The Household & General Sale

We are the only auction house in the area to still conduct sales of household items, which are held monthly, and are hugely popular with local people and tourists alike.  Often consisting of over 1800 lots, they are an easy way to get rid of unwanted items, or to pick up a bargain.  Items of high value are routinely transferred to our specialist sales after careful scrutiny by our experts.  No matter what you intend to sell with us, we will always treat your lots with the utmost care, and will do our best to achieve the highest possible price for your consignment.

The General Sales at David Lays frequently inspire questions,David Auctioneering the most usual being an incredulous “Do you really sell all this in one day ?” and “Where does it all come from?” People come for the first time and see our sale of anything up to two thousand lots of Victorian to Modern furniture and effects. It is a room of people’s lives and there are many stories behind the goods, clearing a loved ones house, moving mum in with the family, upping sticks and moving to Spain in a camper van, and the perennial it was my mother’s, it’s been in the corner of the front room for twenty years and I’ve never liked it! The stories are as numerous as the lots.

It is a place where people come in search of one thing and leave with an unexpected bargain, and maybe another question: ” Why am I going home with a unicycle, a sword and a copper coal scuttle when I am a pacifist living in a centrally heated third floor flat?” This I don’t know but I do know that once people have been they usually come again and again not only to view and buy but to look and learn what things are really worth, what to buy for home and what to buy to sell.

I have been with David for over 25 years and am still fascinated and excited by our sales and the knowledge that comes with handling so much.  I still enjoy not knowing, maybe even cataloguing something as a thing of some purpose until an ancient soul explains what it does and then it can suddenly become blindingly obvious, wonderful! Where else but at David Lay’s General Sale.

By Phil Waller, Saleroom Manager