintage ‘Bulletin’ magazines.

888 A boxed three drawer bedside cabinet.

889 A pair of plant stands.

890 A ‘UDG’ backpack.

891 A ‘Camo’ utility vest.

892 A lady’s black jacket and a lady’s pink crocheted jacket.

893 A lady’s blue felt skirt and a blue velvety dress.

894 A gent’s set of tails.

895 A bag containing fur scarf, etc.

896 A bag containing a fur scarf, etc.

897 Two gents waistcoats.

898 A gent’s suit.

899 A gent’s suit.

900 Lady’s fur coat.

901 A ‘Seaskins’ wetsuit.

902 An ‘O’Neill’ small lady’s wetsuit.

903 A large gent’s wetsuit.

904 A large gent’s ‘Ripcurl’ wetsuit.

904A A pair of leather of trousers and a leather tasseled waistcoat.

904B A soft black leather jacket.

904C A soft black leather jacket.

905 A vintage army kit bag.

906 A box of coathangers.

907 A pair of Cressi flippers.

908 A collection of beach kit to include wind breaks, spades, nets, boogie boards, etc.

909 Galvanised bin with lid.

910 Aluminium extension ladder.

911 A vintage wooden cider bottle crate with Scidrerie M Lemoine.

912 Plant stand.

913 Collection of long handled tools.

914 Plastic sheeting for building.

915 Set of cane chimney sweeping rods.

916 A pair of oars and some metal clamps.

917 Sack truck.

918 Aluminium step ladder.

919 A wine rack.

920 Two large metal wire baskets.

921 Garden bench.

922 A mini bonnet.

923 A mini bonnet with a red cross.

924 A collection of fishing rods.

925 A milk churn painted green decorated with flowers.

926 A milk churn.

927 Large vase.

928 A skateboard deck with lots of wheels.

929 Two garden plant pots.

930 An earthenware pot.

931 Three terracotta plant pots.

932 Three terracotta plant pots.

933 Three ceramic plant pots.

934 Three ceramic plant pots.

935 Three blue ceramic plant pots.

936 Three blue ceramic plant pots.

937 A terracotta plant pot.

938 Chinese vase and a wine jug.

939 Two stoneware jars and a Demijohn.

940 Plant stand shaped like an elephant.

941 A vintage Esso blue paraffin oil drum.

942 A vintage sprayer.

943 A tile lifting tool.

944 Nine garden bamboo candle torch holders.

945 A bag containing shelving brackets.

946 Toolbox and contents.

947 Three stoneware jars.

948 A box of tools.

949 A collection of hand saws.

950 A very large selection of black plastic shelving.

951 Water butt stands and brackets, etc.

952 A garden kissing seat.

953 Cast iron bench and table brackets.

954 A long tree lopper and shovel.

955 A reel of blue plastic water piping.

956 Three tins of fence paint.

957 A fireguard.

958 A traditional wooden fire surround.

959 A metal trunk.

960 Toolbox and contents.

961 A traditional fire surround.

962 Three tantalised wood fence posts.

963 A traditional wooden fire surround.

964 A large bundle of rope.

965 A garden seat.

966 Crab pot.

967 Lobster pot.

968 A dog crate.

969 Four garden seats.

970 Four plastic garden chairs, three plastic garden tables.

971 Two sink basins.

972 A sunlounger and parasol.

973 Four garden chairs.

974 A Charing set lightweight 80 watt vintage generator.

975 Collection of stoneware jars; one with ‘S.W. Hunt Wine & Spirit Merchant, Stapleton Road, Bristol, 1779’ written on it.

976 A stainless steel trolley.

977 A Boots the chemist bed pan.

978 Stainless steel coal scuttle and two fire spark guards.

979 A vintage garden water pump.

980 A Seagull outboard engine.

981 A Black and Decker Workmate 550.

982 A Heyden Allball grinder with foot pedal.

983 Beige ground Ziegler rug. 1.9 x 1.4m.

984 A decorative wall hanging.

985 Two sheepskin rugs.

986 A white woollen rug.

987 A Kamar 100% wool runner/rug.

988 A red machine made rug, 120 x 170cm.

989 A red machine made rug.

990 A teal blue machine made rug.

991 A red machine made rug.

992 Three white and floral wool rugs.

993 A large red machine made carpet.

994-999 NO LOTS

1000 Two metal framed display boards including protective glass.

1001 A large mainly pink and purple eastern style wall hanging.

1002 Two prints of fox hunting scenes.

1003 A wooden tabletop games board, including playing pieces.

1004 An oval framed mirror.

1005 Two fabric wall hanging, one depicting Egyptian Pharaoh and one in an Eastern style pattern.

1006 Two framed images, one an oil scene depicting the Mediterranean, the second a fabric montage style image.

1006A A print and two frames.

1007 Two printed images, one of Jesus, one of Mary.

1008 Four framed images, two of cats, one of boats and one of military uniforms.

1009 Three prints including a scene of a cottage and one of the inside of a cottage.

1010 Two pictures including a large picture of sunset over a landscape.

1011 Two prints of photographs including 1935 Jubilee Pool including St Anthony Gardens and another of Penzance Harbour in 1890.

1012 A selection of Smirnoff advertising prints.

1013 Nine prints including different flowers and a beach scene.

1014 A Victorian photograph in a gilt frame with is itself inside a display box with glass front.

1015 Ten framed pictures including a mirror of Newquay Steam beer.

1016 A framed print of Helston Flora Day advertising.

1017 A wooden framed octagonal mirror.

1018 A metallic framed octagonal mirror

1019 Another wooden octagonal mirror.

1020 A mirror pane with no pane and a slight shape on the top.

1021 A selection of painted canvasses and boards including a Peaky Blinder portrait

1022 Three pictures, two of which are framed, one which is a large Indian style portrait and the other is a framed mountain scene.

1023 Three framed pictures, two of which are needlework, one showing a large butterfly, the other showing a tree and other flowers, the third is a small hand coloured print of butterflies.

1024 An oval mirror with bevel edged wooden frame.

1025 An oval mirror with bevelled edged wooden frame.

1026 A framed print of HMS Ark Royal.

1026A A framed indenture.

1027 A rectangular framed mirror with bevelled edge.

1028 Two framed pictures, one a print of a picture by Noel H. Leaver. The other is a watercolour of a mountain landscape.

1029 Nine frames including a print of a photo of St Ives Harbour and a watercolour of boats at sea

1029A Seven framed pictures to include a Walter Langley print.

1030 Six pictures, one is a large scene showing two saints and other figures, and a gold framed print of a picture called “The Flower Seller”

1031 A large James Rizzi 2017 wall calendar.

1032 A metal framed mirror.

1033 Twelve framed pictures including a print of a photo of the Sloop Inn in St Ives in 1906 lot also to include a small box containing oil paints.

1034 A large wall mirror with frame carved into the shapes of flowers and birds, possibly meant to be sunflowers.

1035 A wall mirror with the wooden frame painted grey blue.

1036 Frame of DC comic characters.

1037 A heart shaped mirror with a red frame

1038 Two prints, one of little Bo Peep, one large print of cows and swans on a river.

1038A Two butler tray stands.

1038B Butler tray stand.

1038C Five brass coat hooks.

1039 Two framed prints.

1040 Eight framed pictures including one large white framed print of flowers by a stone wall.

1041 Six canvas paintings, all by John Shaw and one other framed picture.

1042 A framed film cells from the ET film including three pictures from the film.

1043 A rectangular wooden framed mirror.

1044 Ten framed pictures including one on papyrus paper with an Egyptian scene on it.

1045 A large framed water colour of a fishing scene.

1046 Needlework in a gilt frame.

1047 Seven framed pictures including one metal frame with a picture of flowers and a print of Richard Spares double sun flower.

1048 Eight framed pictures including one on papyrus paper with an Egyptian scene on it and a chessboard.

1049 Three pictures.

1050 Print of The Eden Project.

1050A An oil painted in a wooden carved and gilt frame and a limited edition print entitled ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’ by Sir John Everett Millais.

1051 An Art Deco style mirror.

1052 Two pictures of Oriental scenes, one framed one not .

1053 Three framed pictures including one of various flowers

1054 One framed map of Selsea to spithead and one empty gilt frame.

1055 An oval wooden framed mirror.

1056 An oval wooden framed mirror.

1057 150th anniversary of “Penny Post Stanley Gibbons Birth” and selection of framed stamps.

1058 Wall hanging pierced metal artwork.

1059 Marquetry picture hunting scene.

1060 A large print of a masked nude.

1061 Thirteen framed pictures, including beach cove scenes and one of St. Ives

1062 Seven framed pictures (prints) of Elvis

1063 NO LOT

1064 Ten framed pictures including, landscape pictures

1065 Two small framed pictures and two large framed pictures and a selection of photo mirror wall decorations

1066 Print of the city of Durham- black and white


1067 Three mahogany chairs to an upholstered with blue fabric cushions and one an upholstered to a red leather cushion

1068 Three mahogany looking chairs with red leather cushions

1069 Two upholstered chairs hooped back

1070 Two fabric upholstered chairs

1071 Four blue badge Ercol chairs- one requiring repairs

1072 Six oak dining chairs circa 1919 including two carvers all upholstered with red leather cushions.

1073 Four 1930s oak dining chairs

1074 Two Edwardian dining chairs

1075 NO LOT.

1076 A pair of Edwardian mahogany chairs

1077 A set of four reproduction, mahogany Regency style chairs

1078 A set of six reproduction mahogany Regency style chairs

1079 Eight Ercol chairs including two armchairs and a single Ercol chair.

1080 A pair of Edwardian mahogany armchairs

1081 A set of four G-Plan chairs

1082 A pair of Arts and Crafts oak dining table chairs

1083 Three Victorian beach wood dining chairs

1084 Six Victorian walnut dining chairs.

1085 Three Ercol dining chairs

1086 A single Victorian white painted chair.

1087 A metal garden chair with cushions and six miscellaneous dining chairs.

1088 A breakfast bar chair

1089 A wicker laundry basket painted white

1090 Four modern black leather chairs

1091 An upholstered mahogany chair.

1092 A pink sofa.

1093 A wicker Lloyds Loom style chair.

1094 An upholstered bedroom chair

1095 A bent wood armchair.

1096 An upholstered dark wood chair

1097 A marbled top matt grey coloured hall table.

1098 A large oak office bookcase, dresser display cabinet.

1099 A wooden farmhouse table with a drawer at one end.

1100 A pine kitchen table.

1101 A coffee table.

1102 A pine kitchen table.

1103 A mahogany hall table.

1104 Mahogany side table.

1105 Mahogany pub table with wrought iron legs.

1106 A pair of stools with brown leather upholstered cushions.

1107 A pair of wooden stools.

1108 A mahogany pub table with wrought iron legs.

1109 A telephone seat with pink cushion.

1110 1950s red fabric upholstered gentlemans smoking chair.

1111 An upholstered armchair.

1112 A black leather office chair.

1113 A black leather office chair.

1114 A Sherborne cream leather reclining two seater sofa.

1115 An industrial metal stool made with a old metal tractor seat painted green.

1116 A pine three plank bench.

1117 A two seater sofa and two single chairs in an Ercol stick back style with cushions.

1118 A large cushion/footstool in an Eastern style.

1119 A green upholstered armchair.

1120 A gold upholstered armchair.

1121 A black leather revolving chair with footstool.

1122 A large brown corner sofa bed.

1123 Three black faux leather bean bags, one large, two smaller, the two smaller bean bags are being kept in the store until clearing.

1124 A white upholstered tub chair.

1125 A retro black leather barber’s chair

1126 A bamboo conservatory three piece suite with cushions.

1127 A low upholstered footstool

1128 A long mahogany needlework topped footstool.

1129 A cream fabric two seater sofa with a cream fabric armchair.

1130 A selection of games, mainly Squirrel Rush and Morpheus.

1131 A nest of three wooden tables.

1132 A fridge.

1133 An Electrolux fridge with a selection of fridge magnets.

1134 A Hotpoint Reversomatic Dryer Delux TS12 tumble dryer.

1135 A freezer.

1136 A hardwood side table.

1137 A mahogany writing desk on casters.

1138 A dark wood side table with barley twist legs.

1139 A wooden dressing table made by Beithcraft Ltd. Scotland.

1140 A reproduction side table with clawed feet.

1141 A washstand with a marble top on castered legs.

1142 A solid wood sideboard with ornate floral detail to the drawers and cupboards.

1143 A set of nesting tables.

1144 A dressing table mirror with drawers.

1145 A large wooden table made by MIlliwood Cabinet Making, twin pedestal extending table to fit 10 to 12 people.

1146 A cooker by Creda.

1147 A modern cabinet with two shelves and a two door cupboard.

1148 A wooden two row book shelf.

1149 A solid dark wood two row book shelf.

1150 A shelving unit with glass front.

1151 A white corner unit.

1152 A three row shelving unit.

1153 A pine shelving unit with two rows.

1154 A wall-hanging two row shelving unit.

1155 A metal kitchen shelving unit on wheels.

1156 An octagonal shape table on casters.

1157 A square shaped wooden dumb waiter.

1158 A six drawered vertical unit with walnut veneer.

1159 A circular oak side table.

1160 A pedestal table with fold out sides.

1160A A round dining table on a hexagonal pedestal.

1160B A small folding oriental table.

1161 NO LOT

1162 A small squared shaped wooden side table.

1163 A solid wood octagonal shaped table with ornate detailing to the top.

1164 A Victorian small Davenport desk.

1165 A wooden glazed cabinet with cupboard to the lower section.

1165A A wooden tripod stand.

1166 A glazed G-Plan cabinet with external shelving and a cupboard below.

1167 A ‘G Plan’ sideboard including a mirrored drinks cabinet and glass fronted shelving.

1168 A grey seven drawer tall boy.

1169 A bookcase with six shelves.

1170 A pine shelving unit/book case with six rows of shelves.

1171 A pine shelving unit/bookcase with six rows of shelves.

1172 A pine bookcase with six rows of shelves.

1173 A shelving unit.

1174 A pine bookcase with six rows of shelves.

1175 A five row shelving unit.

1176 A white tiled side table.

1177 A square shaped side table.

1178 A vintage Arnold sewing bee on casters.

1179 A low oak table.

1180 An upcycled, circular side table with drawers.

1181 An Ercol style side table.

1182 A folding kitchen table with barley twist legs.

1183 A kitchen table with fold out sides.

1184 A nest of three tables.

1185 A kitchen breakfast bar.

1186 A pair of circular side tables.

1187 A painted pine farmhouse dresser.

1188 A dark wood shelving unit.

1189 An oak office corner desk with two pedestals, one with a cupboard door, the other with three drawers.

1190 A prayer kneeler.

1191 A small circular side table on pedestal legs.

1192 A standard lamp.

1193 A stripped pine shelving unit with glass fronted door.

1193A A glazed pine cupboard.

1194 A bamboo shelving unit.

1195 A shelving unit with a cupboard below.

1196 A glazed shelving unit with cupboard below.

1197 A shelving unit with a cupboard below.

1198 A two drawer table with hinged, extending sides.

1199 A small desk with a roll out drawer perhaps suitable for a DVD player.

1200 A dressing table mirror.

1201 A pine chest of drawers.

1202 A solid wood, good quality dressing table.

1203 A hexagonal Indian style table.

1204 Victorian mahogany bow front chest.

1205 A Victorian mahogany chest.

1206 An ornate circular Indian wooden table with four elephant faces and trunks as the legs.

1207 A solid pine chest of drawers.

1208 A low mahogany side table.

1209 A small kitchen dresser.

1210 Two square shaped mahogany side tables with leather top.

1211 A solid wood reproduction writing desk with leather top from Burton Reproductions Ltd.

1212 A wall mounted shelving unit.

1213 A low pine chest of drawers.

1214 A stylish 60’s ‘G Plan’ sideboard.

1215 A vintage ‘G Plan’ coffee table with glass centre.

1216 A nest of ‘G Plan’ coffee tables.

1217 A three drawer bedside chest.

1218 A low set of pine chest of drawers.

1219 An oak cabinet.

1220 A solid wood kitchen or bedroom unit.

1221 A retro 60’s glass fronted display unit.

1222 A five tiered metal and glass shelving unit.

1223 A solid wooden chest with metal handles inscribed on the inside ‘Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company Ltd, 112 Regent St, London West’.

1224 A ‘G Plan’ style dressing table.

1225 A lightwood triangular shaped corner table.

1226 A sewing box.

1226A A mahogany side table with cabriole legs.

1227 A wooden extending kitchen table.

1228 A freestanding dressing table mirror.

1229 Extending fold-out card table.

1230 A fold-out low side table containing a Vernon Ward print.

1231 A Powertech body shaper.

1231A Corner shelf.

1232 An ornate hand painted doll’s house with a selection of doll’s house furniture inside.

1233 An Austin suite wardrobe.

1234 A square shaped canvas military case with the initials ‘H.M.C.’ on the side.

1235 Two rustic solid wood wall hanging corner units.

1236 A solid wood magazine rack.

1237 A distressed chest of drawers.

1238 A wall hanging mirror in gilt gold frame.

1239 A shop’s manakin.

1240 A metal filing cabinet.

1241 A metal filing cabinet.

1242 A small metal filing cabinet.

1243 An old metal travelling trunk with the inscription ‘From Captain Fred Eastwood’.

1244 A vintage leather travelling case.

1245 A modern computer desk.

1245A A bedside chest.

1246 A triangular shaped jewellery cabinet.

1247 A large wicker basket with heavy leather straps.

1248 An old, possibly Victorian, wardrobe with gothic styling to the outside.

1249 A wooden laundry basket.

1250 A large wardrobe.

1251 A beech wardrobe with dressing mirror attached.

1252 A vintage green canvas travelling case with leather handles.

1253 A vintage red travelling case made by ‘Over Pond’.

1254 A large green vintage travelling case.

1255 A vintage rocking horse on wheels.

1256 A mahogany corner unit.

1257 An octagonal shaped side table.

1258 An octagonal shaped side table.

1259 A wardrobe with attached side mirror.

1260 A large wooden corner unit.

1261 A Powertech Olympian running machine.

1262 A large glazed jewellery showcase cabinet and a small jewellery display cabinet perfect for car booters

1263 A large glazed jewellery showcase cabinet and a small glazed display cabinet.

1264 A Dropzone body board with attached leash.

1265 A wooden window shutter with closable louvers, height 48 inches by 34 inches wide.

1266 Two Sunlover PVC Venetian window blinds measuring 120cm wide x 160cm drop.

1267 A selection of men’s size 11 boots.

1268 A Velux slate pack.

1269 Six pieces of interlocking matting.

1270 A weaved rug.

1271 Classic black and white chequerboard lino for a kitchen.

1272 An intricate inlaid bone chair.

1273 NO LOT.

1274 A Vermier microscope in a wooden case by W & J George and Becker Ltd of Birmingham.

1275 Pine cabinet.

1276 A wooden bedside unit.